Hey guys! Finally hopping into bed tonight and getting around to doing a post. Today was a rough day back at work, I have to admit! My eye was practically swollen shut and as soon as I started my first highlight I was like okay thisssss was a bad idea – needless to say everyone’s hair still came awesome!

I did end up cutting my day short though, my meds were making me feel yucky and having one contact in one eye was making me feel dizzy + I have to admit I am a little vein and seeing myself in the mirror like a hot mess frustrated me. At least I can admit my faults though right? I came home, had a small breakdown in the bathroom, Ryan let me cry it out for a second and made a few jokes and then all was good (I have to say he’s always the best at that)!!

All that has led me to this point … laying in bed, blogging about pajamas! It’s funny but if we’re being honest here for the past few years my pajamas were a shirt and some boyshort undies! Once Ry asked me to move in I was like oh no! I need to invest in some actual pajamas & they have to be kid friendly! Needless to say I went pajama crazy & of course love any excuse to buy any type of clothes!

This also probably sounds really silly but a cute pair of matchy pajamas really makes feel like I have my life together pahaha! I’m convinced it helps to aid in having a good nights sleep & a good morning! I recently got these cute star pajamas from ASOS! They were a set, and ya gotta love pajama sets! They were only $35! Now ordering from ASOS is always tricky to me, my best advice when ordering online it to just take your measurements before you order! These came in and were cute but still a tad too big for me! I would deff size down in them!!

I love the star pattern on these because, duh – sleep, stars, ya know lol!! I’ll link this exact pair below & link a few other pairs of cute star patterns for you guys with pictures! The little sleep shirt is soooo cute too, I think I’ll be getting one!!! Perfect Christmas pjs if ya ask me!

pj set | $35

sleep shirt | $29

romper | $35

pj bottom | $35

Let me know which ones y’all pick! Happy holiday pj shopping dolls!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

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