wedding planning has been a killer, but there’s two things that have MAJORLY helped more than you’d think!

One is a DYI and one is simply a website, one that you can use more than just for wedding planning too!

If you’ve followed a long for a minute you know I’m into dream boards. I put together and inspo board for my wedding to be able to lay everything out together to see what it looked like & if it flowed! I printed out things I pinned, pictures of my venue, pictures of what I wanted my flowers on the tables to look like & things we were renting! I cut them out and pasted them on a poster board!! That’s it, instant inspo board! It was just nice to be able to see everything together and made me feel more relieved!

The next thing was this amazing website POSTABLE they give you a link to text your friends and they click the link, write their contact info and you immediately have an address specifically for your special day! This helped tremendously because how many times do you need peoples addresses? It was also cool because we could import them to a spread sheet to do head counts or to have lists printed out if we needed!

Obviously the POSTABLE website can be used for more than just wedding stuff! This can be helpful for everyday use with addresses and what not!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae