Okay sooo yet again, I have no clue what I’m doing. This is my first and very short braid turned into a up-do tutorial. ITS SUPER EASY. The videos fast but you can get the gist. I’m attempting to get used to this so I can eventually do my promised “Chelsey curls” tutorial, so we may be well on our way! Again I don’t claim to be some major blogger, so just roll with it!

Braids are such a good way to cheat at fixing your hair! Being in the beauty industry I always have to look put together at work, but sometimes it’s just a crapy morning and you don’t feel like it! Take two seconds to do a braid and ta-daaaa you look like you actually cared (haha! Just keeping it real people). 

On the upside of being lazy, they are your best friend when your going somewhere fancy, being that they are easily turned into a up-do! I can’t tell you how many of my girls have weddings and stuff to go to and can’t get in with me, so in turn want to know a quick easy way to throw their hair up! Braids are the answer and the only way you won’t be super frustrated throwing your brush at the mirror! We’ve all been there…. Even me! 

So here’s the deets on both looks & of course you always start with a head of tease hair!

I don’t know about some of you guys, but #1) I pay for my hair, ha! And #2) jokes on me cause it’s still looks super thin in a braid! Ever wonder how all those chicks on pintrest get those super thick looking braids? You braid your hair like normal, go in and rough it up a little, pull on the loops and stretch them out. For even more, pinch where the pony tail is and holding the bottom of your hair, hold tightly and push the pony up, this brings it all together to look even fuller. Sometimes if the hair is too long that I pulled with, and some of you you may see what I’m talking about when you try at home, I’ll take that and loop it around the pony and secure inside the braid with a bobby pin. Of course this is just an unnecessary extra step but makes it look a little more fancy!

If your looking to turn this into a Up-Do all I really do is take my braid and basically roll it up (like in the picture below), starting from the pony tail into where your braid started.  Secure with bobby pins and pull some strands in the front of your face down to make it look effortless!! You could even try this with two braids on each side rolled up to meet in the middle, there are so many options!


I think the problem with most people when they go to fix their hair is they over think it, this is hair- it’s not going to be perfect, every strand shouldn’t be in order and personally in my opinion that just looks so boring, trust me no ones ever wondered where mrs. Perfectly pin straight not a hair out of place is going, they are all too busy wondering where the chick with the sexy messed up hair has been! It’s so true, You can’t even deny it!

XoXo | Chelsey Rae 

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