Not Your Everyday Dog Bed

Hey y’all! Happy Thursday! Sharing the CUTEST Dog beds with y’all today! .. okay so some aren’t technically dog beds but my dogs love them! And let’s be real, how many of us actually ever find cute dog beds?!

I discovered these one day online (they are technically just floor pillows) and though okay, those would be WAY cuter on the floor in the den over some dumb dog bed from pet co! Don’t get me wrong, I’ve found a cute one here or there before but that takes some searching!

If your like me and you want the dogs to be able to relax in the den with you and not always be on the sofa then you want something that matches the flow of the room & doesn’t scream DOG BED.

So, here are some of my picks I’m excited to share with y’all! The first set is my exact beds that are pictured!

Washed Corduroy Floor Pillow | $37

The color pictured in our home is the “light gray” it actually looks a little khaki to me. The dogs absolutely LOVE them for some reason lol! The fact that they are floor pillows is nice because I feel like it gives them a lot of comfy cushion!

Shag Donut Bed | $39 – $129

Ranging in price for different sizes! Also comes in taupe! I love this because it would like nice in a room since it’s shag as opposed to being a print or a solid color. It’s a dressed up dog bed!

Velvet Floor Cushion | $49

Same sizing & type as the one I have but velvet. Color pictured is silver and I think that’s the most neutral color that would match any room but it also comes in other colors!

PupRug | $119

Yalllllllll, I am OBSESSED with this bed. I am getting it when I have the opportunity lol! We have no where to put it in the house right now but maybe for the camp?! I absolutely love this because it doesn’t look like a dog bed AT ALL and these type of rugs are so in right now! There are tons of pictures from other people if you click the link to compare what colors or shape you like!

Chenille Floor Cushion | $34

Different fabric and more color options then the ones pictured above.

Velvet Pillow Pouf | $66

Comes in this color & a turquoise! Very cute if your allowed to have blush colors in your home, which I have to sneak in my home 😂.

Plush Faux Fur Bed | $39-$99

Ranging in price for different sizes as well! I love this bed because of its fur look, again not looking like your everyday pet bed! It comes in tons of colors and the link will show you more pictures from other people as well!

Some of these might seem more pricey then your norm but I think ya worth it for a nice look! Remember, happy pups, happy life 😜

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

Earring obsessed

so, Incase y’all have never noticed – I have a little problem …. or maybe a big problem because it’s a serious addiction! I am obsessedddd with BIG HUGE earrings lol! I feel like they can totally make a difference in an outfit! It can be just the touch your need to take it from cute to SUPER CUTE!

I also feel like they can dress up any look! If you have on just a plain white tee and jean shorts but then throw on a big pair of fun earrings, BOOM, your outfits been taken to the next level! Or if you have on any kind of outfit that just needs a pop of fun color!

Earrings are an easy accessory to turn it all around and spice it up without breaking the bank … which brings me to my next thing. Statement earrings are NOT a classic piece of jewelry. You might get two years out of them and then they won’t be in anymore. Which is exactly why you won’t catch me spending $40-$60 on a pair from a boutique. None of my earrings will ever cost that unless they are a pair I can’t find anywhere else and am obsessed with. Then I’ll break down and do it. Sometimes you’ll find the PERFECT earring and it’ll be supper expensive and you’ll just have to do it. But if not, it’s a no!

So, let’s get to it & I’ll give y’all the hook up to cheapppp, make a statement earrings!


White Knotted Tassel Earring | $8.99

Y’all, I’ve had these earrings for like 2 years! I loveeeee themmm!! They are my go too if I can’t decide what to go with or just need a fancy pair to throw on! They are long and very noticeable, which is what I like!

Pink Ombré | $8.99

These come in 22 colors y’all! Plain white, black, blue, gray, red & even more ombré choices.

Fiesta Earrings | $29


Bohemian Tassel Earrings | $11.99

Flamingo Drop Earring | $48

Okay, these were one of those had to have em’ pairs! They were a splurge but I wanted them for my trip to Cabo! They are super cute & I couldn’t find another choice with the same look!

Yellow Knotted Tassel Earring | $8.99

These are like the white but a little bit shorter! I love these because they are simple but loud at the same time! The knot can also be removed, becoming just a regular Tassel!

PomPom Fan Statement Earring | $39

(Express is actually having a sale, 2 for 30 or 3 for $36)

Sequin Dangle Earrings | $11

Okay, so if anyone is a fan of BaubleBar you’ll recognize these. But for like $30 less! These are super cute and are perfect to add pop to an outfit that needs it!

Thread Tassel Earring | $13

This has tons of other color options as well!

Bahama Breeze Earrings | $29

I love these because they are simple but big as well to make a statement. These are a heavy pair though!

Rose Gold Bohemian Tassel Earring | $12

Sequin Flower Earring | $47

These are more of a splurge but I couldn’t find my sequin flower earrings from Zara anymore. These are WAY CUTER than mine lol! I love them!!

Also linking a less pricey pairs below that caught my eye!

Sequin Flower Earring | $13

Pink Sequin Earrings | $13


Most of these are going to be around I want to say 3″ or longer! If y’all have any questions about the wear of any of them feel free to ask me! I will also mention my ears are not able to wear super heavy earrings because my holes are veryyyy ripped … from wearing huge heavy earring pahaha!! But anyway, most of these are very light weight!!!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

July 2017 Life Update

Hey y’all! Trying to keep up with the blog traditions here! Officially posting the 2nd “life update” post!

Whats been going on and what’s to come?

Y’all life has been CRAZY – I can’t wait for it to chill out! I just got back from Vegas this weekend & am currently on the way to Cabo as I’m typing this! Vegas was Paul Mitchell’s yearly hair show & educational training called “the gathering”. It’s always super nice & traveling with my work family is always fun! It’s nice to go on a work trip every now and again because I always feel a little inspired when I get back!

My Cabo trip was with a few friends of ours & my little brother! We had a blast and cabo was beautiful! Besides traveling I’ve just been busy with working & trying to complete another little venture I have going on! I am always trying to balance everything and keep this blog going.

I have to admit lately I’ve been a little blog discouraged. This whole thing is totally time consuming & lawddddd it is a jungle in the blog world! You always feel like your in competition, your consumed with trying to post the right stuff and enough stuff, and always wondering if your posting the right content.

To keep it 100% with you guys I’ve had my moment of maybe I should stop this blogging thing. Maybe it’s not for me. I’m also 100% against pretending like my life is some kind of perfect picture show, because that’s complete bull and absolutely no ones is (I don’t care how picture perfect a bloggers feed is, at the end of the day we all know what goes on in the real world)! A lot of it’s all smoke and mirrors and sometimes I kinda get bothered by how fake everything can look. I think being a blogger is about sharing the truth with your following, it’s about girls helping out girls, and hey we all have bad hair days and a pimple sometimes!

Bringing this up to some of my loved ones/clients & friends and seeing their reaction really turned my thoughts around! I’m not going to be discouraged because this is my hobby & my little place to share things with all of y’all! So I’m going to continue to do it MY way, for ME 🙂 I completely LOVE when I see y’all enjoying my content & interacting with the posts! I’m super thankful for all of you that encourage me to keep going, that read the blog, & of course shop the posts!! Y’all are the reason I enjoy this at the end of the day and I hope that anything I pass on can help you all out in the hair world, the real world, or the fashion world at some point!

Besides all that, what’s to come for the rest of July is pretty laid back, it’ll be easy going! Then in August it picks back up again with my 30th birthday! Which is huge 🙈 I’m super scared pahaha! I went back and forth with whether or not I wanted to have a big celebration but throwing a big party seems to be a ton of money & if we’re being honest I’d rather just shop or buy a nice purse loll! At the end of the month a quick beach trip with the family to easily one of my favorite spots to vacation – Seaside!

NOLA to do’s for me right now…

Y’all, I still haven’t made it to turkey & the wolf since my last “life update” post #FAIL! Has anyone made it since then either?!

Another restaurant on my list right now is SABA. We’re making it there a few Sundays from now so I will definitely keep y’all filled in on that one!

Besides food, I’m putting a uptown day on the calendar with my two favorite boys! I haven’t been on a street car in years and I was telling Ryan we need to take one Sunday and ride the street car around with Hayden! What are some of yalls favorite street car stops?!

Goals for this month…

• I’m pretty sure I blew it in Cabo but I want to continue to make it to all my workouts! Me and a friend of mine started taking a little class at hour blast on Metairie road and have been killing it if I do say so myself! One of my goals for this month and the month of August is to really stay on track with that!

COOK MORE – me and Ryan are really trying to keep our meals home made this month!

Read “girl, wash your face” this book has been a topic of conversation lately and I can’t wait to read it. It pretty much talks about letting go your imperfections, not beating yourself up over your loses & just being okay being YOU with all that comes with it! It also talks about following your dreams & goals and making them happen so you can be your best!

Stores that I’m loving …

ASOS, the options here are absolutely ENDLESS! I love their wide variety, you can find anything on their website from causal clothes to dresses you could wear to a fancy wedding! I also get lots of swimwear from here and it never disappoints! MADEWELL, this store has a little bit of a higher price point but it’s worth every penny! The clothes are made so well (hints the name) and they always have different stuff that not everyone will have on!

Blogger that inspires me…

Courtney Shields Albright, she is real life blogger goals! She always has the cutest clothes & shares literally every aspect of what’s going on in her life! She even does trader-joes hauls haha! Now THAT is helpful! She’s also the cutest momma ever and shares tons of finds for all kinds of things that relate to new mommy hood & babies!

Last movie I saw that was with talkin’ about…

Jurassic world ; Fallen kingdom this movie was SO good. Is it just me or does The Jurassic franchise always kill it?! I feel like every single movie has always kept me on my toes over the years and this was the same way! I laughed, I cried (literally), and I jumped haha!! This came with all the emotions and I’d definitely say everyone who loves the whole Jurassic Park thing should see it!

If your interested in anything on the post click the highlighted link parts and it’ll bring you directly what I’m talking about!

Tagging the book below for a easy click!

Girl, wash your face | $13

Hope y’all have a fabulous weekend!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

Blush Earrings + Maxi

Hey y’all! Sharing this look on the blog today because my LikeToKnowIt is acting up!! I know getting on the blog is more inconvenient but I wanted to be able to share the exact pieces with you guys and when I get home and can get to a laptop I’ll work on getting them up in the app! My maxi is adorable & can be either causal or dressy and is under $40, my earrings are only $12 – y’all that’s a steal for tassel earrings!!! I’m sharing both me and Ryan’s outfits today 🙂 We always find good steals for him as well so I figured why not share for my girls & their boos too!

Scroll down to see all pieces in my look & Ryan’s will be in the slider below! His shorts are super cute, versatile, and under $20 + his shoes are converse but a limited addition kind for only $75, they are all white with a small navy rim on the toe!

Pink Tassel Earrings | $12

Blush Maxi Dress | $39

Woven Summer Bag | $17


The shorts are only showing blue in the slider but their are TONS of color options (his are pink) and there are actually a longer short option, these are a little shorter as opposed to being right above the knee!

Hope y’all are having a happy Wednesday

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

What I Brought to Cabo

Hey y’all!! It’s Cabo time! We made it! I wanted to post to share with you guys a few of the things I packed in my NEW luggage ry got us pahaha, that was only $135 for a set of 3 might I add!! With traveling so much I have definitely learned that a hard luggage is the way to go! It gets less damaged and will last longer then cloth! This luggage set we found looks EXACTLY like the calpack luggage my mom got which was over $350 dollars!

I also tried to find my shirt for you guys but it’s sold out, so I linked a similar option!

White 3 piece Luggage Set | $139

Round Retro Sunglasses | $168

PomPom Straw Hat | $15

Embellished Flower Slide | $49

PomPom Overshirt | $34

Crochet High Waist Bikini

Bottom | $17

Top |$17

Ruffled Halter & Short Set | $32

Tie-Dye Romper | $38

Contrast Trim Bikini

Bottom | $19

Top | $24

Pink Maxi | $27

White Sarong | $15

Flowy Top | $19

Round Sunnies | $10

I have more to share with y’all but I’ll get it up in a few days!

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

5 Summer Hair Tricks

Hey guys! Happy Thursday! Hopping on a little late tonight to share with y’all a few things in my mind about haircare before I head out to Cabo in the morning!!

Life’s been crazy and I’ve been slacking with bloggin’ but I wanted to get this up even if it was short & sweet!

