Happy Sunday y’all!! I don’t know about everyone else, but the weather in Louisiana is made for a LAZY Sunday! I’m really excited about today’s post because it’s all about the BLUSH and anyone whose been following knows that’s my favorite at the moment!!

If you’ve read along you’ve known my opinion about the blush trend. I LOVE IT. However, I know it’s going to be short lived. With that being said there are ways I like to incorporate this into my decor without getting crazy i.e. making crazy priced purchases or purchases/changes that would be more permanent. Also, I can’t go crazy because Ryan & Hayden probably cringe at the sound of sight of the word blush at this time and Ryan has said numerous times that blush is not allowed in the house. But even my fool proof tricks for keeping it subtle yet TOTALLY present have still fooled him (okay, he definitely notices I’m pretty sure but he lets them stay there & that’s what matters!)

Subtle things like throw pillows, touches of pink flowers in numerous spots, a throw blanket, a blush vase or even a cute pink book thrown on the coffee table can bring it out in a room! I even have pink salt on display in the kitchen pahaha!

I know a lot of others have been wanting to incorporate this into their decor so I wanted to share some ideas with you guys that you can do and I’ve been doing around my own home!


H&M | $9.99

Urban Outfitters | $49

Bed, Bath & Beyond | $24

World Market | $29

Urban Outfitters | $49

Bed, Bath & Beyond | $24

Target | $29

Pottery Barn | $29

Target | $19

Target | $19


Wayfair | $57

Wayfair | $24


H&M | $24

Shopbop | $20

H&M | $9.99

Kate Spade | $28

Horchow | $55


Dr. Teals | $5

Bed, Bath & Beyond | $5

Goop | $50


I love these cute plates & cups, it would be cute to leave things like this out on the table to pull some pink into the room!

World Market | $29

World Market | $15


I would absolutely LOVE to be able to incorporate a rug with some pink tones in the house, I absolutely know this is not happening however – a girl can dream right?! These pieces would make a BIG statement in a room for a reasonable price. These are things you won’t be sad you spent $200 on 2 years down the road if it goes out! An inexpensive rug or curtains can be easily replaced!

Target | $99

Target | $170

World Market | $29

Target | $69

Wayfair | $44

World Market | $349 (set of 2)

CB2 | $199

Hayneedle | $149

World Market | $699

Target | $99

There ya have it! Great options to adding a little blush to ya life! Almost everything here is pretty inexpensive & will look great in any room! Need any blush decorating ideas? Shoot me a comment or email because I’d LOVE to help! This post was fun for me because I got to shop without really spending money 😜

Xoxo, Chelsey Rae



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