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For Your Sunday hangovaaaa…

Absolutely loving this new Hangover Rx
primer I found from too faced, it not only smells amazing but makes my skin feel amazeeee as well! Not to mention how hydrated I feel, thanks to the coconut water in it. The whole concept is that it revives tired, overworked skin, making you look like you’ve had a full nights rest all while prepping for your usual makeup routine.

I used to NEVER use anything to hydrate my face, which is insane probably, but my skins never really gave me problems with being oily or dry, so I figured I didn’t need it. Well, as we get older, we get wiser (on some levels) and I now know I need to use something to hydrate and see the difference in my skin when I do!


I love how milky this stuff is, and It’s very light weight, unlike most primers I’ve used. To me it’s great for everyday use, with or without makeup, which I have to mention with, my makeup stays on way longer. This product is a great little balance for me because it makes my skin look a little dewy, and once I put my foundation and powder on top it sets in leaving it looking fresh!

Chelsey Rae

GlamGlowing it up…

So it’s been a while since I’ve blogged, I know I’m terrible at keep up with it while things are a little cray cray in my world, but it’s slowed down and I’ve had some time to get back into it. I’ll apologize now because in my next few blog posts im going product over-load on you guys…. I’ve been a product junkie since I’ve been gone ; )

Soooo, let’s talk about GlamGlow products… I’m literally obsessed! Right now I’m only using two but of course I plan on trying another one out as soon as my anti-mall self has a reason to go… ( I hate going to the mall so much I bribe my friends to get me things when they go, basically they are the best ) SuperMud & ThirstyMud are what I’ve been consistently using. I follow up ThirstyMud after I’ve used SuperMud or just use ThirstyMud by itself because I’ve been on this hydrating kick…

SuperMud is so fabulous! You put a thin layer on ( I usually do this while I’m running my bath ), leave it on for about 20 minutes and then rinse. While the mask is doing its thing it tingles a little bit, dries and brings out all your skins impurities, you can literally see little dark dots where all your problem areas may be! When you rinse, your skin looks brighter and feels a little tighter!

Now, onto my favorite, ThirstyMud, I can’t tell you guys how much I love this stuff! I love putting this on before bed, I go to sleep with my face feeling so clean and when I wake up it feels so soft and refreshed, it’s crazy how much of a difference it feels like going to bed with it verses not. Of course your not supposed to go to bed with this on every night, they say 2-3 times a week. This can also be used as a mask, but I prefer to wear it over night! (null)
Happy GlamGlowing Girls
XoXo, Chelsey Rae

Bridal Shower Fun + Floral letters..

One of my best friends Michelle is getting married this coming April, so of course her bridesmaids threw her an awesome bridal shower at my mothers house! The queenie was loving a kate spade theme, stripes, polka dots, black, white, gold and pink! We had an adorableeee mimosa bar, mashed potato bar, sweets bar & played bridal bingo ; )
One of my little projects was something I came across on Pinterest and have been wanting to do, I’d eventually like to do something just like my “inspiration” picture in my closet around my vanity area. So getting to try it out for Michelle’s party was fun. I bought some different colored and sized faux flowers, cut them off the stems and hot glued them randomly, it was super easy and turned out really cute! I’ll have to fill you guys in when I do the one for my closet, second times a charm ; )

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

Top Four Shopping Apps

Anyone who knows me, knows it’s no secret I may have a little shopping problem! shopping, is a good idea when your happy, sad, mad, when you wake up at 3 am and can’t go back to sleep for a hour (this is the most dangerous), when you’ve had a super bad, or good day at work, have somewhere special to go, or when your bored and there’s nothing else to do! Basically, shopping is the best idea ever, ALL the time, it’s always necessary and let’s be honest, there’s always something else you need ; ) Don’t even kid yourself people!

As if I’m already not in enough trouble with this situation, there’s four little apps that I visit religiously (and you should too) because they are the best! Threw of these are short sale apps, meaning every single day they have new sales, most will last a few days and they sell out like crazy! You know how sometimes on websites you’ll build your little cart up, go to checkout and by the time you end up filling out your card info you’ve came to your senses and realized you don’t need 5 of the 10 things you put there because you’ve had time to rationalize it? Not here! If you want it you gotta get it ASAP or its gone! They even go ahead and make it more convenient for you by having all your card info on file, so all you have to do is hit purchase! oopssss! (It’s great)
Here they are and here’s whyyy I love them…


1) Gilt- This one is your go to for designer things, we’re talking shoes, clothes and purses! They’ll have things like Chanel, Louie, Prada and other expensive bags! They will mark them down to amazinggggg prices so when they post these you have to jump, literally they are gone within the first 30 minutes, not even kidding. I don’t ever really end up ordering a ton of apparel or accessories from this app, I tend to lean more towards their home section because they have great finds & I can’t decide to spend $1,000 in a millisecond for a bag (That’s normally something I ponder over for a good month)! My house was basically decorated using this app & the one I’m about to explain below.

2) Joss & Main – Holy. Decorating. Heaven. For real I can’t deal with this app!! There’s not too much to say here other then just do yourself a favor and download it if your in the process of decorating your home or your just constantly into switchingb things up! Some people get really nervous about ordering online but it’s not that complicated, grab yourself a tape measure and roll with it if it’s something you like, because trust me you won’t find it anywhere else for that price! I know another issue some have is that things won’t look the same in person, as I said before, most of the things in my house are from here and I have yet to be disappointed even once. From my experience what you see is what you get and most of the pieces have pictures from every angle.

3) Haute Look – Whatever fancy way you want to say it (I am obnoxious and call it hot look) This is my go to app, my mother will cringe when she reads this, but I probably get more things delivered from here then I do mail! You can notttt beat the shoes and clothes on here! I find gilt to be a little pricey, so haute look wins me over more! This is pretty much the only place besides a few boutiques that I get shoes from anymore, boots, heels and sandals (that last) for anywhere between $30-$70. They have great sales for men on this one too, you could seriously stockkkkk up on clothes and shoes for your son, brother, boyfriend, or husband (if you download this you’ll be thanking me later when christmas and birthdays roll around). Lastly the home decor section on this app is fabulous too, I’ve ordered from here several times! This app basically gets the favorite position!

4) Etsy- who doesn’t love etsy?! I mean you can find absolutely ANYTHING you could ever want on here! I’ve ordered everything from planners, party decor, invitations, dog bows, hair accessories, scarves, house decor and furniture! This is just the best for finding unique/custom things you don’t see anywhere else!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

Fall lip trend : BERRY is in…

Loving the berry lip thing going on right now and I found the perfect lip color at Mac!

Brunette’s look fab with any type of make-up wether they do natural or something fun but being a blonde I feel like I personally have to watch it, it’s tricky to pull off certain looks sometimes (maybe it’s just me) buttt, Most of my make-up collection sticks to pink tones for blushes & lips! Sooooo going with a darker lip meant having to change up my cheeks too, I went with a more bronze blush color, that I’m pretty obsessed with! Make-up deets are below and they can all 3 be found at Mac!

Lipstick: Rebel
Liner: Burgundy
Blush: Warm Soul

Happy berry lipsticking loves!
XoXo, Chelsey Rae

My make me tan lifesaver

I’m normally a spray tan girl but these baby’s save my butt sometimes!! So simple and easy when you don’t have time to get sprayed! They have the classic or plus, but I only do the plus (in my opinion doing the classic is pointless)! It’s just a moist towelette that you rub on! The great thing about them too is you can do certain parts of your body for those who sometimes only want to do their arms or legs! They take about 4-6 hours to develop, I’ll mostly do them before I go to bed and sometimes if I want to be darker I’m guilty of setting my alarm for 1 am and applying a second one : p

You can find them HERE ,at H2O, ulta, Sephora, or Macy’s.

Chelsey Rae

My Beach Bag Essentials

Let’s be honest, I’m not a simple girl & neither is what’s in my target beach bag!


1) This little section is the most important, obviously….
Emi-jay headband and hair tie are needed for any type of hair change through out the day.
EOS lipblam, because it’s the best. Vintage dolce & gabanna sunglasses (were talking circa 2005 people, a classic aviator).
Anker portable iPhone charger, which I advise everyone to own and you can get it on Amazon, as a 24/7 iPhone addict, I can personally tell you how perfect it is.
And last but not least, my young blood lipstick in “debalicious”. I’m a total lipstick girl through and through and if lipstick on the beach is wrong, I don’t wana be right! You can purchase young blood at H2O or online somewhere!

2) Some kind of sunscreen…. This is kinda irrelevant because I will forget to put it on throughout the day & get sunburned as hell, but do as I say not as I do (Apply this in most life cases).

3) Let’s discuss my reading habits, as far as I’m concerned cosmopolitan is the bible. I’ve probably read every single one front to back since 2004 and it’s the only thing I get in the mail (besides hautelook packages) that makes my face light up – big girl bills blow! Secondly, two words, BRANDI GLANVILLE…. A girl after my own heart, (read the book or watch her on RHOBH and you’ll quickly realize our similarities for the love of a certain curse word…Although I’m working on not using it so much). Her first book “drinking & tweeting” made me laugh like no other and her second “drinking & dating” undoubtably had the same effect.

4) A hairdresser isn’t a hairdresser if she doesn’t bring products to the beach! K√©rastase’s nectar thermique (a moisturizing heat protectant, applied post nasty saltwater) and elixir ultime (a leave in beautifying oil, can be applied on wet or dry hair) are a must in the sun for this blondies dry hair!

5) Tkees,the ultimate throw on (non-tacky) flip flop.

6) Chocolate teddy grams. Yes I’m 26 years old, but at 4 ww points for 24 pieces My sweet tooth is pretty satisfied by these guys.


7) About a year ago I found a cream cover up like this at forever 21, I’m not one to love going to the mall but when I ran there last week I saw this yellow one! When I saw it I had to grab it, they are great to throw on & are so freakin cute! You can find it Here

Happy beaching people
XoXo, Chelsey Rae


Sharing another one of my new favorite products with you guys! We will keep this one short & sweet since there’s not really too much to say other then we all love smooth kissable lips right ; ) “The lip scrub” by Sara Happ is amazeeee! They have tons of different flavors and I promise you don’t mind if a little gets in your mouth because it’s pretty yummy! Put a some on, scrub in circular motion, wipe with a napkin, follow up with a lip moisturizer and mwahhhhh all done!


You can find this online or of course, y’all already know H2O on Metairie Rd.

Chelsey Rae

My Top 3 Drugstore Goodies!

Every time I make my eckerd’s runs (yes, I still refer to cvs or rite-aid as eckerd’s. Everyone tells me it doesn’t exists anymore but it’s stuck in my vocabulary forever so we’ll roll with it) I’m usually only there to get the same 5 things, birth control (just being honest), orbit pink bubble gum, orrrr these three fabulous things…..pick them up next time your there and you’ll thank me later, I promise!


First on the list is “Say yes to cucumber” face wipes. Several make-up artists I know are huge fans of these wipes and they keep getting voted best of beauty by allure magazine! This line, which is really “Say yes to carrots”, has a few different wipes for different skin types but the cucumber is for sensitive skin. I know people will gasp and think its terrible when I say I’ve never used face wash butttttt it makes my skin wigg out! I was totally a washcloth and dove soap kinda girl until I found these AMAZING things! They make taking off eye make-up a breeze, the cucumber is soothing on your skin and they aren’t too fragrant!

Second is L’Oreal “false fiber lashes” mascara. Normally I’m an eyelash extension addict, shocking, I know ; ) However at this moment in time I’m currently on lash probation, and when that happens I turn to this! I love this mascara because it doesn’t get clumpy and with every pass your lashes get longer & longer, what girlie girl doesn’t love that!?

And last but definitely not least, third on my list is Maybelline “Define-A-Brow” Pencil. Let’s face it, brows are a big deal right now, so this thing is seriously the best, it’s easy and convenient for those of us that aren’t make-up pros! The feel of this is almost wax-ish-y and the comb on the end totally aids in shaping them the way you want!

The enddddd
XoXo, chelsey Rae

Mantle make-over

When my husband and I purchased our gutted Katrina home there were for sure a few issues I had, like the fact that my stepdad would later have to take a couple feet out of our living room to make my closet something I could work with (Id be spending more time in there anyway, It was a no brainer which room was more important). And also the fact that I had no fire place! I couldn’t deal! Where would I hang my Christmas stockings?! Were talking about real life problems here people ;p

My fabulous work husband Dane ended up giving me a mantle as my wedding present (The loubies I kept asking him for just weren’t happening). We hung the mantle, had someone come and faux finish it to look like a stone-ishh affect and I waited a few months while I contemplated what would be the best thing to do with it since I knew I didn’t love just seeing it so plain. I definitely think it doesn’t hurt to live in a space for a little while before you go off buying things just to buy them.

Wallpaper was my answer and it’s for sure making a come back! They have so many patterns and textures right now, and you can totally transform a room with the right pattern and placement! Putting up the wallpaper was easier then I thought, granted I only did a super small section :/ I found a white wash brick wallpaper online, watched a few utube videos and got to work! With the wallpaper, a fireplace screen, and a few white birch logs I found on etsy, I’m loving it!!




XoXo, Chelsey Rae