Hey y’all! How’s everyone’s Wednesday going?! Mines been a little lazy! Yesterday I had moh’s surgery to have a little spot of basal cell skin cancer removed right in the corner of my eye! Thank Jesus it’s over & that they got it all on the first try! At the moment I am looking like someone socked me in the face, and wondering how work will go tomorrow with one eye swollen shut pahaha! Debating wether or not people will want me cutting their hair this way but I decided I’ll see how I feel in the morning and go from there! I mostly laid around all day today and slept but I also got to get some Christmas things done around the house in between my cat naps!

While I was laying around I decided I’d share these cute little baskets with you guys! I am totally obsessed & I got them from target not too long ago! They go with the feel of our house but I feel like you can make them go a few different ways – they have a farmhouse feel to me since they are rope & woven, but the fringe around them almost can give them a girly/dainty feel too! They have a sweet look to them so it would be fabulous in a kids room to throw toys in as well or even in a baby’s room!

I have one in the den filled with rolled up blankets and I have a smaller one in my hair room upstairs that sits on my vanity filled with brushes & important hair stuff!

I love this find because they are cute/trendy yet easy to style since they are white AND because they are under $20 – Good looking home accessories don’t have to cost a billion bucks! Linking them down below for y’all!!

Find the big basket here for $20

& the baby basket here for $7

If any of you guys end up ordering either of these y’all better show me pics 🙂 I love seeing different ways to style them in a room!!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

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