I am always on the lookout for cute & comfy booties + I am a girl who loves a good shoe find! As I’ve said before I’m one of those who will buy a shoe from target and turn around and buy a pair of shoes from Neiman, I do NOT discriminate pahaha! Unfortunately!

I find it so hard to find the perfect tan color in a shoe! Don’t you guys?! Sometimes they are too brownish or sometimes they end up having a grayish tone! I can’t tell you the amount of times I’m like oh I can wear these with this tan sweater I have & then when I put it on I’m like welllllll, hollldddd up – these suckers look gray! The wrong color shoe can end up throwing off your whole outfit!

So, when I came across these I added them to my cart right away! The tone was perfect to me!! Plus, I loved chunky heel & the cute little tie detail in the back! These are also pretty comfy! I was surprised because they were from forever so I expected them to hurt a little worse! The true test of shoe comfort for me is wearing them to work! These kinda started hurting me towards the end of my 8 hour day BUT it was because I should have sized up! These have a bit of a pointy front so size up or plan on wearing them with a very thin sock!

For $32 I would say this is a good buy for a cute bootie! Linking them below the picture – click the link & you’ll be able to add them directly to your car!


Happy shoe shopping y’all!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

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