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Spring has Sprung!

Hey y’all! I have been blog MIA because we were on our little annual ski trip and I totally wanted to disconnect from having my phone in my hand 24/7 so I could enjoy my vacation with the boys!

When we got back home I was greeted by the warm Louisiana weather and a few packages filled with all things pink of course!!

I’ve been eyeing up these earrings because I know they will be the perfect summer staple that I will be able to rewear/restyle with different outfits! The price ($38) is super reasonable to me for a good pair of statement earrings! They are from bauble bar but are sold out … HOWEVER, I still found them and linked them below for you guys 😜

Nordstrom | $38

I’m also OBSESSED with these freaking feather slip ons!!! Of course they are sold out. But Chinese laundry has another pair that is just as cute with tons of colors, on sale!

I’m actually ordering the black pair because I think they will be great for work!! And comfortable!!! They are from 6PM for $38 and you can find them HERE.

Those were my goodies I came back to & I think I can officially say I am ready for spring! Although it came a tad early this year and I do have 2 more cold trips coming up, I know everyone’s into the warm weather goodies at the moment …. so, I’ll welcome it!!!

Keystone was a blast, skiing with the boys is always fun and the little town was so cute! The mountain was smaller than where we went last year resulting in more steep trails, I. AM. A. HUGE. NINNY. and am apparently a very “controlled” skier (a.k.a. I keep it really boring & play it extremely safe) so the boys fussed at me a little extra this year to speed it up πŸ˜‚

Ryan snow boards & 100% knows what he’s doing & it’s funny because last year Hayden wanted to be behind me and do what I did and this year he wanted absolutely nothing to do with going slow or being behind me! He was like “come on grandmaw” and plowed down the mountain 100 miles a minute! I wish I was that fearless haha but all I can think about when I start getting some real speed is omg what if I break something!!

I think next year me and Hayden will take a lesson because we both need to find our happy medium!!

Sharing some pictures from our trip with you guys and I am off to work & to do some content planning for the upcoming weeks!!!

Happy hump day y’all!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

– KEYSTONE, 2018 –

My 4 tips for packing it all up + Keystone, Colorado!

Hey guys! It’s currently 11:27 and I can’t sleep because I’m so excited about our trip! I figured why not use my time wisely to blog!

I wanted to do a little post on some of the things I do that help packing be a breeze! I know a lot of people get overwhelmed when it’s time to pack for a trip but there’s a few little things to save some space in your suitcase & your sanity!

β€’ Plan ahead

I know this sounds crazy, but one to two weeks before I will start making a little pile of clothes on the chair in my closet. I’ll throw things on there that I know I want to take but won’t be wearing/needing till then! This makes it easy when it’s time to really get down to business because you already have some things ready to go

β€’ Make a list

This is so simple & SUCH a game changer! How many of us have left the house and 10 minutes into the plane ride your like, ohhh shit! It’s the worst! I normally tend to do this with things in my bathroom – hair ties, contact solution, round brush, shampoo & conditioner etc. trust me I’ll stop now because we could be here all day! As I’ve gotten older & wiser πŸ˜‰ I started to realize making my own little check list is SO helpful!!

β€’ Plan your outfits / Picture them

Okay this is a BIG one for me! This saves me stress on my vacation & space in my suitcase! Let’s be real, if you already know what your wearing there’s no option for over packing! I always think up outfits before I leave and even go as far as taking pictures of them! This is nothing fancy, below pictures is literally all I do just so I can go through my phone and know oh this went with this and blah blah blah! Again, this might sound extreme HOWEVER … it’s totally not! It honestly takes the stress away of “oh lord what am I going to wear today” while rummaging through my suitcase full of 10 pairs of shoes I didn’t need! This is a little bit of effort that goes a LONG way!

β€’ Check out the weather

I don’t know if this is just something everyone starts doing as they get older or if this is something I started doing after a bad experience in Boston lol! One time we went and it snowed like crazy and I had absolutely no snow shoes/attire with me! This. Was. Dumb. This might be something everyone does but if you don’t, you should! It saves you from packing flip flops when you need rain boots & saves your wallet from having to buy stuff while your there!

So, those are just a few little steps of mine that I think really help me out when it’s time to pack up my bags! You have so many other things to take care of before you leave for vacation so simplifying this takes one stressful thing out of the picture!

Its officially time for me to hit the sheets & if this post is all over the place, I doooo apologize because I was dozing in and out while writing pahaha!! Btw, I’m wondering if anyone else has any cold trips in their near future? Or if anyone’s ever been to Keystone, what’s the must dos?

Let me know!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae


Blowout Box Give Away ft H2O

Hey guys! Happy Valentine’s Day!! I’m doing a Blowout Box Instagram give away with H2O so head on over and enter if you have Instagram! If you don’t simply comment on this post & I will include y’all in the drawing! Winner will be announced on 2/14 at 4:00pm!

I also want to take some time today to talk about H2O and a little bit about this product!

I’ve worked at H2O for about 11 years now. However, I practically grew up here! My mom has been a hairstylist at the salon for around 28 years (give or take) at this point! You could say a love for hair just runs through my veins hahaha!

I ALWAYS knew I wanted to do hair and always knew I wanted to work at H2O, (I have a H2O Barbie I made when I was little to prove it) there’s something about the energy here. Things are always busy & the atmosphere is always fun!

What makes the salon even better to be at is the team! Most of my coworkers have been here for years, everyone knows everyone’s clients & it’s really such a family atmosphere. A lot of salons have stories about not helping each other out or this person being mad that this person is in their chair but there’s no competition here because we’re really all very passionate about hair, our clients & each other!

I also might be bias but we can all rock out some freaking hair! I think we all owe that to the fact that when we start with the company, they instill their work ethic & a little bit of the H2O touch to our technique!

Basically, we’re here to create gorgeous hair & here for our clients who are the most important thing at the end of the day! We don’t stop at hair though – We have a full spa, an amazing skin clinic with the best aestheticians, and a blowout bar upstairs!

Our product lines are also amazing! Paul Mitchell is an amazing product line full of affordable options for all hair types. Kerastase is our luxury hair line that I am seriously obsessed with! You get what you pay for and I can honestly say nothing’s the same as Kerastase!! We also sell Shu Uemura which is a taddd fancier then Kerastase & their sister line! Between these 3 lines, we’ve got everyone/every hair issue you could probably think of covered!

Now, a little bit about the product in my give away! Kerastase has a ton of different lines within their line. That’s what I love about them! Everyone’s hair issues are different and so having all these options makes it easy to solve a hair problem! Moisture, shine, breakage, thin, & unruly hair types all have products!

This particular blowout box features the keratine thermique from their discipline line. This product is a smoothing taming milk that protects from heat & fights frizz! This product is obviously perfect for our hot/humid Louisiana summer that’s right around the corner! The blowout box comes with a full-size & travel size thermique and two hair clips! The travel size is great to bring to the beach, my little trick is to put this in my hair after I get out the beach water because it helps smooth it and not look so crazy!

hope this post want too long but wanted to fill you guys in on my home away from home & give a little product knowledge!

Hope everyone have a LOVEEEELY Valentine’s Day and want to say thank you, thank you to my little family of followers! Yall make me feel the love 😘

XoXo, Chelsey Rae


Bonding With Our Better Halves

Hey guys! With Valentine’s only a few short days away I wanted to share a post all about ways we can spend time with our better halves!

We all know we can get caught up in the hustle and bustle of our busy day to day lives but spending time together doesn’t have to always be a major to do! Making little changes here or there can work some major magic!

Its easy to turn to the normal dinner & a movie scenario but here’s a list of some ways me and Ry spend time together & some ideas I’d even like for us to take on!

β€’ get cookin’

I love getting in the kitchen with Ryan! Whether one of us is running the show or we’re making something together it’s always fun just hanging out it the kitchen with each other! It makes for a good time to get together and chat about your day or anything exciting that’s going on! Plus it’s kinda a good way to accomplish something together, that sounds silly but it’s true!

β€’ play a game

Basically think channeling your inner child! I’m cracking up typing this because I’m thinking, now THIS is something I have to say we are really good at! We obviously play games when Hayds around but we’ll pull a game out just us too as well! It’s fun to have a little friendly competition! We’ll play a board game, pull out a pack of cards or I’ll even try to leave him in the dust on Mario Cart (it’s always the other way around though). Klask is so fun, it’s like a mini air hockey & I love skip-bo!

β€’ break out the bikes

Okay, I LOVE riding bikes in general! Hopping on a bike is a great way to get some outdoor activity in together, and on a pretty day there’s nothing better then getting some sunshine with your best friend! One time me and Ryan road all the way from my house on the bayou to port of call! I will say I wouldn’t recommend a monsoon & bike driving considering I bit the dust on the way home, BUT we had SO much fun & I laughed the whole way home even with my bloody wrist!!

β€’ pick out a show

Um how fun is it to share excitement for the same show coming on every Monday night haha!? This sounds silly but again it’s something small and simple that gets you to unfocus about everything else and hop on the couch together!

β€’ unplug

Talk about or schedule certain times the phone should be off limits. Maybe you’ll both say dinner is a time to stay off the phones. Or maybe for a hour at this time at night or that time. Just an idea! This is something I really try to be conscious of. Although I’m not always the best at it, at least I can acknowledge it’s important!

β€’ get a common interest or hobby

Have one together, or make it a point to be interested in the others hobby! It’s important to have your own hobby as well but being supportive of your significant others or having a common one is a great way to bond & spend time together! Pick a room in the house to redo or a certain goal to reach together!

β€’ hop in bed

Ahh this isn’t going where ya thinkin’ (although that’s important and all too). This is simply what it says. Every night me and Ryan go to bed together! Even if I’m not totally ready for bed, I love to be able to lay with him for a little while and chat before we go to sleep! This was never a priority to me but in the time we have been together it’s just something I have made a thing and I think it plays a important roll in ending our day together! Now once he rolls over I normally get on my phone, do what I’m doing now (blog) or catch up on my emails! I’m not saying there’s never a night I don’t stay in the den and watch a movie or something but I could probably count that on one hand!

β€’ do a chore

Okay, what makes doing a chore better? Obviously doing it with someone else πŸ˜‚ duh! Maybe I’m a weirdo but I really don’t mind standing in the laundry room with Ry folding some clothes! Or even straightening out something here or there! I think this is always a good thing because your accomplishing something together!

Now obviously I’m just sharing some of my ideas – I am in no way the queen of loveeee, but I do genuinely attribute some of the nature of my relationship to these little habits we have/make!

I’m linking some of our favorite games & things you can use to make your Valentine’s Day special/use to spend time together below in my shop the post slider!



I also wanted to share the cute sweater I have on from TOBI it’s so comfy! I’m linking it HERE for you guys!

If any of you guys have any different ideas or special ways you get your time in together or just fun out of the box things you do with your significant other you have to share with me!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

Gifting A Unique Wooden Watch for Him this Valentine’s Day ft JORD

Hey y’all! I can’t believe it’s already the end of January! Anybody else feel like that went way too fast?! With that being said, the big Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching!

Lucky for me I’ve collaborated with a unique wood watch company – JORD – Β just in Time for Ry’s present to be this super cute watch & to giveaway $100 off a watch for one of y’all to give the perfect valentines gift to your boo, or even you (because let’s be honest, I give myself gifts too)!

I don’t know about y’all but I’m always pretty stumped on gifts for Ryan! I feel like he is always just getting things he wants so half the time I’m like what the heck, he already has everything! A watch can always be a good route to take because it’s something they use everyday & can keep for years to come! When I saw this watch I was excited about it because it’s so different – being that its a wood watch I knew it would give him something to wear on his wrist that not everyone else has! It’s not your norm being that is made of wood & the craftsmanship is stunning! They also can engrave the watch which is always nice if your trying make it a little more sentimental!

The watch I picked for Ryan is from Jord’s HYDE series & is walnut & black, you can find the exact one HERE . I also have to mention that it comes in this really nice box, that Ryan & Hayden both had to admire & smell the inside for like 5 minutes. Of course since Ryan is in construction he’s like obsessed with any smell of good wood! Hayd ended up claiming the box in the end, so after this post it is officially his. Those two together crack me up like no other!

Side note: Jord actually makes wood watches for both men & women in a bunch of different styles & I can’t help but eye a few up myself because we all know I have a shopping problem! The Women’s watchesΒ  come in all different colors but I love the light wood ones that are dainty!

Again, these are just so unique & that’s what really draws my attention to them! Now, on to the exciting stuff, THE GIVEAWAY here’s the deal -> All you have to do is click HERE to enter. Everyone who enters gets 10% off but the big winner gets $100 off any watch of their choice! The giveaway ends on 2/11 at midnight, so make sure you enter before then!

Happy Valentine’s Day prepping everyone!!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

Watch Gift Ideas

Sugar Bear Hair

Happy Wednesday to all my blog peopleee!! Today I’m sharing with you guys something I consistently share with my clients & ive wanted to do a blog post on it for a while!!

Tons of people sit in my chair and ask me about hair vitamins, biotin, any pills I may know of that work! In my experience with hair pills I never really saw a difference in my hair. I even had a biotin once that I bought from Walgreens that said on the back to “take a hour apart from an oral contraceptive” … That went out the window because I’m like what?! Us chicks can barely remember to take that at the same time everyday without setting an alarm on our phone – I definitely can’t remember to take that a hour apart! Another one made me breakout like CRAZY, my friend holly who works in the skin clinic at H2O (whose amazing by the way if anyone needs a facial 😜) did dermaplaning on me and I kept being like omg never again that made me break out & she was like I’ve never had anyone say that it’s not that, blah blah blah! I was like yea yea whateverrr, well she came and slept over one night and when she walked in my bathroom to brush her teeth she was like when did you start taking this biotin? “Oh right around the time you did my face” she’s like helllllooooo this is why your breaking out! Stopped taking it and I was all good!!

Anyway, to sum up a long lengthy summary of all the hair pills I’ve tried in the past, NO, none of them ever made me see a difference in my hair!

Leading me to this point, for about 2 years I had constantly seen these “Sugar Bear Hair” gummies. Tons of celebs/reality tv people/insta famous people endorsed them so naturally I was like this stuff is bologna because they are clearly paying all these people to post. Now while that’s obviously the case, something stilllll told me in the back of my head to try them (probably because Kylie was posting about them, #suckermein). Not to mention they look really cute and yummy. Of course we all know how this ends, of COURSE, I did indeed buy them.

When they got to the house of course I immediately tried one because, duh, they are gummies. DELICIOUS. I put them on the counter in my bathroom next to my toothbrush & actually religiously took them everyday. When I was about three quarters done the bottle I was like whatever I’m not seeing anything different with my hair. I’ll finish them out but I’m not reordering. But then I thought about it and I was like that’s not fair. I mean really how is anything supposed to change your hair in a few weeks of taking it, or even a month? If so that would be a miracle pill and we’d all be taking it.

Think about it, nothing is done that quick when it comes to a change in your body. Why would your hair magically start growing like weeds that quick?! I decided I would buy another bottle. I told myself I was going to give it 2 – 3 months without shutting it down. I ordered the second bottle before I was done and again continued to religiously take it. Twice a day every morning!

Half way through the 2nd bottle & that was it. People at work started telling me my hair looked more heathy and shiny. They started mentioning (and I started realizing) that my shorter pieces on top of be crown of my head (a common breakage spot for blondes) was starting to get significantly longer, making the distance between that and the ends of my hair closer, I.E. not looking like joe dirt in the back. Now, getting compliments from hairdressers in the salon, that’s big πŸ˜‚ we all are so hard on each other and when your in the hair business you don’t sugar coat it to each other, girl your hairs fried. The end. Panana and no one cares because we’re all putting extensions in our hair like white on rice! It’s just hair it can be fixed, or be faked to look fixed!

Bottom line, I finished the second bottle and ordered another. My hair had really started to look good. It was growing and was definitely getting the vitamins it needed because it was very shiny and soft. In the midst of moving I had ran out and forgot to order, it slipped my mind for about 4 months. I’m kinda one of those, even if I loose 5 pounds like don’t tell me because I’ll be like danggg I’m looking good I can eat this pasta. All down hill from there. Same with the pills, it’s like you get it in your head that your good so you slack off.

I am now starting my second bottle of pills again! And I can tell my extensions are growing out a little faster. A downside, but still a upside because it’s making my hair better.

I also have recommended these to a few clients, okay more like kind of rave about them. Of course some I can tell are probably like whatever girl, but I really have no benefit of telling my clients about them. It’s not like we sell them at the salon and I make a commission (which would actually be awesome because maybe I’d sell some product for once 😜). With all that said I’ve actually had a good bit of clients try them out text me and say they love them and that they see a difference in their hair. One had even came in and said her experience was the same. On her second bottle she and her daughters saw a difference!

They are a tad on the pricey side but I’d say if your wanting to try them out I’d create a time line for yourself. If your on your 2nd or 3rd and don’t see a difference don’t waste your time/money! Of course everyone’s hair is different, what works for me might not work for you! But, if your someone who is really trying to grow your hair or improve it’s integrity anything’s worth a try to get you where you want to be!

You can grab a bottle here with free shipping. I normally order mine on amazon here because I have prime and it’s quicker to get to me plus ends up being cheaper than their website. The amazon link is to a 3 months supply but that’s what I want so! Of course you can also go on their website and get one months supply or a subscription or whatever, click here and it’ll take ya there!

If y’all have ANY questions, comment below or on insta or whatever haha! If it’s something I can answer I definitely will!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

Sayin hello to 2018

Wow I can’t believe today marks the start of 2018! I feel like the past year flew by! 2017 was definitely a good one for me – my clientele grew, my blog grew (and I interned for it to continue to grow with fingers crossed), I got to travel to a lot of places with a bunch of my favorite people, I rented my house out and moved in with Ry & Hayd, which has been a great thing. Overall I like to think I did some growing as a person in all kinds of different ways! It’s been a good one!

But with every end of the year there’s always reflections on what we’d like to change, or maybe grow more in, goals we’d like to accomplish for the upcoming year! Our 2018 New Years resolutions!

I’m getting a little personal with you guys in this post and sharing my New Years resolutions on the blog! There’s nothing super juicy here, I like to think most are just kinda typical. I know I enjoy reading other people’s goals sometimes because it can remind you to reach for more yourself or think of certain things that maybe don’t even cross your mind! I also want to share with you guys some of the steps I take each day to make for a smooth running day and accomplish my goals! So, here it goes … resolutions first, then tips after!

β€’ time management – I’ve got a lot going on right now. My schedule had took on a big change moving in with the boys because it wasn’t ALL about MY schedule anymore. Of course this was a good change lol but I have to admit it has taken some time to get into the swing of things. I want to leave work a tad earlier because I want to be able to sit down and have dinner with them. I also want to make time for my clients, myself, blogging, & the gym. This year I really want to set aside 2 of my days off out of every month to be days for myself with no hair being done. I want to take certain times out of the day for the gym and blogging without taking time away from the people around me or feeling overwhelmed and rushed.

β€’ career – I really want to grow my clientele this year. I want to grow it with clients that have positive vibes, I want to grow it with people who are friends and family of clients I already know and love, clients who are excited about hair, fashion & beauty! I love clients that sit in my chair that I can have fun with & feed off of! My job is great because working with people all day opens your mind to tons of different things! Clients like that is what makes an amazing work day, and I’m all about that this year! Send them my way! I’m also including blogging in this category because ultimately I want this to become a part of my career! I want to set a goal for myself of posting at least 4 – 5 days a week and to get more creative/ comfortable in front of the camera!

β€’ relationships – I want to make more time for the people I love. When you get older I feel like you get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of life. I’m going to make it a point this year to make PEOPLE more important because at the end of the day that’s whose there, not things! Hopefully implementing my new “time management” skills will play a part in this haha!

β€’ be more mindful – I want to be more aware this year. Focus more on the present, or be more in the moment. I’ve always tended to be one who totally planning the what’s next from what I’m a doing next year, to what’s my first client going to want in the morning. While that is a positive thing in many ways, it also can tend to be a double edge sword because it takes focus away from the “now”.

β€’ more mindful with others – I want to set a goal for myself with doing one selfless thing for someone else a few times a week. I haven’t worked out the kinks of this goal yet but I’m brain storming. More along the lines of that whole random acts of kindness thing. My friends always impress me because they will stop by the salon and bring me my favorite treat or something like that! I’m always like damn, I never THINK to do stuff like that! Okay I can’t say never, but I feel like my mind is always 100 miles a minute so it’s not something I am consistent with! I am blessed to have such great and thoughtful people in my life and I want to show them more this year how appreciate I am for it!

β€’ fitness – okay, this is your totally cliche New Years resolution. Come Wednesday it’s on (Tuesday I’m off work and grabbing drinks and lunch with work peeps). Anyway, I’ll be 100% honest with you guys. Since I’ve moved into Ryan’s I’ve gained about 5 pounds. People hear me say that and are like ohhh okay like that’s a big deal. But, it is to me! It’s 5 pounds closer to where I don’t want to be. And 5 pounds gone of wiggle room haha! It boils down to the fact that I am eating more, when I lived alone I didn’t love to mess up my kitchen for just me. Me and Ryan made it a tradition for my to cook us dinner every Tuesday and really on the Wednesday and Thursday nights Ryan had Hayden I made it a point to schedule extensions and things like that because it kept those two days for just them. Then of course I’d crash the boy party on the weekends and we’d eat whatever! But, I was probably drinking a protein shake for dinner 3 – 4 times a week when it boiled down to it. Now, I am eating dinner every night lol which is of course more normal and realistic than protein shakes, but that explains the 5 pounds! I want to get back in the gym consistently (with a positive attitude, not dreading it the whole time) & me and Ryan agreed as a whole that we want to cook more and eat out less!

β€’ be on my phone less – I haven’t quite figured out what steps I will take to achieve this. Especially since blogging means your on your phone A LOT more. I assume this will fit in with my “time management goal”. I don’t know, all I know is I want this thing attached to my hip less!

β€’ more consistent with skin care – about two months ago I got a call saying I had basal cell skin cancer in a spot super close to my eye. I had mohs surgery soon after and they were able to get it all out the first time with the margins clear thank the lordddd above. I’m still working on excepting the fact that I’ll have this dumb scar by my eye but I’ve accepted that obviously that’s better then having a worse type of skin cancer and I’m lucky that it was something that could be cut out! With that being said it kinda made me realize how important it is to treat our skin right! I never wore sunscreen under my make up but since I have been religiously. I also started taking heliocare pills which protect from the sun. The other thing that I realized when I had the surgery done is like for the past two months I haven’t been able to use certain things on my face. As soon as this sucker starts to heal more I want to do more facials, be more consistent with my skin care regimen & use more preventative products to help with sun damage and aging!

So, that about sums up most of my goals! Of course I always want to be working on being my best version of me but I think the start of a new year is always a great time to reflect and regroup + start fresh! Clean slate!

Now, on to the few ways I work towards accomplishing my goals! I have just a few quick tips of mine that I find help!

β€’ PURCHASE A PLANNER – this is so major in my life! I’m a write it down kinda girl! I write everything in my planner! Down to “wash hair tonight” pahaha! It may be silly but checking things off your list makes you feel accomplished and you’ll want to accomplish more! Plus this is an awesome way to make your everyday life feel very organized! HERE is the planner I purchased this year, it’s by sugar paper Los Angeles! I have to have a monthly and weekly view with lots of space daily to write things down. I love it and couldn’t wait to crack it open!

β€’ BE REALISTIC/TAKE BABY STEPS- if you have a crazy big goal that can feel overwhelming! Instead, think of ways to get there and set those things as goals! Maybe you want to cut carbs completely out of your diet, instead of going cold turkey say okay, this week I am only going to have carbs 3 days this week. Then the next add 4, then 5, etc. that way your feeling accomplished while working towards the main challenge!

β€’ GET EXCITED – tell people about your goals, this makes you more accountable for completing them! if your goal is to be more into working out, treat yourself to new gym clothes, maybe some new headphones!