This summer is HOT and hot tends to dry out hair out! Add in some salt water & chlorine and that’s a done deal!! Here’s a few pro tips to keep your hair from getting super dry, keep it growin’ & helping it stay healthy in the summer sun!



My favorite & most simple trick in the book! Get your hair wet with regular water before doing any underwater swimming activity! Wetting your dry hair before you jump in a pool makes your hair suck up that water instead of chlorine filled pool water or salty beach water! (Think of your hair like a sponge).



Most people aren’t aware that many hair care lines make products that are sunscreen for your locks! The sun can do a number on color treated hair, fading the vibrant colors or dulling bright blondes that you’ve paid good money for!! We try to protect everything else from the sun, we shouldn’t leave our hair out!

Color Locking Spray | $14



This sort of goes hand and hand with my first suggestion. I like to put a leave in moisturizer or a light conditioner in my hair before I head into any type of water! This creates a barrier from the hair sucking up nasty water! I carry it to the beach with me and think it’s one of the next best things I can bring down besides sunscreen! I also like to put a little on my ends after coming out of the beach water to help it stay moisturized and tame frizz! I’m telling you, this trick is life changing!

Nectar Thermique | $37



I try to stay away from using volumizing shampoos or hair products when I know I am going to be in the sun for a few consecutive days, A.K.A. a beach vacay! These can tend to dry out the hair because a lot of them have some sort of alcohol in them!



I get tons of people come in during summer asking why their hair has a slippery/slimy feel. This comes from a chlorine build up in the hair! Using a clarifying shampoo once a week can really make a huge difference! This shampoo will strip the hair of any impurities!

Shampoo Three | $11.50

Hope this little post was helpful & let me know if y’all have any other questions y’all can think of!!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

Sunglasses on display

Hey y’all! Happy Sunday! This sista is heading to Vegas currently butttt I wanted to hop on and share a quick little goodie!

Is it just me or do you totally forget you have stuff if it’s not on display?! If my jewelry isn’t somewhere I can see it I won’t wear it because I totally forget about it!!

I have tons of sunglasses – cheap ones 😂 y’all I swear if I buy a pair of expensive sunglasses they are gone in like a month. But the cheap ones? They will stay around for years lol … I think it’s a sunglasses curse I have!

Anyway in an attempt to actually where all these sunglasses (& have somewhere to put them) I found this cute little acrylic sunglass display that’s only $15!

Acrylic Eyeglass Holder | $15

It’s super thin & obviously will go with any type of bathroom decor since it’s acrylic! It’s also super simple to put together!

Here’s a few other views for y’all!

Your welcome for basically giving you and excuse to buy more sunglasses!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

Texas Caviar

Happy Tuesday people! With tomorrow being Fourth of July I wanted to hop on and share a super quick & easy recipe with you guys!!

Having family/friend get togethers is always a blast and if your headed to someone’s house it’s always nice to be able to bring a little somethin’ to the party!

I love this dip for summer time partys or even to make ahead of time and bring on a beach vacation because it’s a VERY light + refreshing dip!! Most dips require creams or lots of cheese! This is mostly veggies & no creams! Perfect to chomp on while wearing your bikini 😜 haaaa, as if we want to chomp on anything while we’re wearing a bikini but hey, a sistas gotta eat regardless right?!

Sooo, let’s get it goin’


• Medium size green bell pepper, diced.

• Small red onion, diced.

• One Small jalapeño, seeds removed & diced.

• 1/2 cup frozen corn kernels.

• 1/3 cup cilantro, finely chopped.

• 1/2 can drained and rinsed rotel diced tomatoes.

• 1 can black eyed peas.

• 1 can pinto beans.

• 1 can black beans.


• 1/4 cup olive oil.

• 1/4 cup red wine vinegar.

• 2 tablespoons rice wine vinegar.

• 2 tablespoons lime juice.

• 1 tablespoon sugar.

• 1 teaspoon salt.

• 1/2 tablespoon pepper.

• 1/2 garlic powder.


• tortilla chips.


• drain and RINSE all canned products.

• throw all beans + tomatoes in mixing bowl.

• add all diced veggies + cilantro & corn to mixing bowl.

• in separate bowl mix all dressing ingredients and stir well.

• pour dressing into mixing bowl with bean & veggie mixture.

• let marinate in fridge for at least 2 hours mixing at the one hour make! (overnight is the best though, mix a few times whenever it crosses your mind!)

SERVE COLD WITH TORTILLA CHIPS! Or even cucumber chips if your trying to be healthy!

Y’all this dip is so stupiddd easy & it’s pretty addictive!! You can obviously make it your own too! Admit a can of beans and maybe add more corn, or maybe if you like a little bit more spice add a little more jalapeño! Make it however you please! Let me know if y’all have any questions about making it, I know my directions might not be up to expert level! 😜

Hope everyone has a safe & fabulous fourth!

XOXO, Chelsey Rae

SPF it up!

Trust me, your face depends on it! … or really any part of your body does!

(scroll down if you just feel like reading about the products and not my story 😜)

So – back in December I got a call saying a veryyy smalll bump in the right hand corner of my eye (about a cm away from my tear duct, that almost resembled a “milk bump” baby’s get) was skin cancer, basal cell, and that I was going to have to have Mohs surgery ASAP to have it removed. Apparently basal cell is the best to get if your going to get it but, nonetheless, a call like that will make you wig the hell out. Especially if your a 29 year old girl who, let’s be honest, is a little vein. “It could always be worse” yada, yada, “you should be happy it’s something you can take out”. I heard it all & totally agreed…

However at the end of the day I still laid in bed every night for about a month before my surgery and cried my eyes out. (Have you ever googled Mohs surgery?! Jesus lorddddd – this was a perfect example of the whole “don’t google that rule”. Pictures of people with half their faces torn apart come up. This is prettyyyyy traumatizing.) Anyway, every night I had all the questions, “why me?, I’m 29 how could this happen already?, how big will it be?, I never even tanned that much?, how different am I going to look?, how am I going to stare at myself at work in the mirror everyday with a big ole’ scar on my face?”. And my god I was so scared!!! I am SUCH a baby with pain or surgery of any type. Ryan was always a good sport and would find ways to make me laugh about it or just be there for me while I cried it out. He’s the best.

I know some of y’all are reading this and are like wowwww you were worried about some dumb stuff, people die of terrible cancers everyday, it’s not all about looks and so on and so forth. I feel ya, I get it, & that’s 100% right! But at this point in time it was a kicker and I was having my moment.

About 6 months later I’d say my scar looks pretty good. The surgery wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought, of course I had a dose of xanax and a pain pill so I was feelin’ good. The doctor came in, numbed the area and got to work. Dr. LeBlanc on Metairie road did it & he was so sweet, he even let my momma stay in the room so I could squeeze the living hell out of her hand the whole time! All I really felt was pressure. I was there for probably a total of 3 hours & my margins were cleared the first time so they didn’t have to go back in and take more skin. He thumbed-Uped us through the door to let us know it was all good and came back in to stitch me up while I watched Kardashian’s & continued to squeeze Rhonda’s hand off! The down time was about 2 days and my face was just super swollen! Now, you can definitely tell there’s a little indent on my face by my nose & eye. Could worse things happen? Totally! but do I ever want this crap on my face again? NO!

Prior to this I was never a sunscreen girl. My family and I are totally sun worshipers. My favorite vacation is a beach one – my mom, aunt Renee, and I will lay there and bakeeeee all day & I love to be outside doing anything. If I was at the beach I’d apply sunscreen in the morning and that was it, no refreshing unless I was starting to burn. And on my day to day routine at home my “sunscreen” was any (if any) SPF in my foundation.

Fast forward to now and I am a FREAK. I’ve tested tons of stuff out & think I’ve finally found the best spf products/routine for me! I’ve been in the search for products that wouldn’t make me break out and things that would go well with my make-up.

After doing some searching I found a company that REALLY gets it. They took into account that people need SPF that can be used with their make-up easily instead of it being complicated! How are you supposed to re-apply your SPF during the day when you have a full face of make-up on?! This was one of my struggles!

The company is called SUPER GOOP! and they literally have all kinds of products!! If you are searching for certain SPF things I would check out their entire website to see if there’s things that suit your personal needs – for now I’ll share with y’all the things that suit mine & that I think are pretty universal actually!

Smooth & Poreless Matte Sunscreen | $38

This is a super lightweight everyday sunscreen. It goes on soooo silky and it actually acts as a primer & a poor minimizer! It can be worn under make-up or alone because it has a universal tint so it matches any skin tone!

Defense Refresh Setting Mist | $28

Y’all, THIS PRODUCT! … GENIUS!!!! If I told you to pick one, it would be this one!! This stuff smells like heavennnn, it has the most refreshing scent & of course feel! This is a setting mist with 50 SPF. This is great because it sets your make-up while giving you even more protection! Also, it’s great to refresh your SPF! At the end of the day when I get home from work and Hayden has a baseball game or something it’s great to be able to spray this on and refresh, rather then taking all make-up off and reapplying!! This was also amazinggg at the beach, literally every hour I would respray on my face!

Invincible Setting Powder | $30

This is a translucent setting powder. Again I think this is a pretty smart idea! This is something that you can add ON TOP of your make-up to refresh your protection! Out of everything I’d say this would be my last pick strictly because the packaging needs a small tweaking. However, I did use this everyday at the beach before I put on the setting mist. The concept of this is perfect, but not as easy as the mist! The brush has a hole in the middle where the powder kinda just falls out but I tap it all over my face and then spray the spray! This powder is light weight and is a mineral powder so it feels smooth on! I like it and will continue to use, it just requires a little patience lol!

So those were my 3 picks from this line! I can’t lie since I am psycho, on the days that I really know I will be in the sun I put on a REALLY amazing sunscreen Ryan bought me before I use the Smooth & Poreless this sunscreen is LA ROCHE – POSAY.

Clear Skin Dry Touch Sunscreen | $19

This stuff is THE BEST. I have sensitive skin & before was breaking out. When I started using it, break outs stopped which I am assuming were caused from the other sunscreens. This goes on smooth and is OIL FREE which is huge because your putting it on your face! It’s light weight and doesn’t feel heavy like most! This formulation was just perfect to me & for the price I feel like your getting an amazing find!

So, what is my daily routine now?

I of course wash my face in the morning, I apply a toner, then apply the LA ROCHE-POSAY. I let that sit for a minute while I brush my teeth or hair, then apply the SMOOTH & PORELESS. After that I’ll go about my normal make-up routine and follow up with the Defense Refresh Setting Mist at the end. Just about 2 sprits!

That’s all! And then later in the day if I have and outdoor activity I will re-spray the Defenses Refresh Setting Mist. I only have been using the Invincible Setting Powder at the beach.

If any of y’all have any questions about ANYTHING in this post feel free to message me! It seems basal cell is a more common thing than you’d think! This whole situation just made me so aware of really making sure I take precautions with my skin & wish I had been cautious of this a longgg time ago! Do I still want to bake when I go to the beach? ABSOLUTELY. But, now I know this is something I can be exposed to & also find as I’ve gotten older that my skin loves to develop dark spots in summer! So, all I can do now is make changes with how I protect my face!

Happy sun screening y’all & if y’all have any products y’all love for sun protection or for skin let me know!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

📸 : Krista Cheramie Co.


Recent Purchases

Hey y’all! Throwing up a recent Purchases today! Y’all know the drill. Keeping it short, sweet & to the point! Plus I’m at the beach so I’m trying to enjoy my time with the boys & Ryan’s family!

I’m also throwing this bathing suit & hat on here today because I got TONS of questions about them! I love feeling like I’m helping you guys find good purchases and am working on a baiting suit post that’ll be up later in the week! This suit is $37 all together! Can’t beat that!!

Top | $19

Bottom | $17

This suit is very flattering. It’s high waisted and gives you good booty coverage haha! I know sometimes it’s a struggle to find a suit that’s family friendly and not too cheeky! I sized up on the bathing suit bottom but that’s because I have a big booty 😂

Roll Up Straw Hat | $15

Button Front Dress | $24

Cami Bodysuit | $10

Ruffle Tie-Front Top | $28

Flare Pants | $15

Embroidered Romper | $35

Tie Front Linen Tank | $26

Asymmetrical Halter Top | $38

I find everything in this group ran pretty true to size! Message me if y’all want any extra info!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae