Hey guys! With Valentine’s only a few short days away I wanted to share a post all about ways we can spend time with our better halves!

We all know we can get caught up in the hustle and bustle of our busy day to day lives but spending time together doesn’t have to always be a major to do! Making little changes here or there can work some major magic!

Its easy to turn to the normal dinner & a movie scenario but here’s a list of some ways me and Ry spend time together & some ideas I’d even like for us to take on!

• get cookin’

I love getting in the kitchen with Ryan! Whether one of us is running the show or we’re making something together it’s always fun just hanging out it the kitchen with each other! It makes for a good time to get together and chat about your day or anything exciting that’s going on! Plus it’s kinda a good way to accomplish something together, that sounds silly but it’s true!

• play a game

Basically think channeling your inner child! I’m cracking up typing this because I’m thinking, now THIS is something I have to say we are really good at! We obviously play games when Hayds around but we’ll pull a game out just us too as well! It’s fun to have a little friendly competition! We’ll play a board game, pull out a pack of cards or I’ll even try to leave him in the dust on Mario Cart (it’s always the other way around though). Klask is so fun, it’s like a mini air hockey & I love skip-bo!

• break out the bikes

Okay, I LOVE riding bikes in general! Hopping on a bike is a great way to get some outdoor activity in together, and on a pretty day there’s nothing better then getting some sunshine with your best friend! One time me and Ryan road all the way from my house on the bayou to port of call! I will say I wouldn’t recommend a monsoon & bike driving considering I bit the dust on the way home, BUT we had SO much fun & I laughed the whole way home even with my bloody wrist!!

• pick out a show

Um how fun is it to share excitement for the same show coming on every Monday night haha!? This sounds silly but again it’s something small and simple that gets you to unfocus about everything else and hop on the couch together!

• unplug

Talk about or schedule certain times the phone should be off limits. Maybe you’ll both say dinner is a time to stay off the phones. Or maybe for a hour at this time at night or that time. Just an idea! This is something I really try to be conscious of. Although I’m not always the best at it, at least I can acknowledge it’s important!

• get a common interest or hobby

Have one together, or make it a point to be interested in the others hobby! It’s important to have your own hobby as well but being supportive of your significant others or having a common one is a great way to bond & spend time together! Pick a room in the house to redo or a certain goal to reach together!

• hop in bed

Ahh this isn’t going where ya thinkin’ (although that’s important and all too). This is simply what it says. Every night me and Ryan go to bed together! Even if I’m not totally ready for bed, I love to be able to lay with him for a little while and chat before we go to sleep! This was never a priority to me but in the time we have been together it’s just something I have made a thing and I think it plays a important roll in ending our day together! Now once he rolls over I normally get on my phone, do what I’m doing now (blog) or catch up on my emails! I’m not saying there’s never a night I don’t stay in the den and watch a movie or something but I could probably count that on one hand!

• do a chore

Okay, what makes doing a chore better? Obviously doing it with someone else 😂 duh! Maybe I’m a weirdo but I really don’t mind standing in the laundry room with Ry folding some clothes! Or even straightening out something here or there! I think this is always a good thing because your accomplishing something together!

Now obviously I’m just sharing some of my ideas – I am in no way the queen of loveeee, but I do genuinely attribute some of the nature of my relationship to these little habits we have/make!

I’m linking some of our favorite games & things you can use to make your Valentine’s Day special/use to spend time together below in my shop the post slider!



I also wanted to share the cute sweater I have on from TOBI it’s so comfy! I’m linking it HERE for you guys!

If any of you guys have any different ideas or special ways you get your time in together or just fun out of the box things you do with your significant other you have to share with me!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

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