Okay, so I’m kinda sure I have maybe already done a blog post on this … however, I have had a margarita and am super into this product so I’m sharing again. Since I’m traveling and it’s a must bring, I feel like it’s necessary!

PAUL MITCHELL INVISIBLEWEAR DRY SHAMPOO. Y’all, I’m so obsessed & it’s only $18. I have never used anything that I instantly LOVED for my hair like this product. This whole new invisiblewear line Paul Mitchell has created is hands down my favorite line they have done so far (I plan on getting more into the line in a later post but for this moment we’ll just stick with the dry shampoo)!

They make a invisiblewear BLONDE & BRUNETTE dry shampoo. They have colors because if you take a normal dry shampoo and spray it all over a darker head of hair you will find that there is a light powdery residue that it leaves on the crown of the head (or wherever it has been sprayed). Paul Mitchell fixed this problem by creating a brown tinted powder, as well as a blonde tinted powder.

You would have never thought but this dry shampoo is working well to conceal grays in between color appointments too! Since this is doubling as a root touch up, I hear everyone that is using it raving about that aspect of it!!

I’d like to touch on one other thing about it that I love & then we’ll wrap it up! I also use this as a texture spray after I have just washed my hair. I know that sounds crazy?! I’m using a dry shampoo after I’ve washed my hair … BUT, since this is a powder like spray it give your hair crazy texture and volume! If you hate freshly washed hair lots of dry shampoos will give this affect, howeverrrrr, this dry shampoo in particular has proven to create MAJOR volume in hair!

Since I’m sure y’all are tired of me rambling I’m linking products below, click the pink & it will bring you directly to the products page!

BLONDE | $18


so, in a nutshell, my main points for loving this product are 1) the formulation really works well for my hair. 2) the light color of the spray is actually nice because it lightens up my darker root in a very subtle way. 3) it gives crazy texture and volume.

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

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