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July 2017 Life Update

Hey y’all! Trying to keep up with the blog traditions here! Officially posting the 2nd “life update” post!

Whats been going on and what’s to come?

Y’all life has been CRAZY – I can’t wait for it to chill out! I just got back from Vegas this weekend & am currently on the way to Cabo as I’m typing this! Vegas was Paul Mitchell’s yearly hair show & educational training called “the gathering”. It’s always super nice & traveling with my work family is always fun! It’s nice to go on a work trip every now and again because I always feel a little inspired when I get back!

My Cabo trip was with a few friends of ours & my little brother! We had a blast and cabo was beautiful! Besides traveling I’ve just been busy with working & trying to complete another little venture I have going on! I am always trying to balance everything and keep this blog going.

I have to admit lately I’ve been a little blog discouraged. This whole thing is totally time consuming & lawddddd it is a jungle in the blog world! You always feel like your in competition, your consumed with trying to post the right stuff and enough stuff, and always wondering if your posting the right content.

To keep it 100% with you guys I’ve had my moment of maybe I should stop this blogging thing. Maybe it’s not for me. I’m also 100% against pretending like my life is some kind of perfect picture show, because that’s complete bull and absolutely no ones is (I don’t care how picture perfect a bloggers feed is, at the end of the day we all know what goes on in the real world)! A lot of it’s all smoke and mirrors and sometimes I kinda get bothered by how fake everything can look. I think being a blogger is about sharing the truth with your following, it’s about girls helping out girls, and hey we all have bad hair days and a pimple sometimes!

Bringing this up to some of my loved ones/clients & friends and seeing their reaction really turned my thoughts around! I’m not going to be discouraged because this is my hobby & my little place to share things with all of y’all! So I’m going to continue to do it MY way, for ME 🙂 I completely LOVE when I see y’all enjoying my content & interacting with the posts! I’m super thankful for all of you that encourage me to keep going, that read the blog, & of course shop the posts!! Y’all are the reason I enjoy this at the end of the day and I hope that anything I pass on can help you all out in the hair world, the real world, or the fashion world at some point!

Besides all that, what’s to come for the rest of July is pretty laid back, it’ll be easy going! Then in August it picks back up again with my 30th birthday! Which is huge 🙈 I’m super scared pahaha! I went back and forth with whether or not I wanted to have a big celebration but throwing a big party seems to be a ton of money & if we’re being honest I’d rather just shop or buy a nice purse loll! At the end of the month a quick beach trip with the family to easily one of my favorite spots to vacation – Seaside!

NOLA to do’s for me right now…

Y’all, I still haven’t made it to turkey & the wolf since my last “life update” post #FAIL! Has anyone made it since then either?!

Another restaurant on my list right now is SABA. We’re making it there a few Sundays from now so I will definitely keep y’all filled in on that one!

Besides food, I’m putting a uptown day on the calendar with my two favorite boys! I haven’t been on a street car in years and I was telling Ryan we need to take one Sunday and ride the street car around with Hayden! What are some of yalls favorite street car stops?!

Goals for this month…

• I’m pretty sure I blew it in Cabo but I want to continue to make it to all my workouts! Me and a friend of mine started taking a little class at hour blast on Metairie road and have been killing it if I do say so myself! One of my goals for this month and the month of August is to really stay on track with that!

COOK MORE – me and Ryan are really trying to keep our meals home made this month!

Read “girl, wash your face” this book has been a topic of conversation lately and I can’t wait to read it. It pretty much talks about letting go your imperfections, not beating yourself up over your loses & just being okay being YOU with all that comes with it! It also talks about following your dreams & goals and making them happen so you can be your best!

Stores that I’m loving …

ASOS, the options here are absolutely ENDLESS! I love their wide variety, you can find anything on their website from causal clothes to dresses you could wear to a fancy wedding! I also get lots of swimwear from here and it never disappoints! MADEWELL, this store has a little bit of a higher price point but it’s worth every penny! The clothes are made so well (hints the name) and they always have different stuff that not everyone will have on!

Blogger that inspires me…

Courtney Shields Albright, she is real life blogger goals! She always has the cutest clothes & shares literally every aspect of what’s going on in her life! She even does trader-joes hauls haha! Now THAT is helpful! She’s also the cutest momma ever and shares tons of finds for all kinds of things that relate to new mommy hood & babies!

Last movie I saw that was with talkin’ about…

Jurassic world ; Fallen kingdom this movie was SO good. Is it just me or does The Jurassic franchise always kill it?! I feel like every single movie has always kept me on my toes over the years and this was the same way! I laughed, I cried (literally), and I jumped haha!! This came with all the emotions and I’d definitely say everyone who loves the whole Jurassic Park thing should see it!

If your interested in anything on the post click the highlighted link parts and it’ll bring you directly what I’m talking about!

Tagging the book below for a easy click!

Girl, wash your face | $13

Hope y’all have a fabulous weekend!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

What I Brought to Cabo

Hey y’all!! It’s Cabo time! We made it! I wanted to post to share with you guys a few of the things I packed in my NEW luggage ry got us pahaha, that was only $135 for a set of 3 might I add!! With traveling so much I have definitely learned that a hard luggage is the way to go! It gets less damaged and will last longer then cloth! This luggage set we found looks EXACTLY like the calpack luggage my mom got which was over $350 dollars!

I also tried to find my shirt for you guys but it’s sold out, so I linked a similar option!

White 3 piece Luggage Set | $139

Round Retro Sunglasses | $168

PomPom Straw Hat | $15

Embellished Flower Slide | $49

PomPom Overshirt | $34

Crochet High Waist Bikini

Bottom | $17

Top |$17

Ruffled Halter & Short Set | $32

Tie-Dye Romper | $38

Contrast Trim Bikini

Bottom | $19

Top | $24

Pink Maxi | $27

White Sarong | $15

Flowy Top | $19

Round Sunnies | $10

I have more to share with y’all but I’ll get it up in a few days!

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

SPF it up!

Trust me, your face depends on it! … or really any part of your body does!

(scroll down if you just feel like reading about the products and not my story 😜)

So – back in December I got a call saying a veryyy smalll bump in the right hand corner of my eye (about a cm away from my tear duct, that almost resembled a “milk bump” baby’s get) was skin cancer, basal cell, and that I was going to have to have Mohs surgery ASAP to have it removed. Apparently basal cell is the best to get if your going to get it but, nonetheless, a call like that will make you wig the hell out. Especially if your a 29 year old girl who, let’s be honest, is a little vein. “It could always be worse” yada, yada, “you should be happy it’s something you can take out”. I heard it all & totally agreed…

However at the end of the day I still laid in bed every night for about a month before my surgery and cried my eyes out. (Have you ever googled Mohs surgery?! Jesus lorddddd – this was a perfect example of the whole “don’t google that rule”. Pictures of people with half their faces torn apart come up. This is prettyyyyy traumatizing.) Anyway, every night I had all the questions, “why me?, I’m 29 how could this happen already?, how big will it be?, I never even tanned that much?, how different am I going to look?, how am I going to stare at myself at work in the mirror everyday with a big ole’ scar on my face?”. And my god I was so scared!!! I am SUCH a baby with pain or surgery of any type. Ryan was always a good sport and would find ways to make me laugh about it or just be there for me while I cried it out. He’s the best.

I know some of y’all are reading this and are like wowwww you were worried about some dumb stuff, people die of terrible cancers everyday, it’s not all about looks and so on and so forth. I feel ya, I get it, & that’s 100% right! But at this point in time it was a kicker and I was having my moment.

About 6 months later I’d say my scar looks pretty good. The surgery wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought, of course I had a dose of xanax and a pain pill so I was feelin’ good. The doctor came in, numbed the area and got to work. Dr. LeBlanc on Metairie road did it & he was so sweet, he even let my momma stay in the room so I could squeeze the living hell out of her hand the whole time! All I really felt was pressure. I was there for probably a total of 3 hours & my margins were cleared the first time so they didn’t have to go back in and take more skin. He thumbed-Uped us through the door to let us know it was all good and came back in to stitch me up while I watched Kardashian’s & continued to squeeze Rhonda’s hand off! The down time was about 2 days and my face was just super swollen! Now, you can definitely tell there’s a little indent on my face by my nose & eye. Could worse things happen? Totally! but do I ever want this crap on my face again? NO!

Prior to this I was never a sunscreen girl. My family and I are totally sun worshipers. My favorite vacation is a beach one – my mom, aunt Renee, and I will lay there and bakeeeee all day & I love to be outside doing anything. If I was at the beach I’d apply sunscreen in the morning and that was it, no refreshing unless I was starting to burn. And on my day to day routine at home my “sunscreen” was any (if any) SPF in my foundation.

Fast forward to now and I am a FREAK. I’ve tested tons of stuff out & think I’ve finally found the best spf products/routine for me! I’ve been in the search for products that wouldn’t make me break out and things that would go well with my make-up.

After doing some searching I found a company that REALLY gets it. They took into account that people need SPF that can be used with their make-up easily instead of it being complicated! How are you supposed to re-apply your SPF during the day when you have a full face of make-up on?! This was one of my struggles!

The company is called SUPER GOOP! and they literally have all kinds of products!! If you are searching for certain SPF things I would check out their entire website to see if there’s things that suit your personal needs – for now I’ll share with y’all the things that suit mine & that I think are pretty universal actually!

Smooth & Poreless Matte Sunscreen | $38

This is a super lightweight everyday sunscreen. It goes on soooo silky and it actually acts as a primer & a poor minimizer! It can be worn under make-up or alone because it has a universal tint so it matches any skin tone!

Defense Refresh Setting Mist | $28

Y’all, THIS PRODUCT! … GENIUS!!!! If I told you to pick one, it would be this one!! This stuff smells like heavennnn, it has the most refreshing scent & of course feel! This is a setting mist with 50 SPF. This is great because it sets your make-up while giving you even more protection! Also, it’s great to refresh your SPF! At the end of the day when I get home from work and Hayden has a baseball game or something it’s great to be able to spray this on and refresh, rather then taking all make-up off and reapplying!! This was also amazinggg at the beach, literally every hour I would respray on my face!

Invincible Setting Powder | $30

This is a translucent setting powder. Again I think this is a pretty smart idea! This is something that you can add ON TOP of your make-up to refresh your protection! Out of everything I’d say this would be my last pick strictly because the packaging needs a small tweaking. However, I did use this everyday at the beach before I put on the setting mist. The concept of this is perfect, but not as easy as the mist! The brush has a hole in the middle where the powder kinda just falls out but I tap it all over my face and then spray the spray! This powder is light weight and is a mineral powder so it feels smooth on! I like it and will continue to use, it just requires a little patience lol!

So those were my 3 picks from this line! I can’t lie since I am psycho, on the days that I really know I will be in the sun I put on a REALLY amazing sunscreen Ryan bought me before I use the Smooth & Poreless this sunscreen is LA ROCHE – POSAY.

Clear Skin Dry Touch Sunscreen | $19

This stuff is THE BEST. I have sensitive skin & before was breaking out. When I started using it, break outs stopped which I am assuming were caused from the other sunscreens. This goes on smooth and is OIL FREE which is huge because your putting it on your face! It’s light weight and doesn’t feel heavy like most! This formulation was just perfect to me & for the price I feel like your getting an amazing find!

So, what is my daily routine now?

I of course wash my face in the morning, I apply a toner, then apply the LA ROCHE-POSAY. I let that sit for a minute while I brush my teeth or hair, then apply the SMOOTH & PORELESS. After that I’ll go about my normal make-up routine and follow up with the Defense Refresh Setting Mist at the end. Just about 2 sprits!

That’s all! And then later in the day if I have and outdoor activity I will re-spray the Defenses Refresh Setting Mist. I only have been using the Invincible Setting Powder at the beach.

If any of y’all have any questions about ANYTHING in this post feel free to message me! It seems basal cell is a more common thing than you’d think! This whole situation just made me so aware of really making sure I take precautions with my skin & wish I had been cautious of this a longgg time ago! Do I still want to bake when I go to the beach? ABSOLUTELY. But, now I know this is something I can be exposed to & also find as I’ve gotten older that my skin loves to develop dark spots in summer! So, all I can do now is make changes with how I protect my face!

Happy sun screening y’all & if y’all have any products y’all love for sun protection or for skin let me know!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

📸 : Krista Cheramie Co.


App Favorite

Hey y’all! Happy Friday! TGIF for everyone else but me haha!! Today I wanted to hop on and share one of my favorite shopping apps with y’all! I’ve used this app for years and am always very happy with ANY purchases I make, be it clothes, furniture or beauty related products!

The app is called HAUTELOOK. It is a members only shopping app/website that does short sales with all kinds of brands. For instance they will have free people one day, Gucci the next and everything is marked down to about 50/75% off. (P.S. members only just means you need to be logged in to shop, anyone can join!)

