Hey y’all! Yay for Wednesday! Let’s make today DIY Wednesday! Pahah maybe I should make that a thing here on the blog every Wednesday!?

First week of December marks the start of Christmas blogging! I’m thinking of sharing lots of recipes with you guys, gift lists, clothes & lots of DIY for around the house!

I did these wreaths a few weeks ago but I am finally sitting down to blog about them! I made two because the house has double doors, they look so cute! Id post a picture but Ryan FINALLY broke down and said he would paint the door a more neutral color, so, I am waiting till that happens to share with you guys! Any of my girlfriends know this makes my day and I am extremely excited paahaha! Its the little things right?! Ry thinks I am insane but, I love him for always trying to go along with my craziness! anyway, getting off subject here.. back to it! Blogging about DIY stuff is kinda a pain in the booty because you have to document everything and then go find all the links to similar stuff too! But it’s worth it if y’all enjoy it!!

Here’s a list of things you will need, I will link the exact wreaths I used but you could obviously use whatever kind of wreaths you want/have!

wreaths x2 | here

jingle bells | here

hammered silver spray paint | here

metallic champagne spray paint | here

jute string | here

thin white ribbon | from any craft store

So first, I had to change the color of my jingle bells! I sprayed them all with the silver hammered spray paint, literally hung them on branches in the back yard and let them dry for a few hours & then Ryan had the idea of spraying the brushed metallic champagne color on a plate and using a plastic bag balled up to blot the bells and give them a worn look. We rolled with that idea because it looked better then my sponge idea haha!!

Once everything was dry it was time to work on the wreaths. I took a small piece of white ribbon and tied it in the spot around the top of the wreath that I wanted everything to hang from and the bow to eventually go at the end. This was basically my “base” for everything.

I strung my bells (which I think came out so cute!) on jute string & tied the rope at different levels so the bells hung at different heights!! I pictured the back of the wreath below so you guys could see!

I wanted the bow to be small & dainty, so, I tied a small & dainty bow and called it a day lol!! Of course after all this hard work I found some bells at hobby lobby that could have worked without me coloring them really! They were a little larger butttt the whole point is that instead of going out and spending a trillion dollars on wreaths, you can always make your own! Most of the time they turn out cuter, were cheaper & are original!

Hope this inspires some of you guys to get D.I.Y.y for Christmas! It’s always fun making things your own!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

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