Going in to get your hair done whether
it be for a big change or a small touch up should always be fun. Stylists want you to love your hair! We want you to look and feel fabulous when you leave our chair, or for me personally, my job isn’t done! A stylist should ALWAYS, always do a consultation with you. Sometimes with the hustle and bustle of a busy salon even the best stylists may have some of these slip her mind! So, incase it does, here’s some things to keep in mind when you go into your next monthly/weekly or for some of you bad girls, yearly salon visit!


1) We want YOU to be happy

Your hair appointment is about you, it’s your hair on your head after all! Be specific- I have so many clients that sit in my chair and say things like “I’m sorry if that was too much info”. NO WAY! Use all the detail you want, a good stylist will repeat things back to you, show you lengths before she cuts and will make sure you’ll be comfortable with what she does before she does it!

2) Tell us about your routine

Are you high maintenance or low maintenance? How much time do you want to spend on styling you hair each day?! It’s important to realize you need to choose something you will be able to recreate easily with your day to day routine, if you have no time to fix your hair and run out the door everyday a short structured bob that you need to style every day probably isn’t your best bet or you’ll just end up frustrated!

3) Bring pictures

I love for my clients to bring or pull up a picture in my chair, it can show me exactly what color or cut your going for! Your image of what a “caramel highlight” is may be totally different from my caramel, or what you picture being a long bob could be 3 inches shorter then the long bob I’m picturing, so having a example makes things so much easier. Bring a few point out what you love about this one and what you don’t love about that one.

With that being said, however, sometimes pictures can also create a smallll issue. Here’s some things to remember before you show your picture to a stylist. Most celebrities have extensions and/or just had their hair styled for hours before that picture was taken so make sure your being realistic when talking to your stylist. I’ll never forget something I learned in hair school, some people pull up a picture of let’s say Khloe kardashain’s hair and subconsciously aren’t really even looking at her hair!!! I’ll have so many clients stare at a picture and say yes just like this but no golden or no this and that, and I’m thinking to myself this is totally gold to me, as soon as you cover Khloe’s face and ask what they like about it then, it’s amazing how many people will say, well nothing. Hehehe! Moral of the story, make sure you like the chicks hair and aren’t just liking the chicks whole package! I can give you Khloe’s hair but not her face ; )

4) TRUST OUR KNOWLEDGE & Work with what god gave ya

I can’t stress this enough, I want to give you EXACTLY what your showing me but all within reason! If I tell you your hair can’t be styled that way with that cut, it’s because it really can’t, you have to be realistic! I.E. If your hair is super straight and your showing me some one with super curly ringlets, It. Ain’t. Happening. Embrace and work with what you have and that’s how your hair will truly look it’s best!

If I tell you “no” or “that’s not happening today” it’s for a reason. Believe me I’d love to take you from brown to blonde in a day, but It’s also more important to me that your hair stay healthy and most of the time, unless your blessed, those two things don’t go hand in hand! If you want to make a big change Sometimes it can take about 2-3 visits so, be patient and realize your stylist will get you there as fast as she can without letting you walk out looking cray or worse, with less hair then you came in with!

5) Schedule Correctly

This is a big deal too! At my salon we work on a tighttttt schedule, H2O is kinda known for busting some super gorgeous hair out without taking up your whole day. For instance, while my color client processes and gets shampooed I’ve done a haircut or color in between. With that being said it’s important to be clear about what your getting done when you scheduled your appointment. If you have a tonnnnnnn of hair mention it to the receptionist so she is able to book extra time. Touching up just your roots or putting on a whole head of color is different timing too so if you say that when you call it can be helpful to your stylist! If your trying to make a big change or have a color correction service, be honest, sometimes I have little sneakers that realize they can get in for another week so they will book a regular appointment, your only jacking up yourself because since I’m so bosssssy I will tell you we don’t have enough time for that today and if you want that done I need the time to do it correctly!

Bottom line, is you want to have the correct time to get the full experience out of your appointment!

Happy consultations people!
Chelsey Rae

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