Despite all of us in shock that I’m actually washing my hair, loll…. These are my 3 new things I’m loving!   The first one is probably the most pointless thing ever, but I’m obsessed with it because I’m the type of girl that loves to pick the most expensive thing on the shelf and roll with it!!! Now Yall know this is a honest blog, so really this is more of a want then a need. It’s kerastases new pre shampoo called “The Gommage” it smells freaking amazinggggg number one and number two it’s fabulous for people like me who shampoo once or twice a week (because we see the value in a little roughed up hair of course!). This was actually inspired by skincare, it’s almost like a scrub, but for your scalp. You put a smidge in your hands, emulsify it, and add it to dampened hair, scrub like you would a shampoo, then rinse and shampoo/condition with your usual line up. This stuff Runs about $44. 

The other two beauty’s in the green are literally something I am dying over, this stuff has changed my life – I know I tend to be super dramatic, but this is for real. Changed. My. Life. Or should we say my hair! This is a new line I am just recently getting to know. The name is “Shu Uemura” (it’s kerastase’s sister line, basically).  H2O is thinking about picking up this line in the next few months and my vote for that was 100x YES. 

The green is their “Ultimate Remedy” line, and it does exactly what it says, considering it’s for “ultra-damaged hair”! After I wash my hair with this it feels like no other product has ever made it feel before. All my blondes, or anyone with damaged hair for that matter, know how our hair gets a little crunchy in the places we use our hot-tools the most, but with this my hair feels silky smooth, soft and HEALTHY. Amen to this stuff! The only problem is, this line is more expensive then kerastase, but at the end of the day, this is our hair. It’s on our head, and we need to take care of it. Yall know how I feel about that. 

Even if H2O decides to not pick up this line, I am sold on it, and will be using this before kerastase, if we are speaking on terms of a product best for my hair and my blondes. (Never thought those words would come out of my mouth) 

Happy hair washing people

XoXo | Chelsey Rae 

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