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Makeup Favorites

Happy Tuesday y’all!! I have been wanting to do this post for a while but haven’t gotten around to it! I get questions about makeup a good but which is funny because I literally have NO CLUE what I’m doing or the right way to do it! I do a pretty basic makeup job but I guess it gets the job done and works for me so that’s all that matters right haha!

Listing my every day things below with a description, but before we get there I also wanted to take a second to talk about a local makeup line that I love! Ashley Sievert Beauty is a line created by one of Nola’s very own! Ashley has had her business for a while now and she truly delivers a great product + she is super sweet and will help you out with absolutely anything, from helping you find your right shade to telling you where she found her swimsuit! She is a gem!

I use a number of her products that I will list below & im filling you in on all this because her annual sale starts TODAY! The sale is in studio April 30 – May 2 (10-4:30) and the online sale will be May 3-8. Her studio is located at 3331 Severn Ave. Suite 204 , Metairie, LA 70002. Products will be 25% – 50% off, aka this is an amazing time to stock up! You will not regret!!

Okay, let’s get started! By the way – I’m not listing thing in any particular order, just listing all my favorites!

spotlight Highlighting Concealer | $30

I put a dab of this under both eyes and use my finger or pouf to pat it out! this stuff is ABSOLUTELY MY FAVORITE MAKEUP PRODUCT! This under your eyes goes a long way, it gives you a bright and awake look, something that I think makes you look younger in a sense! This goes last after I have done all my makeup!

Tartelette Toasted Eyeshadow Palette | $39

Love the colors in this palette, they are colors you can use for everyday and then take them into the night! So versatile!

Bad Gal Bang Mascara | $25

I have been using this mascara for years! It takes a second to get used to the wand but it seriously makes your lashes look amazing!

Ashely Sievert Trophy Wife Bronzer | $35

This bronzer is very pigmented! The color is so perfect and I often put this on my eyes as shadow as well!

Pillow Talk Lip Gloss | $34

Have you ever used pillow talk?! It is the most perfect natural lip color! Nothing else to say haha! It’s the holy grail lip color to me!

Becca x Chrissy blush + highlight palette | $46

I’ve loved this palette since the day I got it! The blush and bronzer I usual mix as my blush and the highlighter is great! I put some on my Cupid’s bow and on the tip of my nose sometimes!

Ashley Sievert Press & Pat Pouf | $15

Absolute love the shape of this pouf! If your using ASB glow or spotlight products you use this dry to pat them out under the eye!

Strobe Cream | $34

THIS, has changed the way highlighters work for me! As I said I’m not a makeup pro so I like easy! I use this in the tip of my nose sometimes and LOVE it to highlight my cheek bone! It’s the first thing that made that easy for me! I put a dab on my finger and dab it out over the cheekbone! It makes it feel like I don’t have to worry about blending it, if that makes sense!

Pro Longwear Concealer in NC 15 | $24

My must do always! I put this under my eye in macs lightest color, this is giving you a bright and awake look again (like the spotlight) but not as much as the spotlight. I normally layer them.

Ashley Sievert Velvet Air Brushes | $90

ASB brushes feel amazing! They are so soft and not packed to be super hard like most brushes I try! After using her brushes I will never use another!

– Other Makeup –

A word on some items in the slider above. The brow wiz brow pencil makes it so easy for someone not the best at make up (like me) to apply brows! The pencil is double sided so I usually fill in and use the brush to brush out for a more natural look! The illuminating spf and primer I mix in with my foundation for a more glowy look!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae


Inspo board + Postable

wedding planning has been a killer, but there’s two things that have MAJORLY helped more than you’d think!

One is a DYI and one is simply a website, one that you can use more than just for wedding planning too!

If you’ve followed a long for a minute you know I’m into dream boards. I put together and inspo board for my wedding to be able to lay everything out together to see what it looked like & if it flowed! I printed out things I pinned, pictures of my venue, pictures of what I wanted my flowers on the tables to look like & things we were renting! I cut them out and pasted them on a poster board!! That’s it, instant inspo board! It was just nice to be able to see everything together and made me feel more relieved!

The next thing was this amazing website POSTABLE they give you a link to text your friends and they click the link, write their contact info and you immediately have an address specifically for your special day! This helped tremendously because how many times do you need peoples addresses? It was also cool because we could import them to a spread sheet to do head counts or to have lists printed out if we needed!

Obviously the POSTABLE website can be used for more than just wedding stuff! This can be helpful for everyday use with addresses and what not!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

Bridal Brunch Outfit Details

Hey y’all! Happy Wednesday! Finally posting the details of my outfit from my bridal brunch!!

My sweet friends & momma threw me a fabulous little brunch last Sunday, and it was absolutely perfect! Things with this wedding have been anything but traditional, I told everyone we really didn’t want any party’s or anything like that! We have so much stuff between the two of us, we don’t really need anything else & honestly sometimes all those party’s can be so stressful! The girls throwing me this little bunch was perfect, it was intimate, no fuss & low key! I am extremely appreciative of my “bridesmaids” they have stood by me in all seasons of my life and their constant friendship means the world to me! Also so thankful for each and every one of these girls in my pictures (family & friends) ! They all bring different things into my life & I am so lucky to have their friendship & love!

Anyway, I got a lot of questions about my dress + my hair/makeup!

I curled my hair & my mom pinned it up for me, we both work at H2O Salon & Spa on Metairie road if anyone wants their hair done! Pahaha! My makeup was done by Rita who owns luxury beauty clinic! Click her name and it’ll take you to her page!

Listing my outfit deets below!

white crochet mini dress | $264

I wore a small in this just for reference!

Clear strap heel | $164

I’d go up half a size in these!

Both of these are more pricey than things you’d normally see me list, but it was a special occasion. More so the dress, the shoes are classic and I know I will/have already gotten a lot of use out of them!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

Tula eye balm + Laura Mercier illuminating moisturizer!

Love these two products!

The Tula eye balm has a cooling sensation that wakes you up and helps with under-eye bags! It also has a brightening/highlighting effect, giving you a bright and awake look! It can be used under + over foundation & throughout the day as a refresher!

glow and get it eye stick | $28

The Laura Mercier illuminating tinted moisturizer is great to wear alone on days where you don’t need to wear a ton of makeup or it’s great for mixing in with your normal foundation to give a more glow-y or dewy look! It also helps make your foundation have a less heavy feel! It is on the more pricey side, but it lasts a very long time because you use it very sparingly!

Illuminating tinted moisturizer | $46

I have it in the color “natural radiance”

If you guys have any questions, feel free to ask!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

My Wedding Save-The-Date With Basic Invite!

Hey y’all! I’ve been so excited to get this blog post out! I found the cutest website to order invites for all types of events and I couldn’t wait to share it with you all!

Over the years I’ve had experiences with all sorts of invitations, from the custom made ones that break the bank, to the easiness (or not so easiness) of Etsy designs & print outs. Invites can be so stressful/expensive and really, they shouldn’t have to be!

I knew for our wedding I wanted to do a easy save the date & invitation but that I wanted it to be a little different than anything I had ever done! I had seen on Pinterest a certain type of invite that had caught my eye & I knew that’s exactly what I wanted to do.

I wanted a vellum type invite. I knew it had to be expensive so I searched the internet finding all sorts of things that would break the bank. I explained to Ryan what I was looking for and of course in two seconds he finds it. He shows me this gorgeous clear invitation that is actually super affordable. Did you really find that? That’s not real I said, too good to be true! His response was yes it was and he forwarded me the website.

The website was BASIC INVITE , I pulled it up and immediately fell in love, like with everything haha! It was EXACTLY what I was looking for!

Their website not only has Wedding save the dates and wedding invitations, they have announcements, wedding favors, photo cards, stationery, wedding websites, stuff for graduations, & baptisms! + almost everything on their website is 100% customizable, with colors, moving fonts around and so forth!

Picking out/customizing my Save-the-dates & wedding invites literally could NOT have been easier!! We pulled it up, filled in our info, customized it to our liking, and the BEST part, ORDERED A SAMPLE! … y’all, having this option was amazing! As I mentioned we wanted something vellum looking, basic invite offered both a clear & frosted option, so we ordered a sample of both! This was so nice because they came in quickly and we got to pick which one we loved more! The clear was pretty, but we felt the frosted let the text come through a little better since we were sticking with white!

Our save-the-dates came in and were perfect! We loved them so much that we went with the same type for our actual wedding invites as well! These were so easy because basic invite also offers FREE envelope addressing and seal & send envelopes! They also have tons of different color envelopes (even foil options) & liners, I love this because it can give your invites a special touch!

They just made making both my save-the-dates and wedding invitations a complete breeze, which is nice when you have so many other things going on, making decisions here & there and dealing with tons of other things that aren’t that breezy haha!

I also mentioned above that they have wedding favors! Something cool on their website that I thought was really different was their wedding coasters for a favor! They have tons of designs for this and all the colors can be completely customized to your wedding colors! They can even have your photos put on them! Just a cute and different idea!

Check out their website here BASIC INVITE.

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

Perfect 10

I’ve felt compelled to write on this subject lately. I’m not sure why but I guess maybe it’s because we live in a sea of social media. It offers all the places for us to see what (we think) is better than us, more than us, skinnier than us, richer than us, and so on and so forth.

This blog makes me put myself out there, to be either liked & trusted for fashion/lifestyle advice or to just be straight up judged From every angle (or bad angle).

It wasn’t until the past few years of my adult life that I would unfortunately experience the ugliness that people can put out there. People can really pick you apart….my eyes, my nose, my weight, the things I say, the surgery I had that leaves a barely there pull over my right eye, from skin cancer might I add. It’s sick that any of these things could be said in the first place, but thankfully, my momma raised me to be a confident & strong woman – I can take the heat! And really, if someone’s talking about you or being mean and nasty it just means they are THAT unhappy with themselves and their life.

I just say a prayer for people like that, because if someone is noticing little things like that about you, they must be looking pretty hard – and at that point I think you should find something better to do with your time. I’m not a mean hearted person, so I can’t even begin to level with that. I let that mindset go back in my early 20s, it’s not right! Why should any of us want to purposely tare someone else down? Life is hard enough out here haha!!

Social media can have both a positive & negative side that it brings on to our lives and minds. But, you just gotta balance it all out (most of its all smoke and mirrors) & above all, live for you and your life!

I think it’s important to talk about healthy habits to have to be a strong + confident women with positive mind sets about ourselves and our lives! I’m sharing a few things I think are important to keep in mind below!

• don’t compare yourself – comparison gets you no where, and honestly it really is the thief of joy! ALWAYS find the happiness and positivity about where you are in this very moment! we all experience different things at different times and paces. Be happy with that you’ve got too! Someone can have the biggest house, nicest things, & most expensive car but really their life is miserable. You never know! Don’t want what someone else has, want what you have and work towards what you want at your pace!

• be true to you – this one comes with age I think! the longer I’m around the more comfortable I get with myself, who I am, what I want, & what I stand for! At the end of the day YOU & your happiness is what’s most important, because that will help that happiness be a part of all different situations and relationships in your life!

• be supportive of other women – one of my favorite quotes is “empowered women, empower women”, it’s SO true! what’s better than one women? TWO! i love cheering for other girls, I want everyone to succeed and definitely think there’s room for all of us. when you take on this mind set, competition between others doesn’t even exist in your mind, because their is none!

• take care of yourself – self care is good for the soul, I’m convinced haha! do things that make you feel good (and not just the vanity side of it either!) know when you need some extra rest/relaxation, know when you need a girls night, know when you need to pull back the eating reigns and eat some good for your body food! And when you need those things, don’t feel bad about doing them either! In the end, they all contribute to making you feel good, thus, creating a happier you!

• what sally says of Susie says more about sally – plain & simple exactly what this says! Don’t take gossip to heart, confident women take hear-say with a grain of salt! Gossip, rumors, and other people’s insecurities are NOT a accurate representation of you!

• hand out the compliments – my boss Holli actually taught me this, I made it a habit years ago to always try to tell someone I’m talking to that I like one thing about them. To compliment something they are wearing, compliment their clothes, hair, or makeup, their faces always lights up. And you’d actually be amazed at what it does for you as a person too, making other people feel special makes you feel special! I love making others feel good & think every girl can use a little compliment! It might brighten up their day!

• be grateful – I purposely think of things I’m grateful for all day! thinking/speaking gratitude into your daily routine can really open your eyes to all the great & special things in your life!

• admire other women without devaluing yourself – were all guilty of this! i’ll look at another woman all the time and think things like “I wish my waist was that little” & “gee why can’t I be skinny like that”. this is something I know I need to work on. the truth is, my body isn’t made like that, and that doesn’t mean my body is any less fabulous! for all you know the skinny minny your looking at, might be looking at you wishing she had more curves! We all have insecurities, but now matter what shape or size we have to try to be positive and happy about ourselves, and if not – just work towards what we want!

While I write this I don’t have it all figured out, and definitely have my moments of NOT being confident! But all of these things are good to practice in your day to day routine to make you MORE positive, MORE confident, & MORE happy! (I know that’s not the correct grammar but just go with it)

P.S. – your a perfect 10, just the way you are sista!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

📸 : Krista Cheramie Co.


How to Pack for a Ski Trip + how to do Breckenridge!

Hey yall! While up here i thought what a perfect time to do a post on how i pack for my ski trips! A lot of people get confused with what to pack and I used to too! With cold weather & skiing you need to pack A LOT of stuff, once you get it down its super easy! My first year i had like 3 suitcases, now this year, i am rocking JUST ONE! Super impressive yall!

So, with skiing (or just cold weather for me in general, because im a ninny) you need a thermal, a base layer, and then your regular clothes! Plus ALL your accessories – Ski goggles, Hats, Gloves & so fourth!

Im keeping this short so im making sliders below for each section! These are all the thermals, base layers, ski pants, and jackets that I personally wear and own! They have lasted me and I really love them!








Those are all my buys! Now, I got TONS of questions for recommendations while we were there! Restaurants, things to do & bars! This is always a family trip for us, so I don’t have recs on bars lol but y’all know I can supply y’all with some fabulous food recommendations since this girl likes to eat! Naming some of our favorite places to go below and will try to link them!!

I also just want to say before that I/we have skied elsewhere then Breck and really out of everywhere I have been I find this to be the most kid friendly mountain, as well as beginner skiing friendly mountain haha! The runs are not as steep as other mountains I’ve been on, but that’s my personal opinion! (Last year when we went to keystone I think I literally had anxiety every second on the mountain because the runs were so steep, a green felt like a blur to me and blue felt like a black and I cried actual tears like twice 😂)

Anyway, here’s my recs!

fiesta jalisco – our favorite Mexican place to stop and grab a margarita after a rough day on the slopes! (Normally our first day is a rough one because Hayden always has a dramatic first day on the mountain pahaha). Everything is really good here but our favorites are the Corona-Rita’s and the chicken fajitas (they are SO GOOD).

Downstairs at Erics – The best family place to go! Hayden LOVES this place because it’s an arcade! The kids can play while you wait on a table and have a beer, and the food is really good as well! The pizzas are their specialty but they have all kinds of stuff! There chicken wings are our favorite, and even a salad I had was good!

Breckenridge Escape Room – We had a blast doing this just us three! We got locked in a room and had to figure out the clues/find keys to the other rooms to be able to send a flare for rescuers to find us in an avalanche! It was SO fun and Hayden enjoyed it as well! It was kid friendly but would obviously be a blast with a bunch of adults as well!!

Michaels Italian – a must EVERY. YEAR. So delicious! Their lasagna and most pastas are served in a baking dish, everything is so warm and melty and yummy hahah! Their Italian salad is yummy, the garlic bread is so good & I can’t pass up their stuffed shells with Alfredo!

Crepes A La Cart – these crepes are worth a 15-20 minute line you’ll stand in, TRUST ME! I go plane Nutella with powered sugar, bananas & honey!

The Blue Fish Sushi – we stumbled upon this while trying to go to erics for a second time, the wait was 2 hours, so we kept walking down the strip! We were SO glad we did haha! There’s another TERRIBLE sushi restaurant in Breck (located in a strip mall, can’t remember the name) so we came thinking we wouldn’t get sushi. The blue fish blew us away with how fresh and delicious the sushi was! We got a firecracker roll, pick this if you like spice! And a rainforest roll, more of a fresh feel! We also got the family size fried rice which was very good! This place is more on the pricey side, just a heads up! But so worth every last penny! Nothing is better than sooo fresh sushi!

Cool river Coffeehouse – good place for a quick breakfast! All kinds of stuff on their menu, but my favorite is the breakfast burrito or breakfast bowl!

Blue Stag Saloon – delicious wings & burgers! This place looks SO fun for adults when we walk past it at night, a total ski town vibe! The bar and outside around the fire pit is always packed with people!

Mountain Top Cookies – You absolutely MUST go here! These cookies are to die for and are baked JUST right! Crispy edges with oey-goey centers! They have SO MANY VARIETIES, anyone can find something they like here! They even have cookie sandwiches with icing in the middle and they had one that was two chocolate chip cookies filled with edible cookie dough in the middle! Does that sound like heaven or what? My favorites were the hot chocolate cookie + the chocolate chip & salted caramel!

A friend of ours absolutely raved about Hearthstone as an amazing steak restaurant but said it was more on the pricey side. Legends Steak & Italian is somewhere we have gotten steaks from but it was just okay, we have also been to Kenosha which has a variety of steaks, sandwiches, pastas and so fourth but it was pretty underwhelming! Ollie’s Pub has a great menus and is really good and BoLD is a great spot to grab breakfast, which is pretty yummy and not too heavy, that is right at the bottom of the mountain before the lift!

Hope this post is helpful to you guys and if y’all have any questions, feel free to ask me about anything!!!

XOXO, Chelsey Rae

Valentines Gift Guides

Happy Tuesday Yall! Gotta catch a plane, so here’s the official valentines gift guides! Hover over the item you like and click it to go to the website!

XOXO, Chelsey Rae

You Need A Tile!

Y’all, this $19 little white square is a total life saver + game changer 🙌🏽 of course I had to share with you guys! is anyone else always trying to find their keys or phone?! put this little guy on your keyring and download the app on your phone -> if you can’t find your keys, ring them using the app & if you can find your phone, press the silver tile button & your phone will ring! like I said, GAME CHANGER right?!

Tile Mate | $19.99

Trust me, this thing is amazing! If y’all have any questions, ask away!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

2019 Goals

Happy Sunday y’all! I know this is a taddd on the late side but I figured I’d get it posted anyway!! I always share my New Years goals with you guys, and this year should be any different!

I find personally it always helps to get them written down in some form or fashion! It’s nice to be able to lay them all out and look at them in writing instead of just imagining them in your head! It helps you see what they look like and what it’ll take to make them happen! (I know I already made/shared my dream board with y’all, but I still like to do both)

So, without anymore blabbering, here’s my official 2019 Goals!

• Sit back and Relax – 2018 was AMAZING however, it threw a LOT of things my way! All of these things were complete blessings, like getting engaged, my blog really starting to grow, growing more at the salon, and a extra little something fun in the hair world!! But, with all that came lots of stress and myself/my brain being pulled 72636473 miles a minute! When I’m not at work, I’m trying to manage the wedding, the blog, help Ryan with some of his brainstorming with jobs and balance everything at the same time. This year I want to figure it all out and sit back and relax! H2O and hair are always my main focus, and once all the wedding things are figured out that will be less stressful, so come may, I’m excited to be able to just focus on work & the blog!

• Build Better Relationships – this was one of my goals last year and I have to say I really made a point of zoning in on this. This was a big step for me pahaha I’m a major homebody, and after work all I want to do is get home, change and relax! This year I thought myself it wasn’t the end of the world to get out a little more and make a extra effort! It’s important to show your family and friends how much you care for them and enjoy being with them! I plan on stepping this up a little more this year!! I used to sit with my honey on Wednesday’s, now that she has passed I maybe want to make that a day to dedicate to spending with someone else special to me every week!

• Make the travel memories – this has been something I’ve adapted to with Ryan and something I want to continue to do! Getting away is a great reset, even if it’s for just 3 days! Me and Ryan really don’t say no to vacations and it’s something I NEVER regret! You’ll never say damn I’m really regret going on that vacation, I’m so glad I stayed home and worked or I’m so glad my money just sits in my savings. SCREW THAT, book the trip and make the memories! For years I missed so much stuff because I was scared to take off of work, that was miserable and I regretted it/resented work because of! Really I’m blessed that my salon has mellowed out on vacationing rules and to be in a business where as long as my clients are accommodated I’m all good! If I’m not out of town my booty is at work & I’m all good with that haha!!!

• Take shorter baths – y’all this seems stupid, but I literally probably waste half of my life in the bathtub lol! It’s a problem! I stay in there for like two hours sometimes! It MIGHT be dramatic saying two hours, but bottom line I need to get a grip and start setting a get out alarm!

• Make more intentional date nights with the boys – does this make sense? Haha I want to plan more fun purposeful nights with the boys! We used to be so on top of saying okay Friday night were doing THIS together, and so on and so fourth! This year I want to get back into that at least one night out of the weekend! The other two we can fly by the seat of our pants!

• Spend more time in the kitchen – me and Ry already got a head start on this goal before the new year and I have to say we have been SO good with it! I want to continue this! I feel so much better when we cook in the kitchen and know exactly what’s going into our meals & body’s!

• Buy less clothes & be on top of closet raiding – this is hard because part of the blog is buying clothes to sell them of course haha! But, I want to just buy what I need & at least be good about getting rid of the stuff I don’t before I buy more! Want to focus on buying smarter!

• Meet my fitness goal – y’all I still haven’t met my fitness goal from last year! I did during the summer, but of course since then the 5 pounds are back! What’s the holidays for right?! Anyway, I want to get married at my goal weight and really plan on kicking it into high gear after Mardi Gras! Literally my goal weight would be to lose 7 instead of 5 haha but I’ll just take 5! I also want to get into a class and REALLY stick to it till our honeymoon! Please send prayers pahaha!

• Gain more amazing clients & continue to grow the blog – This is always a goal of mine at the salon! Every year I continue to fill my clientele and life with more amazing clients, and I obviously want keep them coming! I also want to continue to grow the blog & want to break into making some major strides! I want to really play off of these two things together this year!

• Save face – this was part of my goal last year, although I was better than before I wasn’t as dedicated as I wanted to be! H2O has tons of amazing skin treatments, facials, & solutions in the skin clinic and I need to be taking advantage of it! I want to start being really dedicated to my face products and getting hydrafacials!

That’s most of my major goals this year, of course I always want to be better and grow more in every aspect! I alway want to be trying to be the best version of me, not only for myself but for everyone around me!

What’s some of yalls goals? If you got some, write em’ down!

Happy late New Year!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae