So, who here hates washing their hair?! I know like at leasttt a 100 people just nodded their head yes to their phone/computer!


Today y’all are in luck though because I am sharing one of my best dirty hair secrets! The quick & easy answer to faking a clean head when your in a super big rush, or let’s face it, just being lazy! #guilty

Now, in the picture above it may LOOK like I’m just trying out a cute new hair style (#topknot) but, in all actuality I’m just about to fake a clean head of hair…

Ready to be mind blown? Here’s my little cheat -> I take all the hair on the top of my head, right before where my head starts rounding down if that makes sense (another way to think of it is by putting both of your pointer fingers a little above your temples and meeting in the back of your head). I put that in a pony (basically a little bigger then what you’d put if you were doing a top knot on your head). Then I take all the rest of the hair hanging out and put that in a low bun on the bottom of my head. I take the top pony out, flip my head over the sink in the bathroom, wet it under the faucet, shampoo, rinse & then take a smidgeeeee of conditioner & put it just on the VERY ends. Once I rinse that I towel dry the top small section I just washed. Leaving the rest of my dry hair still in the small bun. I blowdry all the top that’s wet. Once dry I style my bangs. Take the low bun out and style it as desired!

When you really think about it, what really looks dirty when our hairs dirty? Obviously the top of our head right? Because no one can really see what’s going on in the interior! THAT my friends is the key! Normally our top gets dirty first because we mess with it more! We put our hands through it, fool with our bangs, and if your anything like me constantly try to poof the top with my fingers!

To keep it 100% real with you guys, this chick only washes her hair once a week! Once a week on top of that I normally do this little trick! It’s super easy and is way more convenient in my book especially when you have a head full of extensions!!!

I hope this post changed your life!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae


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