Dusty Rose Slip-ons

Okay, running in the mall yesterday totally gave me spring fever. I’ve had my eyes on these Abercrombie jeans so I decided after work to just run in and grab them …. omg, SPRING FEVER! I am officially ready for spring, everywhere in the mall has such cute stuff (I’m not normally a mall girl but I’ve decided to just roll with it because, why not?!).

So, before I get sidetracked and don’t stick to the script let’s get to it – while buying this jeans in Abercrombie (which by the way I think I was the oldest person in there minus parents who were with their 15 year olds, but I just decided maybe people would think I was getting clothes for my 15 year old? And maybe I didn’t care because I was totally reliving my glory days of working there and reopening the store after Katrina. RIP Abercrombie Chelsey circa 2005) Anyway, I found the CUTEST slip on shoes that were under $40 and I thought they were totally worth sharing with you guys!

These will look so cute with jeans or jean shorts over the summer and I’m becoming a big fan of slip-ons because they are SO easy to just obviously, slip-on & head out the door!! Plus, I absolutely love the little tie bow on them! It makes them different then a boring old one strap slip!

I found them from two stores and am liking them below the photos!

Abercrombie & Fitch | $38

American Eagle | $34

I almost kinda prefer the second pairs shape & color but tough tooties because I won’t get two of the exact same pairs! …. or will I?! 😏

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

Lucky Charm Milkshakes

St. Patrick’s day is only a few days away!! It’s going to be rainy and I know we’re all supposed to be wearing green, but I figure why not drink some green too? Especially when it’s extra yummy!!

This shake is so fun – for kids & adults if you ask me 😜 opening a box of lucky charms for this definitely brought back some childhood cereal memories!

This is quick & easy so let’s get down to it!List of things you’ll need & directions down below!


• 1 cup heavy cream

• 2/3 cup lucky charms cereal (without marshmallows)

• 1 tsp vanilla extract

• 2/3 lucky charms marshmallows

• 1/4 cup powdered sugar

• 3 cups vanilla ice cream


• whipped cream

• vanilla icing

• sprinkles of choice

• lucky charms marshmallows


1| Add marshmallows & cereal to a food processors and blend until it becomes very powdered.

2 | put ice cream, heavy cream, vanilla extract, and powdered sugar in blender and blend to desired consistency. (You can add extra ice cream or heavy cream to make as thick or thin as you like).

3 | create a icing rim on cup and pour sprinkles over it ( like salting the rim but with yummy sugary stuff, duh! ).

4 | pour shake in cup and top with a pretty swirl of whipped cream. Add marshmallows on top for the cutest shake ever!

P.S. – how cute are these pink glass cups from target? I’m obsessed with them! …. I bet Ryan is too! Pahahaha! SIKE! Linking them below for y’all!

Target | $4

That’s all for my St. Patrick day post! Y’all have to let me know if y’all end up makin’ a shake!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

📸 : Krista Cheramie Co.

New York, New York

Hey y’all! It’s Thursday! Yay for that!!! I’m excited about this weekend because we are having a crawfish boil and ry makes the BEST crawfish!!! Other then that we are laying low because next weekend we’re on to another vacation! Boston + New York!

Now, here’s the kicker & why I’m writing this blog post … we have a DAY in New York! Literally flying in at about 7:00 AM and hopping on a plane back to Boston at 11:30 PM.

I have been to New York and have to say my opinion of it is a little unlike the general public’s … I feel like everyone LOVES it. Me? Ehhhh, I could never go again and be totally content. I’m a BEACH girl! I like sunny vacays where I get to lay around and be in and out of the water! New York to me is just a bunch of sight seeing + shoppin’ and let’s be honest by now y’all know I don’t need New York to shop … I’ll do that any and everywhere!

Ryan’s excited because he’s never been so my goal for this day is to really see anything he is SUPER into seeing/doing and to eat at 3 REALLY YUMMY PLACES!!

