Morning guys! We’re in the home stretch! Maybe a lot of you have starting wrapping, but I’m just getting to it!

I’m never one to go for the crazy wrapping paper. For the last few years my paper has been very natural and simple. All silver, gold, tan or white!

Sometimes I feel like crazy wrapping all placed under the tree can take attention away from it! You want the tree to be the main event, you don’t need crazy wrapping paper to steal the show!

This year I went with all white wrapping paper and craft paper with jute twine/white and silver twine to dress it up a bit!

I also got sprigs of fresh rosemary straight from the grocery store in the produce section. Small jingle bells from hobby lobby and medium white pom poms from Michael’s crafts.

Y’all that list is so easy right!? Tie some jute around a box and stick a rosemary sprig in it? Helloooo so cute and easy! And they look so fancy!!

So, to create these looks all I did was for some string the jute twine around the same area on the present but at different angles so they were spread out a bit! I placed the rosemary sprig into the twine and tied another piece of twine close to it, added a bell and made a bow!

For the other types I tied one of the twines, (either white or silver) horizontally on the box and then one vertically so they were crossing. Keep them either to the left/right side of the present so it creates the vide that they aren’t perfectly in the middle! In the place where the two vertical and horizontal twines met I placed either a bundle of PomPoms using a hot glue gun or a sprig if rosemary! Again, trying a bell with the rosemary!

I wrote in all gift tags with a silver sharpie and taped them a little under the bells or Pom Poms!

Hope this helped anyone who needed a little wrapping inspiration! I’ll tell y’all like I always do, don’t over think it! Make it fun and your own! The personal touch is that makes it special! P.S.- if you don’t feel like going out to get white wrapping paper, use what you have turned to the backside! Most wrapping paper has a white back with nothing on it!

Happy wrapping!


XOXO, Chelsey Rae

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