It’s funny how guilty we are of splurging on stupid things we don’t need and skimping on things that are part of our everyday routine! Trust me at 26 years old me and most of my friends are more worried about getting the iPhone six then purchasing the most up to date blowdryer! Butttt, with that being said most don’t realize how much of a disservice they are doing themselves by using the conair blowdryer from the drugstore!

Here’s the scoop on why you should splurge on Paul Mitchell’s express ion dry blowdryer:

First off, you use it almost everyday. You spend big money on your cut and color monthly so you should be taking the steps at home to continue with your investment in your hair (we’re talking tools, as well as product).

Secondly, Most professional blowdryers today are ionic. This means (in were not scientists terms) that it’s blowdrying your hair from the inside out, instead of frying your hair from the outside in, minimizing outer cuticle damage, Not to mention it’s blowdrying your hair in half the time! This blowdryer is super light weight so it makes it easier to handle while your trying to hold both it and a brush!

P.S. To all my girls that hate the nozzle, “that things so annoying” it’s really one of the most important things on the blowdryer, it’s directing all the heat into one place instead of letting it blow all around which in turn, yet again, cutting down on your drying time. LEAVE THE NOZZLE ON!

This blowdryer can be purchased at any Paul Mitchell salon or of course at H2O salon and spa on Metairie Rd. If you get suckered into buying it from us after all the fabulous things I have to say about it, mention my name and we will put you on the books for some complimentary express “chelsey curls” which could for sureee come in handy on the day of an event (I know I’m really workin it hard here) Haaa 😉

Chelsey Rae

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