Okayyy, we spend big bucks on our blowdryers and just like everything else they require a little maintenance too! Cleaning them will make them not only last longer but work better too! I clean the blowdryer at my salon about once every week to two weeks, and at home probably I would tell you guys about once every other month.

All blowdryers have a vent in the back, this almost reminds me of the vent in the dryer we do laundry in, you have to clean it after every few uses. The vent in the back of the blowdryer sucks up dust, product and hair and when it just piles up more and more, your blowdryer isn’t giving out the airflow it could be with all that yuckie stuff blocking it! Not to mention, it can be dangerous, we’ve had numerous blowdryers in the salon catch fire or spark and mini blow up, not kidding!

Most of these blowdryers have a open and lock button like the one you’ll see in the pictures below. You twist that little top off, dampen a towel, clean the vent and the top. Sometimes just a towel is enough but other times, if it’s a lot, sometimes I’ll grab a unused toothbrush or maybe a Q-Tip and get in the harder to reach places, again this should just be damped a little bit. And OBVIOUSLY, your blowdryer should be unplugged while doing this. Hey, We all have our blonde moments don’t we!? Not all blowdryers are the same, so some may come with a little sponge vent, this should be removed, ran under some water and sat out to dry, then replace and there ya go!

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Sooo, I bet you none of you beauty’s reading this have actually ever cleaned out your blowdryer….. Get to cleaning and watch how much better that thing works and how much longer it’s lifespan will be!

Chelsey Rae

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