Bridal Shower Fun + Floral letters..

One of my best friends Michelle is getting married this coming April, so of course her bridesmaids threw her an awesome bridal shower at my mothers house! The queenie was loving a kate spade theme, stripes, polka dots, black, white, gold and pink! We had an adorableeee mimosa bar, mashed potato bar, sweets bar & played bridal bingo ; )
One of my little projects was something I came across on Pinterest and have been wanting to do, I’d eventually like to do something just like my “inspiration” picture in my closet around my vanity area. So getting to try it out for Michelle’s party was fun. I bought some different colored and sized faux flowers, cut them off the stems and hot glued them randomly, it was super easy and turned out really cute! I’ll have to fill you guys in when I do the one for my closet, second times a charm ; )

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

Top Four Shopping Apps

Anyone who knows me, knows it’s no secret I may have a little shopping problem! shopping, is a good idea when your happy, sad, mad, when you wake up at 3 am and can’t go back to sleep for a hour (this is the most dangerous), when you’ve had a super bad, or good day at work, have somewhere special to go, or when your bored and there’s nothing else to do! Basically, shopping is the best idea ever, ALL the time, it’s always necessary and let’s be honest, there’s always something else you need ; ) Don’t even kid yourself people!

As if I’m already not in enough trouble with this situation, there’s four little apps that I visit religiously (and you should too) because they are the best! Threw of these are short sale apps, meaning every single day they have new sales, most will last a few days and they sell out like crazy! You know how sometimes on websites you’ll build your little cart up, go to checkout and by the time you end up filling out your card info you’ve came to your senses and realized you don’t need 5 of the 10 things you put there because you’ve had time to rationalize it? Not here! If you want it you gotta get it ASAP or its gone! They even go ahead and make it more convenient for you by having all your card info on file, so all you have to do is hit purchase! oopssss! (It’s great)
Here they are and here’s whyyy I love them…


1) Gilt- This one is your go to for designer things, we’re talking shoes, clothes and purses! They’ll have things like Chanel, Louie, Prada and other expensive bags! They will mark them down to amazinggggg prices so when they post these you have to jump, literally they are gone within the first 30 minutes, not even kidding. I don’t ever really end up ordering a ton of apparel or accessories from this app, I tend to lean more towards their home section because they have great finds & I can’t decide to spend $1,000 in a millisecond for a bag (That’s normally something I ponder over for a good month)! My house was basically decorated using this app & the one I’m about to explain below.

2) Joss & Main – Holy. Decorating. Heaven. For real I can’t deal with this app!! There’s not too much to say here other then just do yourself a favor and download it if your in the process of decorating your home or your just constantly into switchingb things up! Some people get really nervous about ordering online but it’s not that complicated, grab yourself a tape measure and roll with it if it’s something you like, because trust me you won’t find it anywhere else for that price! I know another issue some have is that things won’t look the same in person, as I said before, most of the things in my house are from here and I have yet to be disappointed even once. From my experience what you see is what you get and most of the pieces have pictures from every angle.

3) Haute Look – Whatever fancy way you want to say it (I am obnoxious and call it hot look) This is my go to app, my mother will cringe when she reads this, but I probably get more things delivered from here then I do mail! You can notttt beat the shoes and clothes on here! I find gilt to be a little pricey, so haute look wins me over more! This is pretty much the only place besides a few boutiques that I get shoes from anymore, boots, heels and sandals (that last) for anywhere between $30-$70. They have great sales for men on this one too, you could seriously stockkkkk up on clothes and shoes for your son, brother, boyfriend, or husband (if you download this you’ll be thanking me later when christmas and birthdays roll around). Lastly the home decor section on this app is fabulous too, I’ve ordered from here several times! This app basically gets the favorite position!

4) Etsy- who doesn’t love etsy?! I mean you can find absolutely ANYTHING you could ever want on here! I’ve ordered everything from planners, party decor, invitations, dog bows, hair accessories, scarves, house decor and furniture! This is just the best for finding unique/custom things you don’t see anywhere else!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

A smidge late… Halloween mantle

We’ll keep this one short and sweet since there isn’t really too much to elaborate on but giving you guys a creative little idea…. Every Holiday my favorite thing to decorate is my mantle! October is my absolute favorite month of the year and in turn halloween is my favorite holiday. (Besides christmas & that’s only because who doesn’t love getting loads of presents?!) I may have gotten a little lazy with it this year, but every Destrehan swamp girl knows a little moss can go a longggg way ; )

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

Products, Products, Products…

A study that was recently done asking women what their number one complaint was after leaving the salon, the answer not to my surprise after you really think about it was that their hair never looks as good as it does when we, the stylist does it. What some clients don’t really understand is without the proper products and tools you can’t recreate that look in the slightest bit! If you want your hair to look exactly the way it does when you leave your stylist then you should use exactly what she’s using in your hair.

I can’t stress enough as a hairdresser, suave and herbal Essences is doing absolutely nothing for you..and is honestly such a no,no. The old saying rings true for this as it does everything else, “YA GET WHAT YA PAY FOR”. Girls, if your spending hundreds every year on getting that perfect color or cut, doesn’t it only make sense to preserve that color, cut and integrity of your hair!!

I’ll never forget some one I assisted under used to say “think of it as your hair wardrobe” it makes sense, you definitely don’t need to buy everything at once, stop by when you get a little extra to spend on something for yourself or plan for your next appointment maybe ill skip a cut and buy the deep conditioner instead because I know that’s going to benefit my hair in the long run. Make it a point to buy one product every other time and before you know it your bathroom or vanity will be stocked with all the tools you need to recreate your look!

Working at H2O we carry two lines, Paul Mitchell and kárastasé. These two lines both have there reasons why we love them but they have one big difference and that my friends, would be, the price point. I’ll be honest, Paul Mitchell is fab but any kárastesé girl will tell you, once you use it.. NOTHING COMPARES.

Here’s my top 10 picks from our lines IMG_5270.JPGIMG_5326.PNG

This is literally the most amazing mouse in the world, (L.I.T.E.R.A.L.L.Y) I’m obsessed. It gives your hair incredible texture and adds body without weighing it down. I hate when I just wash my hair because it will do NOTHING, put a handful of this stuff in and I’m set!

This oil is for all hair types, and is so great because it can be used both pre and post styling. It helps to protect, strengthen and smooth the hair. It’s so conditioning and makes the hair feel super soft! (Not to mention it doubles as a way to make your legs look amazzzzinggggg on a night out) ….

3. Kérastase’s NUTRITIVE line
Number three is a all time kèrastase Classic for all types of hair. This line makes it easy on everyone as they offer Bain satin 1,2, & 3 along with a masque for thick or thin hair.

My newest go to! Lately my hair has been in this awful dry spell, (you should see my lap from all the breakage when I brush my hair, scary people!) I’ve been using this daily and am totally seeing a change! This is a On-the-Go Nourishment for Dry Ends! It’s perfect to throw in your purse and immediately gives your hair the moisture it needs when it’s dry!

Leave in conditioner for those with breakage! Basically, all my blonde sistas need this! It’s strengthens the hair and helps prevent damage while smoothing cracks and split ends!

A must for all of us Louisiana girls, as this product is a anti-humectant offering a frizz free, polishing affect with amazzzingg shine! Pop a little in as a finisher before curling/straightening or just throughout the day when your needing a little boost!

One of my classic go to’s with Paul Mitchell, the name says basically all you need to know! The key ingredient here is Panthenol which actually swells the hair strand at the root!

Another one of my every day go to’s, #blondelife, unfortunately I need all the help I can get… This product is great for those with breakage who are trying to strengthen their hair. It’s a heat protectant and only heat activated.

My favorite shampoo, conditioner, and treatment that Paul Mitchell makes. It’s sulfate free, color-safe, and helps moisturizer and rebuild while adding tons of shine!

Okay so of course I’ll have two root boots on here, I meannnnn, you can never have enough in my opinion! Kerastase lift VERTIGE is a gel-texture that lifts the roots and adds volume! It gives crazy texture and it’s the perfect texture for teasing on those with fine hair!

And that’s all dolls!!
XoXo, Chelsey Rae

Fall lip trend : BERRY is in…

Loving the berry lip thing going on right now and I found the perfect lip color at Mac!

Brunette’s look fab with any type of make-up wether they do natural or something fun but being a blonde I feel like I personally have to watch it, it’s tricky to pull off certain looks sometimes (maybe it’s just me) buttt, Most of my make-up collection sticks to pink tones for blushes & lips! Sooooo going with a darker lip meant having to change up my cheeks too, I went with a more bronze blush color, that I’m pretty obsessed with! Make-up deets are below and they can all 3 be found at Mac!

Lipstick: Rebel
Liner: Burgundy
Blush: Warm Soul

Happy berry lipsticking loves!
XoXo, Chelsey Rae

Splurge on the blowdryer…

It’s funny how guilty we are of splurging on stupid things we don’t need and skimping on things that are part of our everyday routine! Trust me at 26 years old me and most of my friends are more worried about getting the iPhone six then purchasing the most up to date blowdryer! Butttt, with that being said most don’t realize how much of a disservice they are doing themselves by using the conair blowdryer from the drugstore!

Here’s the scoop on why you should splurge on Paul Mitchell’s express ion dry blowdryer:

First off, you use it almost everyday. You spend big money on your cut and color monthly so you should be taking the steps at home to continue with your investment in your hair (we’re talking tools, as well as product).

Secondly, Most professional blowdryers today are ionic. This means (in were not scientists terms) that it’s blowdrying your hair from the inside out, instead of frying your hair from the outside in, minimizing outer cuticle damage, Not to mention it’s blowdrying your hair in half the time! This blowdryer is super light weight so it makes it easier to handle while your trying to hold both it and a brush!

P.S. To all my girls that hate the nozzle, “that things so annoying” it’s really one of the most important things on the blowdryer, it’s directing all the heat into one place instead of letting it blow all around which in turn, yet again, cutting down on your drying time. LEAVE THE NOZZLE ON!

This blowdryer can be purchased at any Paul Mitchell salon or of course at H2O salon and spa on Metairie Rd. If you get suckered into buying it from us after all the fabulous things I have to say about it, mention my name and we will put you on the books for some complimentary express “chelsey curls” which could for sureee come in handy on the day of an event (I know I’m really workin it hard here) Haaa 😉

Chelsey Rae

My make me tan lifesaver

I’m normally a spray tan girl but these baby’s save my butt sometimes!! So simple and easy when you don’t have time to get sprayed! They have the classic or plus, but I only do the plus (in my opinion doing the classic is pointless)! It’s just a moist towelette that you rub on! The great thing about them too is you can do certain parts of your body for those who sometimes only want to do their arms or legs! They take about 4-6 hours to develop, I’ll mostly do them before I go to bed and sometimes if I want to be darker I’m guilty of setting my alarm for 1 am and applying a second one : p

You can find them HERE ,at H2O, ulta, Sephora, or Macy’s.

Chelsey Rae

Leather, Floral & Fringe for days!

Im all about fringe right now, especially if it’s on my feet (obsessed is a understatement). We already know how I feel about floral, and I’m really excited were starting to transition into fall! My favorite time of year, im absolutely ready for some fur and leather! Here’s some recent outfits and their copy cats ; )

A very floral birthday

Romper is from forever 21
Find similar options at Forever21 and LuLus
Caged heels are from My Forte On harrison.
Fringe clutch from Candy Apple on Metairie rd.
Find similar option from Zara

Leather, suede and fringe

Now this outfit I kind of ended up throwing together out of no where. My shorts are from Bella Bella on Metairie rd. and I’m pretty sure they will be one of my fall favorites, you can pair them with anything! This shirt is about 2 years old, and from god knows where at this point! I can’t really give you this exact copy cat so below is a different spin on it.

Top from Forever21
Faux suede shorts from Zara
Necklace From Etsy
Shoes are from Foi boutique off of Severn, but the brand is “shoe republic”.

Chelsey Rae

Stuffed bell peps

A few of my family and friends that have tried my stuffed bell peppers have asked for my recipe so I figured I’d post on here ; ) This is my once a week favorite! I normally pre make these on Monday and have them on Wednesday nights, it’s the only day I work till 6 so it’s easy to come home and pop these in the oven! We all know I’m not good at numbers so when I cook it’s like screw the teaspoon of this, tablespoon of that, I just throw what I want in there so bare with me on this recipe (since I’m clearly not a 5 star chef) and add whatever you want to make it your own!


3 green bell peppers (make sure the bottoms are good so they will stand up)
1/2 cup of cooked quinoa (I cook it with a low sodium chicken or beef bullion cube, trust me people it will change your taste for quinoa)
1/2 a can of sliced mushrooms
1 can of low sodium Mexican style black beans.
1lb 93% lean ground turkey
1/2 cup of the holy trinity (chopped onion, celery, and bell pepper)
1 teaspoon garlic
2% Mexican style shredded cheese
Season to taste with garlic powder, garlic salt, sodium free tony’s chachere’s, onion powder and ground black pepper.

Steam your bell peppers till they get semi soft, while you mix all the rest of the above ingredients besides the cooked quinoa which should be in it’s own separate bowl and once all cooked, combined. Stuff half the bell pepper, add a little Mexican style shredded cheese, and fill up the rest to the top. Cook now or save for later on during the week! Bake in the oven on 375 for 25 minutes, take them out, top with cheese, and put back in until cooked through or cheese has melted!

Chelsey Rae

My Favorite……HAIRSPRAY

Normally I would list some of my favorite products but in this category there’s only ONE favorite, and it’s been that way since I was able to press the sprayer ; ) AEROGEL people. If you don’t have it, shame on you!


This hairspray holds like no other! It’s a gelbased spray that come out in a fine mist! This is great for all hair types & doesn’t weigh the hair down! I use it through the styling process and after my style is done! You can of course find this online anywhere or at H2O.

Lastly I’ve been a little bit of a slacker on my new blog endeavor, any of my gorgeous clients and friends that know me know I’ve been a tad distracted but I’m trying to get back on the blog train : )

XoXo, Chelsey Rae