Happy Tuesday guys! I’m finally back in the swing of things after my vacay and am ready to hit the ground running with some blog posts! I have some caaaauteeee stuff I’ve been holding out on, so … let’s dive right in!

Today I am sharing the cutest pants that I came across and just had to have!! They have a flowy girlie look to them and I love that! They can definitely be worn dressed up or down for different occasions! I love where they are hitting at the ankle and the way they split (p.s. this whole split pants thing is very in for summer, I’m sure there’s a real term for them but we’ll just roll with it)!

Ruffle Wrap Pants | $38

I paired them with the most PERFECT tuckable crop top! The feel, fit, & color of this crop top are going to make it very versatile for summer. It can be worn with anything high waisted in any color! Since I’m a little bustier in the chest I tend to like a tighter fitting shirt with a pair of flowy pants.

Off the Shoulder Crop |$8.90

I would have rather wore these pants with a one strap ankle heel. However I left them at Krista’s House when we went to shoot. Sooo, my feet are cropped out of most of the pictures! I had to throw on whatever shoes I had in the car pahaha!!! I would wear a shoe just like what is pictured on the model!

I think this outfit is so cute for a summer function where you have to be a little more dressy casual! The pants are made pretty well and for the price I think they are a steal! I’m also linking some similar pants options below in the shop the post slider so be sure to check if you want some other options!

I also sized up in the pants because they have an elastic band & that’s always one of my little tricks. If I’m wearing a tight tucked in top I want the waist band to be looser that way it’s not creating indent in my side. I also size up on most crop tops because ummmm, they are already small and I’m not 18 anymore so yea 😂 also my pants were supposed to be tied a little bit more and hide the elastic band but, ya can’t win them all right?! They also deff need to be steamed or ironed!

And before I forget I wanted to wish all the mommas reading a happy late Mother’s Day! I’m laughing to myself because I know a bunch of you have actually got my blog info from my fabulous momma! My mom is the best & I am so thankful for her constant love, support, & selflessness. She’s always been the person telling me I can make anything happen & I know if it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t be half of what I am today. So, to the rest of my family, friends, clients and blog readers that are mommas – I certainly hope y’all all had a great day yesterday because lawd knows y’all deserve it!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

📸 : Krista Cheramie Co.


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