Hey all! I’ve been wanting to do another Chelsey curls tutorial, here it is – me in all my relaxed fixing my hair at home glory. I say “like”,”so”, and other things a billion times. Sorry for that pahaha! I also can’t control it but for some reason I raise my left eyebrow when I get in front of a camera.

In this video I am using Paul Mitchell’s express ion smooth flat iron. It’s a 1 1/2 width (correcting myself from the video), and has an adjustable heat setting which is always helpful! It’s on sale today and I’m linking it below!

Ion Smooth | $89

Posting the video below & listing some key points under that!

Take aways from this are to not give the flat iron a death grip, leave some space so it can turn and not get stuck! Curl everything away from your face. Make sure flat iron is facing down towards the floor!

PRACTICE WITH FLAT IRON OFF! That’s the best advice I can give y’all haha!!!

Let me know if y’all have ANY questions and I am more then happy to help!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae