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Good ole keds

With the forth of July coming up I figured why not blog about the classic all American sneaker. I am such a sucker for a good pair of keds! So lame I know – but I love them! They are perfect for my typical everyday summer attire, (a pair of Jean shorts and a v-neck) for a super casual look when you want more then a sandal or flip flop. The different colors can just add something extra and not make the outfit so boring ; ) How cute are these leopard ones I got off of HauteLook? These exact ones are discontinued but I rounded up a few of my other favorites below, (mint green is such a color of the moment, polka-dots are always fun, yellow is my favorite, and cutouts in anything are super in right now) of course you can never go wrong with the classic white. (Even though they get dirty as hell!) All of these can be found on the Keds website (they rang about $39-$55) and I always check them out when they are on HauteLook because helllllllooo, they are cheaper and sometimes have things that you can’t find on the website anymore! 

XoXo | Chelsey Rae

Distressed boyfriend Jean..


I’m totally Loving this look, not to mention how comfy these things are! They are so easy to throw on, on a random day running errands, or they look awesome with a cute pair of heels too to dress them up!  Mine in the picture are from Luxy, a boutique on magazine about a month ago (so I doubt they still have them). They are by the brand “sneak peek” but I haven’t been able to find them anywhere else. 

Here’s some cute ones that are up to par though ; ) 


1- These are so cute, and I love that they are pink! Perfect with a white shirt and some heels. From LuLus online and they are $83.

2- These are from Urban outfitters and they are $79. 

3- A little bit of a lighter wash jean. These are from good ole Forever 21 they are $28.

4- Love these! They are the brand “Blank NYC” (which is one of my favorites) and I found them at Nordstrom online $59. 

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

Andd the fringe obsession continues

So everyone who knows me or follows this knows I love anything with fringe, especially on my feet (think I’ve said that before) I basically love anything that makes me feel like a clydesdale lol ; )   I found these gorgeous babiessss on Zara online and I am OBSESSED…to say the least. Here’s the details on where you can get these and a few of my other fringe finds right now. And yes, sometimes you just need to buy both colors!!  


1. These are adorable, I have to say though people who are a tad on the short side should stay away from these. Very volatile makes such cute shoes but, as much as I love them, the cuff on the top comes up a little high, making your legs look shorter, of course this is just my personal opinion Sooo, do with that what you will! I got mine from Candy Apple on Metairie rd. but in case they are sold out, I also found them at LuLus online. $65

2. How fun are these? I’ve always been a fan of a pop of color, and these are perfect! They are Steve Madden. $130

3. Obsessed with these!!! They look fabulous with shorts or with jeans! I wish I had them in every single color but I could only get my hands on the gray from Selphi on Metairie rd. You can also find them online at Chinese laundry. $100

4. I don’t have these, but they are next on my list! (Just ignore that comment mom, cause I know your reading this) I pretty much wish I owned every shoe koolaburra makes! I’m 99% sure you can find these at Mirabella on Metairie rd. and if not at Zappos. $135

5. The shoe that brought this post on… Sometimes I forget about Zara, but I am super glad I got on their website to check things out the other day, because I love these! They are comfortable and are so cute! Do yourself a favor click  Here and order them in both colors! $100 

6. These are the perfect fringe sandles to me right now, they are casual and look super cute with jean shorts, one of my other major obsessions. These are by not rated and you can get them from Macy’s. I’m obsessed with all 3 colors but only have the darker tan one pictured, I feel like that color can go with more. $40 

That’s all for my favorite fringe shoes right now! 

XoXo, Chelsey Rae 

A little chelsey life hack

Sooo this may be something some people have already thought of, but I feel like a genius if I do say so myself! I don’t know about ya’ll but I am SUPER weird about necklace lengths. Maybe it’s just my ridiculous compulsiveness but I hate when they aren’t hitting me in the exact spot I want, and I HATE too short of necklaces. Call me crazy but whatever, I swear it can play a role in how good or not good your outfit looks! 

 Getting to the point, all you need here is a ….. SAFETY PIN. Wait for ittttttt… Basically you just put one end through the hole and clasp the other end on the other side, making the necklace longer, you can either use a big safety pin or small depending on how much length you need! Pics below!



