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All The Gift Guides

Yay! It’s Saturday! Finally posting ALL my gift guides besides two, mine & Ryan’s (working on that now as we speak! It’ll be up this week!).

Scroll down to see all the different ones – for the fitness fanatic, the cozy girl, kids, the BRIDEE & even your momma!

Hover over the item you like and click it to be brought to the place you can purchase!

Hope y’all are having a fabulous weekend!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

Game Night

Happy Friday y’all! With all the holiday craziness sometimes you gotta step back & make a little extra time for the fam!

Last night me and hayd had a checkers competition and I got to thinking, let me share some of our favorite games with you guys!

Family game night is fun, of course there’s sometimes sore losing & cheating (only on me and Hayden’s part! Ryan always plays fair 😂🙄) but it’s still fun to get together and spend time with no electronics!

Sharing some of our favorite games in the slider below! … andddd a new game I want to get for Christmas under that!

Reindeer Antler Ring Toss | $12

How fun does this game look for holiday get togethers?! I bet it’s freaking hilarious! I am about to order it!

Happy game night!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae


Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide

Happy Thursday guys! It’s time for another gift guide! This stocking stuffer gift guide has tons of goodies! Posting a little bit about some of my favorite picks from this list below the collage!

Blue Light Screen Protective Glasses • everyone needs these! we’re all staring at our phone all day, so at the end of the night I love to pop these on when I’m working on the blog or watching tv! These are also SUPER CUTE, the gold frame makes them fashionable & anyone would love these in their stocking!

Makeup Wash Away Gift Set • love this! Again, something every girl teens and over can use! The black wash clothes help to not ruin nice ones & I love the headband to hold your hair back!

Drybar Dry Shampoo • one of my favorite dry shampoos! I carry the travel size in my purse!

Tart Contour Palette • great stocking stuffer for anyone! Plus it’s only $20, great price!

Amazon Echo Dot • you cant beat this price! We love our echo because you can tell it to play music, and ask it questions about anything! We have it in our kitchen/main room, so convenient when cooking!

Happy stocking stuffer shoppin’

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

Beauty Queen Gift Guide

Happy Monday y’all! Publishing some new gift guides this week!! This one’s up first!

If your a new reader, all you have to do is hover over the item you like, click it, and it’ll bring you directly to the item to purchase!

Look out for more through out the week!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

The Morning Routine!

Y’all!! Is it just me or does the cold weather make getting out of bed a killer!? I AM STRUGGLING!!

Here’s the truth – at the moment I am so totally overwhelmed. The wedding has me crazy overwhelmed, the blog takes up a lot of time that I still haven’t quite figured out how to balance, and Ryan’s wedding present is taking up some time too!

But I gotta pull in the reigns and get it together! This week I’ve started to try to wake up about a hour earlier just to try to get stuff done. My main goal is to eventually get working out and blogging done in the morning so it frees up my time with my family in the afternoon or so I’m not up till midnight trying to get it done and then stuck not being able to wake up!

Here’s some things I ALREADY do to make my morning routine go smoothly and some things I am STARTING to do!

1. Prep for your morning, the night before!

I always, always, set out my clothes the night before. ESPECIALLY if I have a workout plan! This give you nothing else to do but hop out of bed, brush your teeth, throw your clothes on, and go! It’s it’s not a workout, I still set my clothes out for work out at least something that gives me an idea of what I’m wearing!

2. Make a list.

I always have a list of things I need to/try to accomplish everyday. This just gives you a clear vision of what your day needs to look like!

3. Get excited!

Always pick one thing to be excited about that day! Shoot, even if it’s what your having for lunch or dinner! Starting your day off with a good thought can always help!

4. DON’T press snooze.

Something I am currently trying to work on! Tonight I am putting the phone further from me, so I’m forced to just get up!

5. Don’t have a mindless morning!

How many times can I count that I’ve spent way to much time in the morning scrolling through stupid stuff on my phone?! Before you know it you look up and you’ve wasting 30 minutes looking at Instagram memes! What the heck!! Lately I have been intentionally doing things on my to-do list first thing in the morning and then jumping into getting ready with my phone away from me! Guess what? Bet you finish your make-up a billion times faster!

6. Always make the bed.

Maybe this is a personal preference!? Making the bed just starts the day off right pahaha! I don’t know, there’s something about it making the bedroom feel clean/put together & coming home to that as well that puts me in a great mood!

Like I said I’m still working on perfecting some of these things! But when I follow them to a T it sure makes for a better start!

Obviously you have to be realistic about setting your morning goals too! At the moment I am currently starting to try to wake up at 5 AM but I have been for the most part always waking up at 6:30. I know magically waking up a whole hour and a half earlier won’t happen, so I’ve been weaning myself into it by doing like 30 minute increments!

Do you guys have any special morning routines or tricks that make waking up earlier a breeze!? Share them with a sista!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

Gift Guide for the Jetsetter!

Morning y’all! Here’s the next gift guide! It’s all for the girl you know that’s always traveling! Or maybe even just for yourself!

There’s a few things that Stand out on here that I want to talk about! Scroll below the collage to see my favorite picks!

Hover over and click the image to be taken directly to the product to purchase/get more details!



3 Piece Hard Case Luggage Set | $149

If you’ve followed along you’ve heard my rant on this! I absolutely love and 100% think this is worth the money and a good buy! Hard case luggage holds up a million times better and lasts longer than others!

Leather Patch Tote | $160

How cute is this for a travel tote? And ummmm, its a fabulous Louie dupe i’d say! For a FRACTION of the price! I absolutely love my Louie especially when I travel! It’s the best to throw literally everything in! When I saw this I HAD to tag it for y’all because I knew y’all would love it!

Tavel Passport Wallet | $15

Me and Ryan invested in one of these this year! (Well not really invested because it’s like under $20 pahaha). It was a fabulous idea because it keeps all your stuff in one spot and your not digging all over your purse to find important papers!

3 Piece Travel Organization Bags | $30

Love these! A smart way to keep everything in one spot and not having it fly all over your luggage!

Let me know if you guys have any questions!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

Under $25 Gift Guide!

Hey y’all! It’s officially gift guide time!!! Starting off with a simple one! Everything on this is $25 and under! These are all great ideas for secret Santa, coworkers, friends or even family!

Hover over the item and click it to be brought directly to the link to purchase!

Getting started with other guides for yall asap!

xoxo, Chelsey Rae

2019 Planners

Happy Tuesday y’all! Now that shopping is over and we are all poor I thought it would be smart to move on to planners! A.K.A. So I can schedule all my work and make all my money back 😂🤦🏼‍♀️ lawddd haha!

Anyway – If you know me, or have followed along for a while, you know a planner is CRUCIAL for my life!

I can’t function without one. It makes me stay on track during the day/weeks and is a good way to lay out all the things or goal you need to accomplish!

I love the planners that have a monthly view + a weekly view! I need alllllll the room!!

Sharing my picks below + my exact planner I got this year! … I normally stick to the “sugar paper” brand because I love their lay out. The one I got this year I LOVE the cover but when I opened it I was sad that it doesn’t have tabs! I’m keeping it but won’t do one without tabs next year!

Listing them below with a view of the inside as well!

Desk Planner | $34

This is the exact planner I got!

Agenda with pen | $24

12 Month Spiral Planner | $26

Flax Dot Planner | $34

Rose Gold Planner | $30

Spiral Dot Planner | $20

I also am tagging a few Erin Conrad ones because I hear those are AMAZING! Linking the covers I like next and below those are photos of the inside of the planners, they also have monthly & weekly views!

Leopard Life Planner | $38

Floral Planner | $42

Lux Life Planner | $45

Everyone loves these because they come with cute stickers and offer lots of different options to help keep you organized in the way that best fits you!

Happy Planning People!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Picks & Promo Codes!

Ahhh I am on major anxiety shopping mode today pahaha! We got a ton of stuff for the house that we need & a ton of clothes! The deals are just too good to pass up!

I’m sharing some of my favorite stores promo codes and picks that I purchased/liked below!

Ill be updating this through Monday for you guys!!


BOOHOO | 60% off

Old Navy | 40% off sitewide

Express | 40% off sitewide

MADEWELL | 25% off with code “DEALWITHIT”

AMERICAN EAGLE | 40% off everything

FOREVER21 | $30% off everything

Pottery Barn | 25% off Sitewide

H & M | $30% off everything

Macy’s | up to 70% off

NORDSTROM | up to 60% off

Abercrombie | 50% off sitewide

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

Holiday Family Photo Styling

Hey y’all! Happy Saturday! I know a lot of us are starting to take our family holiday photos so we can get our Christmas cards sent out!

Is it just me or is it always kinda a mini stressful ordeal?! Your like ahhhh what do I wear, wait what do they wear? What about my hair and makeup? Where will we do it? Will everyone behave? The list continuessss….

I can’t answer all those but I can help you out with one thing that makes your photo PERFECTION!


Everything’s gotta blend! For these pictures I brought my outfit upstairs to Hayden’s closet and then both of ours back downstairs to Ryan’s haha. I laid our clothes out and picked out what looked most pleasing to the eye!

I put together a few color palettes for you guys to make it easy and have a few little tips!

• They say to pick 1 – 2 main colors (for example mine was pink) and then make the rest of the colors neutrals – denim, white, Tan (khaki), Gray, black.

• It doesn’t have to be the same shade of the color if you have a few people wearing it, just stick within that same color family.

• Balance it out. Don’t ALL wear yellow shirts if your color is yellow. One person wear a yellow shirt, maybe one wear a yellow hat, etc. you get the drift!

• Accessories can help incorporate the color too! Think earrings, belts, shoes.

Here’s color palettes below! If you see a blue or tan, think denim, khaki, or gold!

(I’ll also be linking my exact outfit at the end of this post)

(This is the exact color scheme from our picture for example … Hayden’s Gray Shirt, my white sweater, my pink pants, Ryan’s dark denim jeans and his white shirt)

Think of that with the ones below. Just buy clothes to match the colors.

Let me know if I can help y’all with ANYTHING! I loveeee styling and would LOVE to help!


XoXo, Chelsey Rae