My Honey.

I know this blog is normally about fashion related things, how to cook something yummy, or even how to decorate – it’s about helping all my sistas & sharing lots of aspects of my life! This post is more on the sharing my life side…

Tomorrow I get to give my grandma “honey” an official goodbye. I’ve never really experienced the loss of someone SO close to me in my life yet. And I never even really imagined what tomorrow will be like….I kept thinking today to myself when I was shopping for something to wear “I can’t believe I’m shopping for this”. All I know is I’m sure I’ll be a basket case.

Ya know it’s funny, I don’t know why we tend to write these things on Facebook or social media, we know the person can’t physically read it but I guess we (or I personally) find comfort in being able to get the words out. I think maybe it makes us feel good to share our love for someone with the world & of course having people send some extra prayers your way is always amazing!

I guess I’m writing this post because I just want to get it all out & because this is something I can look back on….


When I was 18 months old, my parents got divorced and my dad moved in with my honey and papa. I would continue to live there (obviously when it was my dads days) until my senior year of high school. This has been & will always be honestly one of my greatest blessings in life because it gave me the opportunity to become so bonded to my grandparents. Honey was in a way not just a grandma to me but a second momma! She always cooked for me, would pick me up from school, she took me shopping, she came on disney trips with me and my dad, and she never ever missed a grandparents day or a dance recital. She was always there to listen, and would offer the sweetest advice in return. Her sweet hugs & I love you’s we’re truly felt! She was the epitome of what a grandma should be. She just took care of me..

And it wasn’t just me that she took care of either, she was an amazing mom, the most loving and caring wife, she took care of her siblings whenever needed and as their lives came to an end, she even watched my younger cousins instead of them having to go to daycare. She literally lived for her family and the people she loved and gave without expectation of anything in return, she was completely selfless.

In the more recent years our tables had turned. Everyone honey took care of was taking care of her. She had spinal scoliosis which always bothered her, she had bad arthritis in her knees and a few other things that basically just made her “hurt all over”. All in all I think she was just tired and her body was just tired as well.

For a while now I’ve spent my Wednesday’s with honey. My nanny was always with her to keep her company and I wanted to relieve some pressure from her and my papa. She’d sit in her spot at the kitchen table and we’d watch family feud, full house, or dancing with the stars. We’d play battle, she’d talk about some of her childhood stories, or would just sit in silence when she’d want to. And she’d always always hold my hand (her hands were soooo soft, it’s so weird to say but my god am I going to miss the way her hands felt when she’d rub mine).

Having honey in my life taught me so many things. Little ones, like always having your face made up & your hair fixed. That the fridge is a place for your loved ones art and pictures, but that was the only thing that was okay to be messy … the rest of your house better be O.C.D. clean. She showed me how to make the BEST breakfast egg + cheese sandwich, and that you can cook a freakin hot dog in a cup of water in the microwave (now how handy is that?! haha). With all the small things she also taught me big things, things that I can only hope to carry through in my life as well as she did. Things like to always care for and think of my loved ones in everything I do, because it shows them how loved they are. To always show up and be there for your family/friends…. and that family is one of the MOST important things. To try to always see the good in others (“don’t be ugly”), and to see the bright side in situations. She taught me to pray – and to pray hard in times of need or guidance “god, hears you” he is always listening and in some way or another he will answer your prayer.

Tonight I am praying that my honey rests in peace and that me and my family can get through tomorrow as best as we can. I’m praying that honey can continue to live on through all of us, through our love and actions with others.

Ryan said something the other day that I keep finding peace in when I’m upset – he said “you can’t selfishly want to keep her here for yourself”. I know he is so right. I wanted her here for me, even when I knew (and maybe didn’t want to except) that she was in pain. I am going to miss her more than I even have the words to explain. Every time I think about that she’s really gone it feels like someone punched me in the stomach and knocked the wind out of me. Still, at the end of the day, she can’t be here because me or anyone else wanted her to stay. She’s in a better place, no longer hurting, and I know she is SOOOO happy to be with all her siblings and her whole holy crew that she constantly prayed to! I know she is smiling her smile down on all of us.

Honey left a legacy with our family, she was the most amazing and beautiful person inside and out. She was my angel on earth & now she’s truly an angel in heaven.

Thank god for pictures, videos, voicemails, & memories. They’ll be what I’ll have for now until I see her again! I love you honey!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

Thanksgiving Outfits

Doing something a little different this post y’all! I normally just give y’all my favorite pieces at the moment – but over the week I thought, why not give them a whole outfit!?

wanted to get this out today so it definitely gives you time to order and it be here by thanksgiving! Some of these outfits are cute and comfy, and a few are more on the dressy side for those that have to get fancy! – I know one thing, I’ll be sure to have on an “all you can eat dress” pahaha!

Outfit collage will be posted and then links to the items will be bellow!

Tan Knee Highs | $100

White Corduroy Mini Skirt | $15

Fuzzy Knit Sweater | $33

Honey Chenille Dress | $48

Rose Chenille Dress | $48

Ivory Bootie | $148

Black Poncho | $25

High Rise Skinny Jean | $40

Black Slip On Mule | $23

Distressed Dark Wash Jean | $44

Floral Sleeve Top | $68

Studded Mule | $35

Tassel poncho | $18

High Rise Distressed Ankle Jean | $40

Wedge Bootie | $32

Leopard Print Dress | $38

Black Heeled Mule | $32

Black Fedora | $17

High Rise Distressed Ankle Jean | $40

Fringe Mock Neck Sweater | $25

Studded Mule | $25

Belted Drape Vest | $35

Knit Long Sleeve Top | $11

High Rise Button Front Skinny’s | $135

Medium Wash Flare Jeans | $62

White Tassel Poncho | $18

Cream Chenille Sweater | $38

Wedged Boot | $130

Taupe Fedora | $23

High Rise Button Front Skinny’s | $135

Fuzzy Tan Vest | $48

Knit Long Sleeve Top | $11

Studded Mule | $35

High Rise Ripped Jean | $45

Metallic Wide Leg Pants | $20

Chenille Sweater | $38

Rhinestone Duster Earrings | $13

I’ve paired things together with certain jeans or shoes but obviously the great thing about fashion is that we can make it our own! Just wanted to give y’all an idea of what I would pair it with! I feel like all the ponchos tagged are super cute and look like good quality fabrics. Also, obviously hats are big right now along with the mule. You may notice that my shoe picks are always a little more pricey – I’ve leaned as I’ve gotten older and wiser to spend the extra money on nice shoes. They are more comfortable and last way longer!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae


The Perfect White Bootie..ONE SALE!

It was ABSOLUTELY VITAL that I got on and posted about this! You guys have been loving this white Bootie & I’m soooo excited to share with y’all that it’s now marked down 40% off from $150 to $89! YOUR WELCOME!

Link below!

Ivory Bootie | $89


P.S. – it also comes in black!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

November 2018 Life Update

Hey y’all! If your new here I do a post every few months with a little “life update” filling you guys in on what’s going on + things I’m loving! Let’s dig in! ….

Whats been going on and what’s to come?

LOTS has been going on haha! Since my last “life update” post I’ve gotten engaged & started planning out wedding! It’s so fun, but Jesusssss does it keep you busy!

The last few months were a blur & October FLEW by! Ryan’s birthday is October 15th so I threw him a very small surprise party & planned him a surprise vacation to Disney’s food and wine festival! We had a absolute blast!

As of now, for the “what’s to come part” I know the holidays will be here before we know it so I’ll be getting ready for that and working on some great holiday content for you guys! And for the first time in a while I can say we have nooo trips coming up – at least until after January! I think we go skiing in February!

NOLA to do’s for me right now…

Yall! … I FINALLY made it to TURKEY AND THE WOLF the fried bologna sandwich was absolutely amazing and Ryan got a chicken salad sandwich which was also SO GOOD!! I’m putting this on my list because it has now become YOUR Nola to do haha! TRUST ME!

I’m also hoping this weekend to maybe have an uptown day with the boys, we drove down magazine the other day and they have SO much new stuff!

Do y’all ever feel like there so much new going on in the city that you can’t catch up!?! Haha! I wish we had more time in the weekend!

Store that I’m loving…

Vici Collection they have the cutest stuff at a VERY good price for the quality of the clothes! They don’t fall apart and are definitely pieces that you can have in your closet for a few years! I feel like some stuff is trendy here or there but for the most part they will work as classic pieces to add to your closet. Their clothes are also more age appropriate, not as young looking as places like forever21 can sometimes be!

Things I’m currently slackin’ on…

(because life + me ain’t perfect)

• DIETING – my Jesus I need to pull in the reigns .. and quickly before thanks giving is here pahaha!!

• WORKING OUT – I have zero motivation right now! What the hell yall?! How come sometimes we can be super motivated and then other times we literally give zero Fs to get out of bed?! I’m thinking next week I am going to start strong and start my BBG again!

• TIME MANAGEMENT – this is weird for me because I am such a crazy planner! I don’t think the problem is necessarily managing my time right now, as much as it is that I have my hands in too many things!

Just a few things I’ll be working on getting together in the next few weeks haha!

Book I’m about to dive into…

Just Jessie is Jessie James Deckers new book. It’s supposed to be her guide to love, life, family, & food. Which all sound good to me – all my favorite things!!! I’m interested in reading this because I’ve kept up with her for a while now, she is a person who seems to completely embrace who she is and has a total take it or leave it attitude. She’s not embarrassed to be herself … do yourself a favor and follow her on Instagram and you’ll see what I’m talking about! Also, if you’ve ever seen her and her husbands reality show you’d see why you’d care about taking a few notes from her on love! Her and her husband seem to have a fun + loving relationship and don’t lack in keeping it fresh!

I’ll let y’all know my thoughts when I finish up with this one!

Last movie I saw worth talkin’ about…

Ocean’s 8 this movie was SO CUTE, and totally a different take on it than all the other oceans because it was ALL GIRLS! Total girl power movie! This is a little bit of a mystery movie type I guess you’d say … your trying to figure it out the whole time! Or maybe I should say it’s just suspenseful? I don’t know pahaha I’m not a movie critic I just know it was good and wanted to recommend it to y’all!


That’s it for this session of “life update” from here on I’m sure I’ll be wedding planning like crazy and Christmas decorating like a nut haha!


XoXo, Chelsey Rae

Chenille Sweater Dress w| Booties

Hey y’all! Lots of questions about my dress tonight that I wore to one of my best girlfriends gender reveal!

Figured I’d hop on and link it real fast!

It can be worn with leggings or is definitely long enough to wear without like I did! I am wearing a size small for reference!

Chenille Sweater | $46

Off White Bootie | $150

I sized up a size in the Bootie because of wearing socks! They fit very comfortably!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

White Booties and Longline Cardigan

Hey y’all! Hopping on today to share something I’ve searched for, for a hot minute!

I love the stalk white Bootie trend but I think I would feel like a total fool trying to pull them off – I’m not cool enough lol!

I have been searching for the next best thing, a off white Bootie pahaha! I finally found it and am IN LOVE! These were a tad on the pricey side but I bit the bullet because they were worth it to me! (I’ve also decided in my older years that you should just spend the money on the boots, or really any shoe for that matter, they end up lasting longer and are way more comfy!!)

All the outfit deets below!

Off White Bootie | $150

Light Knit Longline Cardi | $23

XoXo, Chelsey Rae


2018 Fall Tablescape

So, if you’ve followed along for a while now you know that decorating is one of my favorite things ever!

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Halloween has fallen through the cracks at our house lol! We didn’t even pull out one scary skeleton! Of course we have tons of pumpkins, but that’s about as spooky as it’s gotten!

This year Ryan allowed me, out of the kindness of his freaking heart, to include PINK in my life (my dinner table life that is). Y’all I was shocked and amazed when him and Hayden got home to see our table fall ready and they didn’t make a peep about the pink napkins!

Anyway, me and Ryan found this GIGANTIC pumpkin at home goods! I searched for something similar online but couldn’t find it.

HOWEVER, you could definitely do this at home with a smaller size pumpkin. Ryan made our kitchen table and it’s actually a little obnoxiously big lol – so on a regular size table you should definitely be able to find a pumpkin that fills out the area!

We ran to Michaels and found greenery that we liked and created a “nest” (if you will) around the pumpkin! Obviously making it look like it was sitting on a bed of flowers!

I can’t lie. I love this tablescape this year – I love it even more because it’s perfect for thanksgiving too! With planning a wedding, my time has been so consumed so I love the fact that I won’t be pulling this down in a few weeks and redecorating! Double holiday decor for the win!

Tagging all the goodies on my table below incase y’all want to join the blush table linen movement with me!


XoXo, Chelsey Rae

Silky Shorts & Blue Light Glasses

Okay so – blue light glasses. Don’t know much about them. Don’t know if they work. Just know they are cute and make me feel like I’m doing something good for myself when I put them on at night while watching tv or playing on the phone!

(I just decided to google while typing this and apparently the blue light disrupts our sleep pattern so wearing these a few hours before bed can help you sleep better!)

Anyway, sharing a few down below & pairing them with some of my favorite sleep attire!

Aviator Frame Glasses | $19

Clear Lens Frames | $18

Gold Frame Aviator | $14



XoXo, Chelsey


Hey y’all! I have been getting a TON of questions about my Disney world attire so while waiting for our plane I’m putting together a post of things I took to Disney, almost bought & even things for our men + kids!

Listing the things I bought first & the others will come after!


Gucci Mickey Shirt | $22

Minnie Mouse Tee | $20

Rose Gold Minnie Ears | $25

Chucks with Gold Embellishment | $50

Rose Gold Adidas | $59 – $129


– MENS –

– KIDS –

Our trip was SO fun! I decided I wanted to surprise Ryan with a trip for his birthday back in April – I sat around and considered a few things but when it came down to it I just kept thinking about how much fun we would both have in Disney. Neither of us had ever done the food and wine festival and it’s something we’ve both mentioned wanting to do. I decided to go for it because I knew I couldn’t go wrong with that choice, disney lovers will ALWAYS be thrilled to hear they are going there.

Now everyone’s like whyyy would you want to go there and be around kids as an adult trip, or why would you go without a kid (aka or Hayden) but ummm has anyone reading this ever been to Disney without kids?! It’s AMAZING, a totally different feel & type of trip! I ultimately picked it because of the food and wine experience, and I loved the fact that it would be somewhere we’ve both been to and could just have funnn! We wouldn’t have to worry about where to go, how to get there, what to do next. Exploring new things is always fun, but I wanted this to be something easy!

I have to admit, this trip ended up coming at a perfect time. Ryan’s been stressed with tons of work & ive been stressed with work + wedding planning! Being able to run around and have a blast being big kids was perfect! We spent our first few days doing the parks, on Monday we made it to animal kingdom, mgm, and magic kingdom! That’s crazy! The last day we spent at Epcot for the food and wine festival, this was one of our favorite days! It was relaxing believe it or not, because we got to stroll around without any agenda! We just stopped at all the countries, checked them out and ate/drank!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

Basic Witch Halloween

Hey y’all! Hoping on to share two cute Halloween ideas with y’all! .. ones SUPER basic and actually a costume I hold near and dear to my heart, because I do it every. single. year. The other is going to be a first for me! I’m stepping out of my comfort zone!

I’m actually typing this up while in line for a ride at Disney world, so this post is kinda shitty but you get the gist! … I took some pictures quickly of my costumes before I left the house and couldn’t actually find a big part of my second costume lol but I’m still tagging it so y’all can see it! Wanted to get this post out in time for y’all to order!

First up is the classic cat! Helllooo, this is so easy and it’s just what I need .. ears to throw on after work while I’m in a rush to get to trick-or-treating or a costume party! Normally I wear all black, but this year leopard is in, so I’m stepping it up!

Leopard Bodysuit | $15

Cat Ears | $8

Second on the list is 80’s workout Barbie/Girl! Again, simplicity is key for my life. Lululemon leggings and a metallic bodysuit it is! Im missing the leg warmers and sweat bands because I was in a rush to leave the house for our trip and I think the cleaning lady hid them from me! But once you threw those on this would be so cute!

Metallic Bodysuit | $16

comes in TONS of other colors! Gold, Silver, Pink, Green etc.

80’s Workout Accessories | $15

Happy costume-ing y’all!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae