Hey y’all! Throwing up a recent Purchases today! Y’all know the drill. Keeping it short, sweet & to the point! Plus I’m at the beach so I’m trying to enjoy my time with the boys & Ryan’s family!

I’m also throwing this bathing suit & hat on here today because I got TONS of questions about them! I love feeling like I’m helping you guys find good purchases and am working on a baiting suit post that’ll be up later in the week! This suit is $37 all together! Can’t beat that!!

Top | $19

Bottom | $17

This suit is very flattering. It’s high waisted and gives you good booty coverage haha! I know sometimes it’s a struggle to find a suit that’s family friendly and not too cheeky! I sized up on the bathing suit bottom but that’s because I have a big booty 😂

Roll Up Straw Hat | $15

Button Front Dress | $24

Cami Bodysuit | $10

Ruffle Tie-Front Top | $28

Flare Pants | $15

Embroidered Romper | $35

Tie Front Linen Tank | $26

Asymmetrical Halter Top | $38

I find everything in this group ran pretty true to size! Message me if y’all want any extra info!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

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