Hey ladiesss, today im talking big hair changes! Hair is a BIG DEAL, I always say its our biggest accessory! We change the color, the length, the style, and all these things play a roll in our day to day look & even how we feel about ourselves when we look in the mirror! Heres some things to keep in mind when making a big change!


– The biggest thing here is PATIENCE. I know nowadays we see people like Kim Kardasian going from blonde to black in a day, the truth behind this is A) a lot of the time she is wearing a wig, if you pay attention to the show or snaps sometimes you see wigs in the background & she will even say in her snaps something about a wig B) if they are making a big change to their real hair this takes HOURS. Kyle Jenner once snapped going blonde for like 8 hours one night! I pay attention to this stuff because its my profession & it totally boggles my mind sometimes too that their hair hasn’t hit the floor but a lot of it is smoke & mirrors!

If you are going from brown to blonde or even blonde to brown THIS IS A PROCESS to be honest there may be a period where your not exactly in love with your hair, when changing colors or trying to lift colors people tend to be orangey & warm. There are toners we can use to counteract that warmth but, it wont cut it completely all the time. I am famous for telling people making a big change, the first time honestly is not going to get you where you want to be. THE SECOND TIME, your are allll set!

& a word to clients when they are seeing a new hairdresser for the first time and making a big change OR even to clients that have been with their hairdresser for years that want to make a big change. There’s nothing I worry about more when making a big change for the first appointment than your understanding of the process, OF COURSE we want you to be happy with the change & get where your trying to go! For clients sitting in a hairdressers chair for the first time understand that the hairdresser has to get to know your hair, to see how it lifts and what underlying colors your hair tends to pull! I always say, GIVE YOUR HAIRDRESSER A CHANCE. Any hairdresser can tell you it stings a bit when you leave in the middle of a process to try out somewhere else, of course the second go around its going to be better, because someone else did all the hard work breaking through the old color the first time!  My advice is give your hairdresser two trys, I know personally when I am making a big change I probably have the steps in mind for the first & second appointment to get you where you need to be! If your not working in the direction you want to be after your second appointment, consult with your hairdresser to see if your on the same page & if you don’t feel comfortable from there, try out someone new!

– The integrity of your hair is most important. Get where you want to be, as fast as you can, while keeping your hair as healthy as it can be. Last week I turned someone away because I knew her hair would hit the floor if I bleached it. I wasn’t comfortable with it and she was a doll & completely understood. She was thankful I was honest & I told her some other options and that she should even go see some other hairdressers to see their thoughts! Most hair dresser that have been in the business know what’s best for your hair. TRUST us if we tell you something isn’t a good idea. Its for your hairs benefit!

– Sometimes, just changing the TONE of your hair can make a BIG difference. Feeling gold & interested in a change? Tone your hair to a more neutral or ash blonde!  Toners are great for this reason, if your loving the level of dark or light your hair is but want to see a difference in something this is a great option!


– My best advice here & my famous words “ARE YOU 100% SURE?”. That’s my really only main thing to say! When cutting a lot off your hair I always say to be completely positive this is something your committed to & are ready to look in the mirror and see everyday! I think we have all been there once in our lives! Crying on the way home from the salon or like two weeks later when were over the excitement of a new look!

I will also say, it kills me when people are like “I want to go shorter so Its less work” PSHHHH, helloooo, short hair is kind of more work! You have to be committed to waking up and styling your hair every morning! Shorter hair takes effort! The luxury of longer hair is that you have the option of throwing it up or putting it in a braid or something when your not in the hair fixin’ mood!

Long bobs “LOBS” are one of my favorites right now for this reason, they give people the feel of a sassy new look with enough length to throw it up or leave it messy down for a sexy effortless look!

The good news with making a big change in the cutting department? HAIR GROWS!

*in the photo above the major game changer here was adding baby fine lowlights to create dimension as well as creating the perfect toner to cut her yellowyness (is that a word?). I also convinced her to STOP breaking her root, giving her color a more natural feel!

Hope you guys are having a happy hump day!

XoXo, Chelsey Rae

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