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The Chelsey Gift Guide

Hey y’all! Hope everyone’s Sunday has been as easy as mine has!! I had to do absolutely no hair today which was great haha! Ry’s parents came over with gumbo for lunch, which was so yummy & then we went down town to meet my momma and brockie at canal place for some shopping and dinner!! I got a goodie I’ve been eyeing up so it was a good day in my book!

How cute is this oversized sweater & belt!? Im guilty of expensive things being on my mind lately or just any gift being on my mind lately since everyone runs around asking you what you want for Christmas!

With that being said, I thought I’d share my personal Christmas wish list with y’all! I have so many clients that sit in my chair and say “what are you asking for?”. I feel like as you get older you run out of ideas for yourself! I personally just always say money when someone asks what I want or a maybe a gift card! As we get older everything we want tends to be more expensive too haha! I feel like we buy all the little & big things we want whenever we want them! But, of course there’s always things we feel guilty for treating ourselves to or things well look at and say “oh, I can wait to get that”.

Now, warning : some of this gift list is a little pricey but these are great if you need a “big gift” idea obviously these come more from parents or the main man in your life. Or from yourself haha! We all treat ourselves to a Christmas gift right?! Or is that just me!?

Y’all know the drill, details & links will be posted below the pictures! Click the link & you can add to your cart, or share the page with someone you love ;p

ONE • Valentino Donna Set | i cant lie part of me wants this just because the bottle is so pretty! I love sets because you get the lotion too! I’m one of those people who doesn’t mix sents, I want them all to match haha! What’s better then a matching lotion to your perfume!?

TWO • Sorel Snow Boots| between my brother living in Boston and me, Ry & Hayds annual ski trip, this girl sees snow a few times a year! I’ve had my eyes on these the past two years now but it’s one of those things I put on the back burner and tell myself I will get when I need them. They are SOOO cute & the color would be practical because they are black & black matches everything! Plus the touch of fur pulls in the browns too!

THREE • Votivo Diffuser | i want this so bad! I have the red currant room spray and it smells so good!! One of those smells that you want to just be all around you, which is exactly why I’d love to have this diffuser in my bedroom! Side note: red currant is actually Madonnas “sex sent” whatever that means! Sounds fancy though pahahaha!!!

FOUR • White Makeup Brush Set | okay, I only want this because they are pretty .. and if we’re honest it drives me nuts that all my makeup brushes don’t match! This set is sold out but I’m on the restocking list so I can snag them when they come back!

FIVE • Paul Mitchell Marble Flat Iron | because this is my FAVORITE flat iron for Chelsey curls and my flat iron here at the house is about to give out on me + I love this limited addition print!

SIX • Gucci Belt | this is totally an insane gift to ask for, but I still want it in the camel color & will never buy it for myself! Just throwing it on here incase anyone else is feeling fancy this Christmas and would like to ask for a $400 belt! (Insert blonde emoji throwing her hands up and shrugging her shoulders here)

SEVEN • Nirvana Bourbon Dry Shampoo | i think I put this perfume on one of my other gift guides, I told you guys how I love the sent because it’s not super girly! I’ve heard their dry shampoo is awesome and I would loveeee for my hair to smell like it too haha!

EIGHT • UGGS | I’m putting this on my list because Ryan made fun of my old uggs today when I put them on to leave the house. They are from when I was in high school & are falling apart + they aren’t actually uggs they are “rebels”. They look exactly the same and were also like $200 but apparently this is appalling, so, Ugg’s on my list it is!

NINE • Kate Spade Velvet Makeup Bag | surprisingly, this is the thing I want on my list the MOST. I’m obsessed with it, I need a new makeup bag, it’s blush & velvet. Need I say more? It’s perfect. That’s all.

TEN • Pottery Barn Robe | pottery barns robes look so comfy and cozy! I can’t deal! I have a silk robe now from my best friends wedding that I run around in, but I really want a soft comfy one that I can put on when I get out the tub! Silk & wet don’t mix!

Planning on making this my last gift guide but I’ve had a few people ask me to do a men’s gift guide! I’ve been thinking about it, but I SUCK at men’s gifts! I feel like I never know what to get Ryan! Maybe I’ll put my thinking cap on and come up with some ideas to help y’all & myself out!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

P.S. If you guys are shopping the outfit below SIZE DOWN on this sweater!

Black & White Gift Guide + LikeToKnow.It!

Today’s post has some exciting stuff going on! Im posting another gift guide that is themed black & white + I’m really excited I’ve finally been accepted to like to know it!

I’ve applied before & got denied so I worked on some things and with the help of a blogger friend got accepted! This was a small little goal of mine so I can’t lie that I was really excited! This blogging this is a hobby of mine and accomplishing any goal is always fun! So yay to the fact that you guys can now screen shot or go to your app and shop from there! And p.s. thanks to anyone who gave me the push to apply again! Love y’all!

Now, let’s get to it with the gift guide! Black & White, the classic color combo together or alone! Everything looks cleaner/more elegant in black & white! Even gifts! You know the drill – everything on this list is under $100! Details will be listed below, click the links to shop them! Since it’s my last color list, I hit y’all with 11 instead of 10!

ONE • Marble Wine Cooler Pottery barn $60 | the perfect gift the hostess with the mostest!!! This wine cooler is so different because I feel like you normally see them made with metals! This is nicely made and has a great price point! This would look so cute sitting on a bar cart, your butlers pantry, or even some where on your kitchen counter! Marble always makes for such a nice clean look!

TWO • Sleep Mask amazon $6 | can’t sleep? not dark enough? just want to have some silk on your eyes? then this is your gift! Haha! This is a cute little eye mask, you have to admit! It’s the perfect gift if you need something small for a girlfriend who likes her beauty sleep!

THREE • The Wet brush $8.99 | of course a brush is going to be on a hairdressers list! We call this the magic bush at work! BECAUSE ITS MAGIC! I am notttt kidding, this things gets out knots & is my favorite brush to brush out my curls! This gift is perfect for literally anyone – your girlfriend that’s into her hair, a young one that hates brushing their hair, or a mom that’s sick of morning hair brushing drama with their young one every morning!! (we’ve all been there pahaha, bathroom counter with our moms about to kill us! NO BUMPSSS). Click here for the white glitter one!

FOUR • Black & white Stripe Robe PB Teen $79 | omg this robe looks so comfy and cozy! I actually might put this on my own Christmas list!! It’s fur lining would be so warm in the mornings or right out of the tub! Plus, I love the look of the stripes!!

FIVE • 2018 Agenda sugar Paper $28 | i am a huge agenda person! Anyone who knows me well can tell you I always have my planner in my purse! I’m a sucker for good ole fashion writing things down haha! This planner is a nice size, has a calendar at the beginning of every month and has weekly pages with lots of room to write on everyday! A great gift for your girl that likes to be, or maybe needs to be organized too!

SIX • Donna Karan Cashmere Mist Deodorant Sephora $27 | okay, I know your thinking this is a weird gift butttt, it’s really the perfect gift for your girl that like to live luxuriously! I mean $27 deodorant? Can you get any more fancy then that!? (probably so, but still!). I am obsessed with this stuff ever since I bought it! To me it smells pretty & not like deodorant!

SEVEN • Black Tassel Earrings Baublebar $42 | I have absolutely no reason other than the fact that I am obsessed with tassel earrings for this to be in the list! Any girl would love this as a gift because sorta expensive statement earrings are something we question if we really want to buy for ourselves! The black is a great pick because they match anything and will get more wear then another color!

EIGHT • Marble Brush Set Sephora $49 | loving this brush set because, well duh, it’s marble! Also it has a great price point to me because your getting six brushes & they come in a acrylic box that you could set on your vanity, or bathroom counter to store them + makeup! Is it just me or does makeup a nice new set of makeup brushes make getting ready more exciting!?

NINE • Unclipped Curling Wand Paul Mitchell $99 | i can’t stress enough how much I stand behind Paul Mitchell’s hot tools. They LAST, they WORK & they have an amazing WARRANTY! If you ever buy any tools from Paul Mitchell they will last you for years! This Unclipped curling iron is a 3-in-1 it come with interchangeable wands to give you a different type of curl for different looks! I know I do the flat iron to curl but I find MANY of my clients have a easier time getting the same type of look with a wand. For $99 this is a great buy & you can’t go wrong getting any woman a hair tool!

TEN • Pom Pom Throw Blanket Apollo box $49 | your gift for the girl who loves to decorate! Or the girl who loves Pom Poms! This is one of my favorite Pom Pom throws I’ve seen because it’s still really simple but on trend with the Pom Poms! I love the white but they also have a few other colors!!

ELEVEN • Marble Metal Drink Bottle cotton $19 | marble is obviously a trend on this gift guide! I love these because they are cuter than your regular water bottle & keep stuff extra cold! This would be great for someone who is into fitness, or is great for someone that you know is always carrying water around! The print is so cute & it will match any workout attire! We all know that’s important!!!

Hope everyone has an awesome weekend!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

Gold Christmas list

Hey y’all! It’s time for another Christmas list! GOLD is the color this time! I’m blogging in the waiting room at the surgery center this morning, first time for everything!! Today I’m having basal cell skin cancer removed from my face, needless to say I am superrrrr paranoid. I’m typing this in an attempt to keep my mind off of what’s about to go down, between this and the valium kicking in I think it’ll do the tick (that or this blog post will be really jacked up lol)!!

Filling you guys in so if any of my clients see me the next few days will know why I look like Frankenstein & incase I slack on the blog posts you know why!

Now, back to the main event – GIFT GUIDE! I gathered up my top 10 favorite/cute gold gifts I could find & of course they are all under $100! Pick your favorite number below & scroll past the pictures to see the description! If you want to scoop one of this gifts up, click on the pink link and it will bring you directly to the page so you can purchase!

ONE • Engravable Bar Necklace Stella&dot $60 | this necklace, I love it! I saw it on one of my clients about a year ago & had to ask where it was from so I could get one for myself! Anyone who knows me would probably tell you I’m not a huge jewelry girl, but this necklace is simple/dainty and that’s why I love it!! I got my initials but you can personalize it with your name or even a special date, which is really cute!!! This is also very nicely made and over the time I’ve had it has never turned color on me, which is something that is a win in my book! Scroll to the end of this post to see it on in a picture!

TWO • ElixIr Ultime Kerastase $58 | the holy grail of hair oil! This stuff sells like hot cakes at the salon! It is for all hair types and has multiple uses, giving you a lot of bang for your buck!!! Use it as a pre-shampoo, use it before blow drying to help with heat protection and smoothing, use it after blow dry as a smithing finish oil + use it on your body! No lie, put this stuff on when you have a fancy night out and are showing some leg, you’ll love how good it makes your legs look!!!

THREE • Invisibobble Hair Rings Sephora $18 | my absolute favorite hair ties! These would make a great stocking stuffer or a awesome small gift for your girlfriends! I love these because they are more beneficial than you’d think! They don’t leave creases in your hair, they are less likely to give you headaches & the material they are made out of leaves you with no ponytail breakage! Plus, these colors are so cute!!

FOUR • Tic Tac Toe Game Shopbop $50 | how cute is this game board?! This is the perfect little gift to give to someone who’s looking for some home accessories! It would look adorable on a coffee table, office desk or even a on little side table in your den! This is a piece you know that no one else will have and it makes for a good drinking game! Cheers to that!

FIVE • Leopard Accent Plates Ballard designs $49 | helloooo, I am obsessed!! These come in a set of four and would look so cute set out on your kitchen table with gold cutlery! Again, this makes a great gift for someone whose into home decor!! I love the gold detailing on the sides and like how the leopard print is not too overbearing because it’s a lighter color!

SIX • Gold Ballon Dog land of nod $55 | as I’m typing this I’m realizing I must have been on a home accessories kick when I did my gold list pahaha! I love this little ballon dog because it’s so different! It would make a great bookend, look so cute on a office desk or even on a dresser in your bedroom!!

SEVEN • Drusy Stud Earrings Kendra Scott $65 | the gold detailing on the side of these is so cute!! Again, love these because they are simple & dainty! If anyone that loves me is reading this, I’ll take a pair!!

EIGHT • Cheese Board West Elm $53 | need I say anything else other then cheese? Plus it’s gold? And marble?! YES PLEASE! such a cute gift for a friend that you know is a hostess with the mostest! Guaranteed to please anyone who likes to entertain!!

NINE • Gold Stemless Wine Glasses Nordstrom $40 | treat your friend, or yourself to these beauties! Because everyone loves a glass of wine! The gold on the bottom of these takes these a step up then your normal wine glasses + makes them a little more elegant! Comes in a set of four!

TEN • NARSissist Loaded Eyeshadow Palette Sephora $59 | one of my favorite things on this list! I am obsessed with it! I have to say though I am not really a eyeshadow girl, I’ll only put it on every now and again when I am going somewhere fancy! That being said I love this because they are all really neutral colors! I got this palette around the time that Kylie Jenner was releasing all of her eyeshadow palettes, I loved the colors but was not getting online at a certain time to get them before they sold, too busy for all that! Apparently this palette isssss limited addition though – get it while ya can!!

Happy Gold Gifting Y’all!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

Blush Christmas list

Hey y’all! I know it’s a little pre-mature, but maybe not because people like to get our Christmas shopping done in a decent time frame before Christmas lol, unless your like me! I’m totally always last minute with Christmas shopping! I have a few Christmas lists prepared for you guys over the next few weeks! I’m still in Disney and totally being rude posting this on the jungle cruise so we’ll make this short and sweet!! This blush Christmas list has some cute stuff on it and any of my family and friends can feel free to get me anything on any of these lists I post pahaha!!

F.Y.I. – Everything on this list is under $100 and I’ll link the cute pink shoes under the list!

ONE • Reversible Tote & Wristlet Nordstrom $48 | love this because it’s simple but brings 3 different things to the table haha! A blush purse, a cream purse, & wristlet! This bag is huge which makes it a winner to me because I love just being able to throw everything in my bag, while still having a small spot to put all the the important stuff (the wristlet)! Blush is great for all seasons of course & then you can wear the cream for the warmer seasons! The material is also great because it’s easy to wipe if it gets a little dirty!

TWO • Faux Fur Blush Pillow Lauren Conrad for Kohls $32 | because blush is BIG in decor right now. I wishhhhh so bad Ryan would let me run wild with that lol but since I’m the only chick in the house that’s not allowed!! I also think it’s a big fad at the moment & that’s why I love that this pillow isn’t too costly! This would be cute with just one thrown on a chair/sofa for an accent pillow or grab two and use them on your bed!

THREE • Happy Hour Water Bottle typo $12 | Today every hour is happy hour! This is so cute for your fitness girl, or just the girl who loves to run around in her workout clothes and pretend she’s into fitness (cough,cough, like me).

FOUR • Monogram Bootie Slippers $52 | I’m not normally a monogram lover but these look so cute & cozy! I love how they have the knitted look and the fur coming over the top! Perfect for running around the house and keeping your toesies warm!

FIVE • Marble Blush Phone Case elemental cases $29 | who doesn’t love a good marble phone case?! I love how this has hints of white and gold in there as well! This is one I will definitely be getting for myself!

SIX • Jewelry Box shopbop $40 | How adorable is this pastel glass jewelry box? Any girl can appreciate a place to put her jewelry, not to mention this would look so cute sitting on any vanity, dresser or bathroom counter to add a girly touch!

SEVEN • Silk Sleep Mask pottery barn $45 | Perfect gift to pamper yourself & your skin! This super soft eye mask will defiantly help with your beauty sleep! I think this is a great gift to treat yourself or someone else!!!

EIGHT • Basketweave Throw Blanket West elm $79 | this blanket is so soft and cozy, again the blush decor is so in right now so it’s a good way to give a little blush touch without overdoing it!

NINE • BECCA X Chrissy Teigen Glow Palette $46 | one of my personal favorite make-up palettes! I am a blush FREAK, never leave the house without it and people who know me know I pile it on! It’s a problem! I love how this has the blush, a bronzery blush and the highlighters! It’s amazingly priced and any girl would love to get this as a gift!!

TEN • Better than sex mascara by too faced $23 | the most AMAZING mascara I have ever used! I’m obsessed with it! With a name like that you know it’s gotta be good! It doesn’t fall and gather under your eyes and it makes your lashes look their fullest! Put on about 3 coats and it can definitely mimic a false lash strip! This mascara has my #1 vote!

So, you can find a similar pair of these shoes here mine were from target but you can find a similar pair of j/slides that are just as cute for $47! I love these because they make your sneaker a little more dressy + what gets girlier than a pink satin sneaker?! They look so cute paired with leggings or even Jean shorts and a white tee!

Happy blush shopping gals!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

New year, Same traditions

Ummm, I can’t believe we’re in the middle of January already! Happy late new year people! I figured I’d share with you guys a little family tradition of mine, that helps put a focus on all your dreams/goals/plans for the future – both big & small! 

I was always raised to stay focused on the bigger and better things to come, having goals and visions for what you want out of your life! I don’t remember how long it’s been now but every year sometime in the month of January my family gets together and has a night where we create “dream boards” aka “vision boards” whatever you want to call them! They are made to put in a place you’re in frequently, (mines in my closet because I obviously go in there everyday to do my make-up and hair) so you see it everyday.

We get out a white poster-board and sit around with a billllionnnn magazines, scissors, tape, glue and go to town cutting out and pasting anything that motivates or inspires us! Any goals at work, home or in your relationships with others! Things you want to look at everyday, and reminders of certain things that make you feel good! Some people have 5 things on their board and some have 50, sometimes I have the same things on my board a few years in a row! My dream vacation is to go to Greece so that’s on my board every year until I get my booty there, every year I promise I’ll clean up my bad mouth (again, still working on that as well) and everyyyy year, as most of us women do, I’ll promise myself I’ll have my best body ever! 

The main thing here is that there are no rules, and seeing your dreams/goals everyday really can help you be more focused on those things and be more intentional. My last word of advice is that if you’re anal like me, you should lay things out on your board till you get it justttt right, and then glue! It’s an extra step but it’s worth it for your sanity! 

Wishing everyone a great start to 2017

XoXo, Chelsey Rae. 


So it’s been a crazy few months, I always mean to blog but normally find myself pushing it back in loo of other things! I think I’ve officially decided I’ll just do this when fun things happen and not put any promises out there since we all I’ll probably be into this for like a few weeks and then another blog won’t come for a few months lol! 

Anyway with Christmas this week and New Years next I thought I’d share some DIY decorations I’ve done lately, so check your emails because I’ll be posting other stuff later in the week! I know it’s a little late in the game to pull this out now but the first one is really simple and quick if anyone’s having people over for any upcoming holiday celebrations and is looking for some extra cute decorations!! 

I used this for a shower I threw back in August! It’s so simple and I love it because the options are endless! Anyone that knows me knows white, silver and gold are normally my go to colors but this would be so cute with pinks or blues for a baby shower or silver/gold with red flowers for Christmas! If you aren’t into flowers glittering one letter would be just as cute, maybe all gold letters with a silver or white glitter letter as the accent?! 

Even if you don’t want to add flowers I recently picked up letters for a girlfriend that spelled out JOY and sprayed them gold! Even by themselves it’s super cute – and cheap, which is a win, win! Im sharing with you guys what you’ll need and where to get it below! 

The letters you can get here from hobby lobby, they are 8″ but have bigger which I’ve also used for showers or events. They are paper mache and stand up without any issues (the only one I’ve ever had a problem with a is a “j”).  

My favorite gold spray paint to use the Krylon foil metallic gold – for anything, ever! It’s the best looking that I’ve tried so far! And trust me, I’ve bought a tonnnnn of spray paint! This I’m sure can be found anywhere but here’s a picture and the link to order online at hobby lobby!If you’re choosing to add flowers to your letters you’ll need any type of florals you like that are a smaller size, these obviously can be found at any craft store! You’ll want to detach the flower clusters from the stems and you’ll need a hot glue gun and a X-Acto knife

First you’ll want to take your letters outside, FAR AWAY from anything you don’t want to get spray paint on (this stuff travels and I always have problems with it getting on my freaking concrete, or fence, or maybe my boyfriends boat cover, pahaha! You get it!) Spray, let dry and spray the other side, repeat until all covered! Then you’re going to use the x-acto knife to cut into one side of whichever letter you choose to have floral. Trace the letter with the knife until you can remove that whole side. Once finished it should look like the picture below. (The letters have some ribbing that I removed, and then glued back in place, to make for easier placement with the flowers) 

All that’s left is to glue your flowers, let dry and voilaaaaaa – that’s a wrap! 

So cute, soooo easy & all for around $25! 

Merry, Joy, cheers and even 2017 would be perfect for any party’s or just for decoration around the house if you guys need any ideas! 

Happy word making people! 

XoXo, Chelsey Rae 

My Christmas list

So, as usual, I always post my holiday stuff a little late! I’m Sharing my 2015 Christmas list with you guys, I figure lots of us end up getting cash and grabbing our own stuff anyway! Here’s my Christmas wants and needs that make life a little easier (or at least that’s what we’ll tell ourselfs). 

1. Polaroid Camra

Helllooooo I’m obsessing over how cute these little pictures are. These are so fun to have friends take pictures and make a picture wall, or stringing them on a burlap rope useing mini clothes pins! This is a fujifilm instax mini 8 and I got mine on Amazon. Who doesn’t love pictures? We know I do!

 2. Duck boots 

Loving these! They have all kinds you can get, some more pricey then others! I fell in love with these after seeing one of my clients with them on, the fur makes them girly enough for me! These are by a brand called nature breeze and you can get them here on Amazon

 3. Shu volume maker

Those that follow this blog have for sure heard me talk about this product from heave before. This stuff you 100% need and want in your life, makes teasing the hair easier and we all like that. Easier to get ready = Faster to get ready. Grab it at H2O on Metairie rd. or here

 4. Keychain puff

Um these are just adorable, and they make finding your keys in your purse that you carry life in, superrrr easy. They have these everywhere I had mine customized with a tassel from Etsy or you can find all sorts of pretty colors at Cutee patootee on Metairie rd. 

 5. LuMee case 

This makes your selfies amazingggg! If the kardashins have it, then you know you need it in your life. So it’s a little obnoxious when you turn it on but the light it adjustable and it’s worth two seconds of people looking at you like your crazy! Find it  here on their website. 

  6. Cookie baking supplies 

Every chick should learn how to bake, at least a little ; ) and when you do it, you might as well do it right! These two things changed my life, who knew a Cooling rack and Cookie scoop could make such a difference?! Both from Williams-Sonoma. 

7. Laura Mercier powder 

This is the first translucent powder I’ve fallen in love with. Everyone who knows me knows it’s clear I love a good highlight, especially under the eyes. This stuff is perfect for baking. I spray a little Mac prep & prime on a beauty blender then dip it in the powder and pack on heavy leaving for at least 10 mins before brushing away under the eyes. It’s so fine and soft and doesn’t crease or get cakey at all in my opinion. This stuff is the first I’ve used that DOES NOT show when using flash photography. AKA this stuff wins, find it at Sephora

 8. Apple TV

You can listen to all your iTunes purchases anddd have netflix just in time for full houses big comback! Need I say anymore? Truth be told, one of my favorite people snagged me this one for Christmas. Haven’t 100% got it set up yet, so i don’t exactly know how it all works but I am super excited about it! You can pull up all kinds of things from you phone and iPad all on your TV and this little box is super small. Links here at Best Buy.  


 9. Paul Mitchell flat iron

One of my guy friends had me grab this for his girlfriend and I was super jealous! I need this! It’s the normal Paul Mitchell express ion smooth that my Chelsey curls are always done with but in white & gold! Cauteeeeeee. Find yours here or at H2O.  

  10. Olive green Nikes

Because I’m obsessed with anything in this color right now. That’s all. Get yours here

XoXo | Chelsey Rae  

Pumpkin Paintin’

Happy Sunday morning pumpkins! First of all sorry for the annoying error emails yesterday and this morning, the app I use to blog has been acting up a bit. I think I got it under control now though : )

This blog post isn’t as in dep as id normally go, but I figure this is all about you being creative and grabbing your on ideas too so there’s really no rules! This year I’ve gone a little pumpkin crazy, they are everywhere – outside, on my mantle, on plates in my dining room, but whatever! Octobers my favorite month so I’m allowed to be a little obnoxious about it! 

A little FYI for those of you that live in the lakeview area, I found these huge white pumkins at lakeview grocery, they must not have got the memo but they sell them at whole foods for $50 and I got mine there for $5. Your welcome. For the rest I did have to break down and go to whole foods. They have the most crazy pumkins there, but you’ll pay a little more for them! I’m obsessed with the flat white Cinderella pumkins but they have all kinds of really different shapes and colors to choose from. 

The flowers are chrysanthemums, aka “mums”, aka if your basic this is your fall flower. I went and just got a bunch of them from Home Depot, they come in purple, white, orange and yellow. I actually took the ugly black plastic planters that the mums came in and spray painted them metallic gold. 

For the pumkins I used Krylon spray praint, their classic white “chalky finish” and their golden glow “glitter blast”. I sprayed pumpkins white, let dry and then LIGHTYLY used the painters tape to make lines for the glitter, if you push the tape down hard it takes off the chalky finish spray paint. You deffintly need at least 2 of the glitter blast if you want the pumkins to look awesome. I only had one and did not feel like going all the way back to hobby lobby soo, needless to say the back of my pumkins don’t have glitter lines. 

For the initial pumpkin, I actually went out and bought that “tacky glue” because I read on Pinterest that someone used that… BAD IDEA. Pumkins round, it takes FOREVERRR to dry, therefore dripping everywhere – disaster. I ended up wiping it off and getting the hot glue gun. It dries fast enough to where I did one part of the letter, sprinkled some glitter, brushed off the rest & connected the other half. 

That’s pretty much all there is to it! They have some super cute ideas on pinterest, some were sprayed black and decorated with gold glitter, some spray painted with gold polka dots, or silver lines, it’s all what you want to go for! 

Happy October dolls!

XoXo | Chelsey Rae 

A little skin secret

  Just a quick little blog post about a skin lifesaver. I was lucky enough to be blessed with never really having any skin issues, I’m not oily, not dry, never really had a skin regimen till recently. Up until a year ago I’d put a little dove soap on a washcloth, wipe and call it a day. 

However, when I do happen to get a “bump” as I like to call it ; ) it’s normally in all the areas that they say are stress related and it HAS to of course be a underground bump that wants to stick around for a week and be huge (I think the correct term is a cystic bump). These neverrrrr come to a head, you try to mess with it, and of course you can’t so it just ends up more irritated and there to stay for even longer! 

A few weeks ago one popped up and I did a little research…. I had a date and of COURSE this thing had to be there 2 days before, this was notttt going to work for me. I put a dab directly to the spot every night after I washed my face and applied my toner. After just two days it was barely there! Every morning the swelling, redness & tenderness was reduced by a billion! Apparently Vicks has a ingredient in it that fights bacteria, and an is an anti-inflammatory. The Vicks almost works like tooth paste but way better, drying out the area faster. Thus making your life 100x better, duh! 

XoXo | Chelsey Rae

The BEST Brow Gel

I recently started using this and I am OBSESSED (I know I’m obsessed with everything). Anastasia Beverly Hills has amazing brow products, nothing I’ve tried yet has let me down! Sooo tonight, I’m blogging about their CLEAR BROW GEL – which runs about $22 at sephora. 

To be honest my brows SUCK. They are just kinda there…never had too good of a shape and they aren’t super thick. This gel is obviously for all colors since it’s clear and you apply after you fill in your brow with your pencil of choice. It sets your brows in place and literally holds them there, allllll day! I kid you not, I’m super guilty of falling asleep with my make-up on and when I wake up my brows are still perfect lol! 

What I love about this too is that the coating it gives my brows makes them feel thicker, gives them a little extra! It doesn’t flake or get super hard like some brow gels, and it doesn’t end up taking off any of the brow pencil I’ve previously applied. 

I personally use this under my Anastasia Beverly Hills BROW WIZ pencil, In Caramel. $21 
XoXo | Chelsey Rae