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Baker Boy Hat

Hey y’all! Blogging’ from Boston over here! I’ve sooo been waiting to share this hat with y’all from the second I got it! Okay, I’ve also been waiting to share the shirt too because I love it and it’s so comfy!

I couldn’t seem to get a good picture that I lovedddd enough to Instagram so y’all are just getting the picture on the blog lol! I think I am officially screwed because I am spoiled by Krista’s pictures! She is the freakin bestttt & now when I take a iPhone picture of a outfit I’m like…ew! Why does this look so crappy?! Obviously because it’s not taken on an professional camera. First world problems. I know! But just keeping it real!

Anyway, back to why we’re here! So, I paired my pink hat with a grayish white tie-up sweater tank & some white jeans! The top is supposed to be tight and kinda show your tummy & I didn’t want that walking around Boston so, I sized up! It ended up having a good relaxed fit! I threw on a jean jacket, because Boston is crazy and it’s 60 degrees here (aka freezing).

Baker Boy Hat | $14

Lace-Up Tank | $12

For shoes I went with my coolway espadrilles. YALL, I wore these ALL DAY walking around & they were SO COMFY! I am 110% a fan of these. I literally had no blisters anywhere and at no point did my feet hurt. I want them in every color now. I am officially obsessed with these because of their comfort level, their simplicity & their ability to work with a casual outfit or a dressy casual outfit! For the price of these I’m saying they are a must have shoe! I also think they are age appropriate for everyone!!!

Platform Espadrille | $54

So, if the hat is a little too much out of your comfort zone and this post was pointless at leastttt I brought you good shoe reviews right?! πŸ˜‚πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

App Favorite

Hey y’all! Happy Friday! TGIF for everyone else but me haha!! Today I wanted to hop on and share one of my favorite shopping apps with y’all! I’ve used this app for years and am always very happy with ANY purchases I make, be it clothes, furniture or beauty related products!

The app is called HAUTELOOK. It is a members only shopping app/website that does short sales with all kinds of brands. For instance they will have free people one day, Gucci the next and everything is marked down to about 50/75% off. (P.S. members only just means you need to be logged in to shop, anyone can join!)

I love this because it’s a good way to get DIFFERENT fashion finds for a less expensive price! So it’s not like your at the mall buying a shirt from Macy’s that 373673 other people in the New Orleans area have! HauteLook is owned by Nordstrom so you are getting very high quality pieces that you aren’t normally seeing!

I don’t just use them for clothes either. I have bought numerous items of furniture/decor for my house on this app! A huge discount on furniture or a nice new bed set is always a win win to me! They also have short sales on makeup/skin products too, I love this because I always stock up when they do!!

Plus for all my mommas, wifeys or just sweet girls that like to give gifts they have sections for men and kids/baby’s! I loveeee the baby finds on here for my best friends baby because again, they are different items that not everyone has!

I’ll upload some pictures below just so y’all can see what the app is like! First to chow you how they categorize things and second so you can see the price drop!

The catch here is that these sales will last for about 3 days, so you gotta snag stuff when you see it! I’m pre warning y’all that it’s a addictive shopping app lol! But I am telling you I get some awesome stuff from here!

Happy downloading!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

πŸ“Έ : Krista Cheramie Co


Tuesday Shoe Day

Okay, today for Tuesday shoe day its all about comfort + something that matches with almost anything!

I’m obviously loving a good espadrille right now & these caught my eye because of the simplicity & the low price! #WINNING

Espadrille | $54

These can be worn with jeans, a dress, a romper, shorts … I mean let’s be honest they can be worn with anything! Things like this are good staples to add to your closet since they can be worn multiple times, multiple different ways & are super versatile!

Happy Tuesday Shoe Day People!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae


Let’s Bell Bottom!

Y’all, I cannnn nottttt deal with how great these bell bottoms are! & who doesn’t love a good wide legged jean? I saw them and snagged them in both white and blue!

I’m also here to tell you that these have an AMAZZZZINGGGG price point! Like these are $78 dollars y’all! For a good pair of jeans that’s a steal!

These would be so cute with any type of top!! I really love them with a crop top because they are high waisted, making them not show your belly and it’s a good balance because it creates a short top with a wide bottom! This creates a flattering look!

The shirt that I am pairing the flares with here was perfect to me! It is meant to be a crop top & I loved that it had flare sleeves as well! The material of this shirt is light weight making it perfect for summer. It also will be so cute paired with jean shorts and some cute flats!!

These jeans come in tons of different washes, I’d pick by making them easy to go with something that would match the vibe of your closet or colors you most commonly wear!

Linking both my shirt & jeans below!

Flare Jeans | $78

Ruffle Sleeve Top | $32

Sizing in both of these items were normal to me! The only reason I may size up on the jean (or any jean) is to have a little extra movement in the band (so you don’t get a muffin top)!

Bottom line of this post, bell bottoms never go out of style!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

πŸ“Έ : Krista Cheramie Co.


Gingham Pink Shorts

Happy Friday y’all!! Bringing all the gloriousness (is that a word?) of these adorable pink gingham ruffle shorts to y’all today.

These can’t get any cuter, especially because they are $8.90 … helllooooo, run – don’t walk, to add these to your cart!! Pair these with a cute white top and you are set!

I’m thinking of even pairing them with a white tank and jean jacket for my next trip to Boston!

My off the shoulder button down is from MIA BOUTIQUE on Metairie road. I’m pretty sure she still had some but I’m listing some options below as well!

shorts | $8.90


Button Down | $14

Knotted Top | $20

Both of these tops would match these shorts paired with either a wedge to dress it up or even a white sneaker type shoe to give it a more relaxed vibe! The shorts are more flowy so I definitely think they need to be paired with a top that can be tied/knotted or with a tighter tucked in top!

Hope you guys have a fabulous Friday! I have some super cute stuff coming up in my next few posts so stay tuned!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

The Guide To Shopping Online

Hey y’all! Here’s a blog post to make your Tuesday work day a little better. Hopefully?! I’ve been working on this post for a long time for you guys! Shopping online is something I find is a “love it” or “hate it” type thing for people. More so “hate it” but the most common answer I get when I ask “why?” Is because they are scared of it! “How do you know what size to order and how it will fit” is one of the biggest responses I get when people ask how I mostly shop online!

Now, I’m not kidding you. I buy 97% of my wardrobe online. I HATE going to the mall. I HATE feeling rushed while I’m shopping & I hate being bothered/pressured when I’m shopping! Online shopping on the other hand is a dreammmm πŸ˜‚ I can do it on my sofa for 6363637 hours, not be rushed, pressured, or bothered! I also tend to think more rationally because I can let stuff sit in my cart while I shop around!

This post is here to help make YOUR online shopping experience just as fabulous!! I’m sharing a few little tips and tricks I use that make 98% of my online buys a win! Since I’m a pro, I’ve learned some things over the years! Let the tips begin …

β€’ Keep your measurements handy

Pull out your tape measure & write your measurements down! I keep them typed in the notes of my phone so they are always there anytime I need them! Now I’m actually surprised by how many people don’t even know how to measure themselves so I’ll post some tips below! I always measure myself with just underwear and either no bra or an unpadded bra to make sure I’m getting the most true measurement!

β€’ Check out their sizing guide

So, THIS is where those measurements come into play! When buying online always check out the website you are ons size chart! By now we all know different stores, run different sizes! Check out the size guide and compare its measurements with yours!

β€’ Compare on the model

Okay – I have gotten really good at this & I find it helps so much! Most websites now a days will tell you what size the model is wearing in the picture details! They will list her height & a small, medium, or large! This is so helpful! If your looking at dress but are wondering where it will hit, check out where it hits the model & compare to where that means it will hit you! If I feel like a top looks short on a model, I know that won’t flatter me, so in situations like these I will size up! Or, if I think it makes a model look more fluffy then she really is, ill size down because I know it will just do the same to me!

β€’ If you have time & are unsure – SIZE UP!

Anytime I have an event coming up, if I’m a few weeks out and am unsure of what size to order, I will size up! I’d rather order a little big and have it fitted by my seamstress then have no outfit at all or to be in a outfit that’s too tight & not flattering!

β€’ Read through those reviews

This is the most helpful thing! Most websites have reviews listed for items of clothing your looking at! I try to read a few good and a few bad to make my choice of wether or not it’s a buy! Most of them have a place where people will fill out their height, weight, & normal size + what size they bought and you can compare yourself to that as well! Sometimes someone your height and weight may say “this was too tight for me” or “loved where this length hit my legs” this all helps when trying to decide what will look good on you!

β€’ know what sizes work where

I also keep a note of this in my phone. If I’m always a medium in dresses at forever 21, a size 4 in loose dresses or a 6 in tight dresses at ASOS, I have it written in my phone! This makes it a no brainer when I go to make other purchases because I already know what did or didn’t work for me!

β€’ size doesn’t matter

Okay this goes for online shopping & real life! We’ve all been there. I’m ordering this 27 in jeans because there’s no way I’m wearing a 28. Whatttt? Then I get home and wonder why I can’t wear a crop top with my jeans because I have fat rolling over the sides! HELLO! This is just making everything look worse! Listen, I’ll order a Small in one shirt and a large in the next because it’s not about the size it’s about how something is going to fit and compliment your body! No one knows you bought a 28 instead of a 27 and it’s probably more flattering because it fits right! Go with the size that fits your body!

That’s pretty much my ordering online spiel! If you guys can think of anything I may have left out or have any other questions about ordering stuff online comment below or email me! But I think I covered them all!

Happy future online shopping! Hope this helps!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

Tuesday Shoe Day

Hey y’all! Happy Wednesday.. yes, I slacked on my Tuesday shoe day but with good reason! I did my research and put together the ultimate summer espadrille shopping guide!

This summer is all about the espadrille trend and I’m all about it too! I’m into the flats, the slip ons & of course the classic wedge!

So, let’s get into it! Here are some favorites I have & are doing my best to get into my closet! Prices vary but a good pair of wedges are always worth the dough!


Nordstrom | $119

I have these & I love them! So comfy! The color matches with all kinds of things & they can dress up a outfit or dress it down!

Dillard’s | $79

Dillard’s | $39

Ahh I want these in gray so bad!!! They look like they would match lots of clothes and would look so cute with jeans, shorts, or a dress! Plus, the price is a real winner!

Target | $32

Dillard’s | $89

I absolutely love these and am getting them for work! I love a one strap shoe & these look super comfy!!

ASOS | $42

Zappos | $89

I love BOTH of these!! I think the jean color is so cute & the floral is THE BEST! I’m obsessed! A great shoe to go for a different look!

Dillards | $79

Zappos| $59

ASOS | $40

Dillards | $89

Including this pick because these are so popular this year! They look so cute on everyone!! They come in a wedge or a flat!


Dillard’s | $80

Dillard’s | $99

Blue | Pink | $79

I love these! They are so freakin cute! What else can I say?! WANT!

Nordstrom | $99

ASOS | $32

Including this two pack because it’s a STEAL and I love the white, will match everything & can take any outfit and make for a relaxed casual look! I also LOVE the crawfish ones because, duh, Louisiana!!!

Target | $19

American Eagle | $29

OKAY, not a gigantic fan of these but I know a lot of people are. The only thing that makes these okay to be on my list, (because I am completely against Birkenstocks) is that they are metallic gold & espadrille! Case closed!

Zappos | $62

ASOS | $40

LOVE THESE! so cute & different! Love the tie-up ankle & the floral detail! Price point is a winnnerrrr!

Zappos | $109

That’s my espadrille picks y’all! Filling a slider below with other options as well that caught my eye!


Happy summer shoe shopping!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

πŸ“Έ : Krista Cheramie Co.

Floral Polka Dots

Let’s brighten up our Monday with this gorgeous under $40 dress shall we? πŸ˜‚ okay, so today in New Orleans is GORGEOUS – it doesn’t really need brightening up! But still!

I had a few events coming up that involve classy dresses so I went on a hunt for a few that I’ll be sharing with you guys over the next few weeks!

I wore this dress to Hayden’s fist communion and I thought it was perfect for church since it had a higher neck line. It’s not too short and I loved the mix of the blue polka dots & pink Flowers! I also love the little details of the ruffles on the sleeves, chest area & on the bottom!

This is a VERY light weight fabric so it is perfect for summer events. Maybe as we get more into the HOT summer months I’d obviously reach for this for a night time summer outdoor wedding. Or again for something in a church setting!

I purchased this dress from ASOS in a us size 6. I could have gone for a 4 if I wanted to create a more fitted look. There are definitely some places this could have been taken in just to explain to you guys for sizing reference!

Linking the dress HERE for you guys!! I paired it with a blush ankle strap heel but this would look so cute with an espadrille or a tan or even navy heel!

Be on the look out for some more cute summer dresses headed your way & everyone have a fabulous Monday!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae


πŸ“Έ : Krista Cheramie co.

blushin’ jeans

Hey y’all! Keeping today’s hop on short and sweet because, duh! It’s Saturday! And my days been a little crazy, started with Hayds first communion, (he was such a little cutie up there on the alter acting like a angel πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‚) then I headed to work in the monsoon that this beautiful Saturday has brought us, and later tonight we’re going to melting pot to celebrate some more!

I wanted to share these jeans with y’all & the similar pair I found because they are on sale! I’m also sharing this cute too because it is flattering for all body types and is definitely a staple summer piece! It is a little pricey but it’s versatile so it can be worn casual or dressed up creating lots of outfit options!

Madewell | $54

Here I’m pairing the shirt with blush colored jeans I found at Abercrombie! I can’t believe I’m saying this but I think I have a new found love for Abercrombie jeans! I absolutely LOVE how these fit, I love the cut & where they are hitting me in the leg! These were a overall win for me! I am normally a 27 in jeans but sized up to a 28 because, ABERCROMBIE, need I say more? Anyway, I am also linking a pair I tried on at American Eagle that I almost got before these stole my heart! Both were a great fit but the American eagles have more of a jean legging feel!

Abercrombie | sale $44

American Eagle | $37

My hair scarf is also from madewell im linking it below the photo but want to say how much I am loving this trend! It’s so in and it’s a great way to spice up your hair style without having to change anything! This is a fun way to add an extra accessory to a look & for $12 I’ll take it!!

Madewell | $12.50

And that about sums up my fit! I hope everyone has a fabulousssss Saturday night and a relaxing Sunday!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae


Shoot for the stars … and good ice cream!

Here we are! Middle of the week! Amen! Hope everyone’s week is going fabulous! I’m hoping on to share this HOTTTT sheer blush star bodysuit! Jezzz! Say that 3 times fast!

So, I got this body suit months ago and have been waiting to share with y’all!!! It’s sheer so it’s perfect for summer & it can be worn with a ton of different things! Jean shorts, jeans, a cute summery skirt! I’m thinking of endless possibilities haha! You can also obviously pair it with heels or a cute white sneaker to dress it down with shorts! Ummmm, plus it’s $10. Your welcome!

Forever 21 | $10

It’s on sale today and some of the sizes say low stock so I’d scoop it up if you love it! I don’t know how others personally like how their body suits fit but, I like to size up so I feel not so tight and more comfortable!

Also, those photos were taken at Drip Affogato Bar in New Orleans! The ice cream was SO GOOD (i’ve been wanting to go back) but apparently they pour coffee over their ice cream and it’s supper yummy too. I’d believe it if I didn’t think coffee was the grossest thing ever! πŸ˜‚ just keeping it real!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

πŸ“Έ : Nina Cecilia