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Tula eye balm + Laura Mercier illuminating moisturizer!

Love these two products!

The Tula eye balm has a cooling sensation that wakes you up and helps with under-eye bags! It also has a brightening/highlighting effect, giving you a bright and awake look! It can be used under + over foundation & throughout the day as a refresher!

glow and get it eye stick | $28

The Laura Mercier illuminating tinted moisturizer is great to wear alone on days where you don’t need to wear a ton of makeup or it’s great for mixing in with your normal foundation to give a more glow-y or dewy look! It also helps make your foundation have a less heavy feel! It is on the more pricey side, but it lasts a very long time because you use it very sparingly!

Illuminating tinted moisturizer | $46

I have it in the color “natural radiance”

If you guys have any questions, feel free to ask!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae


Hey y’all! Happy Tuesday! Hoping on here to share my most FAVORITE hairspray in the world, it’s been my number one pick for years! This hairspray does have a STRONG hold, but I don’t know about you, I like my hairspray to HOLD my style when I have somewhere to go! Isn’t that the whole point?!

I’ve always used it just for hairspray but recently while getting ready I had the bottle turned and ended up reading it. It said to hold the hairspray a few Inches away from the root and spray for volume! I’m like hmm well that’s interesting, I did it to see what I thought and I absolutely because obsessed with that little trick as well! If lifted my hair and have it the texture that I need to have/create volume!

The big size will last you forever & the travel size is sooo perfect to just throw in your purse!

10 oz Can | $15

2 Large 10oz Cans | $25

3 Travel Size 3oz Cans | $23

These are great prices, and obviously require shipping so if your a “I want it now” kinda girl, head over to H2O because we are ALWAYS fully aerogel stocked!!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

Gold Round Brushes

Lots of questions about my round brushes yesterday on my Instagram story!

If you watched, the brush below is the exact brush and size I use to round brush my bangs and top of my hair! Linking others below that, that I have used/think are pretty if your looking for a nicer looking brush!

NT-44 | $23

Brush set | $42

NT-54 | $23

Size up from the first brush listed, I use this for round brushing my whole head

Gold Ceramic Brush | $27

This is just more for brushing, and styling. not blow drying.

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

Dry Shampoo Foam

sharing Paul Mitchell’s Dry Shampoo foam with you guys tonight! I am LOVING this because I find it to be better and more cleaning/longer lasting then just spraying a powder in your hair!

I put the foam along my part and a little underneath and then take my blowdryer and fluff it all up like I normally would if I were blow drying the top of my hair!

Linking it below for you guys!

Dry Shampoo Foam | $23

Video of how to use will be highlighted on my insta stories!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

Silky Shorts & Blue Light Glasses

Okay so – blue light glasses. Don’t know much about them. Don’t know if they work. Just know they are cute and make me feel like I’m doing something good for myself when I put them on at night while watching tv or playing on the phone!

(I just decided to google while typing this and apparently the blue light disrupts our sleep pattern so wearing these a few hours before bed can help you sleep better!)

Anyway, sharing a few down below & pairing them with some of my favorite sleep attire!

Aviator Frame Glasses | $19

Clear Lens Frames | $18

Gold Frame Aviator | $14



XoXo, Chelsey


Happy Fridayyyyy people!! I’m hopping on today to tell y’all about my ABSOLUTE favorite line from Paul Mitchell so far!

I’ve talked a little bit about this line but have never gone in depth about why I love it! … does anyone else hate that fresh washed hair feeling for like the whole day and a half after you wash it?! My hair falls flat and I have to work to make it act right! This line cleans the hair but, without making it feel that way!

The whole line, to me, is about giving your hair some texture & helping it really hold that style and oomph!

Listing all my favorite products below!

Invisiblewear Shampoo | $24

Invisiblewear Conditioner| $25

This shampoo and conditioner is what got me hooked first! I am obsessed with how when I wash my hair it doesn’t make it so soft to where it doesn’t do anything! They are VERY light weight, so they won’t weigh the hair down/make it greasy and they don’t have too much of a smell!

Invisiblewear Blonde Dry Shampoo | $18

Invisiblewear Brunette Dry Shampoo | $18

These dry shampoos are amazing! Lots of other dry shampoos come out in a powdery form leaving somewhat of a haze over our roots – this dry shampoo was created to be invisible, when you spray the blonde or brown there is no haze and it just blends into your roots because it is actually coming out in a color that matches. I won’t live I love this a little extra when my roots are bad because it helps lighten them up a bit + if your brunette and have some grays this will be your friend too!

Invisiblewear Undone Texture Hairspray | $19

THIS STUFF IS AMAZING!!! …. I am obsessed with this! If you spray before you curl on dry hair this will help give texture and hold your curl!! This is not a heavy spray at all, you spray and the hair is still workable! Fine haired girls, this is your best friend!!!!

Invisiblewear Pump Me Up | $23

Another one of my favorites! This is one of those little products you put on your roots after your hair is dry for texture and volume! It works amazing & the best part about it is that the powder is translucent! Again, invisible on all hair colors! Use sparingly!

That’s it on my list! The thing I love about Paul Mitchell is that these products are so nicely made, there’s so much thought about the user that goes into them and they are really SO affordable! No one reading this blog better have crappy cvs stuff in their showers/tubs! If I find out y’all are all in trouble pahahah! No seriously, that stuffs not good for your hair! At least use something from ulta or Sephora – just don’t do drug store brands! I’m sure the products above are only a few dollars higher then those and it’s worth it for the integrity of your hair & for it to not just be getting coated in a waxy conditioner!

Choose your hair products wisely people 😜

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

5 Summer Hair Tricks

Hey guys! Happy Thursday! Hopping on a little late tonight to share with y’all a few things in my mind about haircare before I head out to Cabo in the morning!!

Life’s been crazy and I’ve been slacking with bloggin’ but I wanted to get this up even if it was short & sweet!

This summer is HOT and hot tends to dry out hair out! Add in some salt water & chlorine and that’s a done deal!! Here’s a few pro tips to keep your hair from getting super dry, keep it growin’ & helping it stay healthy in the summer sun!



My favorite & most simple trick in the book! Get your hair wet with regular water before doing any underwater swimming activity! Wetting your dry hair before you jump in a pool makes your hair suck up that water instead of chlorine filled pool water or salty beach water! (Think of your hair like a sponge).



Most people aren’t aware that many hair care lines make products that are sunscreen for your locks! The sun can do a number on color treated hair, fading the vibrant colors or dulling bright blondes that you’ve paid good money for!! We try to protect everything else from the sun, we shouldn’t leave our hair out!

Color Locking Spray | $14



This sort of goes hand and hand with my first suggestion. I like to put a leave in moisturizer or a light conditioner in my hair before I head into any type of water! This creates a barrier from the hair sucking up nasty water! I carry it to the beach with me and think it’s one of the next best things I can bring down besides sunscreen! I also like to put a little on my ends after coming out of the beach water to help it stay moisturized and tame frizz! I’m telling you, this trick is life changing!

Nectar Thermique | $37



I try to stay away from using volumizing shampoos or hair products when I know I am going to be in the sun for a few consecutive days, A.K.A. a beach vacay! These can tend to dry out the hair because a lot of them have some sort of alcohol in them!



I get tons of people come in during summer asking why their hair has a slippery/slimy feel. This comes from a chlorine build up in the hair! Using a clarifying shampoo once a week can really make a huge difference! This shampoo will strip the hair of any impurities!

Shampoo Three | $11.50

Hope this little post was helpful & let me know if y’all have any other questions y’all can think of!!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

Summer Hair Scarf

Hey y’all!! Happy Tuesday! Today I’m hopping on to share with y’all a major summer hair trend! Scarves and hair ties are so popular right now and are a great way to add to your outfit or even spice up your everyday look!!

They are easy to put in your hair as well so you don’t need to have major hair skills to do it! Simply tie a scarf in or they even make them as pony tails or headbands to fake it till you make it!!

Here’s some examples of how you can incorporate them into your hair style & bellow I’ll tag some links to shop them! All are under $20!!

Solid Silk Scarf Pony | $12

Scarf Pony | $12

Bow Scrunchie | $6

Bandana Scarf Pony | $12

Twist Wire Headband | $16

Bow Scrunchie | $6

Top Knot Headband | $14

Scarf Pony | $18

Bow Scrunchie | $6 (3 for $12)

Like I said, there’s are super easy! Tie them around your whole head as a headband, put your hair half up half down and tie it around your pony, or tie it around a messy bun! I love the headbands because they are easy and to fake it & I also love the Scrunchies because again, it keeps it simple!

Happy scarf shopping y’all!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

Chelsey Curls Tutorial

Hey all! I’ve been wanting to do another Chelsey curls tutorial, here it is – me in all my relaxed fixing my hair at home glory. I say “like”,”so”, and other things a billion times. Sorry for that pahaha! I also can’t control it but for some reason I raise my left eyebrow when I get in front of a camera.

In this video I am using Paul Mitchell’s express ion smooth flat iron. It’s a 1 1/2 width (correcting myself from the video), and has an adjustable heat setting which is always helpful! It’s on sale today and I’m linking it below!

Ion Smooth | $89

Posting the video below & listing some key points under that!

Take aways from this are to not give the flat iron a death grip, leave some space so it can turn and not get stuck! Curl everything away from your face. Make sure flat iron is facing down towards the floor!

PRACTICE WITH FLAT IRON OFF! That’s the best advice I can give y’all haha!!!

Let me know if y’all have ANY questions and I am more then happy to help!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

Dry Shampoo Favorite

Okay, so I’m kinda sure I have maybe already done a blog post on this … however, I have had a margarita and am super into this product so I’m sharing again. Since I’m traveling and it’s a must bring, I feel like it’s necessary!

PAUL MITCHELL INVISIBLEWEAR DRY SHAMPOO. Y’all, I’m so obsessed & it’s only $18. I have never used anything that I instantly LOVED for my hair like this product. This whole new invisiblewear line Paul Mitchell has created is hands down my favorite line they have done so far (I plan on getting more into the line in a later post but for this moment we’ll just stick with the dry shampoo)!

They make a invisiblewear BLONDE & BRUNETTE dry shampoo. They have colors because if you take a normal dry shampoo and spray it all over a darker head of hair you will find that there is a light powdery residue that it leaves on the crown of the head (or wherever it has been sprayed). Paul Mitchell fixed this problem by creating a brown tinted powder, as well as a blonde tinted powder.

You would have never thought but this dry shampoo is working well to conceal grays in between color appointments too! Since this is doubling as a root touch up, I hear everyone that is using it raving about that aspect of it!!

I’d like to touch on one other thing about it that I love & then we’ll wrap it up! I also use this as a texture spray after I have just washed my hair. I know that sounds crazy?! I’m using a dry shampoo after I’ve washed my hair … BUT, since this is a powder like spray it give your hair crazy texture and volume! If you hate freshly washed hair lots of dry shampoos will give this affect, howeverrrrr, this dry shampoo in particular has proven to create MAJOR volume in hair!

Since I’m sure y’all are tired of me rambling I’m linking products below, click the pink & it will bring you directly to the products page!

BLONDE | $18


so, in a nutshell, my main points for loving this product are 1) the formulation really works well for my hair. 2) the light color of the spray is actually nice because it lightens up my darker root in a very subtle way. 3) it gives crazy texture and volume.

XoXo, Chelsey Rae