Chelsey Curls Class

Sooo, I’ve talked about a Chelsey curls tutorial but with my life being so crazy the past few months I haven’t really gotten in the mindset to do that, the life craziness is coming to a end soon and I swear that’s going to be one of the first things I start working on. 

With that being said I have so many client, friends, family members and followers who constantly email, text, or comment that they wish I could teach them! I am totally working on and getting it set up to where I can have a little class or two to teach you guys. 

Anyone who would be interested in this shoot me a email at with your name and cell number, so I can see just how many people would be interested. Then I’ll go from there and let you guys know what styling tools you would need to bring, price, location ect. Within the next week or so. 

XoXo, Chelsey Rae  


Andd the fringe obsession continues

So everyone who knows me or follows this knows I love anything with fringe, especially on my feet (think I’ve said that before) I basically love anything that makes me feel like a clydesdale lol ; )   I found these gorgeous babiessss on Zara online and I am OBSESSED…to say the least. Here’s the details on where you can get these and a few of my other fringe finds right now. And yes, sometimes you just need to buy both colors!!  


1. These are adorable, I have to say though people who are a tad on the short side should stay away from these. Very volatile makes such cute shoes but, as much as I love them, the cuff on the top comes up a little high, making your legs look shorter, of course this is just my personal opinion Sooo, do with that what you will! I got mine from Candy Apple on Metairie rd. but in case they are sold out, I also found them at LuLus online. $65

2. How fun are these? I’ve always been a fan of a pop of color, and these are perfect! They are Steve Madden. $130

3. Obsessed with these!!! They look fabulous with shorts or with jeans! I wish I had them in every single color but I could only get my hands on the gray from Selphi on Metairie rd. You can also find them online at Chinese laundry. $100

4. I don’t have these, but they are next on my list! (Just ignore that comment mom, cause I know your reading this) I pretty much wish I owned every shoe koolaburra makes! I’m 99% sure you can find these at Mirabella on Metairie rd. and if not at Zappos. $135

5. The shoe that brought this post on… Sometimes I forget about Zara, but I am super glad I got on their website to check things out the other day, because I love these! They are comfortable and are so cute! Do yourself a favor click  Here and order them in both colors! $100 

6. These are the perfect fringe sandles to me right now, they are casual and look super cute with jean shorts, one of my other major obsessions. These are by not rated and you can get them from Macy’s. I’m obsessed with all 3 colors but only have the darker tan one pictured, I feel like that color can go with more. $40 

That’s all for my favorite fringe shoes right now! 

XoXo, Chelsey Rae 

My go to lip colors..

Soo, as usual my blog posts have been few and far in between, but I’m back this week, and I’m talking about my two favorite lip stick colors!  I have probably been wearing these same two colors from Mac since I could wear makeup, unless it’s winter and then I decide to change it up! They are both soft natural pinks and I use the same lip liner for both which makes it convenient! The top right is called “kinda sexy” this is just a good nude for me with a pinch of pink, Matte finish. The bottom right is “bomb-shell” which is the best color of all time! I tend to wear a lot of warm bronze-y blush and this color is perfect to me because it almost has a little gold shimmer to it! Obsessed with both of these! The lip liner is “in anticipation”.   All can be found at Mac in our fabulous lakeside mall, which id really rather strangle myself then go to orrrrr of course at Mac online.

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

Chicken & Veggie soup

So apparently, since we live in Alaska and not Louisiana (maybe i’m being dramatic?) it’s the perfect chilly night for some soup! It’s super easy to make, low sodium & no major carbs like rice or noodles, but of course you can add them very easily to make it your own! 

SideNote-Every Monday lately since I’ve been on diet patrol, I start off the week by taking a pack of boneless/skinless chicken breasts, normally 3 to a pack, adding about a cup of chicken stock in my slow cooker, season the breasts how I’d like, cracked pepper, sodium free tonys & a little garlic powder and then turn it on high for 4 hours or low for 6 hours depending on what I’m doing that day. When it’s done you take the chicken out and shred it with two forks. This can be great for a number of recipes and just makes it easy having that on hand.  

Soo, Back to the soup, as I’ve said before when I’ve done recipes, I don’t measure anything out really so season how you’d like and bare with me, this is pretty fool proof! 
I start off by sautéing Louisiana’s choice creole seasoning mix (this is in the veggie isle of any local grocery store, you know, already chopped onion, celery, bell pep, parsley, all that good stuff) in a tbsp evoo and a tbsp smart balance butter. Then add however much finally chopped garlic to that. I wait till all that softens a little bit and add 1 medium chopped onion, a pack of ORGANIC FRESH chopped carrots (I don’t mess around with carrots that are in little plastic bags, those things taste like chemicals yall, I swearrrr!)  and a can of “pieces and stems” cut mushrooms. 

I normally season everything at this point withhh… Salt free Tony’s, a little bit of garlic salt, Mrs.Dash table blend, cayenne pepper,  TONS of cracked pepper, and emeril’s Italian seasoning, put the top on the pot and just let the vegetables cook through.

Once the veggies are done I add about 51/2cups of sodium free or low sodium chicken broth and add in my shredded chicken! Wait for it to all heat up and then alllllll doneeee! 

Clearly it’s lent and a Friday, sooooo I shouldn’t be eating chicken, but I’ll assume God will still love me ; ) 
XoXo, Chelsey Rae 

Painted Antler Decor…

So I owe the fact that this post is possible to my adorable ex-boyfriend who staying friends with has its perks- he’s fun to look at, I can normally annoy the crap out of him and make him do things when no one else will, he’s BRUTELLY honest with me (which usual backfires on him) and he hunts which means I was able to get this deer antler out of him! See they are all good for somethin’ ; )  

I’ve seen some like this on pintrest and love them, so I decided to copy! All you need is painters tape, with whichever spray paint colors you want. I used gold, white & silver because those are pretty much the colors in my house. I sprayed the whole antler white first, then marked the places I wanted to be gold, left over night and did the same in silver! 

If you look some up, there’s some super cute ones with like mint and gold or even some pink. You can just spray the whole thing gold, which I may even do if I decide it matches a certain room better. 

If your ex-boyfriend doesn’t hunt or you don’t speak to him at all, you can always go on etsy and search dear antler! They have them for like 20-40 bucks depending on the size, or you can just skip the D.I.Y. Thing andddd buy some already painted.

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

A little chelsey life hack

Sooo this may be something some people have already thought of, but I feel like a genius if I do say so myself! I don’t know about ya’ll but I am SUPER weird about necklace lengths. Maybe it’s just my ridiculous compulsiveness but I hate when they aren’t hitting me in the exact spot I want, and I HATE too short of necklaces. Call me crazy but whatever, I swear it can play a role in how good or not good your outfit looks! 

 Getting to the point, all you need here is a ….. SAFETY PIN. Wait for ittttttt… Basically you just put one end through the hole and clasp the other end on the other side, making the necklace longer, you can either use a big safety pin or small depending on how much length you need! Pics below!



XoXo, Chelsey Rae

For Your Sunday hangovaaaa…

Absolutely loving this new Hangover Rx
primer I found from too faced, it not only smells amazing but makes my skin feel amazeeee as well! Not to mention how hydrated I feel, thanks to the coconut water in it. The whole concept is that it revives tired, overworked skin, making you look like you’ve had a full nights rest all while prepping for your usual makeup routine.

I used to NEVER use anything to hydrate my face, which is insane probably, but my skins never really gave me problems with being oily or dry, so I figured I didn’t need it. Well, as we get older, we get wiser (on some levels) and I now know I need to use something to hydrate and see the difference in my skin when I do!


I love how milky this stuff is, and It’s very light weight, unlike most primers I’ve used. To me it’s great for everyday use, with or without makeup, which I have to mention with, my makeup stays on way longer. This product is a great little balance for me because it makes my skin look a little dewy, and once I put my foundation and powder on top it sets in leaving it looking fresh!

Chelsey Rae

Even blowdryers need lovin’

Okayyy, we spend big bucks on our blowdryers and just like everything else they require a little maintenance too! Cleaning them will make them not only last longer but work better too! I clean the blowdryer at my salon about once every week to two weeks, and at home probably I would tell you guys about once every other month.

All blowdryers have a vent in the back, this almost reminds me of the vent in the dryer we do laundry in, you have to clean it after every few uses. The vent in the back of the blowdryer sucks up dust, product and hair and when it just piles up more and more, your blowdryer isn’t giving out the airflow it could be with all that yuckie stuff blocking it! Not to mention, it can be dangerous, we’ve had numerous blowdryers in the salon catch fire or spark and mini blow up, not kidding!

