I am definitely the poster child for a dirty head of hair, although no one can ever really guess I haven’t washed it in a week! I absolutely hateee washing it and I hateeeee how it looks the day of! My hair does so much better dirty and you’d be surprised that yours could too! Now my 5-7 day stint may be a little much for newbies but everyone should at least be waiting it out to every other day or every 3 days, even my workout fiens!

Here’s  6 things that may start happening if you give the washing a rest…. 

1. Your color will last longer. 

The more your hair touches water and gets shampooed with sulfates the more your color will fade. Simple as that. 

2. You’ll have less split/dry ends.

When you wash your hair it aggravates the cuticle, the shampoo and warm water blows it open. So unless your sealing it properly this can cause your hair to actually end up being LESS healthy. 

3. Your hair will learn to be LESS oily.

You read it right, this is kinda like teaching your hair to act right! At first this may be a toughy but once your scalp gets used to its new routine it will stop producing so much oil, your scalp is doing that to compensate for the dryness it experiences from you stripping it of its natural oils each and every day! 

4. It might not smell like the best thing ever. 

So firepits and cooking a roux with the holy trinity involved may not be the best place to hang around when we aren’t washing! But, hellooo, that’s why we invented dry shampoo! Sometimes I like to spray a little and dampen my hair around my bang area, I then reblowdry for a good refresher (this is done when my gym sessions get a little more intense then normal and I actually sweat). Here’s 3 of my favorite choices for dry shampoos Shu Urmura volume makerPssst Dry ShampooKerastase Powder Bluff.

5. Getting ready in the morning will be a simple process. 

No having to wash, means no having to dry for a hour. I NEVER spend longer then 5 minutes on my hair in the morning, okay maybe 10. I touch up a few pieces or if I sleep wild the whole thing & roll. 

6. Your hair will stay better and have more bounce/body. 

Some shampoos can strip hair of all its natural needs, this overtime can actually end up leaving your hair limp and thinner. Super soft hair never stays in place so it’s hard to get it to do things like staying in a cool braid or some up some down. When your hair has a little bit of grit to it, it makes it a pinch rougher and leaves it styling so much better.

Moral of the story, hairs better all around when it’s a little dirty! Trust me, I’m a professional!

XoXo | Chelsey Rae

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