β€’ WRITE YOUR GOALS DOWN/CREATE A VISION BOARD – write your goals down on paper. Writing them makes it feel more official and you can even write down some ways or things you think would help accomplish them! Or, make a dream board! EVERY YEAR, for like the past 10 years, my family sits around a few days after the new year and makes a dream board. We go through tons of magazines and cut things out and glue them to a board. See my post last year HERE for the full details if you’d like to start a tradition like this too!! After you write your list or make your dream board place it somewhere that your will see it often! I normally place my dream board in my closet. That way I am reminded of my goals and dreams for the year every morning when I get dressed!

& that’s that! If you guys have any great tips for accomplishing your goals fill a sista in! Here’s a better look at my planner below!!

I hope everyone had a fabulous New Years Eve and that were all ready to take on 2018!!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae


Christmas Decor + Tablescape

I love decorating for Christmas! I don’t know if I could think of anyone who would say different! Christmas decor is hands down the best! All the lights, and sparkles! The fresh (or faux) greenery – there’s no other holiday like it!

The thing I love about decorating for Christmas is that you can throw some lights or greenery around the house and it makes such a huge difference! It doesn’t really need anything else if you don’t have anything else, land honestly, sometimes I think the simpleness of Garland and some lights is the prettiest! Anytime I decorate, I have to say I’m more into the simplicity of things rather then throwing a billion over the top things up just to have them fill up the house!

Also, with decorating for any holiday, I always try to keep in mind all of my past years themes when shopping and only really purchase things that will work with them/add to them. This helps save you money and gives you more options for years to come. I like to think of shopping for any holiday decorations as an opportunity to add things that will go with anything in my collection – not to necessarily start a new collection. For the past few Christmas I have stuck with silver, gold, white, silver & gold and all white.

Now, if I wanted to make things look different from those past years I would maybe think to add some color! If I was in my all girl house still, BLUSH would have made a major appearance (but every time I turned to look at Ryan after saying something blush was cute in a store he looked at me like I had 3 heads)! Or, if the boys would have wanted to go for a more festive theme I would have thought to throw in some red ornaments in the mix of white. Maybe have a red bow as my Christmas tree topper and add small poinsettias through the house to add touches of the red theme in different areas!

This year, Since it was my first Christmas moved into Ryan’s I tried to remain calm and told myself I wouldn’t go crazy and take over. Pahaha! Although I think Ryan’s maybe used to me taking over the decorating. And that he’s maybe okay with it! He goes along with it, so sometimes I think he doesn’t mind, either that or he gives up lol!! But anyway, I only realllllly went nutso in the dining room! So I figured I’d focus in on that for you guys in this blog post!

This year we went more with a silver and white theme. Keeping things clean and simple. I wanted the table to look elegant but not to done up! With the table I used the normal urn that stays there but replaced our fall pumpkins with a big silver reindeer! This little guy looks big and makes a statement but was cheaper being that he’s made of paper mache!

Once I filled underneath him with fur ornaments I found, this made for the highest point on the table. I knew from here that I would have to even the feel out with something that would bring the hight down a bit on each side! Since the table is very large you can’t have just one tall thing in the center.

As soon as I got to brainstorming I knew that candlesticks would be perfect to incorporate. They would be a great way to fancy it up and keep the hight of everything proportional. I found these pretty wire ones, but they were gold so I sprayed them silver with a mirrored glass spray paint!

I added touches of mercury glass and fur. The fur table runner, I. am. obsessed. with! I also added snow tipped pinecones. I laid these staggered over garland that was intertwined through the candle sticks!

My place setting are all from pier one, they have the best stuff! Depending on what’s going on I add or remove plates for more laxed or fancy looks. I found these cute little birds that had clips on them, I got the idea of using jute twine as a napkin ring because I wanted the birds to stand out, not the napkin ring!

For the chairs I placed small wreaths that I got from hobby lobby! I tied a small thin white bow on them to tie in the white from the napkins and table runner. The trick is to make everything flow.

For other greenery touches, I placed faux garland springs around the top of the chandelier. This is something you don’t always see so I thought it looked really cute and different!! Again, touches like these are so simple and inexpensive.

Ryan also has this huge old window on the wall behind the table that he got from an old uptown house he worked on. He changed the glass out with mirrors. This is something that’s a great idea at any time to give a big empty wall a special touch while still making it simple! I placed garland around this and draped one of my favorite little Christmas goodies on it! I got this cute banner from Etsy a few years ago and I always love how it looks!

Hope this post can give you guys any last minute Christmas decor inspiration since I know I got around to it a little late in the game. However these are always great things to keep in mind for next year, and some of the things in this post will go on sale I’m pretty sure once Christmas is over! It’s always good to stock up for next year while the gettin’ is cheap pahaha!

I am linking a ton of products you can use to re-create this look in the 2Β sliders below! Scroll though and click the things you like to be directly taken to the page!






Simple, Fancy + Easy Peasy wrapping!

Morning guys! We’re in the home stretch! Maybe a lot of you have starting wrapping, but I’m just getting to it!

I’m never one to go for the crazy wrapping paper. For the last few years my paper has been very natural and simple. All silver, gold, tan or white!

Sometimes I feel like crazy wrapping all placed under the tree can take attention away from it! You want the tree to be the main event, you don’t need crazy wrapping paper to steal the show!

This year I went with all white wrapping paper and craft paper with jute twine/white and silver twine to dress it up a bit!

I also got sprigs of fresh rosemary straight from the grocery store in the produce section. Small jingle bells from hobby lobby and medium white pom poms from Michael’s crafts.

Y’all that list is so easy right!? Tie some jute around a box and stick a rosemary sprig in it? Helloooo so cute and easy! And they look so fancy!!

So, to create these looks all I did was for some string the jute twine around the same area on the present but at different angles so they were spread out a bit! I placed the rosemary sprig into the twine and tied another piece of twine close to it, added a bell and made a bow!

For the other types I tied one of the twines, (either white or silver) horizontally on the box and then one vertically so they were crossing. Keep them either to the left/right side of the present so it creates the vide that they aren’t perfectly in the middle! In the place where the two vertical and horizontal twines met I placed either a bundle of PomPoms using a hot glue gun or a sprig if rosemary! Again, trying a bell with the rosemary!

I wrote in all gift tags with a silver sharpie and taped them a little under the bells or Pom Poms!

Hope this helped anyone who needed a little wrapping inspiration! I’ll tell y’all like I always do, don’t over think it! Make it fun and your own! The personal touch is that makes it special! P.S.- if you don’t feel like going out to get white wrapping paper, use what you have turned to the backside! Most wrapping paper has a white back with nothing on it!

Happy wrapping!


XOXO, Chelsey Rae

Gift Guides For ALL …

Hey ya’ll! Happy Thursday! we are almost there, ready to say helllooo to the weekend! December for hairdressers is literally I could rip my hair out by the end of the day insane. Eat your salad while you pee insane. Oops I didn’t eat at all insane. Get me in the tub and in bed by 7 insane. You get it, this month is always a kicker for me! I am normally one that is so organized and plans out EVERYTHING, so the flow of a super crazy day full of surprises & squeezing people in really stresses me haha! In the mix of all that I told myself at the beginning of this week that I really wanted to try to manage my time better & get back in the gym since my face seems to be more heeled. I’m trying to fit this whole blogging thing in the mix of life with everything else & I think I’m finally starting to figure it out!

I did a poll on insta the other day and was amazed by how many people said they weren’t done Christmas shopping yet. I always laugh at myself because for how crazy I am about having everything planned and being so organized, I am NEVER ready for Christmas. I am ALWAYS buying gifts last minute. And, half the time I am always stumped. Which makes me laugh, because I was able to come up with all this for ya’ll haha!

Anyway, here are great ideas for all kinds of gals you know! The fancy type, the workout type, the wild type, the jetsetter, mom, & everyone in between! Even your pups! Prices & places are listed below the photos, scroll to the left or right & click what you like so it can take you straight to the page! Add to your cart & VOILA, one less present to buy!














HAPPY CHRISTMAS SHOPPING MY LOVIES! Don’t let the holidays stress ya & money is just money, it always comes if ya workin’ for it (I know we all feel like moneys flying out of our pockets right now)! Just a few words of encouragement to keep you calm!

XOXO, Chelsey Rae