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Studded Booties on Sale

How cute are these guys?! They are SO comfy too, more comfortable than I thought because most peep toe booties are not!

I don’t know if y’all can tell from the picture (I tried) but they have the smallest little studs all over them! I have a feeling these will be my go to during fall because the color makes them be able to be paired with a ton of different stuff & looks!

Dainty Studded Bootie | $80

These come in both black and a tan color. Sizes are LIMITED so run, don’t walk to add these babies to your cart!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

Tennis Skirt Tuesday

I should totally title this tennis skirt poser, because I definitely don’t play tennis! … I could because I used to play it at the away camp I went to every summer, but that’s a different story for a different day!

For now I’ll just frolic around in them and pretend! They are so cute & I love throwing them on with a pair of tennis shoes and a comfy shirt. All I obviously do in these is run errands. Basically it’s just giving me another option to be able to take a break from yoga pants!

The exact skirt I’m wearing in this picture is lululemon, which can seem a tad pricey. Buttttt, don’t worry I put totally affordable options in this post too! Along with some of my favorite short options I came across! Scroll down to check em’ out!

Pleated Back Skirt | $68

tons of other colors, the sea foam green is really pretty!

Pleated Tennis Skirt | $20

Running Shorts | $40

comes in lots of other colors.

Flounce Tennis Skirt | $40

Running Shorts | $23

No Pleats Tennis Skirt | $50

Happy tennis playing ladies, or just tennis posing if your like me 😜

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

Layering Necklaces

Happy Sunday people! I have definitely been enjoying this low key Sunday! Lately I can’t lie my mind has been a billion different places! I have Ryan’s 35th coming up, my best friends daughters birthday & to top it all off the wedding planning!

I’m hopping on today to share a few recent necklace purchase with you guys but I’m keeping it short and sweet!

I’ve bought all of these and have made sure when I ordered that they were all somewhat of a different length so when they are on they have a layering affect! I will be posting a length guide at the end of this just so you guys have an idea of where different lengths hit!

Letter Necklace | $21

Personalized Bar Necklace | $69

This necklace can be personalized in so many different ways – words, a special date, initials, or others!

Heart Initial Necklace | $23


Necklace Lengths

(in inches)

If you guys have any questions shoot me a comment or an email! All of these have held up so well – I have had the bar necklace for about 2 years now!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

Pink Camo PJs

Hey y’all! Sharing this cute pink camo pj set that’s only $19 today! I love pj sets because I’m psycho and sleeping in unmatching stuff gives me anxiety … lol that’s a little dramatic but it’s kinda true!

3pc Camo PJ Set | $19

Set comes with shorts, sweatshirt & socks!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae


White Ruffles

Happy Friday guys! I posted this outfit on my way to the beach using the app but didn’t get a chance to post it on the blog!

I got a ton of questions about this top and I have to admit, I’m obsessed with it! I LOVE the ruffle/pleated detail & I think the detail off the tie is so cute! It’s overall just a different top and I think it’s so cute for fall tucked into some jean shorts or even the cooler months with some jeans and a cute pair of simple heels!

This top runs true to size and comes in white, mustard & black! I’m wearing a med for reference!

Pleated off the shoulder Top | $28

My jean shorts are American Eagle! If you’ve been following along this summer you know I found a new love for them and Abercrombie’s denim! (Abercrombie’s denim is 40% off this week by the way and American Eagle is having a Labor Day sale as well!)

High waisted Short | $27

Faux Gucci Belt | $15

Obviously you can spend $500 on the real deal but, nahhhhhh!

Custom Name Necklace | $33

I love dainty little necklaces like this! They are simple to throw on and add a touch of jewelry!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

📸 : By Nina Celie

Abercrombie Weekend Sale

Hey y’all! Making this short and sweet because I’m running late for work pahaha! I have a lot of blogging to catch up on since I was on vacay but this Abercrombie sale is AMAZINGG so I have to share!

Everything is 40% off, the prices listed are what they are with the sale price! I’m including things I personally ordered as well as things I’d think y’all would like. There jeans are also on sale and I recently have fallen back in love with their jeans – they are good quality and have a great fit! I didn’t list any here but with 40% off it’s a great time to grab a pair!


Sherpa Pull Over | $40

Can not wait for this to come in! Of course I ordered the white and pink! They have other colors as well! Perfect for winter to throw in with leggings or for any cold weather vacays!

Off the Shoulder Cable Sweater | $35

I had been eyeing this up for a while but didn’t want to spend like $60 on it! Thankkkk you 40% off sale!

Sherpa open front cardigan | $52

OBSESSED! Purchased in both colors! Will be sporting on Boston trips & our ski trip!

Button Front Sweater | $35

Same story as above! I love this and the button detail, comes in tons of colors!

Waffle Lace Up Sweater | $22

So cute for throw on and go with leggings or jeans.

Trench | $96

could NOT pass this up! The price is amazingg and it’s hard to find a cute trench! I love the buttons and the tie! You can’t find many made with good quality at this price so I’d jump on it while it’s on sale if your wanting to invest in a good coat!


Snap up Fleece | $40

This is a great dupe for the more expensive one we saw floating around Nordstrom’s website last winder. I haven’t bought this (yet) because I purchased the one first listed. However I am debating the gray because I LOVEEEEEE! Again, great option for cold weather!

Satin Cami | $16

Camis are very in right now. Perfect for fall layering under sweaters or blazers for work!

Chambray button down | $40

Incase anyone’s looking for a good quality. This has a great price point!

Long sleeve thermal | $22

Good quality & price point for a everyday throw on.

Woven Cardigan | $40

Bought something similar last year. Again good price point for a good quality cardigan that is super versatile!

Knot Front Shirt Dress | $41

Thought this would be a pick you guys would really like. Great option for fall work attire!

Wrap front blouse | $22

Another option I am eyeing up! I think this would be so cute with jeans and simple heels and also though you guys would like for work!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

Faux Fur Sandal

Thursday shoe day?!

How cute are these?! They kinda reminded me of birkenstocks, which I am pretty against I can’t lie, but they have FUR so … it makes it okay.

Anyway they will be super cute for the fall to slip on with jean shorts and a sweater. Stuff like this is good in my mind to feel like fall even though it’s 100 degrees in Louisiana pahaha! I’ll whip these out in October!

They are only $24 and come in this color and black! Two versatile colors that will match anything! Also will be great to slip on with leggings when running out the house!

Tan Faux Fur Sandal | $24

So I’ve also recently realized since slip-ons are so popular that I should size up half a size with them. I normally wear an 8 and got an 8 1/2 in these! The fit was perfect!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

Amazon Top Picks

Hey y’all! Who else thinks that amazon is theeee bomb!? It took me a while to join the amazon prime world, but once I did I never looked back lol! Out of all the places to order from, amazon is always my favorite! They literally have EVERYTHING and it getting here in two days makes it even better!

I thought it would be fun to do a post on the things I order from amazon the most frequently or have ordered over again because I loved them + all the things that have been the most popular with y’all!

Let’s jump right in…

Breast Covers | $27

Okay, I know this is a weird first thing on the list but it has to be … I HAVE BEEN ORDERING THESE FOR YEARS! These are the best nipple covers (am I allowed to say that in here?) I have ever used. Most covers literally just cover the nipple, this makes them easy to show under a shirt with lost of fabrics. Since these are smooth silicone that go around the rounds of your breasts they aren’t ever seen! I normally get about 10-15 uses out of them. They are super easy to stick on and when I’m done with them I run cold water over them and let them dry over I before sticking them back to the paper!

Woven Summer Bag | $17

one of the top selling amazon things on my! You guys LOVED this bag! And when I wear it I get tons of compliments! Be aware it takes a few weeks to come in!

Brush Shampoo | $15

Brush Drying Rack | $18

Brush Cleaning Mat | $22

Another popular follower pick sold through insta stories to you guys – My favorite items for makeup brush cleaning! This makes the process so easy & quick! Plus the mat insures your cleaning your brushes that you spend good money on the correct way! For brush shampoo I either use the sigma cleaner listed, which I love! Or if I’m out I just use Tea Tree Hand Soap which is gentle on brushes and has other natural benefits! The brush drying rack is a MUST for me, I learned a while ago from a makeup artist that laying your brushes on the side or putting them in a cut bristles up is totally not good for your brushes. It makes the water sit at the bottom of the brush causing mildew and other bacteria eventually+ other things! Being able to hand the brushes bristles down insures proper/quicker drying!

Jelly Thong Sandals | $13

Just had to order for my second time. I wear these almost EVERY OTHER DAY to work. They have lasted about a year, I blame the needing new ones on wearing them so much and slipping them on without undoing the buckle because I’m lazy! This is a good buy if you need a easy sandal that will go with anything! I feel like the gold detail allows you to dress it up a pinch.

White Bohemian Tassel Earrings | $12

Pink Thread Earrings | $13

Both big earring favorites with you guys! Statement earrings are always a great way to add extra wow to an outfit!

Large Buckle Gucci Belt | $19

Thin Gucci Belt | $15

Y’all, I’m the first to admit. I own real stuff & fake stuff. This sista has real Gucci purses and fake Gucci belts! Why spend $500 when I can get it for under $20?! Hellllloooo! I personally don’t see a belt being worth $500 and I also think belts like this are a trend at the moment. I own the large in black, it’s actually considered a men’s belt and I ordered that because I wanted a larger buckle. We did have to add extra holes & it came with a tool to do so! Super easy! The thin Gucci belt I ordered in brown and black, this is very smaller and the “GG” is a little bit larger then the size of your jean button.

3 Piece Hard Case Luggage Set | $129

This also sold like crazyyyy!! This luggage set is amazing for the price and was a total copy of the calpack luggage my mom has for less then half the price!

Invisibobble Hair Ring | $9

My favorite pony tail holders! I order these time and time again, since pony holders always seem to disappear! Because of these being spirals they leave NO creases in the hair! Perfect for pony lovers & working out!!

Silplat Non-Stick Baking Mat | $17

Something Ive ordered a few times of the course of the years. This is amazing for baking, roasting and basically anything in the oven! It takes the place of foil or a pan & doesn’t require any spray! It’s my favorite for baking cookies, it gives you the perfect non-burnt bottom every time!

Bathing Suit Cover Up | $17

Y’all were OBSESSED with this bathing suit cover up! It sold like hot cakes & is something that continues to sell from the blog! It comes in tons of colors and I’d size down!

Sugar Bear Hair Vitamins | $33

A almost monthly re-order for me & the best/most effective hair vitamin I have ever taken. Click HERE for a full blog post & review on my experience with them.

Faux Fur Cuddler Bed | $34-$129

Price range depends on size! Y’all loved this bed for your pups! It’s neutral to match any room and is a smidge fancier then your regular ole’ dog bed!

PomPom Beach Hat | $16

Loved & received so many compliments on this at that I ordered a second color! I loved this hat because the buckle and pompoms make it not just your boring old beach hat!

Acrylic Eyeglass Display | $16

One of my smartest amazon buys & one of yalls favorites! The CUTEST way to display your glasses & the acrylic makes it match any type of decor!

Now THATS some good stuff huh?! At least I think it is pahaha! If y’all have any questions do not hesitate to ask! I’m always here to help if you guys need anything!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae


Recent Purchase

Happy Thursday people! Recently you guys mentioned in a poll I took on insta that y’all were ready for the fall clothes to start rolling in! I’m still not ready for summer to be over and know that here in Louisiana it won’t be getting cool till about late November lol! However when you find cute stuff at good prices you gotta jump on it!

This “recent purchase” post is a mix of summer stuff, work stuff, and some recent fall finds that I didn’t want to pass up! Scroll on to check em’ out!

Twisted Knot Dress | $28

Comes in 3 different colors, including white. This is a great dress to transition into/wear during fall. I bought this for work and think it’s a great price point for work attire. I’d wear with wedges/booties to dress up or flats to dress down! Fits true to size.

Chenille Sweater | $15

YALLLLL, fifteen dollars?! I literally can’t! Chenille sweaters normally sell for way higher then that – making this my favorite and smartest buy in this roundup! I bought both colors and it also comes in dark green. I sized down in this for a more fitted look then overly baggy!

Wide Leg Pants | $15

Another great deal! Can be worn year round, fits true to size!

Swing Dress | $13

I sized down for this because it’s more flowy!

Oversized Top | $10

Reminded me of a piko top for half the price. Can never have enough of these plain tops for work.

Braided Bootie | $35

So cute to be worn while transitioning into fall with some jean shorts and a sweater or during winter with jeans/leggings and a warm top! Great price point for the look!

Twisted Back Top | $19

Wool fedora | $20

Hats are going to be BIG this fall! Your already seeing them everywhere! For the price I purchased both in each color!!

Woven Mules | $60

Cute with jean shorts and a causal top or jeans to make more dressy!

Pleated Off The Shoulder Top | $30

True to size.

White Acrylic Earrings | $7.00

Ribbed High Neck Bodysuit | $16

the fabric of this is a little more warm! I love body suits because they are just a great basic you can wear tucked into anything! Comes in a more red orangey color and a mustard yellow! I always size up on body suits!

Thick Gold Hoop | $27

Posting these because I got a lot of questions about the hoops I had on the other day! The ones I originally got are sold out but these were great doups that won’t change color!

Open Back Active Tee | $10

This is a repeated purchase for me. This will be my second top like this! I love these to work out because they are loose fitted and flowy. Not sticking to you when your already hot! The open back I love for he same reason! Even if I’m just throwing it on with leggings and running errands it’s perfect for the hot weather!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

Ryan’s Cabo Suits!

Hey y’all! It’s been a crazy week!!! I woke up Monday morning to strep throat and have been playing catch up ever since! I know last week I said I’d share some of the other things I took to Cabo that y’all asked about including some of Ryan’s SUPER CHEAP swimsuits I had got him! I’m only getting down to sharing the suits right now because two of my other outfits are currently out of stock! I’m keeping an eye on them though for y’all!

Until then, let’s jump right on in..

Coral Swim Trunks | $18

Tropical Swim Shorts | $25

Flamingo Swim Trunk | $19

Quick Dry Striped Short | $24

Caribbean Swim Trunks | $13

All of these actually fit great and ran true to size! Let me know if y’all have any questions that I can help y’all with!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae