18-19 Saints Season Picks

Okay, soooo I’ve had a few requests to make a blog post with some Saints attire! This is kinda about as sainsty as I get, I’ll head to game with a touch of black or gold! I DO LOVEEE all the cute little saints shirts all be local boutiques carry but I can’t really tag them here! So these are just picks for random black & gold items you can style with anything for the game! Some of these are more loud than others but I like to give options for everyone, never know how your feelin’ on game day!

Let’s dig in!


Shaggy Cardigan | $38

This one’s seems to have sold out since posted. Only larges left. Similar option bellow!

Shaggy Fringe Jacket | $39

Shiny Black Nylon Legging | $13

These were a BIG seller with you guys last year! They are great doops for the “Koral” legging that is super pricey!

Black & Gold Striped Sweater | $23

Gold Twisted Back Sweater | $28

Faux Suede Fringe Jacket | $40

Sheer Sleeve Top | $18

Stripped Sweater | $16

Corduroy Mini Skirt | $20

Would look so cute with a causal top or chunky sweater tucked in to the front of the skirt! Add some booties & you’ve got a hit!

Ribbed Pocket Sweater | $28

Striped Flare Hem Top | $28

Ribbed Gold Sweater | $20

Smocked Trim Top | $25

Included her whole look so y’all could see it styled!

Ballon Sleeve Tie Top | $38

Turtle Neck Sweater | $20

Leopard Long Cardigan | $24

Leopard is so in right now, and it’s considered black and gold if you ask me!

Ribbed Bodysuit | $20

Sheer Duster | $35

Off The Shoulder T-Shirt Dress | $11


My earrings in the picture at the beginning of this post are from this great little company right out of New Orleans called L&L The Label ! I love their earrings because they are so nicely made and have an amazing price point of only $20 – the best part is that these two sweet girls give a portion of the proceeds to a few of their favorite nonprofit organizations! They have a bunch of cute colors & some are perfect for SAINTS & LSU accessorizing!


XoXo, Chelsey Rae


September Recent Purchases

Hey y’all! Hoping on to share recent purchases! I skipped last month because of how crazy it was so this one might feel like t has a lot! Scroll down to check it all out!

Faux Gucci Belt | $23

Ships super quick.

Stripe High Neck Dress | $16

Fringe Wrap Sweater | $30

Chenille Ballon Sleeve Sweater | $40

Studded Bootie | $80

Sized up because of the open toe. Limited sizes! Very comfortable!

Round Neck Ballon Sleeve Sweater | $20

Plush Zip Front Sweater | $20

Bought to wear when it gets cooler with yoga pants. Keeping it causal!

Shoreline Sneaker | $60

Open Shoulder Crop Top | $29

Bought to wear at work with high waist pants. I sized up because it’s a crop top!

Tie Front Body Suit | $35

I sized up.

Suede Bootie | $45

Striped Top | $12

Knit Long Line Cardigan | $24

Fuzzy Loose Pullover | $20

If you guys have any questions about the fit or anything like that, feel free to message me!

Chenille Pink Sweater | $15

Slide Sandals | $13

These are a great deal, they have a suede feel so they will be good to carry you through fall! Comes in black, tan, and a ton of other colors!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

Fish In A Bag

Happy Monday y’all! Sharing a little recipe today because it’s been a while since I’ve shared some cookin’ stuff! How delicious does this look?! (P.S.- that’s Ryan’s hands not mine)

If you’ve been following along for a while, you know my cooking drill – if you haven’t, I like quick recipes & don’t normally tend to have measurements for you guys! I know, what the hell right?! But honestly the whole deal is, you shouldn’t take cooking too seriously & should make it your own!! If you like spicy add more spice, if you hate lemon, leave it out! It’s your meal, do whateverrrr you want to do! This is just an easy outline!

This recipe is super fast & easy! Not to mention it’s healthy! It only takes about 20 minutes! One of the reasons I love to cook fish!


• 6oz Fish Filet, a white flakey fish does best. (we used trout in this particular recipe)

• Mixed cherry tomatoes cut in halves

• Mushrooms of choice (we used sliced portobellos & oyster mushrooms)

• Dry White Wine

• Extra-Virgin olive oil

• Lemon Juice

• Butter

paul prudhomme seafood magic

• Salt & Pepper

• parchment Paper


• Preheat oven to 425 *

• Fold parchment paper into a large square & use your grammar school cutting skills to cut a heart off of the fold, like the photo above.

• choose a side of the parchment paper heart to work with. Fold a small end over about half a inch all around that side of the heart. This is just to keep the liquid inside. See picture above again for example, bottom left.

• In the middle of the parchment paper place your mushrooms & tomatoes (or whatever veggies of choice).

• Drizzle veggies with olive oil and lightly season with salt and pepper.

• Pour about 2-3 table spoons of white wine depending on how much juice you’d like.

• To the side, lightly season the front and back of your fish filet with the seafood magic seasoning.

• Place fish directly on top of your veggies.

• Drizzle a tad more olive oil, season with more salt and pepper if you’d like and also squeeze a little bit of lemon juice as well.

• Add two pats of butter to the top. And at this point you are done seasoning fish.

• Fold over other side of parchment paper heart covering fish. Take bottom and top edges together and tightly roll them towards the fish all the way around the heart. This is too make sure no juices leak out.

• Place on baking sheet and put in oven for about 15-20 minutes.


• When fish is done carefully transfer parchment bag from the baking sheet to your plate!

• Use a knife and fork to pierce top of bag and cut open. (think like your making a bowl so all the yummy juices stay in the bag & don’t run all over your plate).

• Dig in & listen to everyone you cooked for y’all about how delicious it is, not to mention impressive.

• Don’t tell them it only took 20 minutes and was super easy.

If you guys have any questions feel free to ask um’ & thank you for baring with my non-professional cooking skills!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

📸 : Krista Cheramie Co.

Leopard Slides & Fall Hats

Yay for Thursday, and for this cute outfit! This hat + the $19 leopard slides were both fabulous buys!

This bodysuit has a sweater feel making it a perfect fall transition piece for all my girls in the south! Helllloooo hot fall!! I sized up as I always do for bodysuits!

Also, side not about the slides, leopard is all in right now. I have always been a huge fan but know that the trend goes in and out. I haven’t brought myself to buy a full patterned leopard pant or shirt yet because I feel that it’s so trendy. They slides are a great way to incorporate the trend without going overboard!

Linking all the goodies below!

Wide Brim Hat | $20

Leopard Slides | $20

Ribbed Bodysuit | $15




XoXo, Chelsey Rae

Studded Booties on Sale

How cute are these guys?! They are SO comfy too, more comfortable than I thought because most peep toe booties are not!

I don’t know if y’all can tell from the picture (I tried) but they have the smallest little studs all over them! I have a feeling these will be my go to during fall because the color makes them be able to be paired with a ton of different stuff & looks!

Dainty Studded Bootie | $80

These come in both black and a tan color. Sizes are LIMITED so run, don’t walk to add these babies to your cart!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

Tennis Skirt Tuesday

I should totally title this tennis skirt poser, because I definitely don’t play tennis! … I could because I used to play it at the away camp I went to every summer, but that’s a different story for a different day!

For now I’ll just frolic around in them and pretend! They are so cute & I love throwing them on with a pair of tennis shoes and a comfy shirt. All I obviously do in these is run errands. Basically it’s just giving me another option to be able to take a break from yoga pants!

The exact skirt I’m wearing in this picture is lululemon, which can seem a tad pricey. Buttttt, don’t worry I put totally affordable options in this post too! Along with some of my favorite short options I came across! Scroll down to check em’ out!

Pleated Back Skirt | $68

tons of other colors, the sea foam green is really pretty!

Pleated Tennis Skirt | $20

Running Shorts | $40

comes in lots of other colors.

Flounce Tennis Skirt | $40

Running Shorts | $23

No Pleats Tennis Skirt | $50

Happy tennis playing ladies, or just tennis posing if your like me 😜

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

Layering Necklaces

Happy Sunday people! I have definitely been enjoying this low key Sunday! Lately I can’t lie my mind has been a billion different places! I have Ryan’s 35th coming up, my best friends daughters birthday & to top it all off the wedding planning!

I’m hopping on today to share a few recent necklace purchase with you guys but I’m keeping it short and sweet!

