Sharing another one of my new favorite products with you guys! We will keep this one short & sweet since there’s not really too much to say other then we all love smooth kissable lips right ; ) “The lip scrub” by Sara Happ is amazeeee! They have tons of different flavors and I promise you don’t mind if a little gets in your mouth because it’s pretty yummy! Put a some on, scrub in circular motion, wipe with a napkin, follow up with a lip moisturizer and mwahhhhh all done!


You can find this online or of course, y’all already know H2O on Metairie Rd.

Chelsey Rae

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  1. Chels, I’m soooooo proud of you!! Your website is brilliant and so informative!! You’ve got mad skills!! I.LOVE.IT.!!!!! You’re a genius. Love and miss you like crazy!!

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