okay, now y’all know when I do recipes that y’all have to bear with me! This time, to save you guys the texting, calling and emailing, I kinda tried to give messurments! Honestly though, everything I cook I just put a little of this a little of that, whatever I’m feeling that day! To me it’s always yummier if you make it your own anyway ; p 
This recipie is super easy and isn’t so bad for you! It’s QUICK, which is my kinda thing and requires barely any clean up! #winning. No salt is used, but parmasan is and that gives it enough of a salty taste but that’s my preference. Sometimes I’ll cook this up and eat it for dinner by itself. Cauliflower to me is such a meaty vegetable when cooked the right way and not made all smushy! I normally get going on this the night before and let it sit in the fridge till the next day that way it really sucks up all the flavors and all I have to do is pop it in the oven when I get home from work. 


You are going to need a large head of cauliflower, rinse of course, then cut off the nasty bottom & leaves. Then cut it into 4s, as you see in the picture above, and pull off the florets. Make it random- big ones & little ones (the little ones get all crunchie and those are the best).

Then put it all in a big ziploc and pour everything into it – a little less then a 1/4 cup EVOO  that has about 1 tsb minced garlic mashed into it (literally I take freshly minced garlic, put into the olive oil and mash it with a small spoon). 1/4 cup 100% grated parmasan cheese. And then any seasonings you’d like, I go for a little salt free Tony Chachere’s, Mrs. Dash onion and herb seasoning, and tons of cracked pepper. (This is where you make it your own so throw whatever else you think will taste good in there! In this particular batch I sprinkled just the smallest amount of Italian bread crumbs and it ended up being fab) when your done give the ziploc bag a serious Shake, I move it all around and make sure everything gets coated. Then if you have the time refrigerate over night or go straight into cooking!


The oven needs to be preheated to 400 degrees on ROAST. Take out a baking pan, lay out some parchment paper and evenly distribute the contents of the ziploc bag. You want to make sure none of it’s really on top of each other. Place in oven anywhere between 20-25 minutes depending on how much browning you’d like. Some people like to flip half way through but I’m not a fan because I like how the bottoms get a little crunchier when you don’t flip. THE END! So easy, and so yummy! 


XoXo | Chelsey Rae 

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