We’ve all been through the bayalage, ombré thing, blah blah it all somewhat looks the same to me but as of now the lived in look is taking over – it’s not only perfect for someone who’s wanting a more natural vibe but it’s good for your pocket book as well. The fact that this is my profession means I probably shouldn’t be sharing with you guys ways to save money when it comes to your color (because I REALLY like to shop) but I keep it real so, oops!  

First let me explain what lived in is all about, this is using your natural base or a darker base as a root and going off of that with different hues of lighter pieces. These light pieces are super small, some starting a few centimeters away from the root and some starting a few inches below, scattered to create a blended and natural look, this all fading into a tab bit more lightened bottom!

 With that being said, here’s the low down on the benefits of going “lived in”.

It’s keeping your visits to the salon a little less frequent. If your lucky enough not to have gray, your looking at being able to drag out your visits with me out to a maximum of 6 months. SIX MONTHS people, that’s one time this year for color. Of course you should pop in for your normal 6-8 week trim in order to keep your ends looking fresh. For people with gray unfortunely you have to stick to your normal 4-6 week routine. 

Lived in looks good in any color! I love this whole concept because it can take your boring one dimensional hair color and turn it wayyyy up a notch. This look is amazing for blondes, brunettes and my red heads. With the light prices being so thin it’s a great way to add lots of lightness to any color without looking tacky.

It’s actually keeping your hair a little more healthy. This look is fabulous because your never really processing your whole head of hair! Some people are able to go off of this with their natural hair color. In most cases We’re only lightning the perimeter of your head and the top where your hair falls, this leaves a lot of your hair untouched, equaling less processing/damage. For those that don’t go off of their natural haircolor this is great because you only need to come in for root touch ups every other time, leaving all the rest of your hair unprocessed. This is also saving you a little money in between as well. 

We’re all loving the somewhat “rooty” thing right now and I think its perfect for fall!! It leaves you having a rich color on top with pretty pops of lightness through out, creating a gorgeous dimensional head of color! 

 Lastly, I always suggest to bring pictures to your stylist to be able to explain what you love or hate, along with the realization that every head of hair is different! Your hair and the models hair that’s been photoshopped 100 time over is not the same… Although we would all loveeeee if that were the case of course!
XoXo | Chelsey Rae 

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