XoXo, Chelsey Rae

Going Bra-less!

Okay so this post is a little weird but trust me everyone I’ve told about these things is OBSESSED, I have been using these for YEARS, they are THE BEST and I’m clearly REALLY passionate about them hahaha! Everyone that knows me knows I’m not lacking in the chest department, let’s just throw that out there! As much as everyone thinks they would love big boobs, people that have them think they are a pain in the booty! They are more of a freakin complication then anything, when I buy certain clothes I’ll probably have to buy a size bigger and get it altered. Those cute flowy shirts everyone buys, I don’t unless I’m trying to look like I’m 500 pounds, not fun. Bathing suit tops are a literal NIGHTMARE. If I wear something too tight or low cut I look like a skank, so scratch that too. And I have to wear a bra literalllllllyyyyy 24/7 and I’m talking eat, breath, and sleeeeeeep in one because I’m convinced that’s how your boobs stay nice, lol I’m justttttt sayingggg!

Basically I’m jealous of all my friends with normal A-Cs that can look adorable in every type of outfit and wear strapless bikinis without a problem or my girls with fake ones that never have to wear a bra (like I hate yall type jealous).

So enough about how we always want the opposite of what we have, the only exception to my 24/7 bra rule is duhhh, a Saturday night! Hahha! No seriously, it’s that and if I obviously have a outfit where I can’t wear one!


These covers are the best, those petals don’t do it for me because I feel like you can see the outline of them in any shirt, and those sticky backless bras with the clip in front never stay on, not to mention they make you look weird in my opinion. I found these originally in target when I was in high-school! Then they stopped selling them and I’ve had to hunt them down on Amazon! They are made by Fashion Forms I love these because they give WAY more coverage then the pedals do, they come out more and as they round out, the ends get thinner and just blend with your skin. I’m telling you, you never see a outline of these! The color is literally so perfect, that you can wear it under any color shirt, even white and not see them. They are so smooth and I have never had a problem with them slipping or loosing their stick when wearing them. Since they have a no stick center these things don’t kill you when you take them off either, which is a plus in my book ; ) I order like 2 at a time and normally can get about 10-15 uses out of them. When you take them off you just rinse them with some warm water and let them dry sticky side up over night.

Basically what we’ve learned here is. everyone needs a pair! Your welcome!

Chelsey Rae

Leather, Floral & Fringe for days!

Im all about fringe right now, especially if it’s on my feet (obsessed is a understatement). We already know how I feel about floral, and I’m really excited were starting to transition into fall! My favorite time of year, im absolutely ready for some fur and leather! Here’s some recent outfits and their copy cats ; )

A very floral birthday

Romper is from forever 21
Find similar options at Forever21 and LuLus
Caged heels are from My Forte On harrison.
Fringe clutch from Candy Apple on Metairie rd.
Find similar option from Zara

Leather, suede and fringe

Now this outfit I kind of ended up throwing together out of no where. My shorts are from Bella Bella on Metairie rd. and I’m pretty sure they will be one of my fall favorites, you can pair them with anything! This shirt is about 2 years old, and from god knows where at this point! I can’t really give you this exact copy cat so below is a different spin on it.

Top from Forever21
Faux suede shorts from Zara
Necklace From Etsy
Shoes are from Foi boutique off of Severn, but the brand is “shoe republic”.

Chelsey Rae

PomPoms and Florals

Had a blast on a recent trip to sandestin with my family & loved my fits. Anything PomPom is in right now and I have always been a floral girl, if it has flowers on it, I’m probably buying it! If you ask me floral never goes out of style ; ) I posted links below for a different spin on my shorts outfit and the exact links to the pants outfit!



Short Similar Here
Top similar Here
Necklace similar Here

Literally, in L.O.V.E with this caged heel, when I spotted them I had to get them in tan and black! I mean, how could I choose?! They are from My Forte in lakeview on harrison ave. They have tons of adorable shoes and accessories and the two sisters that own it are super sweet!! The brand is kensi.


Top is From tobi find it Here
Pants are from mirablella on Metairie road, but I came across them Here

Pair with a cute turquoise necklace!

Happy Wednesday lovies!
XoXo, Chelsey Rae

My Beach Bag Essentials

Let’s be honest, I’m not a simple girl & neither is what’s in my target beach bag!


1) This little section is the most important, obviously….
Emi-jay headband and hair tie are needed for any type of hair change through out the day.
EOS lipblam, because it’s the best. Vintage dolce & gabanna sunglasses (were talking circa 2005 people, a classic aviator).
Anker portable iPhone charger, which I advise everyone to own and you can get it on Amazon, as a 24/7 iPhone addict, I can personally tell you how perfect it is.
And last but not least, my young blood lipstick in “debalicious”. I’m a total lipstick girl through and through and if lipstick on the beach is wrong, I don’t wana be right! You can purchase young blood at H2O or online somewhere!

2) Some kind of sunscreen…. This is kinda irrelevant because I will forget to put it on throughout the day & get sunburned as hell, but do as I say not as I do (Apply this in most life cases).

3) Let’s discuss my reading habits, as far as I’m concerned cosmopolitan is the bible. I’ve probably read every single one front to back since 2004 and it’s the only thing I get in the mail (besides hautelook packages) that makes my face light up – big girl bills blow! Secondly, two words, BRANDI GLANVILLE…. A girl after my own heart, (read the book or watch her on RHOBH and you’ll quickly realize our similarities for the love of a certain curse word…Although I’m working on not using it so much). Her first book “drinking & tweeting” made me laugh like no other and her second “drinking & dating” undoubtably had the same effect.

4) A hairdresser isn’t a hairdresser if she doesn’t bring products to the beach! K√©rastase’s nectar thermique (a moisturizing heat protectant, applied post nasty saltwater) and elixir ultime (a leave in beautifying oil, can be applied on wet or dry hair) are a must in the sun for this blondies dry hair!

5) Tkees,the ultimate throw on (non-tacky) flip flop.

6) Chocolate teddy grams. Yes I’m 26 years old, but at 4 ww points for 24 pieces My sweet tooth is pretty satisfied by these guys.


7) About a year ago I found a cream cover up like this at forever 21, I’m not one to love going to the mall but when I ran there last week I saw this yellow one! When I saw it I had to grab it, they are great to throw on & are so freakin cute! You can find it Here

Happy beaching people
XoXo, Chelsey Rae

Over the weekend….


One of my best friends Michelle is a bride to beee, so all of her amazing bridesmaids threw her a small brunch to get together and talk party dates! The spread was super adorable, so simple, and actually didn’t break the bank!

We had donuts for days and a cute mimosa bar! I love using mason jars for decoration because they are perfect for anything! Drinks, food, flowers, or utensils! A lot of my server wear is either from tj maxx or zgallerie! I swear, if you go to tj maxs and you can find a so cute cake stand, it’s worth your while to snag it! Basically every time I go they have at least one or two!

The chicken and waffles were mini-eggos and chick-fil-a nuggets, so easy & so yummy! The pancake stacks I poured using a small measuring spoon and the french toast sticks were actually in the freezer isle, we served them with syrup to dip in!



First and foremost, let’s start with the crop top issue, Seriously they are adorable, but they have to be worn correctly! I’m a curvy girl so I have to find the perfect fitting ones that hit the right spot on my body or they can end up doing absolutely nothing for me! I will always pair a crop top with something high-waisted and I think most of the rest of the population should stick with that rule too, justt saying!

Kimonos are so in right now and I’m loving this one I got from Bella Bella on Metairie rd. They are right next to the salon, so I’ll sneak over there a good bit in between clients ; ) I paired it with high-waisted floral shorts for a more night time look, but went with wedges instead of heels to still keep it on the casual side!


kimono is from
BELLA BELLA On Metairie rd.
Cropped Tank is forever 21 and it’s such a great basic!
Shorts are from last year at love culture
Wedges are from one if my favorite Metairie rd. boutiques

XoXo, chelsey Rae