Hey y’all! It’s Thursday! Yay for that!!! I’m excited about this weekend because we are having a crawfish boil and ry makes the BEST crawfish!!! Other then that we are laying low because next weekend we’re on to another vacation! Boston + New York!

Now, here’s the kicker & why I’m writing this blog post … we have a DAY in New York! Literally flying in at about 7:00 AM and hopping on a plane back to Boston at 11:30 PM.

I have been to New York and have to say my opinion of it is a little unlike the general public’s … I feel like everyone LOVES it. Me? Ehhhh, I could never go again and be totally content. I’m a BEACH girl! I like sunny vacays where I get to lay around and be in and out of the water! New York to me is just a bunch of sight seeing + shoppin’ and let’s be honest by now y’all know I don’t need New York to shop … I’ll do that any and everywhere!

Ryan’s excited because he’s never been so my goal for this day is to really see anything he is SUPER into seeing/doing and to eat at 3 REALLY YUMMY PLACES!!

So, I need to know, what are some of y’alls

New York MUST DOES & MUST EATS? Comment below and share them with me!!!

Looking forward to reading about all of y’all a favorites!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

📸 : Krista Cheramie
Shout out to my good friend Krista for this pic and lots more to come! I’ve known Krista for about 8 years now. We met when H2O was doing honey bee hair, she was good friends with one of my best friends Michelle and she’s kinda stuck with me since that 😜 Shes the cutest little momma & one of the sweetest girls I know because she’s always thinking of others! In the mix of her busy mom life she’s an amazing photographer so if anyone needs their photos taken, shes your girl!


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