Hey ya’ll! Happy Thursday! we are almost there, ready to say helllooo to the weekend! December for hairdressers is INSANE..like literally I could rip my hair out by the end of the day insane. Eat your salad while you pee insane. Oops I didn’t eat at all insane. Get me in the tub and in bed by 7 insane. You get it, this month is always a kicker for me! I am normally one that is so organized and plans out EVERYTHING, so the flow of a super crazy day full of surprises & squeezing people in really stresses me haha! In the mix of all that I told myself at the beginning of this week that I really wanted to try to manage my time better & get back in the gym since my face seems to be more heeled. I’m trying to fit this whole blogging thing in the mix of life with everything else & I think I’m finally starting to figure it out!

I did a poll on insta the other day and was amazed by how many people said they weren’t done Christmas shopping yet. I always laugh at myself because for how crazy I am about having everything planned and being so organized, I am NEVER ready for Christmas. I am ALWAYS buying gifts last minute. And, half the time I am always stumped. Which makes me laugh, because I was able to come up with all this for ya’ll haha!

Anyway, here are great ideas for all kinds of gals you know! The fancy type, the workout type, the wild type, the jetsetter, mom, & everyone in between! Even your pups! Prices & places are listed below the photos, scroll to the left or right & click what you like so it can take you straight to the page! Add to your cart & VOILA, one less present to buy!














HAPPY CHRISTMAS SHOPPING MY LOVIES! Don’t let the holidays stress ya & money is just money, it always comes if ya workin’ for it (I know we all feel like moneys flying out of our pockets right now)! Just a few words of encouragement to keep you calm!

XOXO, Chelsey Rae

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