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Lululemon dupes

Happy Friday guys! Hope everyone is hanging in there! …. I’m personally barely hanging in there lollll buttttt there’s always clothes that brighten up my day! So, sharing some good finds with y’all!!

Lululemon is sjah I typically live in, but now 8 months pregnant my short shorts are getting a little too tight and a little too short lol! I wanted to go out and just bite the bullet and buy bigger sizes but that would have been so stupid because I wouldn’t be wearing them for long! Not spending $80 on a pair of shorts that’ll last me 3 months lol!

I found these after doing some research – very serious stuff haha!! And was literally AMAZED! I ordered one pair first to test things out and then literally ordered one of every color!

These shorts are SO similar, they make two styles. The brand of shirts I am tagging below also have a crazy similar feel, along with the pants that have “buttery” in the description, but they are sold out in a lot of colors/sizes right now! I am also obsessed with all of my zip ups that I’ve gotten!

I’m still a lululemon girl but if we can supplement, then hey, why not! Pahaha!

Tagging all in the sliders below!!


There are two types of shorts, a 2.5 inch and a 4 inch, I go with the 2.5 but if you like your shorts a smidge longer, I’d go with the 4inch so you are more comfortable!


The shirt with the dip in the bottom has been my favorite for pregnancy.



If y’all have any questions feel free to message me!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

the worst pregnancy advice…

Hey guys! In the wake of all this craziness it kinda feels weird to be talking about shopping, but us pregnant people still need clothes as our bumps grow right?! Especially if this clothes thing has been a struggle for you like it’s been for me!!!

I remember when I first got pregnant TONS of people told me to NOT spend money on maternity clothes…this by FAR has been the most terrible advice people gave me lol!!

The last few months I have been SO happy that I started spending money on maternity clothes! If you really look they have some store that have TONS of cute clothes that aren’t too expensive! And let me tell you, it makes ALL the difference in the world that your clothes fit right just to make you feel better!!!

Towards a certain point, even when your shirts fit, your belly gets so out there that you look like Winnie the poo with the bottom or your belly hanging out – THIS is a issue for me pahahaha!

Anyway! My advice to any pregnant woman would be to definitely spend the money on making yourself feel good with new clothes that are made to FIT that prego tummy!

I lived all winter in my lululemon leggings and in the past few weeks I was like okay, I need shorts!!! And T-shirt’s that will cover this stomach!! It’s about to be hot as heck around here in Louisiana and I need something to throw on and go but still feel comfortable!

My first purchase were THESE soft shorts you see in the picture! BEST BUY EVER! After that it was on and I purchased a few more things!!

Linking some websites below that I love to shop on for pregnancy stuff and linking some clothes I already have/are in my cart below that!!




this website has some great stuff but it’s hit or miss, I end up returning half the bag when I get it but it’s worth it to find good pieces. Once you get the sizing down your good!


ruches side maternity shorts | $32

I’d order a size up in these if you want a little bit more looseness in your legs.

Cotton T-Shirt | $18

These are technically not maternity shirts, but they come low enough to cover the belly!!’



XoXo, Chelsey Rae

most comfy bralettes

Okay so I know I’m not the norm but I have ALWAYS, ALWAYS, slept with a bra on! To the point where I can even sleep with a wire bra on haha! Now since getting pregnant, not so much with the wire, but still with a bra!

I found these when searching for the perfect stretchy + comfy one to sleep in and after having two for the past 5 months I recently went and got two more and decided to share with you guys!!

They are priced so well too!!

Linking them below!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

Bump Friendly Pieces

Hey guys! Can’t believe I finally did a try on today! Pahaha i am so proud of myself! All pieces on here are NON MATERNITY (besides two of them!) and all fit true to size!

If you have a bump, I’d typically size up for the bump!




XoXo, Chelsey Rae

Recent purchases

hey y’all haven’t been on here in FOREVER! This pregnancy thing has got me all over the place and totally not feeling like doing any try on sessions haha!

With that said I’ve been super into legging and sweater outfits that I can be comfy in and just pair with a cute bootie to feel more dressed up!!

Below you’ll find all my recent purchases with any needed info below the picture! Click the pink link below and it’ll take you directly to the item!!

Waffle Knit Sweater | $24

I ordered in a size small, it Comes in every color imaginable!

(below picture is only some)


Split hem Sweater | $27

Turtleneck Tunic | $21

Purchased in a size medium.

Other colors below + more.


Turtleneck pullover | $32

Runs VERY large. I ordered a small and could have gone for an XS If they would offer it. If you are typically a extra small plan on this being very oversized for you.

Also comes in TONS of colors, just a few options below!


Pointed Toe flat Mules | $12

Bell sleeve sweater | $21

Clear pump | $54

Order a whole size up!

If y’all have any questions feel free to message me and ask! Feels good to finish a blog post again!!!!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

cute “dad” sneakers

I know this whole big chunky sneaker thing is in. I think it’s a dad sneaker, maybe not? Bottom line is that I’m not super cook enough to wear them, but then I laid my eyes on this pair. It’s a mild version of the dad sneaker in my opinion, and I can pull that off. The price is fabulous too!

White sneaker | $79

These do run SMALL, size up a WHOLE size!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

Lululemon Dupes

Hey y’all! Who else here loves running around in their workout leggings probably more then they actually work out in them?! Pahaha! I am totally guilty! Normally if you see me legitimately anywhere besides work, I’m probably in them! Of course I work out in them too, but to me they are the easiest/most comfy thing to throw on and go!!

Black legging | $28

Comes in tons of colors

At this point in my life I’d say I’m a leggings cynosure. I’ve tried them all – and like most things in life, you get what you pay for! You used to catch me wanting a billion pairs of cute cheap leggings from target, forever or wherever I could get them. But that all changed the day I put on a pair of Lulus. I NEVER looked back! Not only do they feel amazing, they LAST, they don’t ride up when your actually working out & they make your booty look fabulous! … the only problem is that they are around $80. That doesn’t stop me, I probably have about 6 plain black pairs and a few other colors. To me they are worth the investment because they are something I constantly wear. The “align” pant is my favorite after the “wonder under” because it’s got a silky smooth feeling that’s light weight and allows your skin to breath while you work out, as opposed to the wonder under that’s thicker and feels very hot to me. (I usually bring these to Colorado when we go every year to walk around in + to wear under my ski pants! That’s how warm they are to me).

Anyway while Lululemon and Girlfriend Collective (the white set I’m wearing in the picture) are my favorite this whole post is about the black leggings pictured above that I recently found!!

You can find those by clicking HERE , I was pretty impressed when I tried these on. After hearing the reviews I was like okay, I gotta find out for myself! These are so similar to the texture of the align but a pinch thicker and they are not cropped! I haven’t worked out in them yet but have worn them running errands and I never found myself pulling them up or feeling like they were ridding either up or down! They are just as high waisted as the Lulus and come in a ton of colors! They are a MAJOR fraction of the price and long story short I bought two more pairs! At lululemon I normally wear a 6 and so I decided to go with a medium here which was perfect for me!!

If y’all have any questions I can always help!!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

Honeymoon Outfits!

Hey y’all! We are absolutely having a blast on our honeymoon! We’re currently on a ferry from Mykonos to Athens so I figured I’d take the opportunity to get this post up! I’m making it short and sweet, I’ll list all links + price under photo!

White Button Romper | $22

Clear Strap Tkees | $85

Pink stripe Jean | $70

Button Down White Dress | $54

White Tassel Earrings | $13

Blush Print Dress | $54

Cut Off AGOLDE shorts | $128

Gray Jumpsuit | $44

Went down a size.

White espadrille wedge | $129

Go up half a size.

Button Down Dress | $29

Blue print romper | $48

Ray-Ban Sunglasses | $188

Square neck swimsuit | $20

Runs small. I went up a size.

Floral Pattern Swimsuit | $24

Tassel Earring | $15

Beige Print Romper | $54

Vacation Hat | $30

White Pullover | $32

Eye Earrings | $12

Gold hardware sneakers | $65

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

fluffy skirt

I don’t really know the name for these skirts but I love pairing them with a easy shirt and sneakers for a casual look!

This one shoulder bodysuit is only $16 and was so nicely made! It’s running true to size & I have on a medium!

white one shoulder Bodysuit | $16

Also comes in black!


XoXo, Chelsey Rae