Wow I can’t believe today marks the start of 2018! I feel like the past year flew by! 2017 was definitely a good one for me – my clientele grew, my blog grew (and I interned for it to continue to grow with fingers crossed), I got to travel to a lot of places with a bunch of my favorite people, I rented my house out and moved in with Ry & Hayd, which has been a great thing. Overall I like to think I did some growing as a person in all kinds of different ways! It’s been a good one!

But with every end of the year there’s always reflections on what we’d like to change, or maybe grow more in, goals we’d like to accomplish for the upcoming year! Our 2018 New Years resolutions!

I’m getting a little personal with you guys in this post and sharing my New Years resolutions on the blog! There’s nothing super juicy here, I like to think most are just kinda typical. I know I enjoy reading other people’s goals sometimes because it can remind you to reach for more yourself or think of certain things that maybe don’t even cross your mind! I also want to share with you guys some of the steps I take each day to make for a smooth running day and accomplish my goals! So, here it goes … resolutions first, then tips after!

• time management – I’ve got a lot going on right now. My schedule had took on a big change moving in with the boys because it wasn’t ALL about MY schedule anymore. Of course this was a good change lol but I have to admit it has taken some time to get into the swing of things. I want to leave work a tad earlier because I want to be able to sit down and have dinner with them. I also want to make time for my clients, myself, blogging, & the gym. This year I really want to set aside 2 of my days off out of every month to be days for myself with no hair being done. I want to take certain times out of the day for the gym and blogging without taking time away from the people around me or feeling overwhelmed and rushed.

• career – I really want to grow my clientele this year. I want to grow it with clients that have positive vibes, I want to grow it with people who are friends and family of clients I already know and love, clients who are excited about hair, fashion & beauty! I love clients that sit in my chair that I can have fun with & feed off of! My job is great because working with people all day opens your mind to tons of different things! Clients like that is what makes an amazing work day, and I’m all about that this year! Send them my way! I’m also including blogging in this category because ultimately I want this to become a part of my career! I want to set a goal for myself of posting at least 4 – 5 days a week and to get more creative/ comfortable in front of the camera!

• relationships – I want to make more time for the people I love. When you get older I feel like you get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of life. I’m going to make it a point this year to make PEOPLE more important because at the end of the day that’s whose there, not things! Hopefully implementing my new “time management” skills will play a part in this haha!

• be more mindful – I want to be more aware this year. Focus more on the present, or be more in the moment. I’ve always tended to be one who totally planning the what’s next from what I’m a doing next year, to what’s my first client going to want in the morning. While that is a positive thing in many ways, it also can tend to be a double edge sword because it takes focus away from the “now”.

• more mindful with others – I want to set a goal for myself with doing one selfless thing for someone else a few times a week. I haven’t worked out the kinks of this goal yet but I’m brain storming. More along the lines of that whole random acts of kindness thing. My friends always impress me because they will stop by the salon and bring me my favorite treat or something like that! I’m always like damn, I never THINK to do stuff like that! Okay I can’t say never, but I feel like my mind is always 100 miles a minute so it’s not something I am consistent with! I am blessed to have such great and thoughtful people in my life and I want to show them more this year how appreciate I am for it!

• fitness – okay, this is your totally cliche New Years resolution. Come Wednesday it’s on (Tuesday I’m off work and grabbing drinks and lunch with work peeps). Anyway, I’ll be 100% honest with you guys. Since I’ve moved into Ryan’s I’ve gained about 5 pounds. People hear me say that and are like ohhh okay like that’s a big deal. But, it is to me! It’s 5 pounds closer to where I don’t want to be. And 5 pounds gone of wiggle room haha! It boils down to the fact that I am eating more, when I lived alone I didn’t love to mess up my kitchen for just me. Me and Ryan made it a tradition for my to cook us dinner every Tuesday and really on the Wednesday and Thursday nights Ryan had Hayden I made it a point to schedule extensions and things like that because it kept those two days for just them. Then of course I’d crash the boy party on the weekends and we’d eat whatever! But, I was probably drinking a protein shake for dinner 3 – 4 times a week when it boiled down to it. Now, I am eating dinner every night lol which is of course more normal and realistic than protein shakes, but that explains the 5 pounds! I want to get back in the gym consistently (with a positive attitude, not dreading it the whole time) & me and Ryan agreed as a whole that we want to cook more and eat out less!

• be on my phone less – I haven’t quite figured out what steps I will take to achieve this. Especially since blogging means your on your phone A LOT more. I assume this will fit in with my “time management goal”. I don’t know, all I know is I want this thing attached to my hip less!

• more consistent with skin care – about two months ago I got a call saying I had basal cell skin cancer in a spot super close to my eye. I had mohs surgery soon after and they were able to get it all out the first time with the margins clear thank the lordddd above. I’m still working on excepting the fact that I’ll have this dumb scar by my eye but I’ve accepted that obviously that’s better then having a worse type of skin cancer and I’m lucky that it was something that could be cut out! With that being said it kinda made me realize how important it is to treat our skin right! I never wore sunscreen under my make up but since I have been religiously. I also started taking heliocare pills which protect from the sun. The other thing that I realized when I had the surgery done is like for the past two months I haven’t been able to use certain things on my face. As soon as this sucker starts to heal more I want to do more facials, be more consistent with my skin care regimen & use more preventative products to help with sun damage and aging!

So, that about sums up most of my goals! Of course I always want to be working on being my best version of me but I think the start of a new year is always a great time to reflect and regroup + start fresh! Clean slate!

Now, on to the few ways I work towards accomplishing my goals! I have just a few quick tips of mine that I find help!

• PURCHASE A PLANNER – this is so major in my life! I’m a write it down kinda girl! I write everything in my planner! Down to “wash hair tonight” pahaha! It may be silly but checking things off your list makes you feel accomplished and you’ll want to accomplish more! Plus this is an awesome way to make your everyday life feel very organized! HERE is the planner I purchased this year, it’s by sugar paper Los Angeles! I have to have a monthly and weekly view with lots of space daily to write things down. I love it and couldn’t wait to crack it open!

• BE REALISTIC/TAKE BABY STEPS- if you have a crazy big goal that can feel overwhelming! Instead, think of ways to get there and set those things as goals! Maybe you want to cut carbs completely out of your diet, instead of going cold turkey say okay, this week I am only going to have carbs 3 days this week. Then the next add 4, then 5, etc. that way your feeling accomplished while working towards the main challenge!

• GET EXCITED – tell people about your goals, this makes you more accountable for completing them! if your goal is to be more into working out, treat yourself to new gym clothes, maybe some new headphones!

• WRITE YOUR GOALS DOWN/CREATE A VISION BOARD – write your goals down on paper. Writing them makes it feel more official and you can even write down some ways or things you think would help accomplish them! Or, make a dream board! EVERY YEAR, for like the past 10 years, my family sits around a few days after the new year and makes a dream board. We go through tons of magazines and cut things out and glue them to a board. See my post last year HERE for the full details if you’d like to start a tradition like this too!! After you write your list or make your dream board place it somewhere that your will see it often! I normally place my dream board in my closet. That way I am reminded of my goals and dreams for the year every morning when I get dressed!

& that’s that! If you guys have any great tips for accomplishing your goals fill a sista in! Here’s a better look at my planner below!!

I hope everyone had a fabulous New Years Eve and that were all ready to take on 2018!!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae


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