Doing something a little different this post y’all! I normally just give y’all my favorite pieces at the moment – but over the week I thought, why not give them a whole outfit!?

wanted to get this out today so it definitely gives you time to order and it be here by thanksgiving! Some of these outfits are cute and comfy, and a few are more on the dressy side for those that have to get fancy! – I know one thing, I’ll be sure to have on an “all you can eat dress” pahaha!

Outfit collage will be posted and then links to the items will be bellow!

Tan Knee Highs | $100

White Corduroy Mini Skirt | $15

Fuzzy Knit Sweater | $33

Honey Chenille Dress | $48

Rose Chenille Dress | $48

Ivory Bootie | $148

Black Poncho | $25

High Rise Skinny Jean | $40

Black Slip On Mule | $23

Distressed Dark Wash Jean | $44

Floral Sleeve Top | $68

Studded Mule | $35

Tassel poncho | $18

High Rise Distressed Ankle Jean | $40

Wedge Bootie | $32

Leopard Print Dress | $38

Black Heeled Mule | $32

Black Fedora | $17

High Rise Distressed Ankle Jean | $40

Fringe Mock Neck Sweater | $25

Studded Mule | $25

Belted Drape Vest | $35

Knit Long Sleeve Top | $11

High Rise Button Front Skinny’s | $135

Medium Wash Flare Jeans | $62

White Tassel Poncho | $18

Cream Chenille Sweater | $38

Wedged Boot | $130

Taupe Fedora | $23

High Rise Button Front Skinny’s | $135

Fuzzy Tan Vest | $48

Knit Long Sleeve Top | $11

Studded Mule | $35

High Rise Ripped Jean | $45

Metallic Wide Leg Pants | $20

Chenille Sweater | $38

Rhinestone Duster Earrings | $13

I’ve paired things together with certain jeans or shoes but obviously the great thing about fashion is that we can make it our own! Just wanted to give y’all an idea of what I would pair it with! I feel like all the ponchos tagged are super cute and look like good quality fabrics. Also, obviously hats are big right now along with the mule. You may notice that my shoe picks are always a little more pricey – I’ve leaned as I’ve gotten older and wiser to spend the extra money on nice shoes. They are more comfortable and last way longer!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae


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