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Sugar Bear Hair

Happy Wednesday to all my blog peopleee!! Today I’m sharing with you guys something I consistently share with my clients & ive wanted to do a blog post on it for a while!!

Tons of people sit in my chair and ask me about hair vitamins, biotin, any pills I may know of that work! In my experience with hair pills I never really saw a difference in my hair. I even had a biotin once that I bought from Walgreens that said on the back to “take a hour apart from an oral contraceptive” … That went out the window because I’m like what?! Us chicks can barely remember to take that at the same time everyday without setting an alarm on our phone – I definitely can’t remember to take that a hour apart! Another one made me breakout like CRAZY, my friend holly who works in the skin clinic at H2O (whose amazing by the way if anyone needs a facial 😜) did dermaplaning on me and I kept being like omg never again that made me break out & she was like I’ve never had anyone say that it’s not that, blah blah blah! I was like yea yea whateverrr, well she came and slept over one night and when she walked in my bathroom to brush her teeth she was like when did you start taking this biotin? “Oh right around the time you did my face” she’s like helllllooooo this is why your breaking out! Stopped taking it and I was all good!!

Anyway, to sum up a long lengthy summary of all the hair pills I’ve tried in the past, NO, none of them ever made me see a difference in my hair!

Leading me to this point, for about 2 years I had constantly seen these “Sugar Bear Hair” gummies. Tons of celebs/reality tv people/insta famous people endorsed them so naturally I was like this stuff is bologna because they are clearly paying all these people to post. Now while that’s obviously the case, something stilllll told me in the back of my head to try them (probably because Kylie was posting about them, #suckermein). Not to mention they look really cute and yummy. Of course we all know how this ends, of COURSE, I did indeed buy them.

When they got to the house of course I immediately tried one because, duh, they are gummies. DELICIOUS. I put them on the counter in my bathroom next to my toothbrush & actually religiously took them everyday. When I was about three quarters done the bottle I was like whatever I’m not seeing anything different with my hair. I’ll finish them out but I’m not reordering. But then I thought about it and I was like that’s not fair. I mean really how is anything supposed to change your hair in a few weeks of taking it, or even a month? If so that would be a miracle pill and we’d all be taking it.

Think about it, nothing is done that quick when it comes to a change in your body. Why would your hair magically start growing like weeds that quick?! I decided I would buy another bottle. I told myself I was going to give it 2 – 3 months without shutting it down. I ordered the second bottle before I was done and again continued to religiously take it. Twice a day every morning!

Half way through the 2nd bottle & that was it. People at work started telling me my hair looked more heathy and shiny. They started mentioning (and I started realizing) that my shorter pieces on top of be crown of my head (a common breakage spot for blondes) was starting to get significantly longer, making the distance between that and the ends of my hair closer, I.E. not looking like joe dirt in the back. Now, getting compliments from hairdressers in the salon, that’s big 😂 we all are so hard on each other and when your in the hair business you don’t sugar coat it to each other, girl your hairs fried. The end. Panana and no one cares because we’re all putting extensions in our hair like white on rice! It’s just hair it can be fixed, or be faked to look fixed!

Bottom line, I finished the second bottle and ordered another. My hair had really started to look good. It was growing and was definitely getting the vitamins it needed because it was very shiny and soft. In the midst of moving I had ran out and forgot to order, it slipped my mind for about 4 months. I’m kinda one of those, even if I loose 5 pounds like don’t tell me because I’ll be like danggg I’m looking good I can eat this pasta. All down hill from there. Same with the pills, it’s like you get it in your head that your good so you slack off.

I am now starting my second bottle of pills again! And I can tell my extensions are growing out a little faster. A downside, but still a upside because it’s making my hair better.

I also have recommended these to a few clients, okay more like kind of rave about them. Of course some I can tell are probably like whatever girl, but I really have no benefit of telling my clients about them. It’s not like we sell them at the salon and I make a commission (which would actually be awesome because maybe I’d sell some product for once 😜). With all that said I’ve actually had a good bit of clients try them out text me and say they love them and that they see a difference in their hair. One had even came in and said her experience was the same. On her second bottle she and her daughters saw a difference!

They are a tad on the pricey side but I’d say if your wanting to try them out I’d create a time line for yourself. If your on your 2nd or 3rd and don’t see a difference don’t waste your time/money! Of course everyone’s hair is different, what works for me might not work for you! But, if your someone who is really trying to grow your hair or improve it’s integrity anything’s worth a try to get you where you want to be!

You can grab a bottle here with free shipping. I normally order mine on amazon here because I have prime and it’s quicker to get to me plus ends up being cheaper than their website. The amazon link is to a 3 months supply but that’s what I want so! Of course you can also go on their website and get one months supply or a subscription or whatever, click here and it’ll take ya there!

If y’all have ANY questions, comment below or on insta or whatever haha! If it’s something I can answer I definitely will!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

Flat iron favorite

Hey guys! Hope everyone’s weekend was fab! Mine didn’t consist of too much! Friday we stayed home and decorated the house a little for Christmas, Saturday was my work Christmas party which I’m really sad I had to miss for the first time in like 10 years! Butttt, these stitches on my face don’t make me feel like partying so we went and got sushi & saw a movie! Sunday I did some hair in the morning and then headed to the saints game because Ryan’s son got to be a jr. Tee retriever!

Anyway I’m really excited I found this & couldn’t wait to share it with you guys! I get a lot of questions about what kind of flat iron I use to do my #chelseycurls Paul Mitchell is my favorite & only flat iron I use. There is something about the shape and the plates that works better for me to achieve the look I’m going for!

Sharing this today because Paul Mitchell released their holiday stuff and I think the pattern is so cute! I figured a lot of you guys may like it!

Paul Mitchell tools have a great price point, an awesome warranty, & when I tell you they last a long time, I’m talking years!

Linking the cute patterns & the regular below! They are $119, that’s a great price for a well made flat iron!




This is a great Christmas gift for someone or to ask for on your Christmas list! Let me know if any of you guys get it!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae


Big hair changes

Hey ladiesss, today im talking big hair changes! Hair is a BIG DEAL, I always say its our biggest accessory! We change the color, the length, the style, and all these things play a roll in our day to day look & even how we feel about ourselves when we look in the mirror! Heres some things to keep in mind when making a big change!


– The biggest thing here is PATIENCE. I know nowadays we see people like Kim Kardasian going from blonde to black in a day, the truth behind this is A) a lot of the time she is wearing a wig, if you pay attention to the show or snaps sometimes you see wigs in the background & she will even say in her snaps something about a wig B) if they are making a big change to their real hair this takes HOURS. Kyle Jenner once snapped going blonde for like 8 hours one night! I pay attention to this stuff because its my profession & it totally boggles my mind sometimes too that their hair hasn’t hit the floor but a lot of it is smoke & mirrors!

If you are going from brown to blonde or even blonde to brown THIS IS A PROCESS to be honest there may be a period where your not exactly in love with your hair, when changing colors or trying to lift colors people tend to be orangey & warm. There are toners we can use to counteract that warmth but, it wont cut it completely all the time. I am famous for telling people making a big change, the first time honestly is not going to get you where you want to be. THE SECOND TIME, your are allll set!

& a word to clients when they are seeing a new hairdresser for the first time and making a big change OR even to clients that have been with their hairdresser for years that want to make a big change. There’s nothing I worry about more when making a big change for the first appointment than your understanding of the process, OF COURSE we want you to be happy with the change & get where your trying to go! For clients sitting in a hairdressers chair for the first time understand that the hairdresser has to get to know your hair, to see how it lifts and what underlying colors your hair tends to pull! I always say, GIVE YOUR HAIRDRESSER A CHANCE. Any hairdresser can tell you it stings a bit when you leave in the middle of a process to try out somewhere else, of course the second go around its going to be better, because someone else did all the hard work breaking through the old color the first time!  My advice is give your hairdresser two trys, I know personally when I am making a big change I probably have the steps in mind for the first & second appointment to get you where you need to be! If your not working in the direction you want to be after your second appointment, consult with your hairdresser to see if your on the same page & if you don’t feel comfortable from there, try out someone new!

– The integrity of your hair is most important. Get where you want to be, as fast as you can, while keeping your hair as healthy as it can be. Last week I turned someone away because I knew her hair would hit the floor if I bleached it. I wasn’t comfortable with it and she was a doll & completely understood. She was thankful I was honest & I told her some other options and that she should even go see some other hairdressers to see their thoughts! Most hair dresser that have been in the business know what’s best for your hair. TRUST us if we tell you something isn’t a good idea. Its for your hairs benefit!

– Sometimes, just changing the TONE of your hair can make a BIG difference. Feeling gold & interested in a change? Tone your hair to a more neutral or ash blonde!  Toners are great for this reason, if your loving the level of dark or light your hair is but want to see a difference in something this is a great option!


– My best advice here & my famous words “ARE YOU 100% SURE?”. That’s my really only main thing to say! When cutting a lot off your hair I always say to be completely positive this is something your committed to & are ready to look in the mirror and see everyday! I think we have all been there once in our lives! Crying on the way home from the salon or like two weeks later when were over the excitement of a new look!

I will also say, it kills me when people are like “I want to go shorter so Its less work” PSHHHH, helloooo, short hair is kind of more work! You have to be committed to waking up and styling your hair every morning! Shorter hair takes effort! The luxury of longer hair is that you have the option of throwing it up or putting it in a braid or something when your not in the hair fixin’ mood!

Long bobs “LOBS” are one of my favorites right now for this reason, they give people the feel of a sassy new look with enough length to throw it up or leave it messy down for a sexy effortless look!

The good news with making a big change in the cutting department? HAIR GROWS!

*in the photo above the major game changer here was adding baby fine lowlights to create dimension as well as creating the perfect toner to cut her yellowyness (is that a word?). I also convinced her to STOP breaking her root, giving her color a more natural feel!

Hope you guys are having a happy hump day!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

Your huge hair care mistake & my latest product obsession

So lately I can’t help but realize how many of mine and the stylists around me clients are making a major mistake, we are all guilty of wanting a deal but in lots of instances that’s not always the best route to take. HEAR ME OUT: Lots of my clients walk out the door saying they will buy their shampoo on Amazon, they have seen the big bottles at costco or “oh I get my Paul Mitchell from cvs” What many of you guys don’t realizes is these products are expired, tampered with or full blow counterfeit. 

Let me share a few experiences/things I’ve came across …  I never knew that beauty products have a expration date, maybe that’s the clueless in me butttt, THEY DO! There is a little circle thing on the back or bottom of the bottle on any beauty product that has how many months it’s good for- It’ll say 12M, 6M, or however long! so, these places that are selling salon guaranteed products are putting old expired products on their shelves in old packaging and leading you to believe your buying legit stuff!

A few years ago when I was in hair school at Paul Mitchell they came in and told us all this stuff about places selling their product, if you see it on the shelves you call Paul Mitchell and they go pick it up from cvs, Walgreens, ect. I was thinking to myself during the discussion, “this is so bs” of course they want people to think that and only buy in salon! Well walking though cvs one day I decided to see if all this talk was true…Paul Mitchell sells a product called “the conditioner” it’s blue, when I opened the top of “the conditioner” in cvs, it was white. Not blue. FAKE! I was pretty shocked that they actually were right, salons that are going out of business (or just trying to make a extra buck) will fill their empty bottles with junk and sell in bulk to drugstores. 

And lastly, within the past week one of my very good clients recently said her hair hasn’t felt as good, “what are you using?”, “Kerastase” being her answer … “Well you haven’t bought kerastase from me”.  “Amazon” she replies, ding, ding, ding! Of course I proceeded to give her this whole fabulous lecture and she was like oh my gosh I thought the consistency of the product felt different! The even better part was when we discussed prices she was maybe spending like two dollars less, that’s so not worth it! And addressing the Costco issue, these big bottles they are selling? They are back bar bottles, they are for stylists in salon to use in a shampoo room, Whyyyy would Costco have them? Oh because they are in the company’s packaging that changed 4 years ago and they probably sat on some salons shelves for forever! 4 year old products on your hair? GROSS!

Anyway people lets get real, you wouldn’t buy discounted mac makeup from anywhere other then Mac and put it on your face right? Then why would you spend tons of money on your haircut or color and then go buy yuck i.e. Fake or old shampoo and put it on your hair?!

Now moving on, let me RAVEEEEE about my new obsession. Kerastase is always amazing, but I’ll be honest I’ve never felt like any of their shampoos/conditioners smell amazinggggg or have a smell that lasts, untilllll nowwww! I’ve been using their newest line Aura Botanica and I loveeee it, so much so that I’ve been bathing with it and using the conditioner as lotion when I get out the tub pahaha! I can not get enough! 

On top of the fabulous smell, it has marrocan argon oil, (ya know everyone is so big on marracon oil now) which helps fight fizz, a.k.a. this Louisiana weather, for up to 72 hours! It’s 96% all natural and has no silicones, sulfates or parabens! Since I’ve been using it my hair feels super soft, i’ve been getting more compliments, and this is all I’ve been using different so I know that’s what it is! When I was doing a little product research I saw it has rose water in it and that explains a lot because I loveeee anything with rose water! 

Bottom line of this whole post, we spend tons of money on our haircuts & color, it’s on our heads and in my opinion is our most important accessory! So spending a little extra money on salon quality shampoo should benefit you & your locks in the long run, wether it’s the Paul Mitchell or kerastase price range, you can’t go wrong! 

XoXo, Chelsey Rae 

Learning to “Chelsey Curl”


Hey yall, its been forever – my usual opening response on here! Life’s been crazy (another normal statement in my opening) and I’ve had a lot of big amazing changes going on! I’ve recently moved and things are starting to settle in, so with my new normal routine starting to come together I really plan to take some time each week to get back into posting regularly or even more than regularly for me because I would love to share more hair, fashion, food & home decorating/diy things with you guys!

Anyway, with all that being said, lets cut to it get to the main attraction!

I have FINALLY got it together & officially made a #CHELSEYCURLS TUTORIAL, with the help of the H2O team of course! Getting it on my website however has been a little sketchy, so for some reason you have to CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO VIEW and it will pop up on your phone!


Let me know what you guys think or if theres anything else i could do to make it more helpful & be on the lookout for another #chelseycurls giveaway veryyyy sooonn!

P.S. I may have cried for a few days because I feel like I have a double chin every time I speak in this video, butttt I then pulled it together and watched a few Jessie James Decker videos where she has one sometimes too, so I then felt better – Don’t Judge me!


XoXo, Chelsey Rae


Facebook lovin’

Processed with VSCO with s1 presetHello to all my fabulous clients, friends & family! You guys make my clientele/career what it is today – so much so that I want more people just like you in my chair! I’m inviting all you beauty’s to LIKE & SHARE my new Facebook business page “Chelsey Rae Hair” (which can be found under the “places” tab). I am GIVING AWAY a Paul Mitchell 3-in-1 CURLING WAND to any current clients, that like, share, & leave a review. Along with GIVING AWAY one #CHELSEYCURLS service to anyone that likes & shares that is not already a client of mine/H2O’s! The winner of both will be drawn and announced on Saturday the 29th! Whether you’ve been with me for the past 9 years or even the past month, I am so thankful for each & every one of you guys that make my time behind the chair so enjoyable & I can’t wait to meet more of YOUR family & friends! Let the giveaway, sharing, & fun begin #chelseyraegiveaway

Processed with VSCO with s1 presetXoXo, Chelsey Rae

giving away #chelseycurls

Hi lovelys! I’ve promised I’d do a class for “Chelsey Curls” for a while now, life gets crazy and it seems the best way to get this out there is to get with you guys one on one! I am so thankful for all my amazing clientele and your loyalty that I want to teach you guys how to recreate the hair you leave my chair with! I am also so excited to meet some new faces and take on your heads of gorgeous hair! 
I’ve decided to give away one spot a day Tuesday through Saturday from now till February 18th to both existing & new clients for a complimentary 45 minute Chelsey Curls lesson!

Appointments will be booked in the order emails are received – Those interested please send your name, cell number, and days/times that best suit your busy schedules to and I will contact you via text to get you on the books!! 

XoXo, Chelsey Rae 

Quick bobby tips

For any of my sistas that have trouble getting their bobby pins to stay – did you know you can give them a little grip by spraying them with either a dry shampoo or an aerosol hairspray? If that’s not cutting it make sure the side of the bobby pin that has ridges is the one that’s going against your scalp, the straighter side is slicker and won’t grip as well! 

Also, when putting hair half-up/half-down two bobbys are more then sufficient. Inserting the bobby pins in and “X” shape and interlocking the ridges make it even more secure then a pony which will tend to slip! 

XoXo, Chelsey Rae 

The brushes you need in your life

So many brushes = So many decisions! Here’s my list of the different brushes every girl needs in their life!

Wet brush- This brush is great for detangling, extensions, and using as a wet brush when combing through conditioner on every single hair type! Little ones love this also because it doesn’t hurt when getting knots out, it’s the “magic” bush! My favorite is the Original wet brush and they have tons of cute colors! 

Medium round brush- Amazing for getting volume on the rounds of your head as well as smoothing out shorter lengths of your hair, like your bangs or the area of hair around our ears that always seems to be a tad fizzy! My favorite is by Paul Mitchell
Large round brush – Use for smoothing out the rest of your lengthier hair and rounding out the ends. Both this and the medium have venting in them that help your blowdry go faster. Again, this is by Paul Mitchell.

Teasing brush-  Used for teasing as well as smoothing out the hair over your tease. My personal favorite is, you guessed it, Paul Mitchell.

Boar bristle brush- I love this for making your hair look shiny and silky! This is my favorite type of brush to brush my curls out with because it gives them a major volume filled look! This one from the kardashian’s line can be found at Macy’s

Parting comb- Also known as a “rat tail” comb, this makes your partings even and easy! Also I tend to like to tease with this more then the teasing brush if were being honest here, the teeth make more of a tight base with your tease!bmy favorite is by Sam villa

Happy brush buying! 

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

Flat Iron 101

First of all, hellllllooooooo, I am officially back from my hiatus-  It’s been about 6 months since I’ve done a post, but clients and friends keep asking and after all that’s the whole point of why I do this blog thing so I figured I’d get back into it and try to be more frequent. Somehow life got in the way and I put this on the furthest back-burner, Oops!

I have lots of fun stuff lined up but I decided to post first about flat irons! I’ve never really touched on this subject before which is silly because I feel like this is the hot tool almost everyone has and takes home from the salon!!

Despite wether we are using it for straightening or curling, I know a bunch of my clients frequently have a ton of questions with how to know which ones best for them! There’s so many choices, which is perfect seeing that we have so many different hair types! Here’s the low down from types of plates to sizes as well..

To me this is the most popular type. Ceramic plates allow for a even heat distribution without cold or hot spots, leaving you to be able to straighten your hair at a lower temperature. This is best for fine to normal hair types. Ceramic should normally only need to be used between 250-400 degrees (350 for blondes) and when purchasing you want to make sure the plates are FULLY ceramic for best results. otherwise, they can start to crack and pull the hair, doing more damage then necessary.

This heats up fastest and the metal is smooth so it doesn’t snag your hair. The heat transfer from all the negative ions is quick and leaves your hair looking more silky smooth then ceramic. With that being said you have to be more careful with this type as to not burn your hair. This option is best for people with wiry, thick, coarse hair. Since this is made for those more stubborn hair types it can be used between 410-430 degrees. WITH CAUTION, and the WITH CAUTION is being exaggerated for good reason. Also, in my opinion no blonde needs to own one of these.

This leaves hair more shinny, straight, and less fizzy. Tourmaline is a crushed mineral that titanium and ceramic flat iron plates are coated with. This is best for medium hair types, be it thin or thick that suffer with frizz and static. Should be used between 350-400 degrees.

Now on to sizes, mostly the rule should be the thinner the hair the smaller the iron and vice-versa.

We have mini flat irons, which I have to say (since I am here to be truthful with you people) I am not too big of a fan of. The only people I could see really needing this are people with pixie cuts. Other then that some people say they like them for styling their bangs and what not. My opinion is if your hair cant fit in a regular flat iron you probably don’t really need to be using one, unless your my dad circa 2007 and think your hair should be spiked to the celling… A.K.A do yourself a favor and don’t.

You then have your 1″ flat iron, these are really great for people with fine hair that sits around and right under their shoulders. If you don’t have a ton of hair you don’t need some big ol’ flat iron.

The 1 1/2″, the most popular and my personal favorite size for a good head of #chelseycurls! This is your go to for people with normal hair types that lays past your shoulders. Mostly everyone from medium, thick and course hair.

Lastly, you have your 2″. This is the one you have to pull out for the thick, course and unruly hair types. Ethnic hair also benefits from this size iron.

Obviously, being a hairdresser I have to get on you people about protecting your hair as well. I recently read that hair burns at the same temperature as paper, that’s at 450 degrees. There is honestly no need in my opinion for anyone that is not a licensed cosmetologist to be using anything over 400 degrees. You have to think this is our hair, the only hair we have might I add, and we are putting these hot tools on it almost every single day. Products come into play here. EVERY, SINGLE, PERSON, that is reading this blog owns some sort of hot tool, and every single person that is reading this blog should own some type of heat protectant. Putting 300 degrees+ of heat on our hair causes some sort of breakage and dryness over time! Take it from me, my hair has had moreeee then its fair share of being pathetic because I have the job where I have to stare at myself in a mirror all day and feel the need to screw with it at LEAST 10 times over.

Last but not least, were shelling out big bucks for these things. THEY NEED A GOOD CLEANING EVERY NOW AND THEN, Id try to clean mine at least once every month or two! Grab a few cotton balls, rubbing alcohol and a warm damp cloth. When your flat iron is completely cool- and obviously, unplugged, dip the cotton balls in some alcohol and use them to clean the plates following up after with the damp cloth. If its really gunky grab a toothbrush or magic eraser and get the tough spots with that!

Hopefully this little bit of info can help you guys when picking out your irons! Here’s my favorite Ceramic pick and Titanium pick, both from Paul Mitchell. These can be found online or at H2O on Metairie road.  

XoXo, Chelsey Rae