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Earring obsessed

so, Incase y’all have never noticed – I have a little problem …. or maybe a big problem because it’s a serious addiction! I am obsessedddd with BIG HUGE earrings lol! I feel like they can totally make a difference in an outfit! It can be just the touch your need to take it from cute to SUPER CUTE!

I also feel like they can dress up any look! If you have on just a plain white tee and jean shorts but then throw on a big pair of fun earrings, BOOM, your outfits been taken to the next level! Or if you have on any kind of outfit that just needs a pop of fun color!

Earrings are an easy accessory to turn it all around and spice it up without breaking the bank … which brings me to my next thing. Statement earrings are NOT a classic piece of jewelry. You might get two years out of them and then they won’t be in anymore. Which is exactly why you won’t catch me spending $40-$60 on a pair from a boutique. None of my earrings will ever cost that unless they are a pair I can’t find anywhere else and am obsessed with. Then I’ll break down and do it. Sometimes you’ll find the PERFECT earring and it’ll be supper expensive and you’ll just have to do it. But if not, it’s a no!

So, let’s get to it & I’ll give y’all the hook up to cheapppp, make a statement earrings!


White Knotted Tassel Earring | $8.99

Y’all, I’ve had these earrings for like 2 years! I loveeeee themmm!! They are my go too if I can’t decide what to go with or just need a fancy pair to throw on! They are long and very noticeable, which is what I like!

Pink Ombré | $8.99

These come in 22 colors y’all! Plain white, black, blue, gray, red & even more ombré choices.

Fiesta Earrings | $29


Bohemian Tassel Earrings | $11.99

Flamingo Drop Earring | $48

Okay, these were one of those had to have em’ pairs! They were a splurge but I wanted them for my trip to Cabo! They are super cute & I couldn’t find another choice with the same look!

Yellow Knotted Tassel Earring | $8.99

These are like the white but a little bit shorter! I love these because they are simple but loud at the same time! The knot can also be removed, becoming just a regular Tassel!

PomPom Fan Statement Earring | $39

(Express is actually having a sale, 2 for 30 or 3 for $36)

Sequin Dangle Earrings | $11

Okay, so if anyone is a fan of BaubleBar you’ll recognize these. But for like $30 less! These are super cute and are perfect to add pop to an outfit that needs it!

Thread Tassel Earring | $13

This has tons of other color options as well!

Bahama Breeze Earrings | $29

I love these because they are simple but big as well to make a statement. These are a heavy pair though!

Rose Gold Bohemian Tassel Earring | $12

Sequin Flower Earring | $47

These are more of a splurge but I couldn’t find my sequin flower earrings from Zara anymore. These are WAY CUTER than mine lol! I love them!!

Also linking a less pricey pairs below that caught my eye!

Sequin Flower Earring | $13

Pink Sequin Earrings | $13


Most of these are going to be around I want to say 3″ or longer! If y’all have any questions about the wear of any of them feel free to ask me! I will also mention my ears are not able to wear super heavy earrings because my holes are veryyyy ripped … from wearing huge heavy earring pahaha!! But anyway, most of these are very light weight!!!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

Blush Earrings + Maxi

Hey y’all! Sharing this look on the blog today because my LikeToKnowIt is acting up!! I know getting on the blog is more inconvenient but I wanted to be able to share the exact pieces with you guys and when I get home and can get to a laptop I’ll work on getting them up in the app! My maxi is adorable & can be either causal or dressy and is under $40, my earrings are only $12 – y’all that’s a steal for tassel earrings!!! I’m sharing both me and Ryan’s outfits today 🙂 We always find good steals for him as well so I figured why not share for my girls & their boos too!

Scroll down to see all pieces in my look & Ryan’s will be in the slider below! His shorts are super cute, versatile, and under $20 + his shoes are converse but a limited addition kind for only $75, they are all white with a small navy rim on the toe!

Pink Tassel Earrings | $12

Blush Maxi Dress | $39

Woven Summer Bag | $17


The shorts are only showing blue in the slider but their are TONS of color options (his are pink) and there are actually a longer short option, these are a little shorter as opposed to being right above the knee!

