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Volume city & Shu Uemura

Hello dolls, it’s been a minute! I’ve been a traveling machine so I haven’t really found the time to blog. Today I’m talking about how I got this volumeneous look, with instruction. This is a long one, but first…

Last month my fabulous salon picked up the line I was raving about! I wanted to get my hands familiar with some product before I talked about it! Those of you who see me in salon know I’m not one to sell you things you don’t need! I’ve really fallen in love with these products I’m about to tell you about but first I’ll give a little back ground. 

This line by no means cancels out kérastase but it is a whole other ball game. Mr. Shu created his line sorta based off of the way we apply make-up because that’s actually how he got started (you can google his background if you care enough to know the whole deal but really all that strikes my interest is that he did Marilyn Monroes make-up. #winner. End story.) He believes in building the product on the hair to create what your looking for, I.E. We apply primer before our foundation. It’s the same way he set up his line.

Here’s the products I’ve got down pat and what I’ve been using every time I wash my hair. YES, I’m putting all this in my hair and YES, that’s why the results are what they are. Of course, it’s a for sureee blessing to have all this product at my disposal but like I always say if you have the same tools you can accomplish the same thing. Let’s roll before I bore you…. 

Depsea Foundation is step one, sprayed a few inches away from the head. This is your primer for the next products you plan to layer on. I love this because it is super hydrating and it brings out the natural texture in your hair as well. 

Wonder Worker  this stuff is fabulous, hints the name. Spray a few inches away from hair as well. Works if you plan to blow dry or air dry. It detangles, tames frizz, boosts radiance, and hydrates. Let’s be honest my hair has never looked this shiney people.  

Ultimate remedy extreme restoration duo-serum I know, whoa to the name. However, that’s exactly what a blonde needs! This stuff not only smells like a blessing but it freakinnnngggg isssss! I can’t get enough of this whole ultimate remedy line, but I’ve already posted about that. This product comes out in two, ones a serum and ones a cream. Mix together and apply midshaft to ends. It keeps the hair fiber closed and helps protect the hair from our daily routine. My #1 on this list.   Ample angora my favorite mouse (next to kérastase’s densimophose) it provides lift and body directly at the root. The tip of this bottle is designed to be put directly on the scalp. I apply by drawing 3 lines from front to back and massaging with fingertips.  

Volume maker this product is the most amazing thing ever (I know I say that all the time, but I mean it!) we all know I love a head of high hair! This is applied on DRY hair, it is a volumizar obviously and it doubles as a dry shampoo, absorbing excess oils and leaving your hair with a matte finish! You pump the top of this guy and apply to the rounds of your head. The powder that comes out of the top of the brush sticks to the scalp, creating amazing texture and lifting the hair strand. Not too much texture, just enough and doesn’t leave hair feeling goopy! I’m not kidding, the best volume powder I’ve ever tried!

So after all hair is dried and product is applyed you get into styling…..I like to work in quadrants of four when I’m working with the head. Two in back and one on each side, then break those down into four. See my amazing diagram below and work with that best as you can!

we all know my curls are done with a flatiron but sometimes I do this on myself with a 1/2 inch curling iron as well. Curl, release and spray a tad of hairspray letting the curls cool before you break them up as you go through the whole head. I normally let cool the whole time I apply my make-up and then take a SOFT BRISTLE brush through my hair. For volume I take a small tooth comb and tease the whole top of my head. You smooth that over lightly again with a soft bristle brush only, on top! Spray and go through touching up random little pieces to leave the hair looking tousled. 

Video will come soon I swearrrrr!

 XoXo | Chelsey Rae

First Hair Tutorial | Braid into Up-do

Okay sooo yet again, I have no clue what I’m doing. This is my first and very short braid turned into a up-do tutorial. ITS SUPER EASY. The videos fast but you can get the gist. I’m attempting to get used to this so I can eventually do my promised “Chelsey curls” tutorial, so we may be well on our way! Again I don’t claim to be some major blogger, so just roll with it!

Braids are such a good way to cheat at fixing your hair! Being in the beauty industry I always have to look put together at work, but sometimes it’s just a crapy morning and you don’t feel like it! Take two seconds to do a braid and ta-daaaa you look like you actually cared (haha! Just keeping it real people). 

On the upside of being lazy, they are your best friend when your going somewhere fancy, being that they are easily turned into a up-do! I can’t tell you how many of my girls have weddings and stuff to go to and can’t get in with me, so in turn want to know a quick easy way to throw their hair up! Braids are the answer and the only way you won’t be super frustrated throwing your brush at the mirror! We’ve all been there…. Even me! 

So here’s the deets on both looks & of course you always start with a head of tease hair!

I don’t know about some of you guys, but #1) I pay for my hair, ha! And #2) jokes on me cause it’s still looks super thin in a braid! Ever wonder how all those chicks on pintrest get those super thick looking braids? You braid your hair like normal, go in and rough it up a little, pull on the loops and stretch them out. For even more, pinch where the pony tail is and holding the bottom of your hair, hold tightly and push the pony up, this brings it all together to look even fuller. Sometimes if the hair is too long that I pulled with, and some of you you may see what I’m talking about when you try at home, I’ll take that and loop it around the pony and secure inside the braid with a bobby pin. Of course this is just an unnecessary extra step but makes it look a little more fancy!

If your looking to turn this into a Up-Do all I really do is take my braid and basically roll it up (like in the picture below), starting from the pony tail into where your braid started.  Secure with bobby pins and pull some strands in the front of your face down to make it look effortless!! You could even try this with two braids on each side rolled up to meet in the middle, there are so many options!


I think the problem with most people when they go to fix their hair is they over think it, this is hair- it’s not going to be perfect, every strand shouldn’t be in order and personally in my opinion that just looks so boring, trust me no ones ever wondered where mrs. Perfectly pin straight not a hair out of place is going, they are all too busy wondering where the chick with the sexy messed up hair has been! It’s so true, You can’t even deny it!

XoXo | Chelsey Rae 

Tonight’s shampoo line up!

Despite all of us in shock that I’m actually washing my hair, loll…. These are my 3 new things I’m loving!   The first one is probably the most pointless thing ever, but I’m obsessed with it because I’m the type of girl that loves to pick the most expensive thing on the shelf and roll with it!!! Now Yall know this is a honest blog, so really this is more of a want then a need. It’s kerastases new pre shampoo called “The Gommage” it smells freaking amazinggggg number one and number two it’s fabulous for people like me who shampoo once or twice a week (because we see the value in a little roughed up hair of course!). This was actually inspired by skincare, it’s almost like a scrub, but for your scalp. You put a smidge in your hands, emulsify it, and add it to dampened hair, scrub like you would a shampoo, then rinse and shampoo/condition with your usual line up. This stuff Runs about $44. 

The other two beauty’s in the green are literally something I am dying over, this stuff has changed my life – I know I tend to be super dramatic, but this is for real. Changed. My. Life. Or should we say my hair! This is a new line I am just recently getting to know. The name is “Shu Uemura” (it’s kerastase’s sister line, basically).  H2O is thinking about picking up this line in the next few months and my vote for that was 100x YES. 

The green is their “Ultimate Remedy” line, and it does exactly what it says, considering it’s for “ultra-damaged hair”! After I wash my hair with this it feels like no other product has ever made it feel before. All my blondes, or anyone with damaged hair for that matter, know how our hair gets a little crunchy in the places we use our hot-tools the most, but with this my hair feels silky smooth, soft and HEALTHY. Amen to this stuff! The only problem is, this line is more expensive then kerastase, but at the end of the day, this is our hair. It’s on our head, and we need to take care of it. Yall know how I feel about that. 

Even if H2O decides to not pick up this line, I am sold on it, and will be using this before kerastase, if we are speaking on terms of a product best for my hair and my blondes. (Never thought those words would come out of my mouth) 

Happy hair washing people

XoXo | Chelsey Rae 

Chelsey Curls Class

Sooo, I’ve talked about a Chelsey curls tutorial but with my life being so crazy the past few months I haven’t really gotten in the mindset to do that, the life craziness is coming to a end soon and I swear that’s going to be one of the first things I start working on. 

With that being said I have so many client, friends, family members and followers who constantly email, text, or comment that they wish I could teach them! I am totally working on and getting it set up to where I can have a little class or two to teach you guys. 

Anyone who would be interested in this shoot me a email at with your name and cell number, so I can see just how many people would be interested. Then I’ll go from there and let you guys know what styling tools you would need to bring, price, location ect. Within the next week or so. 

XoXo, Chelsey Rae  


Even blowdryers need lovin’

Okayyy, we spend big bucks on our blowdryers and just like everything else they require a little maintenance too! Cleaning them will make them not only last longer but work better too! I clean the blowdryer at my salon about once every week to two weeks, and at home probably I would tell you guys about once every other month.

All blowdryers have a vent in the back, this almost reminds me of the vent in the dryer we do laundry in, you have to clean it after every few uses. The vent in the back of the blowdryer sucks up dust, product and hair and when it just piles up more and more, your blowdryer isn’t giving out the airflow it could be with all that yuckie stuff blocking it! Not to mention, it can be dangerous, we’ve had numerous blowdryers in the salon catch fire or spark and mini blow up, not kidding!

Most of these blowdryers have a open and lock button like the one you’ll see in the pictures below. You twist that little top off, dampen a towel, clean the vent and the top. Sometimes just a towel is enough but other times, if it’s a lot, sometimes I’ll grab a unused toothbrush or maybe a Q-Tip and get in the harder to reach places, again this should just be damped a little bit. And OBVIOUSLY, your blowdryer should be unplugged while doing this. Hey, We all have our blonde moments don’t we!? Not all blowdryers are the same, so some may come with a little sponge vent, this should be removed, ran under some water and sat out to dry, then replace and there ya go!

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Sooo, I bet you none of you beauty’s reading this have actually ever cleaned out your blowdryer….. Get to cleaning and watch how much better that thing works and how much longer it’s lifespan will be!

Chelsey Rae

Products, Products, Products…

A study that was recently done asking women what their number one complaint was after leaving the salon, the answer not to my surprise after you really think about it was that their hair never looks as good as it does when we, the stylist does it. What some clients don’t really understand is without the proper products and tools you can’t recreate that look in the slightest bit! If you want your hair to look exactly the way it does when you leave your stylist then you should use exactly what she’s using in your hair.

I can’t stress enough as a hairdresser, suave and herbal Essences is doing absolutely nothing for you..and is honestly such a no,no. The old saying rings true for this as it does everything else, “YA GET WHAT YA PAY FOR”. Girls, if your spending hundreds every year on getting that perfect color or cut, doesn’t it only make sense to preserve that color, cut and integrity of your hair!!

I’ll never forget some one I assisted under used to say “think of it as your hair wardrobe” it makes sense, you definitely don’t need to buy everything at once, stop by when you get a little extra to spend on something for yourself or plan for your next appointment maybe ill skip a cut and buy the deep conditioner instead because I know that’s going to benefit my hair in the long run. Make it a point to buy one product every other time and before you know it your bathroom or vanity will be stocked with all the tools you need to recreate your look!

Working at H2O we carry two lines, Paul Mitchell and kárastasé. These two lines both have there reasons why we love them but they have one big difference and that my friends, would be, the price point. I’ll be honest, Paul Mitchell is fab but any kárastesé girl will tell you, once you use it.. NOTHING COMPARES.

Here’s my top 10 picks from our lines IMG_5270.JPGIMG_5326.PNG

This is literally the most amazing mouse in the world, (L.I.T.E.R.A.L.L.Y) I’m obsessed. It gives your hair incredible texture and adds body without weighing it down. I hate when I just wash my hair because it will do NOTHING, put a handful of this stuff in and I’m set!

This oil is for all hair types, and is so great because it can be used both pre and post styling. It helps to protect, strengthen and smooth the hair. It’s so conditioning and makes the hair feel super soft! (Not to mention it doubles as a way to make your legs look amazzzzinggggg on a night out) ….

3. Kérastase’s NUTRITIVE line
Number three is a all time kèrastase Classic for all types of hair. This line makes it easy on everyone as they offer Bain satin 1,2, & 3 along with a masque for thick or thin hair.

My newest go to! Lately my hair has been in this awful dry spell, (you should see my lap from all the breakage when I brush my hair, scary people!) I’ve been using this daily and am totally seeing a change! This is a On-the-Go Nourishment for Dry Ends! It’s perfect to throw in your purse and immediately gives your hair the moisture it needs when it’s dry!

Leave in conditioner for those with breakage! Basically, all my blonde sistas need this! It’s strengthens the hair and helps prevent damage while smoothing cracks and split ends!

A must for all of us Louisiana girls, as this product is a anti-humectant offering a frizz free, polishing affect with amazzzingg shine! Pop a little in as a finisher before curling/straightening or just throughout the day when your needing a little boost!

One of my classic go to’s with Paul Mitchell, the name says basically all you need to know! The key ingredient here is Panthenol which actually swells the hair strand at the root!

Another one of my every day go to’s, #blondelife, unfortunately I need all the help I can get… This product is great for those with breakage who are trying to strengthen their hair. It’s a heat protectant and only heat activated.

My favorite shampoo, conditioner, and treatment that Paul Mitchell makes. It’s sulfate free, color-safe, and helps moisturizer and rebuild while adding tons of shine!

Okay so of course I’ll have two root boots on here, I meannnnn, you can never have enough in my opinion! Kerastase lift VERTIGE is a gel-texture that lifts the roots and adds volume! It gives crazy texture and it’s the perfect texture for teasing on those with fine hair!

And that’s all dolls!!
XoXo, Chelsey Rae

Splurge on the blowdryer…

It’s funny how guilty we are of splurging on stupid things we don’t need and skimping on things that are part of our everyday routine! Trust me at 26 years old me and most of my friends are more worried about getting the iPhone six then purchasing the most up to date blowdryer! Butttt, with that being said most don’t realize how much of a disservice they are doing themselves by using the conair blowdryer from the drugstore!

Here’s the scoop on why you should splurge on Paul Mitchell’s express ion dry blowdryer:

First off, you use it almost everyday. You spend big money on your cut and color monthly so you should be taking the steps at home to continue with your investment in your hair (we’re talking tools, as well as product).

Secondly, Most professional blowdryers today are ionic. This means (in were not scientists terms) that it’s blowdrying your hair from the inside out, instead of frying your hair from the outside in, minimizing outer cuticle damage, Not to mention it’s blowdrying your hair in half the time! This blowdryer is super light weight so it makes it easier to handle while your trying to hold both it and a brush!

P.S. To all my girls that hate the nozzle, “that things so annoying” it’s really one of the most important things on the blowdryer, it’s directing all the heat into one place instead of letting it blow all around which in turn, yet again, cutting down on your drying time. LEAVE THE NOZZLE ON!

This blowdryer can be purchased at any Paul Mitchell salon or of course at H2O salon and spa on Metairie Rd. If you get suckered into buying it from us after all the fabulous things I have to say about it, mention my name and we will put you on the books for some complimentary express “chelsey curls” which could for sureee come in handy on the day of an event (I know I’m really workin it hard here) Haaa 😉

Chelsey Rae

My Favorite……HAIRSPRAY

Normally I would list some of my favorite products but in this category there’s only ONE favorite, and it’s been that way since I was able to press the sprayer ; ) AEROGEL people. If you don’t have it, shame on you!


This hairspray holds like no other! It’s a gelbased spray that come out in a fine mist! This is great for all hair types & doesn’t weigh the hair down! I use it through the styling process and after my style is done! You can of course find this online anywhere or at H2O.

Lastly I’ve been a little bit of a slacker on my new blog endeavor, any of my gorgeous clients and friends that know me know I’ve been a tad distracted but I’m trying to get back on the blog train : )

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

Chelsey Rae GiveAway

Happy birthday week to me & happy first giveaway to y’all ; ) I seriously appreciate all the support from everyone while I get this blog rolling! I’m giving you guys a chance to win two of my favorite kérastase products! Let me tell you a little bit about them!


Nectar Thermique
Is a leave in moisturizer. It nourishes and softens your hair, keeping it smooth and shiny! It protects hair from drying out while using heat styling tools. A.K.A. This needs to be apart of your hair regimen EVERYTIME you shampoo. If you don’t own this product your missing out on life.

I apply about a quarter size amount to the ENDs of my hair, working my way up to the mid shaft & putting any access product on the places that get the most heat action from my smoothing iron (Most people make the common mistake of slapping product on the top of their head, this is wrong unless you are using a root lift or moose). Comb through and style as usual, with or without a blow-dry this product should be used.

Powder Bluff
Is a dry shampoo. It adds texture and fullness to the hair while cleansing at the same time! It’s invisible and light so any hair color or type can enjoy this fabulous product!

To use you give the can a little shake, holding a few inches away from scalp you apply to the roots of dry hair, tousle your hair around a little with your fingers, wait about 3-5 minutes and comb through! Then style as usual!

Winner will be announced August 17th!
XoXo, Chelsey Rae

To Shampoo Or Not To Shampoo?!

Okay so here’s the deal, YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO SHAMPOO EVERY DAY! I’m sure you’ve all heard it countless times, over and over again, your hair needs it’s natural oils! So many women have reasons why they want to, some go run for hours and there hair gets all yucky, so understandable there, and some are nurses which by all means wash away because I could not deal, however the days you may not work or the days you aren’t going for a insane run, give your hair a break! Ideally, every other day or two days is perfect!

I personally wash my hair about once to twice a week, some of you are probably like, whattttttt the helllllll?! But my hair neverrr gets oily and let’s be honest if we want our hair to be as big as Bridget Bardot’s, clean hair ain’t doing us any favors! If your like some of my fabulous OCD clients that don’t listen to me and still want to wash everyday, a dry shampoo should be your best friend, use one day to hold you over and shampoo the next!

Dry shampoos are amazeeee, literally all you do Is spray a little on the root, tousle it with your hands and all done!! However, they are not all created equal! I like ones that are light and blend into the hair easily! Here’s my good old favorite “psssst” that can be found at Target, Walgreens or Sally’s (that I know of) & my fabulous/all time new found favorite “powder bluff” by kèrastase, that can be found at H2O… And Chelsey told you to buy it ; )


Side note about kèrastase’s powder bluff, it’s the best and it also doubles as a great styling tool! I’ll spray it in my hair after I wash and blow dry to give my hair extra volume and texture!

Chelsey Rae