I’ve bought all of these and have made sure when I ordered that they were all somewhat of a different length so when they are on they have a layering affect! I will be posting a length guide at the end of this just so you guys have an idea of where different lengths hit!

Letter Necklace | $21

Personalized Bar Necklace | $69

This necklace can be personalized in so many different ways – words, a special date, initials, or others!

Heart Initial Necklace | $23


Necklace Lengths

(in inches)

If you guys have any questions shoot me a comment or an email! All of these have held up so well – I have had the bar necklace for about 2 years now!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

Pink Camo PJs

Hey y’all! Sharing this cute pink camo pj set that’s only $19 today! I love pj sets because I’m psycho and sleeping in unmatching stuff gives me anxiety … lol that’s a little dramatic but it’s kinda true!

3pc Camo PJ Set | $19

Set comes with shorts, sweatshirt & socks!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae


White Ruffles

Happy Friday guys! I posted this outfit on my way to the beach using the LIKEtoKNOW.it app but didn’t get a chance to post it on the blog!

I got a ton of questions about this top and I have to admit, I’m obsessed with it! I LOVE the ruffle/pleated detail & I think the detail off the tie is so cute! It’s overall just a different top and I think it’s so cute for fall tucked into some jean shorts or even the cooler months with some jeans and a cute pair of simple heels!

This top runs true to size and comes in white, mustard & black! I’m wearing a med for reference!

Pleated off the shoulder Top | $28

My jean shorts are American Eagle! If you’ve been following along this summer you know I found a new love for them and Abercrombie’s denim! (Abercrombie’s denim is 40% off this week by the way and American Eagle is having a Labor Day sale as well!)

High waisted Short | $27

Faux Gucci Belt | $15

Obviously you can spend $500 on the real deal but, nahhhhhh!

Custom Name Necklace | $33

I love dainty little necklaces like this! They are simple to throw on and add a touch of jewelry!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

📸 : By Nina Celie

Abercrombie Weekend Sale

Hey y’all! Making this short and sweet because I’m running late for work pahaha! I have a lot of blogging to catch up on since I was on vacay but this Abercrombie sale is AMAZINGG so I have to share!

Everything is 40% off, the prices listed are what they are with the sale price! I’m including things I personally ordered as well as things I’d think y’all would like. There jeans are also on sale and I recently have fallen back in love with their jeans – they are good quality and have a great fit! I didn’t list any here but with 40% off it’s a great time to grab a pair!


Sherpa Pull Over | $40

Can not wait for this to come in! Of course I ordered the white and pink! They have other colors as well! Perfect for winter to throw in with leggings or for any cold weather vacays!

Off the Shoulder Cable Sweater | $35

I had been eyeing this up for a while but didn’t want to spend like $60 on it! Thankkkk you 40% off sale!

Sherpa open front cardigan | $52

OBSESSED! Purchased in both colors! Will be sporting on Boston trips & our ski trip!

Button Front Sweater | $35

Same story as above! I love this and the button detail, comes in tons of colors!

Waffle Lace Up Sweater | $22

So cute for throw on and go with leggings or jeans.

Trench | $96

could NOT pass this up! The price is amazingg and it’s hard to find a cute trench! I love the buttons and the tie! You can’t find many made with good quality at this price so I’d jump on it while it’s on sale if your wanting to invest in a good coat!


Snap up Fleece | $40

This is a great dupe for the more expensive one we saw floating around Nordstrom’s website last winder. I haven’t bought this (yet) because I purchased the one first listed. However I am debating the gray because I LOVEEEEEE! Again, great option for cold weather!

Satin Cami | $16

Camis are very in right now. Perfect for fall layering under sweaters or blazers for work!

Chambray button down | $40

Incase anyone’s looking for a good quality. This has a great price point!

Long sleeve thermal | $22

Good quality & price point for a everyday throw on.

Woven Cardigan | $40

Bought something similar last year. Again good price point for a good quality cardigan that is super versatile!

Knot Front Shirt Dress | $41

Thought this would be a pick you guys would really like. Great option for fall work attire!

Wrap front blouse | $22

Another option I am eyeing up! I think this would be so cute with jeans and simple heels and also though you guys would like for work!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae