Okay so here’s the deal, YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO SHAMPOO EVERY DAY! I’m sure you’ve all heard it countless times, over and over again, your hair needs it’s natural oils! So many women have reasons why they want to, some go run for hours and there hair gets all yucky, so understandable there, and some are nurses which by all means wash away because I could not deal, however the days you may not work or the days you aren’t going for a insane run, give your hair a break! Ideally, every other day or two days is perfect!

I personally wash my hair about once to twice a week, some of you are probably like, whattttttt the helllllll?! But my hair neverrr gets oily and let’s be honest if we want our hair to be as big as Bridget Bardot’s, clean hair ain’t doing us any favors! If your like some of my fabulous OCD clients that don’t listen to me and still want to wash everyday, a dry shampoo should be your best friend, use one day to hold you over and shampoo the next!

Dry shampoos are amazeeee, literally all you do Is spray a little on the root, tousle it with your hands and all done!! However, they are not all created equal! I like ones that are light and blend into the hair easily! Here’s my good old favorite “psssst” that can be found at Target, Walgreens or Sally’s (that I know of) & my fabulous/all time new found favorite “powder bluff” by k√®rastase, that can be found at H2O… And Chelsey told you to buy it ; )


Side note about k√®rastase’s powder bluff, it’s the best and it also doubles as a great styling tool! I’ll spray it in my hair after I wash and blow dry to give my hair extra volume and texture!

Chelsey Rae

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