Hey my friends! Soooo, since I’m a girl who absolutelyyyy loves to shop (Okay, more like a girl who has a shopping problem) & who loves to talk about shopping/share where I shop, I’ve wanted to get into outfit posting! My style is definitely a more laxed look, unless Ive got a fancy night out, then you’ll most likely catch me in a tight dress! The other 60% of the time I am hands down always in my 15 pairs of black lululemon leggings! I’m not some big time blogger & don’t have anyone taking professional pictures of me every other day, but this is a hobby of mine and something I enjoy so why not just go for it! If I know i’ve helped one or two sistsas find the perfect shirt, earrings, or shoes then that puts me in a happy mood any day! 

After getting the nerve I decided why not just post mirror pictures to share my fits & where to find some steals (even the big time bloggers have to settle for a mirror pic sometimes!) In my dreams my mom, Ryan or one of my besties would get really into photography and would like to take pictures for me but until then, this will do! If you guys are ever are wanting to know where something Is from feel free to comment or message me!

Outfit details will be posted underneath picture

Shorts here|Similar look here

Sweater here (I sized down)

Earrings here

 Shoes here & here

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