Most of these blowdryers have a open and lock button like the one you’ll see in the pictures below. You twist that little top off, dampen a towel, clean the vent and the top. Sometimes just a towel is enough but other times, if it’s a lot, sometimes I’ll grab a unused toothbrush or maybe a Q-Tip and get in the harder to reach places, again this should just be damped a little bit. And OBVIOUSLY, your blowdryer should be unplugged while doing this. Hey, We all have our blonde moments don’t we!? Not all blowdryers are the same, so some may come with a little sponge vent, this should be removed, ran under some water and sat out to dry, then replace and there ya go!

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Sooo, I bet you none of you beauty’s reading this have actually ever cleaned out your blowdryer….. Get to cleaning and watch how much better that thing works and how much longer it’s lifespan will be!

Chelsey Rae

Going Bra-less!

Okay so this post is a little weird but trust me everyone I’ve told about these things is OBSESSED, I have been using these for YEARS, they are THE BEST and I’m clearly REALLY passionate about them hahaha! Everyone that knows me knows I’m not lacking in the chest department, let’s just throw that out there! As much as everyone thinks they would love big boobs, people that have them think they are a pain in the booty! They are more of a freakin complication then anything, when I buy certain clothes I’ll probably have to buy a size bigger and get it altered. Those cute flowy shirts everyone buys, I don’t unless I’m trying to look like I’m 500 pounds, not fun. Bathing suit tops are a literal NIGHTMARE. If I wear something too tight or low cut I look like a skank, so scratch that too. And I have to wear a bra literalllllllyyyyy 24/7 and I’m talking eat, breath, and sleeeeeeep in one because I’m convinced that’s how your boobs stay nice, lol I’m justttttt sayingggg!

Basically I’m jealous of all my friends with normal A-Cs that can look adorable in every type of outfit and wear strapless bikinis without a problem or my girls with fake ones that never have to wear a bra (like I hate yall type jealous).

So enough about how we always want the opposite of what we have, the only exception to my 24/7 bra rule is duhhh, a Saturday night! Hahha! No seriously, it’s that and if I obviously have a outfit where I can’t wear one!


These covers are the best, those petals don’t do it for me because I feel like you can see the outline of them in any shirt, and those sticky backless bras with the clip in front never stay on, not to mention they make you look weird in my opinion. I found these originally in target when I was in high-school! Then they stopped selling them and I’ve had to hunt them down on Amazon! They are made by Fashion Forms I love these because they give WAY more coverage then the pedals do, they come out more and as they round out, the ends get thinner and just blend with your skin. I’m telling you, you never see a outline of these! The color is literally so perfect, that you can wear it under any color shirt, even white and not see them. They are so smooth and I have never had a problem with them slipping or loosing their stick when wearing them. Since they have a no stick center these things don’t kill you when you take them off either, which is a plus in my book ; ) I order like 2 at a time and normally can get about 10-15 uses out of them. When you take them off you just rinse them with some warm water and let them dry sticky side up over night.

Basically what we’ve learned here is. everyone needs a pair! Your welcome!

Chelsey Rae

GlamGlowing it up…

So it’s been a while since I’ve blogged, I know I’m terrible at keep up with it while things are a little cray cray in my world, but it’s slowed down and I’ve had some time to get back into it. I’ll apologize now because in my next few blog posts im going product over-load on you guys…. I’ve been a product junkie since I’ve been gone ; )

Soooo, let’s talk about GlamGlow products… I’m literally obsessed! Right now I’m only using two but of course I plan on trying another one out as soon as my anti-mall self has a reason to go… ( I hate going to the mall so much I bribe my friends to get me things when they go, basically they are the best ) SuperMud & ThirstyMud are what I’ve been consistently using. I follow up ThirstyMud after I’ve used SuperMud or just use ThirstyMud by itself because I’ve been on this hydrating kick…

SuperMud is so fabulous! You put a thin layer on ( I usually do this while I’m running my bath ), leave it on for about 20 minutes and then rinse. While the mask is doing its thing it tingles a little bit, dries and brings out all your skins impurities, you can literally see little dark dots where all your problem areas may be! When you rinse, your skin looks brighter and feels a little tighter!

Now, onto my favorite, ThirstyMud, I can’t tell you guys how much I love this stuff! I love putting this on before bed, I go to sleep with my face feeling so clean and when I wake up it feels so soft and refreshed, it’s crazy how much of a difference it feels like going to bed with it verses not. Of course your not supposed to go to bed with this on every night, they say 2-3 times a week. This can also be used as a mask, but I prefer to wear it over night! (null)
Happy GlamGlowing Girls
XoXo, Chelsey Rae