Hope y’all are having a happy Wednesday

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

What I Brought to Cabo

Hey y’all!! It’s Cabo time! We made it! I wanted to post to share with you guys a few of the things I packed in my NEW luggage ry got us pahaha, that was only $135 for a set of 3 might I add!! With traveling so much I have definitely learned that a hard luggage is the way to go! It gets less damaged and will last longer then cloth! This luggage set we found looks EXACTLY like the calpack luggage my mom got which was over $350 dollars!

I also tried to find my shirt for you guys but it’s sold out, so I linked a similar option!

White 3 piece Luggage Set | $139

Round Retro Sunglasses | $168

PomPom Straw Hat | $15

Embellished Flower Slide | $49

PomPom Overshirt | $34

Crochet High Waist Bikini

Bottom | $17

Top |$17

Ruffled Halter & Short Set | $32

Tie-Dye Romper | $38

Contrast Trim Bikini

Bottom | $19

Top | $24

Pink Maxi | $27

White Sarong | $15

Flowy Top | $19

Round Sunnies | $10

I have more to share with y’all but I’ll get it up in a few days!

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

Sunglasses on display

Hey y’all! Happy Sunday! This sista is heading to Vegas currently butttt I wanted to hop on and share a quick little goodie!

Is it just me or do you totally forget you have stuff if it’s not on display?! If my jewelry isn’t somewhere I can see it I won’t wear it because I totally forget about it!!

I have tons of sunglasses – cheap ones 😂 y’all I swear if I buy a pair of expensive sunglasses they are gone in like a month. But the cheap ones? They will stay around for years lol … I think it’s a sunglasses curse I have!

Anyway in an attempt to actually where all these sunglasses (& have somewhere to put them) I found this cute little acrylic sunglass display that’s only $15!

Acrylic Eyeglass Holder | $15

It’s super thin & obviously will go with any type of bathroom decor since it’s acrylic! It’s also super simple to put together!

Here’s a few other views for y’all!

Your welcome for basically giving you and excuse to buy more sunglasses!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

Recent Purchases

Hey y’all! Throwing up a recent Purchases today! Y’all know the drill. Keeping it short, sweet & to the point! Plus I’m at the beach so I’m trying to enjoy my time with the boys & Ryan’s family!

I’m also throwing this bathing suit & hat on here today because I got TONS of questions about them! I love feeling like I’m helping you guys find good purchases and am working on a baiting suit post that’ll be up later in the week! This suit is $37 all together! Can’t beat that!!

Top | $19

Bottom | $17

This suit is very flattering. It’s high waisted and gives you good booty coverage haha! I know sometimes it’s a struggle to find a suit that’s family friendly and not too cheeky! I sized up on the bathing suit bottom but that’s because I have a big booty 😂

Roll Up Straw Hat | $15

Button Front Dress | $24

Cami Bodysuit | $10

Ruffle Tie-Front Top | $28

Flare Pants | $15

Embroidered Romper | $35

Tie Front Linen Tank | $26

Asymmetrical Halter Top | $38

I find everything in this group ran pretty true to size! Message me if y’all want any extra info!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

Swimsuit Cover-Ups

Hey y’all! I’m hopping on because I wanted to share some swim cover ups with you guys! I don’t know about y’all but every summer I seem to be in need of some new ones!

Here’s a quick list of some I’ve recently purchased and some I have my eye on. I try to give you guys lots of options- I know some of my clients mention it’s easier to hop on here and find something rather then search through tons of your favorite stores haha!

Crochet Cover-Up | $20

Runs true to size.

Leaf Print Tie-Up | $22

Slit Side Cover-Up | $17

Crochet Cover-Up Dress | $24

Kaftan Swim Cover-Up | $38

Ombré Fringe Beach Dress | $48

I am obsessed with this! It is SO different! Perfect for a tropical vacation & definitely in my opinion has an amazing price point for how nicely made this looks!

Off the Shoulder Cover-Up | $24

Fringe Cover-Up Hoodie | $24

I sized down on this one! I love throwing cover ups on like this with jean shorts during a night walk on the beach! It keeps you warm with the night breeze and makes you feel okay about getting it wet with sea spray!

Plunging waist Clenched Cover-Up | $32

Crochet Trim Cover-Up Dress | $27

Pom-Pom Cover-Up | $17

Order true to size for oversized look or size down for your normal fit.

Embroidered Kimono Cover-Up | $27

Hoping this was helpful to y’all!

Happy beach tripping & cover up shopping!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae


Is anyone else loving tie-dye right now?! I am obsessed with the laid back look of it + how actually laid back and comfy all these tie-dye clothes are! Keeping this one short because it’s 11 o’clock at night but I wanted to share this exact dress with y’all because I know it’s sold out on the website I had originally found it on. HOWEVER – y’all know I came through and stalked the internet to find more!!

I also decided why not dedicate this post to a few other favorite tie-dye things I found (and ordered) while searching!

Here we go…

Store One | $49

Store Two | $44

Off The Shoulder Dress | $24

Tie-Dye Romper | $38

Off The Shoulder Romper | $48

Tie-Dye Tunic | $35

Maxi Dress | $48

I defiantly purchased that causal off the shoulder romper and am seriously contemplating the maxi dress! It is so causal, cute & different!

Happy tie-dye shopping y’all!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

Tuesday Shoe Day

Hey y’all! Tuesday Shoe Day! If you’ve been following along you’ve known I have been on the hunt for the perfect summer wedge! I had my favorite pair for years that had came down to its last leg and Ryan had glued them back together for me, after one night of wearing them with the glue – it wasn’t meant to be and they broke again! It was a depressing day! 😂😂😂

I have now officially moved on. I bring you these fabulous wedges that are under $100! Your welcome!

Platform Wedge | $89

I have been loving these because they match with everything! They are comfortable since they are platform and were surprisingly comfortable.

I did read on the reviews before purchasing that some people had a issue with the ankle strap breaking. This happens when your ankle strap is too tight & can happen with any shoe. Over the years I have learned to keep this on a looser hole because this isn’t holing your shoe on your based on if it’s tight or loose, it holds it on either way!

I would also recommend sizing UP a whole size. I sized up a half and definitely could have done a whole. More so because of the tightness of the strap around my toes!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae


Hey y’all! Happy Friday! I have been a tad MIA because I’ve had a super busy two weeks! This blogging thing can be so time consuming but I’m trying to stay on track! Ryan says I put too many hands in too many baskets …. or something along those lines pahaha! I definitely do!

I told myself I’d start to do my monthly must haves at the 1st of every month, well – it’s the 15th, better late then never right?!

These posts will be short and sweet, and will be things I and loving that I have purchased or want to purchase/wish I was purchasing every month! So, let’s get to it! Here’s the first “MUST HAVES” post!

Rainbow Cloud Pool Float | $49

TKEES | $50

okay, I know y’all are thinking $50 for flip flops?! Y’all, I’ve had these for about 3 years and just had to purchase a new Black and Tan pair yesteday because they were finally worn out! This is an investment but it lasts long term! One of my favorite summer buys!

Stripe Pajama Set | $22

Tart Contour Palette | $46

I am obsessed with this palette, it can be used for bronzer, blushes & the light colors are great for under your eyes after you’ve fixed your makeup! One swipe of the enhance & you look bright and awake under the eyes! Love that look!

Bathing Suit Cover Up | $16

Just purchased this in both colors! Comes in tons more – black, white, light blue, lavender, ect.

Slides | $30

Nike Shoe | $49

Y’all, these are under fifty dollars!! SO CUTE! The white and gold coloring will match anything!! I just think you can’t beat this price and color combo!!!

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

Sunday Stripes

Happy Sunday y’all! Sharing this quick little post on a few of my favorite cute stripe crop tops that pair perfect with skinny or flare jeans!

Mauve off the shoulder tee | $12

Yellow off the shoulder crop | $29

Stripe off the shoulder crop top | $29

Keeping this post short & sweet!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae