Happy Saturday y’all! Howww freakin’ freezing is it!? We have a wedding to go to tonight and I am seriously considering packing leggings in my purse for the 2 block walk from the church to the reception pahaha!

Actually its so freezing that taking this picture of my sweater was pretty funny. Me & Ryan ran onto the front porch, he’d snap a few, and we’d run back inside to check if we liked them before running out to take a few more 😂 I love the man for putting up with my shenanigans! Although, he did buy me this really cool robot picture taking thingy with a remote today … I wonder if he’s trying to tell me something lol!

anyway, back to the sweater – who doesn’t love anything open back?! Open backs always fun because it can be a little sexy without being too much! It just gives your outfit a different vibe and isn’t something you always find so it’s fun to switch it up! This year I’ve been seeing a lot of the twisted back sweaters and I really love them! I’ve even seen them worn both in the front and back so that’s a win when you can get different uses/looks out of the same thing!

I got this exact one pictured from a online boutique in Texas last winter but I’ve done some looking and picked out a few open back looks that I thought you guys would like! Scroll down to see em’ – some have twists, some have braids, some have ties, bows, and splits! Either way they are all super cute & different!

Forever 21| $17

Forever 21 | $45

Forever 21 | $19

Express | $30

Forever 21 | $38

Missguided | $38

Urban Outfitters | $34

Tillys | $27

Revolve | $45

Nordstrom | $65

Some cute picks huh?! All of these would look great paired with some jeans and over the knee boots or even some leather leggings and a pair of booties!

And of course a jacket since it is belowww freezing this weekend!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae


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