I love this because it’s a good way to get DIFFERENT fashion finds for a less expensive price! So it’s not like your at the mall buying a shirt from Macy’s that 373673 other people in the New Orleans area have! HauteLook is owned by Nordstrom so you are getting very high quality pieces that you aren’t normally seeing!

I don’t just use them for clothes either. I have bought numerous items of furniture/decor for my house on this app! A huge discount on furniture or a nice new bed set is always a win win to me! They also have short sales on makeup/skin products too, I love this because I always stock up when they do!!

Plus for all my mommas, wifeys or just sweet girls that like to give gifts they have sections for men and kids/baby’s! I loveeee the baby finds on here for my best friends baby because again, they are different items that not everyone has!

I’ll upload some pictures below just so y’all can see what the app is like! First to chow you how they categorize things and second so you can see the price drop!

The catch here is that these sales will last for about 3 days, so you gotta snag stuff when you see it! I’m pre warning y’all that it’s a addictive shopping app lol! But I am telling you I get some awesome stuff from here!

Happy downloading!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

📸 : Krista Cheramie Co


The Guide To Shopping Online

Hey y’all! Here’s a blog post to make your Tuesday work day a little better. Hopefully?! I’ve been working on this post for a long time for you guys! Shopping online is something I find is a “love it” or “hate it” type thing for people. More so “hate it” but the most common answer I get when I ask “why?” Is because they are scared of it! “How do you know what size to order and how it will fit” is one of the biggest responses I get when people ask how I mostly shop online!

Now, I’m not kidding you. I buy 97% of my wardrobe online. I HATE going to the mall. I HATE feeling rushed while I’m shopping & I hate being bothered/pressured when I’m shopping! Online shopping on the other hand is a dreammmm 😂 I can do it on my sofa for 6363637 hours, not be rushed, pressured, or bothered! I also tend to think more rationally because I can let stuff sit in my cart while I shop around!

This post is here to help make YOUR online shopping experience just as fabulous!! I’m sharing a few little tips and tricks I use that make 98% of my online buys a win! Since I’m a pro, I’ve learned some things over the years! Let the tips begin …

• Keep your measurements handy

Pull out your tape measure & write your measurements down! I keep them typed in the notes of my phone so they are always there anytime I need them! Now I’m actually surprised by how many people don’t even know how to measure themselves so I’ll post some tips below! I always measure myself with just underwear and either no bra or an unpadded bra to make sure I’m getting the most true measurement!

• Check out their sizing guide

So, THIS is where those measurements come into play! When buying online always check out the website you are ons size chart! By now we all know different stores, run different sizes! Check out the size guide and compare its measurements with yours!

• Compare on the model

Okay – I have gotten really good at this & I find it helps so much! Most websites now a days will tell you what size the model is wearing in the picture details! They will list her height & a small, medium, or large! This is so helpful! If your looking at dress but are wondering where it will hit, check out where it hits the model & compare to where that means it will hit you! If I feel like a top looks short on a model, I know that won’t flatter me, so in situations like these I will size up! Or, if I think it makes a model look more fluffy then she really is, ill size down because I know it will just do the same to me!

• If you have time & are unsure – SIZE UP!

Anytime I have an event coming up, if I’m a few weeks out and am unsure of what size to order, I will size up! I’d rather order a little big and have it fitted by my seamstress then have no outfit at all or to be in a outfit that’s too tight & not flattering!

• Read through those reviews

This is the most helpful thing! Most websites have reviews listed for items of clothing your looking at! I try to read a few good and a few bad to make my choice of wether or not it’s a buy! Most of them have a place where people will fill out their height, weight, & normal size + what size they bought and you can compare yourself to that as well! Sometimes someone your height and weight may say “this was too tight for me” or “loved where this length hit my legs” this all helps when trying to decide what will look good on you!

• know what sizes work where

I also keep a note of this in my phone. If I’m always a medium in dresses at forever 21, a size 4 in loose dresses or a 6 in tight dresses at ASOS, I have it written in my phone! This makes it a no brainer when I go to make other purchases because I already know what did or didn’t work for me!

• size doesn’t matter

Okay this goes for online shopping & real life! We’ve all been there. I’m ordering this 27 in jeans because there’s no way I’m wearing a 28. Whatttt? Then I get home and wonder why I can’t wear a crop top with my jeans because I have fat rolling over the sides! HELLO! This is just making everything look worse! Listen, I’ll order a Small in one shirt and a large in the next because it’s not about the size it’s about how something is going to fit and compliment your body! No one knows you bought a 28 instead of a 27 and it’s probably more flattering because it fits right! Go with the size that fits your body!

That’s pretty much my ordering online spiel! If you guys can think of anything I may have left out or have any other questions about ordering stuff online comment below or email me! But I think I covered them all!

Happy future online shopping! Hope this helps!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

Makin’ your hair last!

Happy Sunday y’all! Hope everyone’s weekend was as easy as mine was! (Besides the fact that Ryan’s boat sunk at the marina Friday morning, talk about a summer bummer!) other then that my weekend was pretty lax! Friday Ry boiled crawfish for me and one of my best friends holly – 30 pounds for just us 😂 he makes THE BEST crawfish and is obviously THE BEST for doing that for us! Saturday & today we laid pretty low, which was nice!

Tonight on the blog I’m sharing a few hair secrets to keep your hair lasting & looking good even when it’s dirty as heckkkk!!!

My best hair schedule is to wash my hair on a Sunday night or Monday & then to not wash again till Thursday that way Friday & Saturday my hair is a little roughed up and not so fresh, I.E. so it holds a style!

Here’s a few things I have/do to make this schedule work & to keep it fresh ….Besides my favorite dirty hair time saving secret, if your just joining reading the blog click HERE  to check it out! This was pretty mind blowing for a few people!

• invisibobble hair rings – I gym it about 4-5 mornings a week. These are ABSOLUTELY hands down the ONLY pony’s I have ever experienced not leaving a crease in my hair! This obviously helps you keep your style and saves your time so your not stuck trying to get a ring around your head out! They are $8 and completely worth it to me!! Grab them HERE, they also have all kinds of different colors so you can match them to your hair!

• Keeping the nasty smells out – hellllooo, the only thing that’ll make me second guess hibachi is that my hair will smell like it for days after! Ever been to a bonfire? Now THATS the worst! Or even just that I’ve been outside all day smell! I’ve done my research & tested some things out that I can tell you totally work and now I am scared to go to hibachi no more!

Here’s the fix : turn that blowdryer on cool, blast your hair for a few minutes, now sprits a little dry shampoo or perfume all over the head (do this sparingly, don’t douse it) and brush it through, again hit it with the cool air for a few minutes, I will also brush through my hair while doing this!

Voila! You’ll be amazed at how well this works! Of course there’s a science behind it, cold opens up the hair cuticle making for better absorption of a different/more pleasant smell!

• Dry Shampoo – I am pretty amazed at how many people don’t try this or want to believe the hype. I was like that at first as well. Buttt, my tune changed once I started to find my perfect dry shampoo matchs & now its probably in my top 5 hair must haves! Spray a little on your roots, tousle with your hands or brush through while blowing it around with the blowdryer that way you are getting it all around your scalp! It’s that easy! This freshens it all up & adds tons of volume if your using the right one! My new obsession is Paul Mitchell’s invisiblewear blonde dry shampoo & you can grab it HERE in your color!

• Keep your hands off – this only makes your hair greasy faster & if you constantly mess with your ends it will make them frizzy & messy looking!

• DON’T overload the hair products – yes, I am a hairdresser. I do have about 483673 hair products at my whim, however, can you guess how many I put in my hair when I get out the shower? 2, maybeeee 3, tops! The only reason it has been 3 lately is because I’ve been getting into using a primer first! Using too many products will only weigh you down & make your hair greasy! Focus on using products for your two main concerns & move on. (Hairspray doesn’t count here).

That’s the low down on a few of my little hair tips & tricks! I hope y’all have a fabulous Monday!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

April 2018 Life Update

Okay – I thought it would be fun to start doing tradition blog posts with you guys! I’m thinking every Tuesday with be Tuesday shoe day? Every 1st of the month I’ll share my monthly must haves & Every 3 months I’ll do a life update to fill you guys in on what’s going on with me, my goals for the month/all the things I’m loving! I’m brainstorming up some more but for the moment that’s all I got 😂

So, here goes the first “Life update”! Let’s do this …

what’s been going on and what’s to come?

So last month was crazy busy & this month is not. I am 100% looking forward to NOT having anything major to do!! Last month I visited Colorado and Boston + New York, while I love vacationing they kinda interrupt the swing of things and it makes it hard getting back in the motion! All that’s on my calendar for this month and next is Hayden’s communion, my best friend Vanessa’s baby Kollins’ baptism and Boston again at the end of may!

I’m excited about this Boston trip because it means my brothers coming home & because we are making it a girls trip with my aunt Renee!

I also have a little hair project I am working on that is pretty exciting & a big deal butttt I’m still tweaking the details so I can’t wait to share with you guys in hopefully a few weeks!

NOLA to do’s for me right now..

I have a few Nola restaurants on my mind right now, I want to get to Turkey & The wolf & bakery bar! OINK,ONIK! I’d also love to make it to French quarter fest one day this year.

Others on my list include some boat days on the lake & I’m craving a Sunday funday in the quarter – I will probably bug Ryan or someone else to do that soon so get ready people if y’all are on my list of besties to bug!

Goals for this month..

Start and finish reading “BODY LOVE“. This is a book I’ve heard tons of things about, it talks about finding your comfortable weight and knowing your body’s do’s and dont’s so that food is not always a constant thought or battle for you! I need a little extra motivation right now and reading a health book always seems to help!

• Extra family time is on my list right now. I have been so slammed I tend to let the days and hours get away from me. I need to be intentional about my time & what’s most important at the end of the day!

• Get my closet more organized #springcleaning

• Finally watch “The Greatest Show Man” I started this the other night but couldn’t hold my eyes open!

• Complete the BBG ( bikini body guide ) on the sweat app! So I downloaded this app and this week is my first week in! It’s a four week program for the first set and continues on to different levels as you become stronger!

Stores that I am loving..

Forever 21 , always a great pick for trendy and inexpensive clothes! American Eagle , okay NEVER would I have thought this was on my list. It totally is, their summer stuff is SO CUTE right now! Trust! Free People , this is an expensive problem but I can’t help it!

Blogger that inspires me..

Emily Gemma. I’ve been following her for years! I am obsessed with her style & closet, although I can rarely afford everything in it! I also really love her style of blogging and how she is just SO real with her followers + she is really good with stories and lets you into her daily life! Check out her blog here.

Last movie I saw that’s worth talkin’ about…

Coco, I watched it on the plane on the way to Boston. I am aware that I am 29 but I am a sucker for a good Disney movie! The story behind this was so cute & is all about following your dreams even if your not doing what everyone thinks you should be!

That’s it for my first official life update post! If you guys want to shop anything in this post, like that body love book, scroll down to the slider & it’s all there! Just click the arrows 🙂 I hope you all have a fabulous Thursday!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

📸 : Nina Celie


spring cleaning : body style

Hey y’all!! I’m officially back from our tip and am working on getting back in the swing of things! Why is that always so tough after a vacay!?

I know one thing, it’s officially time to get my ass in gear! LITERALLY! Starting Monday I’m getting back in the mode of eating right & starting a new workout program! I am pretty good at getting in the gym every morning butttt my eating habits lately have not been my best! I tend to have free for all’s when I know “oh I’m on vacation” or “oh we have this and this going on so there’s no point in making the good choice now if I’ll be cheating then”.

Anyway, as I’ve gotten older I know what works for my body and what doesn’t. It’s just getting the willpower to hunker down and do it! I have the type of body that I could go to the gym 4837363 times a week and that doesn’t help! It’s allll what I put in my mouth and I have to be really dedicated and accountable to knock the 5 pounds off! It’s the first few weeks that really suck getting into that habit, but once I get over the hump I’ll do pretty good!

I’m posting today to share one simple little trick that always works when it’s time for me to get in gear and helps get me excited about!


yes this is totally stupid and materialistic but it’s the truth & I’ll own it! Here’s a list of a few things I’ve recently purchased and want because they are cute and will put me in a good mood when it’s time to workout or eat right in cute yoga clothes!

Jump rope | $8

Sports Bra | $15

Leggings | $22

Tank | $12

Leggings | $22

Sports Bra | $12

Flower Water Bottle | $20

Sports Bra | $14

Leggings | $19

Lace Up Leggings | $24

Sneakers | $80

Leggings | $19

Sports Bra | $14

Leggings | $22

Cute workout accessories, a fun new water bottle or a matching workout set will almost always do the trick for me! I’m obsessed with that pink jump rope and can’t wait to skip the mornings away 😂

Send me your well wishes come monday! If y’all have any fun tips or tricks y’all use to get motivated send them my way!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

Girls DATE!

okay, soooo – is it just me or does anyone else feel like socializing with our girlfriends ( or really anyone ) here in good ol’ New Orleans pretty much consists of eating food?! Pahaha! I feel like anytime me and one of my friends get together it’s planned around food! It’s funny because when I’m trying to diet I end up being completely unsocial because I won’t leave the house to go to dinner!

Now your probably thinking just have some self control and go eat with your friends. BUTTTT, I don’t & then that would defeat the whole point of this post!

The other day I met up with my friend Katie. We used to work together & she actually used to babysit me (which we now think is funny because she’s technically only like 3 or 4 years older then me I think, but she was basically there to watch my brother seth who was a psychotic little child and I couldn’t handle him, so, I’d be peace out I’ll be riding my bike around the streets if you need me). Anyways, She’s getting into this whole blogger thing too & with both of us trying to make it in the big blogger world we thought it would be fun to get together and takes some pictures! (P.S.- check her out & giver her a Instagram follow)

Let me just tell you, we had SO much fun! We ran from place to place obviously taking pictures but it was honestly pretty cool to check out some of the new things downtown even if it was just to pop in and move along! We maybe might have ate ice cream but it was totally for picture purposes!

It got me to thinkin’ why not do different things like this with my girlfriends all the time!?

I brainstormed and wanted to share a list of a few ideas I have to save you from eating with your friends pahaha!

• Plan a half day to check out new things in your city

Even if something’s on one end of the city and somethings on another hop in the car and check some things on your list of things you want to see off or even stroll around if it’s a pretty day!

• Clothes swap

Bring some things over to your friends house and swap! Obviously clothes you’ve already worn and are over! Maybe she likes a shirt and you like a dress! Swap em’ out!

• Movie Date

Every month me and my friend Mel try to go see a girlie movie that we know the boys obviously wouldn’t be into! We always have fun & this is so simple and easy to plan!

• Have a beauty night

Head to one of each other’s houses and try out some beauty masks or different beauty products you’ve been wanting to try!

• Get crafty

Pick a craft you both like and get to makin’. Think of something like D.I.Y. painted wine glasses or tumblers!

• Meet for mani’s + pedi’s

This is always a good option that’s easy to plan as well! Pick your place and meet up!

• Wine & cheese night

Head to someone’s house and do a wine & cheese tasting! I mean whoooo doesn’t love cheese? And wine actually?!

if y’all have any other ways y’all bond with your sistaasss leave them in the comments below!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

📸 : Nina Celie


New York, New York

Hey y’all! It’s Thursday! Yay for that!!! I’m excited about this weekend because we are having a crawfish boil and ry makes the BEST crawfish!!! Other then that we are laying low because next weekend we’re on to another vacation! Boston + New York!

Now, here’s the kicker & why I’m writing this blog post … we have a DAY in New York! Literally flying in at about 7:00 AM and hopping on a plane back to Boston at 11:30 PM.

I have been to New York and have to say my opinion of it is a little unlike the general public’s … I feel like everyone LOVES it. Me? Ehhhh, I could never go again and be totally content. I’m a BEACH girl! I like sunny vacays where I get to lay around and be in and out of the water! New York to me is just a bunch of sight seeing + shoppin’ and let’s be honest by now y’all know I don’t need New York to shop … I’ll do that any and everywhere!

Ryan’s excited because he’s never been so my goal for this day is to really see anything he is SUPER into seeing/doing and to eat at 3 REALLY YUMMY PLACES!!

So, I need to know, what are some of y’alls

New York MUST DOES & MUST EATS? Comment below and share them with me!!!

Looking forward to reading about all of y’all a favorites!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

📸 : Krista Cheramie
Shout out to my good friend Krista for this pic and lots more to come! I’ve known Krista for about 8 years now. We met when H2O was doing honey bee hair, she was good friends with one of my best friends Michelle and she’s kinda stuck with me since that 😜 Shes the cutest little momma & one of the sweetest girls I know because she’s always thinking of others! In the mix of her busy mom life she’s an amazing photographer so if anyone needs their photos taken, shes your girl!