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The perfect stripe cami dress

Hey yall! Hopping on today to share this adorable cami dress I found with you guys!! It’s so versatile & under $30! Scroll down to see why I love it and the different ways you can style it!

This dress is perfect for the winter/spring transition as it can be worn alone or with something light on top! I’m also loving it because it’s the perfect date night or girls night outfit! I can tell you I will style this again with a jean jacket and maybe some white Keds! It’s casual but can definitely be dressed up!

I also want to talk about for a second how much I am loving the whole cardigan trend going on. I have to say I love big cardigans/longline cardigans paired with a tight dress or even a pair of jeans/jean shorts with a cami underneath. Letting one side slide off your shoulder gives it a sexy feel and shows off your shoulder, a part of the arms girls aren’t super insecure about!  I think this look is good and covers you in all the right places basically lol! I’ll totally feel comfortable wearing a tight dress with a cardigan to dinner anyday pahaha!

I chose to pair it with a light cardigan on this particular day because it was freezing haha!! I felt like between the long line cardigan and the stripes that I wanted to do a very simple shoe, one strap heel for the win!

Have I ever expressed my love for one strap heels? They are my GO TO! I feel like they are simple & sexy! Since they have a very thin ankle strap I feel like they are perfect for making you leg look extended! And I think they are the perfect shoe because they can be casual,with a pair of jeans and a sweater or dressy, with a cocktail dress or even super dressy with a gown! I think everyone should have a good pair of these in both nude and black because they are THE PERFECT VERSATILE SHOE!

Sharing the deets below each photo so y’all can shop the product!! Y’all know the drill!!!

Forever 21 | $28

Forever 21 | $38

Forever 21 | $35

Forever 21 | $14

My exact cardigan is sold out but I linked all these similar options for you guys! Also adding a few one strap options in the slider below!


Happy Thursday guys! One more day till the weekend!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

📸 : Nina Celie


Pom Pom Shoes + Beanies

Is this hot weather bumming anyone else out? I’m not ready for this haha! I hate being cold butttt it went from like chilly to straight up 80 degrees in like a week! What the heck!!!

We leave next week for keystone Colorado so I’m over here cold weather outfit planning in the heat!

I am OBSESSED with these Pom Pom shoes! Or really any Pom Pom shoe! These are actually from Target and they have a bunch of other colors as well, plus they are on sale for $13 … yes, you read that right!!! These can definitely be worn into doing and summer if you ask me!

click HERE to snag them

When I saw this velvety Pom Pom beanie I freaked and knew I needed it, because duh! They match! I also am obsessed with this pink teddy jacket but they are all sold out! I’m linking some other options below!

LuLus | $19




Hope everyone has a fabulous Thursday night & that they get their Sam Edelman copy-cat Pom Pom shoes for $13! Pahaha!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae


Tobi picks

Hey guys!! Who’s happy it’s Friday?! Y’all are better off than me because I have one more day to go! The dreaded Saturday at work! Been doing it for years and I’m never not bitter about it!

Today I’m sharing this so cute and comfy sweater dress from Tobi with you guys & also sharing some of my top Tobi picks for the end of winter! Nows time to stock up on cute winter sweaters because lots of places are marking them down!

Scroll below to see all my Tobi picks (some of these are totally in my cart) P.S. they are having a big sale that ends tomorrow!

Tie Blouse | $30

Colder Shoulder Top | $19

Front Tie Sweater | $31

Lace Up Sweater Dress | $31

Off the Shoulder sweater | $36

Bell Sleeve Sweater | $32

Lace up sweater | $32

Cross Sweater Dress | $33

Stripe Sweater | $56

Lace up arm Sweater | $36

Linking my exact dress pictured below

Lace up Sweater Dress | $36

this dress is a pretty perfect length if you ask me! Not too short, or too long!! VERY soft!!!

Happy Friday shopping!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

Mardi Gras’ The Bomb

Mardi Gras may be the bomb but I am a totally DUD at a parade pahaha! Happy Sunday y’all!! I hope everyone that’s parade-ing has lots of fun! But I’ll be staying inside today anyone who knows me knows I am not a huge Mardi Gras fan!

Doing a quick post to share this bomber jacket/hat with you guys & to also shout out to MIA BOUTIQUE on Metairie road because that’s where they both came from! Angie is ALWAYS there to help make great outfit choices & is ALWAYS the sweetest! She is such a doll!!

You can obviously get both of of those there but I’m sharing some other cute bombers below! They are pretty much all from forever 21! Click the links below them to view!

HERE | $37

HERE | $19

HERE | $19

HERE | $17

HERE | $19

HERE | $32

HERE | $15

HERE | $37

HERE | $42

Such cute choices & I love how bomber jackets can look casual and be paired with lots of different outfit options!

Hope you all have a fabulous Mardi Gras weekend!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

Blush + Furry Fringe

Hey y’all! Keeping this post short and sweet! Sharing this outfit I think you guys would love that’s perfect for date night with your boo or girls night out!

I’m OBSESSED with this sweater! I love the fringe hanging off of it and like I always say, I am forever a fan of white jeans!

The exact sweater picture is pretty much sold out at the moment but I’ll keep an eye out for restocking BUT for now I found some FAB maybe even better 😑 alternatives that are JUST like it!

Forever 21 | $49

Also comes in White & Black! SO CUTE!

Forever 21 | $68

Also comes in black.

Forever 21 | $48

Also comes in cream. WANT.

Forever 21 | $48

Cream also.

Sidenote: when I ordered this I originally ordered a large in the sweater because I could tell by the fit that I wanted it to be very big and hangy on me. They canceled my order and I was stuck with the medium. I’ll go into the way I size in a post very soon but just go with me and size up! It’s not as form fitting in you if it’s loser and with the fringe making you look bigger it’s better for it to be way looser so you can tell it’s that and not you!

This is my exact sweater -> HERE is the link $49 but limited sizes!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae
📸 : Nina Celie


Secret Store Share

Hey Now, this may not be a secret but it was to me until I went to Boston a few years ago! So if y’all already knew about it tell me and I’ll know I’ve been living under a rock pahaha!

It’s called UNIQLO and they have tons of cute clothing all for a super reasonable price! I’ve gotten jackets from here for years when we visit Boston because they have puffer vests and jackets for like $49 – $69 that’s pretty good!! Me and Ryan also always stock up on ski goodies because they have these clothes that are made for keeping the heat in & keeping you warm!! These shirts are like freaking $10 so this store is basically the!

The first time I had visited it in Boston about 4 years ago it was just a pop up shop, they basically had set up tons of racks in one of Boston’s most popular shopping destinations and were testing it out! Now they have a two story store there! I also found one in Disney would pahaha! Leave it to me to make time to shop!!!

Anyway, back to the clothes because I’m sure y’all aren’t interested in a history on the store! This zip up is SO CUTE! I love the color and really wanted about 10 different colors but I went with something I knew would match! It’s super warm as well!

I’m sharing this with you guys but am also tagging a few other things I’ve gotten from them! Their puffer jackets/vests are VERY light weight & warm! They can roll up into this super tiny bag they give you which makes them great for packing! I don’t know about y’all but when it’s time for a cold trip it’s like I need two suitcases, one for clothes and one dedicated to jackets and boots!!!

I’m liking all these below so you guys can check them out!!

Fleece | $9

Okay, this is my exact fleece! It’s on sale for $9 and they have VERY limited colors and sizes, if you want this JUMP on it! Also linking a similar option below!

Fleece | $29

Puffer Jacket | $69

I love this jacket, I have two colors & wear them all the time when we are in Colorado or Boston! The white is a good pick because it can match with anything you throw on!

Vest | $49

I have this vest in both this color & pink! They aren’t offering this EXACT vest in light pink anymore but, they still have a pink without the collar! Linking below!

Vest | $39

Those all all the goodies I have! I love them and really think they are a good pick if you heading somewhere cold soon! I also wanted to share some of my other picks that I DONT have but surely wish I did! I’m trying not to cave but I have no self control so who knows, I might own these soon! #someonegetmeanintervention

Down Parka | $69

I didn’t know they made ones with hoods until my friend apple told me! LOVE that it has a hood because snow hair is not fun + I love this rosey color! Drooling over this one!

Vest | $49

Vest | $49

Love both of these colors! They are different & I think they’d be fun to add a little pop of color!!

Everything runs pretty true to size. The only reason I size up sometimes is because I plan to have LOTS of layers underneath. I absolutely hate being cold. I’d rather have to remove layers then be freezing!

My leggings are lululemon & I linking them HERE because I knew you guys would ask!

Hope y’all have a fabulous Tuesday!!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae


Gifting A Unique Wooden Watch for Him this Valentine’s Day ft JORD

Hey y’all! I can’t believe it’s already the end of January! Anybody else feel like that went way too fast?! With that being said, the big Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching!

Lucky for me I’ve collaborated with a unique wood watch company – JORD –  just in Time for Ry’s present to be this super cute watch & to giveaway $100 off a watch for one of y’all to give the perfect valentines gift to your boo, or even you (because let’s be honest, I give myself gifts too)!

I don’t know about y’all but I’m always pretty stumped on gifts for Ryan! I feel like he is always just getting things he wants so half the time I’m like what the heck, he already has everything! A watch can always be a good route to take because it’s something they use everyday & can keep for years to come! When I saw this watch I was excited about it because it’s so different – being that its a wood watch I knew it would give him something to wear on his wrist that not everyone else has! It’s not your norm being that is made of wood & the craftsmanship is stunning! They also can engrave the watch which is always nice if your trying make it a little more sentimental!

The watch I picked for Ryan is from Jord’s HYDE series & is walnut & black, you can find the exact one HERE . I also have to mention that it comes in this really nice box, that Ryan & Hayden both had to admire & smell the inside for like 5 minutes. Of course since Ryan is in construction he’s like obsessed with any smell of good wood! Hayd ended up claiming the box in the end, so after this post it is officially his. Those two together crack me up like no other!

Side note: Jord actually makes wood watches for both men & women in a bunch of different styles & I can’t help but eye a few up myself because we all know I have a shopping problem! The Women’s watches  come in all different colors but I love the light wood ones that are dainty!

Again, these are just so unique & that’s what really draws my attention to them! Now, on to the exciting stuff, THE GIVEAWAY here’s the deal -> All you have to do is click HERE to enter. Everyone who enters gets 10% off but the big winner gets $100 off any watch of their choice! The giveaway ends on 2/11 at midnight, so make sure you enter before then!

Happy Valentine’s Day prepping everyone!!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

Watch Gift Ideas

3 Recent Obsessions

Okay, throwing this post up super quick because 2 things in this picture are restocked & I love them so I think y’all will too!

First off this maybe should have been titled 4 recent obsessions, because I am OBSESSED with Starbucks double chocolate chip Frappuccinos, these things are probably 38366473 calories & have absolutely no coffee in them. A.K.A – this is a child’s drink!

But what’s most important here is the shoes, the makeup bag & the sweatshirt! Y’all, this sweatshirt, I DIE. I live in it! I’m obsessed & im getting a second one in white & one in black! Yes I am aware that I have a problem.

These shoes are just cute and I get tons of compliments when I wear them because they are different then most styles! They are also really well priced if you ask me since they are under $100 & this makeup bag is blush & velvet so we know that’s an automatic I’ll take it from me! The sweatshirt is only $12 & the make up bag is on SALE for like $50!

Linking all theses goodies below! Hope everyone’s having a fabulous hump day!

Adidas | $79

Macys | $52

Forever 21 | $12

Sterling Forever | $84

Couldn’t forget the rings! They are so cute & are 14k gold so they don’t turn your finger ugly green!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae


Seeing’ Stars

Hey guys! I did a story last week with these super cute star leggings on and everyone asked about them! So, as promised here’s the star leggings hookup!

TJ Maxx | $16

Bloomingdales | $96

Charlotte Russe | $5

Saks | $115

TJ Maxx | $16

Old Navy | $16

My exact leggings I got from Nordstrom & they were sold out, BUT I found the links on TJ Maxx. Just not sure how much they have available! I listed other options as well as a cute pink pair from Charlotte for CHEAP! Pink will definitely be something you can carry through into the summer!!

Happy star shopping ladies!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae


All About The Mules

Happy Tuesday guys! Im currently sitting at work during a cancellation and thought I’d take the down time opportunity to share the CUTEST pink slip on mules with y’all! I got these in the beginning of fall and have been waiting to share them! I love mules because they give an outfit a casual comfy look! They look so cute with jeans and a chunky sweater!!!

I’m also banking that a lot of the different slip on mule styles out right now can carry through into the summer! I know these would look just as cute with a white tee & jean shorts over the summer. My official summer uniform btw, haha! It never gets old!

Today I wanted to share these with y’all & a ton of other cute picks incase any of y’all are on the hunt for the perfect pair to add to your shoe inventory!

My exact pair is only available in a 8 at this time! But all these others have tons of sizing options!!

Gianni Bini | $49

Sam Edelman | $91

Target | $19

XOXO | $22

Chines Laundry | $130

Also HIGHLY obsessed with these, by I know summers right around the corner! It is however legit killing me because i can’t deal with how cute these are! Jean shorts & fur mules anyone? Does that sound crazy? I haven’t decided yet!

Okay, so let’s move on from pink! Here are a few other looks & colors I’m into … Pom Pom ones are TO DIE FOR. Gray & light colors I think will carry over into summer perfectly!!

Shein | $32

Aerosols |$59

Rampage | $29

Jeffrey Campbell | $61

Link | $9

BP. | $69

Linking some more similar picks that are in the slider below! Happy to bring y’all some Tuesday mule inspiration!



XoXo, Chelsey Rae