So, I need to know, what are some of y’alls

New York MUST DOES & MUST EATS? Comment below and share them with me!!!

Looking forward to reading about all of y’all a favorites!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

📸 : Krista Cheramie
Shout out to my good friend Krista for this pic and lots more to come! I’ve known Krista for about 8 years now. We met when H2O was doing honey bee hair, she was good friends with one of my best friends Michelle and she’s kinda stuck with me since that 😜 Shes the cutest little momma & one of the sweetest girls I know because she’s always thinking of others! In the mix of her busy mom life she’s an amazing photographer so if anyone needs their photos taken, shes your girl!


Seein’ Stars

Hey y’all! Sharing the cutest star top with you guys today & some of my other favorite star picks right now!

I got this from my favorite little store on Metairie road MIA by now I kinda got it a long time ago but I had been waiting to post because I wasn’t in the spring mode yet! Last time I went she did have a few so ya never know!

I also found it on another website but hey do only have larger left!!

I’m loving the star trend right now! It’s fun but we obviously know it won’t be found for life! That’s why I do love it incorporated with lace! It’s like they are there but they’re not 😂 I am in loveeee with the top below & it’s sleeves!

ASOS | $60

Shoptiques | $48

I’m also sharing this star dress with y’all because, I WANT! And totally wish I had somewhere to wear it!

LuLus | $59

Also loving this sweat shirt, it’s in my shopping cart and would look SO cute with a pair of jean shorts! Or white jeans! It has vented holes in it so this is majorly my kind of summer sweater!

Express | $59

The shirt below is sheer & full of stars! It’s sexy and is low cut so I would wear this for girls night or date night! I’d style this with a pair of tight black jeans (either skinny or bell bottom) or even a pair of leather leggings and a one strap heel!

ASOS | $64

Hope y’all have a statin’ weekend … don’t know what that means but whatever 😂

XoXo, Chelsey Rae


Spring has Sprung!

Hey y’all! I have been blog MIA because we were on our little annual ski trip and I totally wanted to disconnect from having my phone in my hand 24/7 so I could enjoy my vacation with the boys!

When we got back home I was greeted by the warm Louisiana weather and a few packages filled with all things pink of course!!

I’ve been eyeing up these earrings because I know they will be the perfect summer staple that I will be able to rewear/restyle with different outfits! The price ($38) is super reasonable to me for a good pair of statement earrings! They are from bauble bar but are sold out … HOWEVER, I still found them and linked them below for you guys 😜

Nordstrom | $38

I’m also OBSESSED with these freaking feather slip ons!!! Of course they are sold out. But Chinese laundry has another pair that is just as cute with tons of colors, on sale!

I’m actually ordering the black pair because I think they will be great for work!! And comfortable!!! They are from 6PM for $38 and you can find them HERE.

Those were my goodies I came back to & I think I can officially say I am ready for spring! Although it came a tad early this year and I do have 2 more cold trips coming up, I know everyone’s into the warm weather goodies at the moment …. so, I’ll welcome it!!!

Keystone was a blast, skiing with the boys is always fun and the little town was so cute! The mountain was smaller than where we went last year resulting in more steep trails, I. AM. A. HUGE. NINNY. and am apparently a very “controlled” skier (a.k.a. I keep it really boring & play it extremely safe) so the boys fussed at me a little extra this year to speed it up 😂

Ryan snow boards & 100% knows what he’s doing & it’s funny because last year Hayden wanted to be behind me and do what I did and this year he wanted absolutely nothing to do with going slow or being behind me! He was like “come on grandmaw” and plowed down the mountain 100 miles a minute! I wish I was that fearless haha but all I can think about when I start getting some real speed is omg what if I break something!!

I think next year me and Hayden will take a lesson because we both need to find our happy medium!!

Sharing some pictures from our trip with you guys and I am off to work & to do some content planning for the upcoming weeks!!!

Happy hump day y’all!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

– KEYSTONE, 2018 –

My 4 tips for packing it all up + Keystone, Colorado!

Hey guys! It’s currently 11:27 and I can’t sleep because I’m so excited about our trip! I figured why not use my time wisely to blog!

I wanted to do a little post on some of the things I do that help packing be a breeze! I know a lot of people get overwhelmed when it’s time to pack for a trip but there’s a few little things to save some space in your suitcase & your sanity!

• Plan ahead

I know this sounds crazy, but one to two weeks before I will start making a little pile of clothes on the chair in my closet. I’ll throw things on there that I know I want to take but won’t be wearing/needing till then! This makes it easy when it’s time to really get down to business because you already have some things ready to go

• Make a list

This is so simple & SUCH a game changer! How many of us have left the house and 10 minutes into the plane ride your like, ohhh shit! It’s the worst! I normally tend to do this with things in my bathroom – hair ties, contact solution, round brush, shampoo & conditioner etc. trust me I’ll stop now because we could be here all day! As I’ve gotten older & wiser 😉 I started to realize making my own little check list is SO helpful!!

• Plan your outfits / Picture them

Okay this is a BIG one for me! This saves me stress on my vacation & space in my suitcase! Let’s be real, if you already know what your wearing there’s no option for over packing! I always think up outfits before I leave and even go as far as taking pictures of them! This is nothing fancy, below pictures is literally all I do just so I can go through my phone and know oh this went with this and blah blah blah! Again, this might sound extreme HOWEVER … it’s totally not! It honestly takes the stress away of “oh lord what am I going to wear today” while rummaging through my suitcase full of 10 pairs of shoes I didn’t need! This is a little bit of effort that goes a LONG way!

• Check out the weather

I don’t know if this is just something everyone starts doing as they get older or if this is something I started doing after a bad experience in Boston lol! One time we went and it snowed like crazy and I had absolutely no snow shoes/attire with me! This. Was. Dumb. This might be something everyone does but if you don’t, you should! It saves you from packing flip flops when you need rain boots & saves your wallet from having to buy stuff while your there!

So, those are just a few little steps of mine that I think really help me out when it’s time to pack up my bags! You have so many other things to take care of before you leave for vacation so simplifying this takes one stressful thing out of the picture!

Its officially time for me to hit the sheets & if this post is all over the place, I doooo apologize because I was dozing in and out while writing pahaha!! Btw, I’m wondering if anyone else has any cold trips in their near future? Or if anyone’s ever been to Keystone, what’s the must dos?

Let me know!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae


Tie-up Toppin’ it!

Happy Tuesday people!!! Yall, how cute is this top from TOBI ? I know I have my cold weather vacays coming but I wanted to share this with y’all before it’s too late to get your hands on!

Bell Sleeve Blouse | $50

(On sale today 2/27 for $29 with code: SUNFLOWER)

I’m obsessed with the bell sleeves & the little tie up! It comes in two other colors below & it is deff the perfect shirt for a little transition into the warmer weather because it can be worn with jeans or shorts!

I’m definitely thinking it would be super cute with jean shorts for summer! I know I’ll be wearing it with a bathing suit top underneath for any beach vacays I’ll be on over the summer or probably sport it on Ryan’s boat!

To be perfectly honest that’s probably the only way I’ll be wearing it because I don’t particularly love showing my stomach on the reg! Unless I’m in a beachy type setting pahaha! Trying to keep things age appropriate here & I willl be turning 30 soon so that sucks 😂🤷🏼‍♀️ but if I had a smoking hot bod and/or was still 25 I’d be all about that life don’t get me wrong!

Regardless, however you want to wear it, its freakin the cutest!! I did pair it with wide leg jeans to snap a shot of it here & totally don’t have on shoes! #dontjudgeme

Linking it again HERE! And you can also shop my bralette from urban outfitters  (which is the BEST & CUTEST everrrr) by clicking HERE on one of my older posts! They come in tons of colors!!!

I’m also linking some gold layered necklaces from Baublebar! This place always have the cutest jewelry, I’m addicted!

Two layers $30 | Three layers $42

XoXo, ChelseyRae

Pink New Balance on ya feet + sunnies

Hey y’all!! Happy Monday! Stopping in quick today to share the perfect pink tennis shoes with y’all!!

I’m super crazy busy trying to prep for leaving Wednesday morning but I know I have to get these up fast because some stores are already selling out!

This is the old school style new balance from like circa 2016! I remember having this style in high school, In like a Maroon color! Of course when I saw this color I died and had to add them to my cart! They also have them in a mint color and a tan! I love them all!!

Um how much are these tan ones remind you of your high school years all my late 80s/early 90s babies?!

HERE is the link you can click on to get any of these colors!! If you have your eye on them I’d dive in because I can tell they won’t be around long!

I’m also CLEARLY loving this whole pink sunglasses thing! Ryan got these for me off of amazon so I will link them below and add some other options!

Amazon | $13

Urban outfitters | $16

Urban Outfitters | $16

I don’t know where all my readers are located but today in Nola has turned out beautiful! Throwing on my pink sunnies & heading to run some errands!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae


The perfect stripe cami dress

Hey yall! Hopping on today to share this adorable cami dress I found with you guys!! It’s so versatile & under $30! Scroll down to see why I love it and the different ways you can style it!

This dress is perfect for the winter/spring transition as it can be worn alone or with something light on top! I’m also loving it because it’s the perfect date night or girls night outfit! I can tell you I will style this again with a jean jacket and maybe some white Keds! It’s casual but can definitely be dressed up!

I also want to talk about for a second how much I am loving the whole cardigan trend going on. I have to say I love big cardigans/longline cardigans paired with a tight dress or even a pair of jeans/jean shorts with a cami underneath. Letting one side slide off your shoulder gives it a sexy feel and shows off your shoulder, a part of the arms girls aren’t super insecure about!  I think this look is good and covers you in all the right places basically lol! I’ll totally feel comfortable wearing a tight dress with a cardigan to dinner anyday pahaha!

I chose to pair it with a light cardigan on this particular day because it was freezing haha!! I felt like between the long line cardigan and the stripes that I wanted to do a very simple shoe, one strap heel for the win!

Have I ever expressed my love for one strap heels? They are my GO TO! I feel like they are simple & sexy! Since they have a very thin ankle strap I feel like they are perfect for making you leg look extended! And I think they are the perfect shoe because they can be casual,with a pair of jeans and a sweater or dressy, with a cocktail dress or even super dressy with a gown! I think everyone should have a good pair of these in both nude and black because they are THE PERFECT VERSATILE SHOE!

Sharing the deets below each photo so y’all can shop the product!! Y’all know the drill!!!

Forever 21 | $28

Forever 21 | $38

Forever 21 | $35

Forever 21 | $14

My exact cardigan is sold out but I linked all these similar options for you guys! Also adding a few one strap options in the slider below!


Happy Thursday guys! One more day till the weekend!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

📸 : Nina Celie


Pom Pom Shoes + Beanies

Is this hot weather bumming anyone else out? I’m not ready for this haha! I hate being cold butttt it went from like chilly to straight up 80 degrees in like a week! What the heck!!!

We leave next week for keystone Colorado so I’m over here cold weather outfit planning in the heat!

I am OBSESSED with these Pom Pom shoes! Or really any Pom Pom shoe! These are actually from Target and they have a bunch of other colors as well, plus they are on sale for $13 … yes, you read that right!!! These can definitely be worn into doing and summer if you ask me!

click HERE to snag them

When I saw this velvety Pom Pom beanie I freaked and knew I needed it, because duh! They match! I also am obsessed with this pink teddy jacket but they are all sold out! I’m linking some other options below!

LuLus | $19




Hope everyone has a fabulous Thursday night & that they get their Sam Edelman copy-cat Pom Pom shoes for $13! Pahaha!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae