I’ve felt compelled to write on this subject lately. I’m not sure why but I guess maybe it’s because we live in a sea of social media. It offers all the places for us to see what (we think) is better than us, more than us, skinnier than us, richer than us, and so on and so forth.

This blog makes me put myself out there, to be either liked & trusted for fashion/lifestyle advice or to just be straight up judged From every angle (or bad angle).

It wasn’t until the past few years of my adult life that I would unfortunately experience the ugliness that people can put out there. People can really pick you apart….my eyes, my nose, my weight, the things I say, the surgery I had that leaves a barely there pull over my right eye, from skin cancer might I add. It’s sick that any of these things could be said in the first place, but thankfully, my momma raised me to be a confident & strong woman – I can take the heat! And really, if someone’s talking about you or being mean and nasty it just means they are THAT unhappy with themselves and their life.

I just say a prayer for people like that, because if someone is noticing little things like that about you, they must be looking pretty hard – and at that point I think you should find something better to do with your time. I’m not a mean hearted person, so I can’t even begin to level with that. I let that mindset go back in my early 20s, it’s not right! Why should any of us want to purposely tare someone else down? Life is hard enough out here haha!!

Social media can have both a positive & negative side that it brings on to our lives and minds. But, you just gotta balance it all out (most of its all smoke and mirrors) & above all, live for you and your life!

I think it’s important to talk about healthy habits to have to be a strong + confident women with positive mind sets about ourselves and our lives! I’m sharing a few things I think are important to keep in mind below!

• don’t compare yourself – comparison gets you no where, and honestly it really is the thief of joy! ALWAYS find the happiness and positivity about where you are in this very moment! we all experience different things at different times and paces. Be happy with that you’ve got too! Someone can have the biggest house, nicest things, & most expensive car but really their life is miserable. You never know! Don’t want what someone else has, want what you have and work towards what you want at your pace!

• be true to you – this one comes with age I think! the longer I’m around the more comfortable I get with myself, who I am, what I want, & what I stand for! At the end of the day YOU & your happiness is what’s most important, because that will help that happiness be a part of all different situations and relationships in your life!

• be supportive of other women – one of my favorite quotes is “empowered women, empower women”, it’s SO true! what’s better than one women? TWO! i love cheering for other girls, I want everyone to succeed and definitely think there’s room for all of us. when you take on this mind set, competition between others doesn’t even exist in your mind, because their is none!

• take care of yourself – self care is good for the soul, I’m convinced haha! do things that make you feel good (and not just the vanity side of it either!) know when you need some extra rest/relaxation, know when you need a girls night, know when you need to pull back the eating reigns and eat some good for your body food! And when you need those things, don’t feel bad about doing them either! In the end, they all contribute to making you feel good, thus, creating a happier you!

• what sally says of Susie says more about sally – plain & simple exactly what this says! Don’t take gossip to heart, confident women take hear-say with a grain of salt! Gossip, rumors, and other people’s insecurities are NOT a accurate representation of you!

• hand out the compliments – my boss Holli actually taught me this, I made it a habit years ago to always try to tell someone I’m talking to that I like one thing about them. To compliment something they are wearing, compliment their clothes, hair, or makeup, their faces always lights up. And you’d actually be amazed at what it does for you as a person too, making other people feel special makes you feel special! I love making others feel good & think every girl can use a little compliment! It might brighten up their day!

• be grateful – I purposely think of things I’m grateful for all day! thinking/speaking gratitude into your daily routine can really open your eyes to all the great & special things in your life!

• admire other women without devaluing yourself – were all guilty of this! i’ll look at another woman all the time and think things like “I wish my waist was that little” & “gee why can’t I be skinny like that”. this is something I know I need to work on. the truth is, my body isn’t made like that, and that doesn’t mean my body is any less fabulous! for all you know the skinny minny your looking at, might be looking at you wishing she had more curves! We all have insecurities, but now matter what shape or size we have to try to be positive and happy about ourselves, and if not – just work towards what we want!

While I write this I don’t have it all figured out, and definitely have my moments of NOT being confident! But all of these things are good to practice in your day to day routine to make you MORE positive, MORE confident, & MORE happy! (I know that’s not the correct grammar but just go with it)

P.S. – your a perfect 10, just the way you are sista!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

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