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Christmas Stuffing

Who here would love to be able to bring something super easy + impressive to the Holiday table this year?! If your answer is yes, your in luck! I’m sharing my sausage stuffing with you guys today! #notaprofessionalchef

I promise it’s a easy dish! The first time I made it I was like, oh, that was way simpler than I thought!

If you’ve read my blog before you know I say to make cooking your own! Feel free to follow this, or spice it up a little for yourself!

What you’ll need:

• 8 x 8 baking pan or casserole dish with deep sides

• 16 oz Pork sausage roll (like jimmy dean) this will be in the frozen section by your breakfast foods

• 1/2 cup diced celery

• diced medium size yellow onion

• 1 diced medium green bell pepper

• 1 heavy tsp minced garlic

• salt & pepper (eye it up)

• 14 oz package of seasoned stuffing (like Pepperidge farm)

• 3 tbsp melted butter

• extra non-melted butter on hand

• 2 (14 oz) cans of low-sodium chicken broth

What you’ll do:

1. Put a large skillet over medium heat and brown the sausage while breaking it up into little bits. Once cooked drain the sausage and put it into LARGE mixing bowl.

2. In the same pan add the onion, bell pepper, and celery (if needed add a tsp olive oil, but there should be enough grease from the sausage coking off), cook for about 2 minutes and add in garlic. season with salt + pepper to your liking and continue to cook the veggies until they are tender and the onions become clear. Mixing frequently. Once they are all tender and cooked through, add it to the bowl with the sausage.

3. Add the stuffing to the bowl and mix it with the sausage, bell pepper, onion, and celery. Mix everything together really well!

4. Pour the cans of chicken broth over the mixture and mix well. Drizzle the butter over it and mix well. When I’m saying mix I like to think of this more as a fluff well, you don’t want to be smushing all the bread crumbs and making them total mush! Just give it a fluffy mix (I normally do so with my hands).

5. Cover the bowl with Saran warp and let sit for 5 – 10 minutes.

6. Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. and grease a 8 x 8 casserole or baking pan with deep sides. Taste the stuffing and make sure it’s seasoned to your liking. Give it one more good fluff and then spoon it into the pan. Cut a tablespoon of butter into small pieces and dot the top with it.

7. Bake 25 minutes, uncovered for a crunchy top or cover with foil for a soft top. (I like crunchy better, but I bake for 15 minutes with it on and take it off for 10 sometimes)

Let me know if y’all have any questions!

XoXo, Chelsey

(P.s.-If it looks super dry in pictures, that’s cause we fake made it 😂 I probably just poured a bag of the crumbs into a dish)

Fish In A Bag

Happy Monday y’all! Sharing a little recipe today because it’s been a while since I’ve shared some cookin’ stuff! How delicious does this look?! (P.S.- that’s Ryan’s hands not mine)

If you’ve been following along for a while, you know my cooking drill – if you haven’t, I like quick recipes & don’t normally tend to have measurements for you guys! I know, what the hell right?! But honestly the whole deal is, you shouldn’t take cooking too seriously & should make it your own!! If you like spicy add more spice, if you hate lemon, leave it out! It’s your meal, do whateverrrr you want to do! This is just an easy outline!

This recipe is super fast & easy! Not to mention it’s healthy! It only takes about 20 minutes! One of the reasons I love to cook fish!


• 6oz Fish Filet, a white flakey fish does best. (we used trout in this particular recipe)

• Mixed cherry tomatoes cut in halves

• Mushrooms of choice (we used sliced portobellos & oyster mushrooms)

• Dry White Wine

• Extra-Virgin olive oil

• Lemon Juice

• Butter

paul prudhomme seafood magic

• Salt & Pepper

• parchment Paper


• Preheat oven to 425 *

• Fold parchment paper into a large square & use your grammar school cutting skills to cut a heart off of the fold, like the photo above.

• choose a side of the parchment paper heart to work with. Fold a small end over about half a inch all around that side of the heart. This is just to keep the liquid inside. See picture above again for example, bottom left.

• In the middle of the parchment paper place your mushrooms & tomatoes (or whatever veggies of choice).

• Drizzle veggies with olive oil and lightly season with salt and pepper.

• Pour about 2-3 table spoons of white wine depending on how much juice you’d like.

• To the side, lightly season the front and back of your fish filet with the seafood magic seasoning.

• Place fish directly on top of your veggies.

• Drizzle a tad more olive oil, season with more salt and pepper if you’d like and also squeeze a little bit of lemon juice as well.

• Add two pats of butter to the top. And at this point you are done seasoning fish.

• Fold over other side of parchment paper heart covering fish. Take bottom and top edges together and tightly roll them towards the fish all the way around the heart. This is too make sure no juices leak out.

• Place on baking sheet and put in oven for about 15-20 minutes.


• When fish is done carefully transfer parchment bag from the baking sheet to your plate!

• Use a knife and fork to pierce top of bag and cut open. (think like your making a bowl so all the yummy juices stay in the bag & don’t run all over your plate).

• Dig in & listen to everyone you cooked for y’all about how delicious it is, not to mention impressive.

• Don’t tell them it only took 20 minutes and was super easy.

If you guys have any questions feel free to ask um’ & thank you for baring with my non-professional cooking skills!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

📸 : Krista Cheramie Co.

Texas Caviar

Happy Tuesday people! With tomorrow being Fourth of July I wanted to hop on and share a super quick & easy recipe with you guys!!

Having family/friend get togethers is always a blast and if your headed to someone’s house it’s always nice to be able to bring a little somethin’ to the party!

I love this dip for summer time partys or even to make ahead of time and bring on a beach vacation because it’s a VERY light + refreshing dip!! Most dips require creams or lots of cheese! This is mostly veggies & no creams! Perfect to chomp on while wearing your bikini 😜 haaaa, as if we want to chomp on anything while we’re wearing a bikini but hey, a sistas gotta eat regardless right?!

Sooo, let’s get it goin’


• Medium size green bell pepper, diced.

• Small red onion, diced.

• One Small jalapeño, seeds removed & diced.

• 1/2 cup frozen corn kernels.

• 1/3 cup cilantro, finely chopped.

• 1/2 can drained and rinsed rotel diced tomatoes.

• 1 can black eyed peas.

• 1 can pinto beans.

• 1 can black beans.


• 1/4 cup olive oil.

• 1/4 cup red wine vinegar.

• 2 tablespoons rice wine vinegar.

• 2 tablespoons lime juice.

• 1 tablespoon sugar.

• 1 teaspoon salt.

• 1/2 tablespoon pepper.

• 1/2 garlic powder.


• tortilla chips.


• drain and RINSE all canned products.

• throw all beans + tomatoes in mixing bowl.

• add all diced veggies + cilantro & corn to mixing bowl.

• in separate bowl mix all dressing ingredients and stir well.

• pour dressing into mixing bowl with bean & veggie mixture.

• let marinate in fridge for at least 2 hours mixing at the one hour make! (overnight is the best though, mix a few times whenever it crosses your mind!)

SERVE COLD WITH TORTILLA CHIPS! Or even cucumber chips if your trying to be healthy!

Y’all this dip is so stupiddd easy & it’s pretty addictive!! You can obviously make it your own too! Admit a can of beans and maybe add more corn, or maybe if you like a little bit more spice add a little more jalapeño! Make it however you please! Let me know if y’all have any questions about making it, I know my directions might not be up to expert level! 😜

Hope everyone has a safe & fabulous fourth!

XOXO, Chelsey Rae

Lucky Charm Milkshakes

St. Patrick’s day is only a few days away!! It’s going to be rainy and I know we’re all supposed to be wearing green, but I figure why not drink some green too? Especially when it’s extra yummy!!

This shake is so fun – for kids & adults if you ask me 😜 opening a box of lucky charms for this definitely brought back some childhood cereal memories!

This is quick & easy so let’s get down to it!List of things you’ll need & directions down below!


• 1 cup heavy cream

• 2/3 cup lucky charms cereal (without marshmallows)

• 1 tsp vanilla extract

• 2/3 lucky charms marshmallows

• 1/4 cup powdered sugar

• 3 cups vanilla ice cream


• whipped cream

• vanilla icing

• sprinkles of choice

• lucky charms marshmallows


1| Add marshmallows & cereal to a food processors and blend until it becomes very powdered.

2 | put ice cream, heavy cream, vanilla extract, and powdered sugar in blender and blend to desired consistency. (You can add extra ice cream or heavy cream to make as thick or thin as you like).

3 | create a icing rim on cup and pour sprinkles over it ( like salting the rim but with yummy sugary stuff, duh! ).

4 | pour shake in cup and top with a pretty swirl of whipped cream. Add marshmallows on top for the cutest shake ever!

P.S. – how cute are these pink glass cups from target? I’m obsessed with them! …. I bet Ryan is too! Pahahaha! SIKE! Linking them below for y’all!

Target | $4

That’s all for my St. Patrick day post! Y’all have to let me know if y’all end up makin’ a shake!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

📸 : Krista Cheramie Co.

Banana+Nutella Crescents

Valentine’s Day is for baking when it really comes down to it right?! Especially when it’s only 3 ingredient baking and takes under 15 minutes!

Everyone loves a good crescent roll, but a crescent roll stuffed with Nutella and some banana? Now THATS true love!

Here’s what you’ll need:

• one pack of original Pilsbery crescent rolls

• Nutella

• 1 ripe banana

Here’s what you’ll do:

• Preheat oven to 375

• While oven is heating open crescent rolls and spread them out on parchment paper that you will bake on.

• Using a knife softly spread Nutella down the crescent dough.

• Cut banana slices and place them on Nutella.

• Roll up crescent dough as you normally would & align them on parchment paper.

• Place in oven and cook according to package time. I believe it is around 9-12 minutes (I went for 9).


These are honestly SOOOOO the best when they come out and are warm because everything is all gooey & delicious!

Side note : this is even great for little ones because they are obviously in love with Nutella too! It was a hit with Hayden when I made a few leaving out the banana pieces!

I’m sure you could spice this up with any sort of filling as well! I’ve have some ideas for Nutella & Strawberry’s or even peanut butter with bananas! Let me know if you guys try any different ways!

Happy Valentine’s baking y’all!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

3 Ingredient Cookies

Sundays are for baking! Well, most of the time!

Keeping today’s post short and sweet because I’ve been focusing on spending time with the boys today and not playing on my phone!

These cookies are SO EASY, they are pretty healthy and definitely are tasty enough to cure your sweet tooth!

Here’s all you need

• 2 ripe mashed bananas

• 1 1/2 cup oats

• 2/3 cups chocolate chips

Here’s whatcha do

• Heat oven to 350

• In a mixing bowl mix mashed bananas, oats & chocolate chips until all combined well.

• Spoon tablespoon sized amount of mixture onto wax paper or a silpat sheet.

• Flatten spoonfuls our a little with your fingers & pop them in the oven.

• Bake for 15 – 20 minutes until the ends are a little golden brown!


That’s it! So easy & so yummy!! Sometimes I add a little bit of cinnamon spice or even a 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla. You could even replace the choc. Chips with raisins or nuts if you want to try something different!

Hope y’all had a great weekend! Let a sista know if y’all make these & how they come out!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae


Chocolate Chip + Raisin, Oatmeal Cookies

So, I have to toot my own horn and say I am pretty known for making awesome chocolate chip cookies! while I definitely bask in that glory – I wanted to step up my cookie game and try out some new things! who doesn’t love a good oatmeal cookie when they are done right? I’m talking the soft, chewy kind that have just the right amount of everything! yum!

I also always feel like oatmeal cookies remind me of the holidays so that’s why I worked on this recipe and got the kinks out just in time to share them with you guys! of course, oatmeal cookies have a tad more steps than your normal cookie baking but they are worth it! I did a batch with raisins + chocolate chips  & a batch just plain chocolate chips, no raisins & enjoyed them both but I think my winner was just chocolate chips lol or maybe just half the raisins!

Listing all your ingredients down below! This is for a batch with both chocolate chips & raisins, obviously if you want to do one or the other omit whichever you don’t want! Add extra of the thing you do want! Baking doesn’t have to be hard! Make it your own 🙂 Also, this recipe makes about 4 dozen cookies, if you double it, double everything just as shown!

• 2 sticks of butter

• 1 cup light brown sugar

• 1/2 cup granulated sugar

• 2 eggs

• 1 tsp vanilla extract

• 1 1/2 cups flour

• 1 tsp baking soda

• 1 1/2 tsp ground cinnamon

• 1/2 tsp salt

• 3 1/2 cups rolled oats

• 1/2 cup raisins

• 3/4 cup chocolate chips

Save for later & optional

• 5 tbsp cinnamon sugar

Time to get baking, here are the steps…

  1. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees
  2. Mix sugars and butter together with a mixer until they reach a creamy texture.
  3. Add eggs + vanilla and mix in.
  4. Mix flour, baking soda, cinnamon and salt. At this point I stop using a mixer and use a spoon.
  5. Add oats, raisins & chocolate chips. Keep folding them in till they are all mixed in with the dough.
  6. Chill dough. You can either do this for 45 mins or for a few hours if you have the extra time. A few hours makes for a chewier cookie.
  7. Take tablespoons full of dough and round them out, or use a cookie scooper, and place them spread out in uniform order onto parchment paper or a silpat mat. (I never use foil or a greased cookie sheet. I don’t love how this makes things bake. One you use parchment paper or a silpat mat you’ll understand).
  8. Bake cookies for 10 – 12 minutes or until they are goldenish brown.
  9. Optional – after cookies are taken from oven sprinkle cinnamon sugar you had set aside on top.
  10. Transfer cookies to a plate or place them on a wire rack to cool.

Let me know if you guys have any questions & if you make them let me know whatcha think!

Heres to hoping these cookies keep ya warm! Happy baking!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae


Chocolate, pumpkin pie buttercream, acorn cupcakes!

Whoa, now THAT is a title! You guys voted for a thanksgiving cupcake idea, so I delivered! I am more then happy to get to mess around in the kitchen trying different things! And, even more so, now that Ryan just ordered a new normal stove, THANK JESUS! The stove im working with now is a commercial stove, and im kinda not really the best at using it – sooo to be honest im glad it’s going lol! Now, on to the main event….

I was just messing around and was pretty surprised that these turned out bombbbb (I never say that but its the only appropriate word right now!). I brought them to work the day after and everyone gave them two thumbs up so that’s means they were a win! And the best part? THEY WERE SO EASY! I will list bellow the things you need (to do the icing fancy you will need the list of icing accessories I posted in my last cupcake blog post, you can find it if you click here)   …

• Your favorite box of chocolate cake mix (I used devils food)

• Your favorite brand of BUTTERCREAM frosting (Or you can make your own but who has time for that?)

• Cinnamon spice

• Cinnamon sugar

• Pumpkin pie spice (it looks like this, if its not in your store you can amazon prime it HERE )

• Powdered sugar

• Caramel candy squares

• Tootsie rolls

• Raw cut sugar (looks like this, you want it to have a bit of a golden color)

So once you have made your cupcakes and popped them in the oven you can start making your pumpkin pie buttercream icing while they are baking/cooling. Scoop your icing into a large bowl, add one heaping tablespoon of pumpkin pie spice, add one tablespoon of cinnamon sugar and 1/2 tablespoon of cinnamon spice. Mix it together and make sure you like the taste, if you want more of a pumpkin pie taste you can add more but I think the one tablespoon should be enough!

Once you get the taste right, its time to get the consistency right (skip this step if your like “forgetttt that im just slapping this icing on with a knife!” More power to ya sista!), add one cup of powdered sugar to your icing. This should make it thicker, that way, when you are piping the icing you have a nice dense swirl! You want to consistency to be somewhat like peanut butter, or softened cream cheese kinda.

Once consistency and flavor are right, fill your pipping bag with the icing, tie it off & put it in the fridge for about 15 minutes.

From here let cupcakes completely cool down, take icing bag and create the swirls on top of your cupcake (practice a few first). If you feel like you want more add another swirl on top to make it look fuller. I ended up adding on top of mine so it would as well! The take your raw sugar packets and sprinkle them lightly over your icing.

Once all cupcakes are Iced and sprinkled, it’s time to make your decorative acorns! This is where the caramel and tootsies come in! Using the heat of your hands roll the caramel into a ball, this is going to be the base of your acorn! You should make it come to a roundish point at the bottom! Then grab a tootsie roll, again, using the heat of your hand make a top for your acorn, you want this to be around the same size width as your caramel base. Use your thumb to make a indent on the bottom side so your caramel bottom will fit snug in. Take a small piece of tootsie roll & make a stem. Put these together to make your acorn, caramel bottom first, tootsie top second, and stem right on top! I opted to make a few smaller acorns as well so I had a little variety!

Once I was done making my acorns I took a toothpick and scraped criss-crosses on the front of them, this step was a little unnecessary & extra but whatever lol you can skip it!!

Then when they are totally to your liking, place them on top of your sugared icing. Place one big acorn on some and a big acorn with a little next to it on others, that way they don’t look so uniform!

Then, take a picture of your cuteee cupcake and SERVE!!

I think this recipe is really easy & the flavor in the icing wows people! You could also defiantly pair it with another cake flavor besides chocolate if that’s not your thing! Hope you guys think they are delicious!!!

XoX0, Chelsey Rae

Spooky cupcakes

Hey y’all! I know it’s a little late but at the same time I feel like you can reuse this idea for next Halloween and/or go out and grab a few of these things for future cup cake making blog posts!

Of course I am by no means a chef, or a professional baker – but I love to do and be able to share with you guys some of the simple little fun things that we all probably think are hard and we couldn’t do haha! I do love to bake but I love the easy short cuts that will still kinda wow people! Most things look more complicated than they are after all!

Giving you guys a list of things you need with pictures & links below, snag them + your favorite box cake mix/icing & you are set!

  • Halloween decorations

Candy bones & grave 

Mellowcreme pumpkins

Grass Sprinkles

+ a bag of Oreos, we all know what those look like and where to get them!

  • Cupcake decorating tools

Decorating tips

Decorating bags (they sell rubber bands for these to tie at the end, I use hair ties because obviously I am a hairdress)

Tip coupler

Now that you’ve got all your supplies, it’s time to start decorating! Now I know this all probably looks overwhelming and your probably like “no way can I do this” again, if I can do this you can! TRUST ME! My first few times doing this I would fill my bags with icing and practice doing a spiral (for icing on the cupcake) on a paper plate! IT IS SO MUCH EASIER THEN YOU THINK!

Anyway grab your bag, cut a small hole in the tip, put the silver decorating tip in the top of the tip coupler and put that through the whole you cut in the icing bag (you may have to cut more once it’s on to make it come through), then screw on the bottom of the tip coupler. If my directions seem difficult don’t worry there are picture directions on the box – so follow those lol!! Fill your bag with icing but leave enough room to be able to twist the top and tie it! And ALWAYS make sure you have more icing then anticipated, running out of icing sucks!!!

Once your cupcakes are VERY COOLED start using your icing tips to make your spirals on top (I know this isn’t the correct terminology but whatever lol)! Then place your decorated candy graves on your cupcake, these started to fall back a tad so I placed a toothpick behind them to help keep them up! Then I alternated placing bones on some cupcakes next to the grave or pumpkins!

After that I added a few sprinkles of grass to each cupcake. While in a separate bowl Ryan crushed up some Oreo cookies without the filling, which I then sprinkled closer to the grave and bones!

Viola! THATS ALL! These were so cute and easy, the most complicated part is getting your “spirals” right!

Give me some feedback on wether or not you guys think this was easy to follow and let me know if you’d maybe like to see a thanksgiving cupcake idea?!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

Roasted chickpeas


I know the main purpose of this blog was to focus on hair, even still, y’all know I can’t help but share yummy recipes!! Snacking on roasted chickpeas is obviously better than grabbing a bag of chips, plus they are quick, easy & so good (I wonder how many times I’ve typed that exact line on other posts pahaha) anyway, leaving you guys with the instructions/recipe down below.

First preheat your oven to roast 425•

Open, rinse & drain 2 cans of garbanzo beans. Place them on a paper towel, blot well and allow to dry in open air for about 10 minutes. Then get yourself a big bowl and combine the beans with all of the following ingredients. 

  • 2 tbsp EVOO 
  • 1/2 tsp chili powder
  • 1/2 tsp cumin 
  • 1/2 tsp garlic power 
  • 1/2 tsp onion powder 
  • Cayenne pepper to taste 
  • Salt to taste 
  • 1/2 tsp paprika 

Place chickpeas on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and pop into the oven anywhere between 20-30 minutes, checking frequently and giving the pan a small shake to move them around a bit (I say small shake so yours don’t end up all over the bottom of the oven like mine did). 

Remove from oven and add 1/2 tsp sea salt and a little more spices if you like, here I added a few more sprinkles of chili powder and cayenne! 

thennn, lastly – enjoy! They are the best when they are right out of the oven and all warm!  

XoXo, Chelsey Rae